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Mr. Castle was involved in amateur theatre at College, though after leaving, he didn't immediately pursue acting as a profession. Instead, he became a clerk in a ball-bearing manufacturing plant, a hotel waiter, a travel agent, a clerk in a petroleum cracking plant, a brassiere salesman, a mail sorter, a landscape gardener, a construction worker and a Geography teacher. Referring to that diverse series of occupations, Mr. Castle was quoted as saying "I didn't begin to think seriously about anything, including myself, for years.". His wife convinced him to again pursue acting. Then, he managed to be granted a scholarship at R.A.D.A., where he would begin to build a stage career. He understudied for the role of Shakespeare's "Henry V". However, when the principal actor took ill, he took the stage and was praised for his brilliance. This gave him the encouragement to join the New Shakespeare Company, with whom he toured the Far East for six months. He returned to make an appearance in "Saved" at the Royal Court Theatre. Then, most notably, he portrayed Malcolm in the controversial "Macbeth" starred in by Alec Guinness and Simone Signoret. His first experience in film came in a small part (as an artist, a painter) in Antonioni's "Blow Up."

John Castle was born in Croydon, England and raised in Brighton from the ages of six to eighteen with his two sisters and a younger brother. His wife Maggie Wadey is a writer, and they have one daughter, Shelley.

(From Presskit, "A Dark Blue Perfume") John Castle very nearly didn't become an actor at all. While at Trinity Collage he was banned by the Junior Dean from acting. The ban came after his girlfriend, now his wife, writer Maggie Wadey, was caught in college after hours.

John quickly adds: "It was all very innocent. We were having supper, but to cover up for some friends I said we had been to the theatre and he banned me from acting."

"The director, Michael Bogdanoff, was part of the same amateur dramatic society and he had to plead with the Junior Dean for me to be able to continue in the play I was in. Luckily for me, he succeeded."

publicity photo 1975

Date and Place of Birth: January 14th 1940 in Croyden, Surrey, England

Married with Children: Yes, one daughter

Education: Trinity College,
Dublin (studied English
and German) then
the Royal Academy of
Dramatic Arts (RADA)

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