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Video Clips

All right, here I have video clips of Ken and Daisuke. It's all in Japanese, because, well, that's all I have. *grin* However, I think that what I do have here is generally pretty good stuff. If you want to play the clip, you first need RealPlayer, which you can download here. Once you have that, just click on a link here and it should download. If you want to save it, right click and then choose 'Save Target As'. I didn't make any of these - I just collected them from various places around the 'net. I provide a link to the page I got every clip from. I do not deserve credit for these. I'm just gathering them all in a convenient spot.

The following came from Celadon City's Digimon site!

Ken kicking some butt at soccer
Daisuke keeps Ken from scoring
Daisuke begs the Kaizer to spare his friends
Daisuke riding Ken down a hill
Ken takes off the glasses

I used to have more videos, but Angelfire cut back on the amount of space available for files, so I had to delete all of them from my account. If you remember a clip that I had that you would really like to have, you can contact me and we'll see if I can somehow get it to you. Sorry about the inconvenience.


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