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Only On Earth
Welcome to CAPSULE CORP. The Best Store in The Universe.
Now with shorter lines.
We have a branch on your planet...
Items on Sale
Sword (Adds 2500 To PL):
500 Credits
Crystal Sword (Adds 5000 To PL):
1000 Credits
Dragonball Radar (Cuts search time in half):
350 Credits
Saibamen (Six in a jar PL starts at 2000 you spar with them and they get put up):
1000 Credits
Saiyan Stretch Armor (Need to use Oozaru):
2000 Credits
Sleepy Grass (Knocks someone out so you can steal there stuff):
*** Sold Out ***
Power Pole 25% to PL (Can only have one):
750 Credits
Capsule Case Must Have This To Use Capsules (Holds 10):
1500 Credits