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The King of the Belgians and his fiancée, Doña Fabiola, at the Museum of the Cinquantenaire, for the state banquet offered by the Government of Belgium in honour of the sovereign. On the right, beautiful first plan of the Doña Fabiola, less that twenty four hours away of becoming Queen of the Belgians, the first queen since Queen Astrid’s tragic death. The Queen wears her new diamond and emerald tiara, a present from the Spanish people.

On the left, HRH the Princess Liliane of Réthy, one of the most glamorous ladies of her time, is seen talking with HRH Princess Maria Pia of Savoy, Princess of Italy, both wearing diamond tiaras. On the right and also wearing diamond tiaras, TRH Princesses Maria Gabriella and Maria Beatriz of Savoy, Princesses of Italy.

On the left, TM King Umberto and Queen Maria José of Italy. The former Italian sovereign kept attending most royal events throughout Europe, despite his Portuguese exile since 1947. In the middle, HM Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, escorted by her husband, Prince Bernhard. The Queen wore her Mellerio Diamond and Ruby Parure while the Prince choose a dress coat, like most of the male guests. An exception was King Olav of Norway, who attended in uniform, together with his daughter, HRH Princess Astrid of Norway, who wears an unidentified tiara.

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