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NeoKnights Templars Battledome Champs

Welcome to the NeoKnights Templars
Battledome Champions!

Fortune favors the brave.
~Pliny the Elder

The NeoKnights Templars occassionally hold battledome tournaments for our members. The champions of those tournaments are listed below.

In addition to keeping track of the winners of our tournaments, we record the records of each of our pets who fight in the battledome on our Battledome Fighters page. We also put our top ten pets (ranked by strength+defense+hit points) in our Round Table. The links to both places are to the right.

Battledome Champions:

Heavyweight Division

Cruiserweight Division

Middleweight Division

Welterweight Division

Lightweight Division

Bantamweight Division

  • 00/00/03 1st Bantamweight Champion

Flyweight Division

Strawweight Division

Battldome Champs Links

Tempestuous_Bane, Heavyweight Champ
Fuzzy_Fighter90, Cruiserweight Champ
Silvak, Middleweight Champ
Fierce_Flower_Bunny, Welterweight Champ
ExPeRiMeNt_183, Lightweight Champ
Sir_Kaulot, Flyweight Champ
SpeedFlash10000, Strawweight Champ

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