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Doņa Fabiola de Mora y Aragón chose her homeland’s most prestigious designers to create the fabulous dresses she would wear during the wedding celebrations and during the wedding itself. If for the wedding ceremony she chose the world famous Cristobal Balenciaga, for the two galas held the nights before the wedding day, she chose Madrid’s designer Marbel. The same designer was chosen to design the Marchioness of Casa Riera’s dresses, as well as those of most family members of Doņa Fabiola and the Grandees of Spain. In this special fashion page you might appreciate the dresses of Doņa Fabiola and those of the Spanish nobility, designed by Marbel.

Above, Marbel’s design of the dress worn by Doņa Fabiola in the state banquet and gala ball in the Royal Palace of Brussels, on the 13th December 1960. A very Spanish mantilla in the same tones hanged from Doņa Fabiola’s shoulders. The dress was in light yellow satin duchesse.

The dress of the Marchioness of Casa Riera (the design on the left and in the middle) was in Persian embroidery in gold, silver, pink and green. On the right, the design of the dress worn to the banquet by the Countess of Saltes, sister of Doņa Fabiola.

From left to right, the designs of the dresses worn by the Marchioness of Campo Real, godmother to Doņa Fabiola, the Marchioness of Vilanant and the Marchioness of Villanueva.

From left to right, the designs of the dresses worn by the Marchioness of Perinat, the Marchioness of Quintana and the Marchioness of Casa Valdés.

Design of the dress, in pale colours, worn by Doņa Fabiola de Mora y Aragón to the state banquet offered by the Government of the Kingdom in the Museum of the Cinquantenaire.

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