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"This is as complicated as I get."

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3/3/06 - Wow, hectic few months, eh?
Well, I added quite a few things to the links, avatars and pictures, but haven't done much else besides that. Now that everything's smoothed out, I should have more time to update. I would give you various links to places I've found recently, but I've been using the net for very specific and usually school-related stuff lately.
So I'll just leave you with my recommendations for anime: Sousei no Aquarion.

12/1/05 - Good grief, it's December already. Well, I started those reviews I said I was gonna do. I really should study for Japanese since I haven't taken it in about a year and I take Japanese II next semester, but I might write this month instead. So expect random stories from me, even if it's just a short series of PWPs.
On another note, I'm selling my soul for a free month of Beautiful Agony. But it could be worse, I could be trying to get you addicted to Griddlers.
This month's recs: Kiddy Grade (for pervs), .Hack//Sign (for game buffs), and Cowboy Bebpop (for everyone).

10/24/05 - Ok, so I got really busy with my job and really lazy at home this month. I was so totally going to go all out for Halloween this year, but that didn't happen. I don't even have a costume. Not that I'm going to be able to get back up to Manhattan to party with my friends anyway.
Still, the new song is really Halloweeny, and reflects my mood as I was planning things at the beginning of the month. Which has nothing to do with this, but maybe a little to do with this.
Oh yeah, and that forum I was making, it's kinda moved, and I'll update that maybe tomorrow or something, just as soon as I finish the layout of the new one. My lack of updating can also be blamed on needing to constantly beat my brother for calling me a hobbit.
To make up for it, you can enjoy this. The music is mildly addicting.
Oh, and today I am recommending Sousei no Aquarion, Excel Saga, and Noir. I think I'll start typing up reviews or something for the anime I've watched today. Expect that up sometime this week then, linked from the anime page.

9/8/05 - My new job has been sucking up most of my time (despite only being scheduled for about 30 hours a week), cause my hours are really screwy and unpredictable. But I tend to get lots of ideas during the boring downtime at work.
First off, I have two new buttons at the top, which completes the set. If I think of anything new to add after this, I have no idea how I'm going to do it. Anyway, they both actually link offsite, one to a page I keep on a friend's site about quotes I pick up from all over the place, and the other to a new forum I've started for people who've been dumped for the opposite sex.
Then there's the crap I've added all over the place. All I can say about most of it is: they have guns! The end is nigh, repent now! They already got Ron!
It's all my fault, cause I've been reading too much Buffy fic and obsessively researching the Gorillaz.