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Descriptions of all of the known Redwall books...
The Redwall series of adventures includes:

Lord Brocktree (2000)
- Salamandastron, ancestral home of the Badger Lords, is under threat from an enemy whose power would seem to be absolute and whose evil knows no bounds. Ungatt Trunn can make the stars fall from the sky, the very earth shake underfoot, and with a horde of vermin as numerous as the leaves in autumn, the wildcat appears unstoppable. The mountain's defences are weak. Who can save it now? Salamandastron's only hope is the badger Lord Brocktree who is drawn to the fortress by an undeniable sense of destiny. If he is to rescue the mountain from the dark days of vermin rule, Brocktree must raise an army capable of combating Trunn's formidable Blue Hordes. Join Lord Brocktree and Dorothea (known to all as Dotti) the irrepressible haremaid as they journey to Salamandastron, gathering a host of brave creatures to fight alongside them in the ultimate struggle: good versus evil.

Martin The Warrior (1993)
- A young, strongly built mouse is being held captive as a slave of the ruthless stoat, Badrang. This nameless slave is being used to help build part of a stronghold called Marshank for the horde leader. The youth is often whipped or flogged for misbehaving during his long, cruel working hours.Even so, on witnessing similar mistreatment of an elderly squirrel is more than enough for him to bear. The unwilling slave ferociously attacks the captain of the guard, who goes by the name Hisk, and attempts to strangle him to death with his own whip. Unfortunately, Gurrad, a soldier of Badrang, is close, and quickly blows an alarm on his bone whistle. The nearest six guards come to Hisk's rescue, beating the young mouse with their spear handles. As soon as word of this outrage on one of his guards comes to Badrang, he has the rebellious mouse brought before him. After interrogating the slave, Badrang commands that he is to be tied up between two poles on the highest point of Marshank, to be eaten by the birds during the night, and to serve as a warning during the day. And so the slave was bound to two poles upon the rooftop, expected to be long dead by the dawn. The mouse becomes feverish, and cries aloud how Badrang captured him when he was hardly more than a child. He screams at the top of his lungs how Badrang killed his grandmother, and he tells of how he had taken the sword which his father had given him. The young mouse's name was Martin. Far below, a youthful female mouse named Rose, and a slightly older mole called Grumm heard Martin's outburst. They called up to him, and asked of the other slaves there. Rose asked if there was another mouse by the name of Brome in Marshank. Brome was her younger brother, who had been wandering aimlessly, and was captured by Badrang. Little did they know young Brome was held in a prison pit far below Marshank..... From this point, Martin's heroic epic tale begins.

Mossflower (1988)
- Mossflower is a piece of the story of Martin the Warrior. In this book, Martin is a lone, wandering warrior, with no belongings, save a rusty sword strapped to his back. When he enters Mossflower Country, he is quickly captured by Verdauga, King of the Thousand Eyes, a wildcat who rules over Kotir, his fortress, and all it's surrounding land. Verdauga is deeply sick and is near dying, so he is making the decision of whom he will entrust his kingdom to: his sensible son, Gingivere, or his ruthless daughter, Tsarmina. Martin is taken to the King, as sick as he is, to be interrogated as to why he was trespassing on their land. Gingivere demands that Martin be given his chance to speak, and be given a fair trial. Then Martin explains that he was not aware that it was Verdauga's land he was walking on, and so asks to be released. Gingivere is about to do this, but Tsarmina snaps his rusty blade in half, and has him locked in the dungeons. Fortunata, Verdauga's healer, has been influenced by Tsarmina, bribed to poison him so that she, herself, can take control of Kotir. After all, the old fool has been too kind to the worthless wretches that live in Mossflower Country. Gonff, a young and well-rounded mousethief, has just looted Kotir of many of it's foods. Gonff leaves Kotir unnoticed, to enjoy his meal in peace in the grasslands. After eating, Gonff lies down to relax in an open plain, and finds himself day-dreaming. He gazes up at the sky happily, but soon realizes that he is not alone. Before he can get up, he finds himself looking up into the eyes of two weasel soldiers on routine patrol. Gonff is taken to Kotir to be held prisoner in the dark, damp dungeons. He finds himself sharing a cell with a strange mouse, of about the same age as himself. And so Martin and Gonff meet. The two cell-mates quickly come to friendly terms with one another and begin planning their escape from Kotir. The plan is completed successfully, and the two soon find themselves just outside the Kotir boundaries. The anger burning in Martin's heart is not easily forgotten. Tsarmina had beaten Martin mercilessly when she and her brother were fighting over how Martin should have been dealt with. And so, Martin decides to raise an army to end the cruelty of Tsarmina.....

