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Only On Earth
Welcome to CAPSULE CORP. The Best Store in The Universe.
Now with shorter lines.
We have a branch on your planet...

A Permanent Item:
Use it as many times as you want. It just may break though.
A Temporary Item or Capsule:
Use it, and lose it.
A Permanent Item or Capsule:
Use it over and over again.

Items on Sale

Current Specials
Free Pass Cards
1,000 Credits each
Gets you out of HFIL for free and/or allows you free instant transport to any planet.

Item's Only On Certain Planets

The Next Dimension

Available Capsule's
Hover Car Capsule:
Use to get out of sticky situations (Must have to look for stuff Including
DB's): 750 Credits
Robot Capsule:
Temporary Henchman for battle (It Has Half Your Pl) Can Be Used Till Broken
In Battle: 1500 Credits
Heavy Fog Capsule:
Allows you to escape a battle you will lose to end it in a tie: 1000 Credits
Radar Capsule:
Halves the search time for one search use in hover car: 750 Credits
Suicide Capsule:
Allows transportation into the ND, or from the ND to Hell: 1000 Credits
Time Capsule:
Use it after dying to come back:
500 Credits
Pop Machine:
Holds so you have something to drink in those battle where you wait
for someone (Unlimited): 500 Credits