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LIST of notable appearances [PHOTOS are LINKS with quotes, synopsis, etc.]


Princes in the Tower (2005)
"Interrogator, Dr. Argentine"

AandE Collins

"trial judge Captain Collins"



"Reverend Prebble"

Wycliffe: Land's End - Episode #5 (1998)
"Ex-con murderous hacker, Peter Selby"

The Heart Surgeon (1997)
"Doctor Charlie Hawkesmore"

Nigel Havers stars in this two part BBC drama as a cool doctor whose ethics are called into question when a patient of his dies in mysterious circumstances - and it's discovered he was his lover's husband. Havers is no saint but sympathy is with him as his world begins to crumble around him.

Bramwell III - Episode #3 (1997)
"Guy LeSaux"

Ruth Rendell Mysteries: A Dark Blue Perfume (1997)
"Mark Roberts"

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Thief Takers: Fashion Victims (1996)
"A Rotterdam policeman with a nice accent, Peter Klyvert"

The Bretts: Series II, Episode #5 (1987)
"Danish silent film Director, Laszlo Sandor"



"conjurer Ganga Dun" (aka. "Nick Ollanton")

PenMarric, Part One (1979)
"Grandfather, PenMarr"

Lillie (1978)

"Prince Louis of Battenberg"
(pictured with "Francesca Annis")

Wilde Alliance - Episode 3: Too Much, Too Often (1978)
"David Bardsley"

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I, Claudius (1976)

"Postumus" (pictured with "Derek Jacobi")

Ben Hall (1975)

"Frank Gardiner"
(pictured center with "Jon Finch")

More on Ben Hall

Castle as Gardiner Interview

Other Series


Holocaust on Trial (2000)
[NOVA: Episode #2711]

"David Irving"



"Lord Edgware"
(pictured with "David Suchet")

Vanishing Man (1997-98)


Lovejoy: Series 6
Day of Reckoning (1994)

"Max Hunter"

Melissa's Gallery photo

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: Last Series
The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side (1992)

"Inspector Dermot Craddock"

Joan Hickson stars as Agatha Christie's beloved character, Miss Marple. There is great excitement in the village of St. Mary Mead American movie star Marina Gregg is in town with her husband to shoot a new film. At her new home, Gossington Hall, Marina hosts an annual fete and invites the entire village. It is there that a guest inadvertently drinks a poisoned cocktail. Then another killing occurs. Miss Marple soon uncovers deadly jealousies among the cast and crew that puts her hot on the trail of the killer.

Inspector Morse: Series 3
Who Killed Harry Field? (1987)

"Tony Doyle"

Harry Field was an artrist, a raconteur, a drinker... and not averse to forging the odd painting or inventing an impressive coat of arms for a gullible American. When he is mysteriously killed, Morse takes over the investigation and is plunged into the arty world of Harry's Bohemian friends.

Melissa's Gallery photo

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: A Murder is Announced (1985)Series 1

"Inspector Craddock"

Joan Hickson stars as Agatha Christie's beloved character, Miss Marple. A notice in the newspaper at Chipping Cleghorn that a murder will occur at Little Paddocks, the home of a Miss Letitia Blacklock, at a certain time, produces a corpse right on cue, and a mystery for Miss Marple involving another murder, the past and mistaken indentities.


The Aventures of Sherlock Holmes:
The Solitary Cyclist (1985)


Tales of the Unexpected: Episode 2
Fat Chance (1979)


The New Avengers: Series 1
Dirtier by the Dozen (1976)

"Colonel *Mad Jack* Miller"

Softly, Softly, Episode #9.9
The Loud Mouth (1973 BBC)

"Billy Mason"

John Castle as Number 12

The Prisoner: Series 6
The General (1968)

"You know professors, always absent minded"
"Number Twelve"

Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) discovers a strange new innovation created by scientists in the Village--a type of brain implant that allows the subject to readily absorb information, but eliminates their ability to process their own thoughts.

Plays for TV

Daisy (1980)

The Wings Of A Dove (1979)

The Three Hostages (1977)

Dead of Night (1972 BBC)

Smith (1972)

The Switch (1969)

Brian Cox, Kenneth Colley and John Castle

These Men Are Dangerous (1969)

Three plays centered upon the early psychological and intellectual development of three of the worlds most notorious dictatorial rulers as young men--Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin (John Castle).

Up At The Villa (1968)

Still Death (1968)

Towers Of Manhattan (1966)

End in Tears (1966)

Towers Of Manhattan (1966)

Harold Pinter's: A Night Out (1960 ?)

Towers Of Manhattan (1966)

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