The Legend of Luke (1999)
- Only a few seasons have passed since the events of Mossflower. Plans drawn up during those terrible times are now being acted upon. Plans for a wonderful safe place where all can live in harmony. The woodlanders are busy building a new home. Everyone is helping. Their haven will be an Abbey, an Abbey known as REDWALL. Creatures from far and wide have been drawn to this community. Among them is a traveller from the north. She is Trimp the Rover, a young hedgehog maid. As the workers sing songs, using the rhythm to bring together their efforts of pulling and lifting, Trimp joins them. She shares a half-remembered ballad recounting the adventures of a brave warrior mouse. His name? LUKE! Martin, a warrior mouse now in his middle seasons, is stunned to hear this song of his long lost father. He wishes to know more. But the traveller can tell him nothing more. So Martin and his friends Gonff and Dinny set off with Trimp to return to the Northland shore, and seek the truth of the father he barely knew. Martin encounters friends and enemies, old and new. There is Folgrim, the mad otter, and his brother the Chieftain, Tungro. There are GUOSIM shrews aplenty, and little Chugger. There are battles with Flitchayes and the dreaded Painted Ones. At long last, the adventurers discover a clue, an extraordinary shipwreck. It is a ship known as Arfship, and it is home to three ancient, veteran warriors. In their possession is a dusty old volume. It is the ship's log of the good ship Sayna. In it is chronicled the dramatic account of Luke's pursuit of his hated enemy, the pirate stoat, Vilu Daskar, to avenge the murder of his beloved wife. Luke and his companions sail the Sayna, a tiny frail vessel, in an epic voyage in pursuit of the slavers who plow through the oceans in their monstrous ship, the Goreleech. This ship and its pirate captain drive fear to the ends of the earth, as they plunder far flung tropic isles. The ship, its decks often awash in blood, becomes known simply as The Redship.

Outcast of Redwall (1995)
- Outcast of Redwall begins with a young badger being held captive in the Northlands, by Swartt Sixclaw the ferret and his followers. While travelling as a captive of this band of outlaws, the badger stumbles upon a young and restless hawk, known as Skarlath. The hawk has become frozen to a tree after falling from it's nest. The badger frees Skarlath, and in turn is untethered by the hawk. The badger immediately breaks off a low branch of an overhanging tree and rampages into the outlaws' camp. He swings the branch at Swartt, but catches only his sixclawed paw. Skarlath does not wish to see his new-found friend slaughtered by Swartt's horde, and eventually convinces him to leave rather than fight on against unbeatable odds. The badger introduces himself as Sunflash, son of Bella of Brockhall. Sunflash begins to believe that he should leave Skarlath's company and attack Swartt again, but Skarlath can only reason with him -- Sunflash believes he must have revenge for having his youth stolen from him. Finally, the two friends agree to raise an army of their own, striking quickly and vanishing likewise. Swartt decides to pursue Sunflash, enraged by the crippling of his sixclawed paw. Swartt's horde comes across Redwall Abbey and brings it under seige. Swartt's young son, only a babe, is lost in a battlefield. A young mousemaid by the name of Bryony finds the young ferret, and adopts him as her own child. The ferret is soon named Veil, as he is veiled by the mystery of his past. As Veil grows older, he becomes more and more bitter, until he finally becomes the Outcast of Redwall after attempting to poison the Abbey Friar. He then decides to pursue his father, and seek revenge for having been abandoned by him on the battlefield. And there the real adventure unfolds...

