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Talking Duck

"Hi children over here!" The duck moves its bill and TALKS. Children will soon master the basics of Linux through this device. Duck can guide user through the first mouse experience, telling when to click and how to cut / paste / select / drop and drag. Icons in the Linux manuals will refer to the Duck. The man pages will be graphical with the Duck.

The Duck's name is Dexter and through this character the fear of UNIX commands will be lost. Everyone will smile when they see Dexter on t-shirts and on television because they are familiar with him in their lives. With special window manager technology (Englightenment) programmers will insert floating graphics over the terminal. A special terminal for new users will be created called DEXTERM where he will appear and float over the window with smooth animation technology. He will be summoned by certain keywords or if you need help. I have developed an example that programmers from I.B.M. and Linux can follow: