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Only On Namek
Welcome to CAPSULE CORP. The Best Store in The Universe.
Now with shorter lines.
We have a branch on your planet...


Namek Sensu Bean:
300 credits/search
Small Z-bag(Holds 5 extra items):
200 credits/search
Medium Z-bag(Holds 10 extra items):
300 credits
Large Z-bag(holds unlimited items):
500 credits

Namekian Sword(add 400 to your pl):
450 credits
Corel Sword(adds 500 to your pl):
600 credits

Armour (For Nemeks only)
Namekian Battle Armour(adds 750 to your pl):
700 credits
Nemekian Armour(adds 250 to your pl):
250 credits

Training Gear
Weighted Clothing(adds 5% to your pl/day):
500 credits
Weighted Cloak(adds 3% to your pl/day):
350 credits

Namekian Space Pod:
400 credits
Namekian Space Ship:
800 credits
GE enhancements(get 7% added to your pl/day while travelling):
500 credits
Space Station(Orbits one planet. Can spar/train there:
2500 credits
Portible S/T training room:
750 credits
Portible Gravity room:
750 credits
Portible Regeneration tank:
1000 credits

Small Battery:
250 credits
100% power to Recharge:
125 credits
Med Battery:
500 credits
250% power to Recharge:
250 credits
Large Battery:
1000 credits
500% power to Recharge
500 credits