Mariel of Redwall (1991)
- This tale begins with a young mousemaid being washed ashore onto a beach, not knowing where she is, or even how she came to be there. When she asks herself, "Who am I?" she thinks long and hard, and cannot come up with an answer even to this, the most personal of questions. No matter. She will choose her own name. Storm, because she was brought to land by a great storm, and Gullwhacker, after her only possession, the knotted rope which she uses to fight off the seagulls. Thus, she becomes "Storm Gullwhacker"! All she can gather of her surroundings is water to the West, as far as the eye can see, and miles, and miles of sand dunes in any other direction. She begins her unexpected adventure Storm has not the slightest idea where she is headed, but she continues her journey, nevertheless. She finally makes her way to a larger, harder to climb dune. After a long ascent upwards, Storm rolls down the other side, wipes grit out of her eyes, and finds herself staring into those of some sort of a reptillian creature... Meanwhile, in Redwall Abbey, Dandin, a young mouse, is helping to prepare a feast in honour of Redwall Abbey. But before the feast can begin, a loud thumping noise is heard at the door. Carefully, it is opened. Outside stands a ragged, and bruised mousemaid. She is immediately invited in, and is bathed, fed, and dressed. She introduces herself as Storm Gullwhacker, but no one belives this to be her real name. She quickly learns the Redwall ways, and decides to attend the feast that night. When the preparations are completed, the feast begins, and songs are sung. Saxtus, a mouse friend of Dandin, recites a mysterious poem that he has found among the strange, and unknown parchments in the gatehouse:

The wind's icy breath o'er the land of death
Tells the tale of the yet to come.
'Cross the heaving waves which mark ships' graves
Lies an island known to some,
Where seas pound loud and rocks stand proud
And blood flows free as water,
To the far northwest, which knows no rest,
Came a father and his daughter.
The mind was numb, and the heart struck dumb,
When the night seas took the child,
Hurled to her fate, by a son of Hellgate,
The dark one called The Wild.
You who they seek, though you do not speak,
The legend is yet to be born;
One day you will sing over the stones that are red,
In the misty summer dawn.

The mystery and dreadful lyrics of such a poem cause the whole crowd to be overcome by an eerie silence. After a spell, the silence turns into whole-hearted cheers for Saxtus. All clap hands joyfully, all except Storm... She is remembering something... Like a friend emerging from a cloud of blinding mist, her memory is beginning to return. The poem has told her of her past. The one called The Wild...The Wild...Gabool the Wild! An overgrown sea-rat who has more riches than any normal creature can imagine. She is the child. Storm is the child who was tossed into the sea. But why? Gabool's treachery of course! He threw Storm into the sea, and assumed her dead. It is all coming back to her. She is not Storm Gullwhacker. She is Mariel, daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker! And what action should she take now???

The Bellmaker (1994)
- The Bellmaker begins in Southsward, a land far to the south of Mossflower. Rab Streambattle, a sensible otter, has just escaped from Castle Floret. It is there that his King, Gael, and his Queen, Serena, both squirrels, are being held captive by Urgan Nagru, the dreaded foxwolf, and his partner, Silvamord, a vixen, who wears animal hides about her waist. The Foxwolf is infamous. Many have pondered to themselves, "Is he a fox, or a wolf?" The truth of the matter is that Urgan Nagru is a fox, who long ago found the body of a dead wolf, skinned it, and ever since has worn it's pelt upon his back. Meanwhile, Dandin and Mariel are roaming Mossflower Wood. During the night, Mariel is awakened by some creature trying to steal her haversack. Mariel promptly snatches away the sack, and reaches inside, for her two stale oatcakes. She quickly throws one of the oatcakes in the thief's direction. With a loud, "Thonk!" the short, black figure of the robber falls over. Mariel and Dandin both jump to the side of the robber and grab him. Astonished to find it is only a young hedgehog, Mariel pities the would-be thief. The hedgehog comes to his senses, and introduces himself as Bowly Pintips. Mariel apologizes. Then she and Dandin listen to the tale of how Bowly Pintips found himself in Mossflower Wood. From here, the two stories begin to intertwine, becoming yet another fine Brian Jacques tale.

