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Daewoo DR-200 Makeover

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This is a stock Daewoo DR-200, the civilian semi-automatic version of the South Korean K2A2 military rifle.

Here I'll document my makeover of the rifle.

3 January 06 Update:

Scope Mount / Optics Base

My first update was to replace the clunky third party scope mount I had with the rifle years ago with a solid once piece mount, one that sat a bit lower for use with more modern optical sights.

After a bit of research on the web, I decided to try the mount by Stormwerkz.

It's a solid CNC machined 6061 T6511 Aluminum stock in milspec M1913 (Picatinny) rail configuration. It mounts solidly, though I found one of the supplied screws long enough to lightly drag on the bolt carrier, requiring it to be shortened just a tad.


23 January 06 Update:

Pondering FAL Handguards.

 I saw a poster named Daimok who had put FAL handguards (STG58 with bipod) on a DR-200, on the Yahoo DR-200 group, but the pics gave little clue as to how it had been done, and the poster hadn't left much in the way of details.

So I stripped the stock handguards from the rifle to see what was there to work with.


We see that the front of the receiver has a lip/recess on which the stock handguard sets.

I got a used set of FAL metric handguards off of for $10 and compared them to the stock pieces.

As the pix below show, they FAL handguard is similar, but the radius of the lip is a bit larger than the Daewoo, so some modification is in order.

In the first picture below, I had to remove part of the FAL retaining lip that was too wide to allow seating into the Daewoo receiver groove. once that was done, the FAL handguards would seat properly, but the gap twixt left and right half was different front to back.

So... on the second pix below, highlighted are the areas I had to dremel away to allow the rear of the FAL handguard to match as well as the front did.


Since I didn't have a FAL handguard screw, I had to use wire ties temporarily. Below is a side view of the fitted guard.

And the bottom.  Note how the halves meet perfectly. This is the case without the dremelling of the rear interior parts.

And the top. Note the even gap from front to back. Without he dremelling of the interior portion, the gap at the rear top would be wide than the top.


And a full view of the rifle.


Coming updates:

Figuring out if I can mount this fancy-schmancy FAL handguard


Click here to see a hot chick with a FAL that has this handguard (and the paintjob I'm considering on my Daewoo)


Ace Stock Adapter with Magpul M93 A2 buttstock.

(left, my Magpul M93 A2 AR type buttstock, and right, the Ace Ltd. Daewoo receiver adapter, pignose AR stock adapter with AR buttstock)



Coming Updates:

Refinish with Duracoat.


Dunno if I wanna use a camo pattern of some sort like the Daewoo below, or just one or two colors.


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