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Fan Fiction
Welcome to the Fan Fiction page! This is where I will post all of the Harry Potter stories that I have written by myself or that other Harry Potter fans have written as well. Do you have a Fan Fiction that you wrote and you want me to post it here? Send your submissions to! I would be more than happy to post your stories on my site!

If you do send me a Fan Fiction of your own, however...make sure that you rate it (example: G, PG, PG-13) so that I know what content to expect in the story. Please try to send me only PG-13 Fan Fictions or lower. Any R or higher Fan Fictions will not be posted. I will check each and every Fan Fiction to make sure that they are rated correctly and so on and so forth. With the Fan Fiction, I would like you to give me a breif summary of your story and the name you wish to be known as.

A note to those who want to submit Song Parodies and Poems: Although song parodies and poems are considered fan fiction, they are going to be listed on the Fun Stuff page. I just wanted to let you know so you didn't miss where I posted it...

Currently, I haven't had the time to complete a Fan Fiction of my own, but look for one by me in the near future. And I encourage all of you once again to send your fanfiction to The Burrow!