Salamandastron (1992)
- This "yarn" begins with Mara, beloved badgermaid and adopted daughter of Urthstripe, Badger Lord of the Fire Mountain, Salamandastron. Mara wanders freely, ignoring the cautions of her protective father. She travels with her rambunctious friend, Pikkle Ffolger, until they encounter an innocent-looking, young, blue-eyed weasel named Klitch, and Goffa, his ferret follower. Mara and Pikkle quickly becomes friends of the duo. Little do they know that Klitch is the son of Ferahgo, the Assassin..... Meanwhile, at Redwall Abbey Mrs. Faith Spinney is innocently picking apples to prepare for a Nameday, a celebration in which the day is given an official name, and a great feast is put in progress. As Mrs. Spinney picks her apples, a stray arrow hisses through the air and comes dangerously close to her hand, striking the apple which she holds. Alarmed, this hedgehog lady dashes inside, believing that an invasion is underway. Abbess Vale soon learns that it was young Samkim, a squirrel, and his molemaid friend, Arula, who loosed the arrow. Abbess Vale, too kind-hearted to punish the two scamps by sending them to the infirmary to be punished by Brother Hollyberry. Brother Hollyberry, also too kind to enslave a young pair for the night, lets them spend the night playing games instead. The Nameday, declared "Summer of the Lazy Fish", commences with a feast. Two runaways from Ferahgo's horde, Dingeye and Thura, find their way to Redwall Abbey. They beg to be allowed to stay at Redwall, and after a time they are granted their wish, on condition they abide by the abbey rules. The two stoats toil for days, until they both become accustomed to the abbey. On the day of the feast, a storm brews and the sports are taken to Great Hall to proceed. Tudd Spinney, however, forgot his glasses outdoors, so Samkim and Arula depart to fetch them. When they are outside, a lightning bolt strikes the abbey roof, and a glittering object falls to the ground. The duo take it inside to be inspected, and discover that they have found the sword of Martin the Warrior. After everyone has retired for the night, Dingeye and Thura venture back down to fiddle with the sports equipment. By accident, they shoot Brother Hal, piercing his throat. He falls to the ground, and the two stoats snatch up Martin the Warrior's sword and scurry off into Mossflower Wood. When Samkim comes downstairs for a midnight snack, he discovers what has happened. As he picks up the bow Dingeye and Thura shot Brother Hal with, Friar Bellows comes downstairs tofind out what has been making all the noise. He sees Samkim holding the bow, and cries horror stricken, "Samkim, what have you done?" To discover how the stories of Mara and Samkim intertwine, you'll have to read the book.

Redwall (1986)
- Redwall is an epic tale that begins at Redwall Abbey where Matthias, a young male mouse, is preparing for a great feast. With the help of his friend, Brother Alf (his full name is Mordalfus), he catches a fully-grown grayling. The grayling is then prepared to be the main course of the feast, for many from far and wide, including the Churchmouse family, from Saint Ninians Church. Unfortunately, evil is coming their way..... "Cluny the Scourge" a giant rat, many times larger than any other, with only a left eye -- his right eye lost in a battle long past -- carries a pole topped with a ferret's skull, and uses his immense tail as a whip, with a poisoned barb fitted to its tip. This great warlord leads an army of four hundred rats, ferrets, weasels, and stoats, which is rapidly approaching Redwall Abbey un-noticed. Cluny the Scourge was thought to be only an old wive's tale, until young Matthias saw him. As a group of Redwallers were escorting their guests home, a large wagon pulled by a terrorized black horse, burst out of nowhere, noisily passing the Redwallers. The escort returns immediately to Redwall to report what they have seen. At the mention of Cluny the Scourge, everybody takes the whole incident as a joke, and laughs heartily at Sister Clemence's remark, "Perhaps Cluny is coming to get us for staying up late." Once the Abbey's residents do become aware of Cluny's approach, they all puzzle on what to do: The most common conclusion is to abandon the Abbey, and find a new dwelling. But Matthias has other ideas. With the help of some others, he convinces those in the Abbey to make preparations to ward off the horde. Meanwhile, Matthias tries to decode the many ancient inscriptions on walls, behind paintings, and other places throughout the Abbey. These inscriptions are believed to be written by Martin the Warrior himself. Every inscription is written in the form of a puzzle, and when the puzzle is solved, Matthias discovers that he must climb the heights of the Abbey tower, and find the sword of Martin the Warrior there. Unfortunately, a group of violent, and very dangerous sparrows known as the "Sparra" live up there always guarding the sword of Martin. And so the battle begins.....

Mattimeo (1989)
- This story opens with an extract from the diary of John Churchmouse, historian and recorder of Redwall Abbey, giving a descriptive opinion of the weather, the daily happenings, and a little about the past. Abbot Mordalfus, formerly Brother Alf in Redwall, has named the season "Summer of the Golden Plain". Yet another feast is to be held, and all inhabitants of Redwall Abbey are busy helping to gather nuts, berries, catch fish, and prepare the food for the feast which will soon take place. Matthias, father of Mattimeo is now guardian of Redwall Abbey. Some of the Abbey dibbuns run hurriedly to Cornflower, Matthias' wife, to let her know that Mattimeo is in a fight with another dibbun named Vitch, a rat-like mouse who has mysteriously appreared at Redwall Abbey. Cornflower rushes to separate the two mice, and scolds them angrily. Cornflower, too kindhearted to punish Mattimeo, sends him to his father to be punished. Mattimeo is sent to complete twice the work that Vitch has been assigned, and then to go to the fields to pick flowers for the feast. After finishing all the kitchen work, Mattimeo heads out to the fields. While gathering daisies with Cornflower, Tim, and Tess, Vitch begins grimacing at them, and teasing them. Having put up with enough nonsense, Tess picks up a pliant rose stem, and runs toward Vitch, crying, "Look out, Vitch, there's a great big wasp on your tail. Stay still, I'll get it!" Tess whacks away at Vitch's bottom, and afterward, continues her work, grining from ear to ear. On the night of the feast, a group of rats, foxes, and other stramgers show up at the front door of Redwall Abbey and claim to be Magicians. They are let into the Abbey, and are welcomed to the feast. The fox that leads the group is much larger than the others and wears a checkered mask over his face. He starts to perform simple magic tricks. A few hours later, all have dozed off, and the fox makes his move... It is now morning, a very damp and hazy morning. Everybody awakens groggily, and begins their chores for the day. However, it is soon discovered that all the young ones including Mattimeo are nowhere to be found! Matthias begins to search Mossflower wood, but it begins to rain, and no tracks can be found. Slagar the Cruel laughs hysterically at his triumph over Redwall Abbey. He is lucky Matthias did not recognize him in his disguise -- he is none other than ChickenHound.

The Pearls of Lutra (1996)
- The Pearls of Lutra begins just outside Redwall Abbey, where a young hogmaid named Tansy has been sent to gather herbs for Sister Cicely, with her young friend, Arven, keeping her company. A couple of hours after Tansy leaves the Abbey, the weather takes a turn for the worse, and it begins to rain. The two friends take shelter in a nearby cave, and Tansy soon finds herself looking for Arven, after the young squirrel runs off. "Tanzeeeeee!" the dibbun's cries of despair are repeated, over and over, until Tansy finds Arven... standing next to a ferret's skeleton. Meanwhile, on Sampetra Isle, Emperor Ublaz reigns, holding the title of Mad Eyes, because of his hypnotic stare. Mad Eyes commands hundreds of tropical lizards, and trident rats. Yet Ublaz yearns for one thing more -- The Pearls of Lutra! He has already murdered the otter tribe, Holt Lutra, to gain them. Yet the rat he sent to fetch the pearls has not returned. His one great mistake was taking Grath Longfletch, daughter of the tribe leader, for dead. For she is not dead. Grath Longfletch will be known for season's to come, killing searats like a madbeast, with her reknowned green-flighted arrows. Having stolen a longboat from a small group of searats, she begins her quest to the Southern region of Mossflower, in pursuit of the searats who killed her family. Martin the Second, son of Mattimeo, has left Redwall Abbey to inspect the skeleton. With the corpse, was found a spoon which had belonged to Fermald the Ancient, an elderly Redwaller who had passed away several seasons before. But not long after Martin and his companions return to the Abbey with the spoon, Ublaz's army turns up at the gate, where he has tracked the Pearls....and here, the real adventure begins.

The Long Patrol (1997)
- The Long Patrol opens up at camp Tussock, a fort belonging to a variety of good-doing creatures. With a young hare protagonist called Tammello De Fformelo Tussock, youngest son of Colonel Cornspurrey De Fformelo Tussock, an old Long Patrol hare. The Colonel plays the strict forbidding father in this book, who does not want his son Tammo to join the Long Patrol, because he is too young, and too impatient. However his mother, Mem Divinia, wants to encourage her son to do whatever he wishes to do. Girding him with her old Long Patrol Dirk, and bribing Russa Nodrey (a squirrel friend of the family) to take him along with him, Mem Divinia hustles the duo off into the night, to find the Long Patrol! Gormad Tunn, the famed leader of the great Rapscallion army has been mortally wounded in a skirmish with the badger Lady Cregga Rose Eyes and the Long Patrol hares. He slowly dies in his tent while his two sons Byral and Damug prepare themselves for a fight to the death for the right to command the Rapscallion army which was well over a thousand seasoned warriors, born fighters all. Whichever rat wins shall take his army, and sweep across the land either by boat or on foot, as decided by the long time tradition of flipping Gormad's sword, one side wavy for water, one side straight for land. Meanwhile in Redwall Abbey, something strange and unusual has happened. Something that neither Abbess Tansy nor Arven the Warrior could have anticipated. The Southern Wall is crumbling, sinking into the ground below. Would Redwall Abbey be taken by storm? Only time will tell...

Marlfox (1998)
- While on a long journey through Mossflower woods, Janglur Swifteye, the warrior squirrel, and his family have made camp to rest for the night. Songbreeze, Janglur's daughter, is speaking quietly with her father. Suddenly, Janglur pauses, unmoving, and cautions Song to be silent..... Thinking Janglur unaware of their presence, two Marlfoxes named Vannan and Ascrod ready their battle axes and stealthily approach the family of squirrels. Although Janglur is a seasoned warrior, he and his family are in extreme danger. Marlfoxes have the ability to disappear from sight. After all, Marlfoxes are magic! At the same time elsewhere in the woods, the Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe is practicing one of its many entertaining acts. Dwopple, a mischevious mousebabe, nephew of Deesum, one of the performers, is firing slingstones at Florian Dugglewoof Wilffachop, the hare leader of the Troupe. As alway, Deesum, defends Dwopple resolutely, unaware of his scampish ways. Later, as Dwopple toddles off toward the woods with his bowl of a meagre broth consisting of shriveled apples, stale rye bread, and dandelion stalks, two Marlfoxes emerge from the woods. They pretend to befriend the Troupe, but their poor manners soon shows them for what they are. Conflict breaks out -- but as soon as the entertainers take their eyes off the devious duo, they have disappeared into thin air. And where is Dwopple? At the abbey creatures are toiling under the hot sun to bring buckets of water from the abbey pond, to save the orchards from the long-lasting drought. They are unaware that the peace will soon be shattered. They are unaware of the trouble fast coming their way. And, Redwall Abbey is without Abbot or Abbess, or even an Abbey Champion.....

Taggerung (2001)
- Sawney watched as the Seer painted the clan sign on the sleeping infant's face. A black stripe flanked by red dots, with a small added lightning flash of blue on his left cheek, to denote that he was no ordinary creature. The little one slept through it all. Sawney lay down beside him, sharing the cloak. Grissoul had never seen the ferret Chieftain show tenderness toward any living being, so she was astonished when Sawney spoke gently to the babe. "Zann Juskarath Taggerung. My son... the Taggerung!" Barnes & Noble promotional blurb: In the fourteenth Redwall novel by New York Times-bestselling author Brian Jacques, the clan of Sawney Rath kidnaps one of Redwall's own-a baby otter, who they believe is destined to become their Taggerung, the warrior hero of ancient legend. But as the young Taggerung grows, he rebels against his destiny and goes off in search of the place where he was born-a home he can barely remember. As Tagg journeys to distant lands, a member of Sawney's clan is close on his heels, out to destroy the deserter and to claim his own title as the new Taggerung. But Tagg finds a sure friend along the way, a feisty little mouse named Nimbalo. Can this rugged warrior help Tagg stave off the vermin, and find his way back to Redwall and to the family who lost him long ago?

Triss (2002)
- Enslaved by the evil ferret King Agarnu of Riftgard, and his cruel daughter, Kurda, the brave squirrelmaid Triss plans a daring escape by sea. At the same time, far away in Salamandastron, three young companions sail away from their mountain home too, but for a very different reason - they are seeking adventure. Meanwhile, in Mossflower Woods, a pair of wandering Dibbuns accidentally discover the long-lost entrance to Brockhall, the most legendary home of the Badger Lords. The three groups of travellers are drawn together by fate, when Triss comes to Redwall, and the inhabitants of the abbey find that they have a new champion - someone brave enough to carry the sword of Martin the Warrior and face the evil that threatens them all. In this, the fifteenth novel in the Redwall epic, Brian Jacques once again looks to the history of the sword of Martin the Warrior for his adventure, and introduces a new and unforgettable heroine.

Loamhedge (2003)
- To find out more, take a look at Brian's Transcript!

There are also picturebooks featuring Redwall Abbey. Both are beautifully illustrated by Christopher Denise. Although they take place in Redwall Abbey and feature many characters from the Redwall Chronicles, they do not fit into the chronological order. The available picturebooks at the moment include:

The Great Redwall Feast (1996)
A Redwall Winter's Tale (2001)