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The clown comes in many sizes. The large size can be put to use in intro screens. Add flashy backgrounds and the clown will shift the user from one program to another, a way to pass time while the disk is loading. Try this on web pages, too.

Medium sizes bring another choice. You can adjust the speed and programmers will make the clown move according to disk access. This will be a fun way to install OS upgrades.

Many users will want a choice of sizes. They will come handy in business and for advertisement. I forsee some Open Source companies making them available on CD-ROM disk.

The small clown is convenient. It fits in a corner so you have something to look at while programming, or for any boring task. It is time for managers to understand that little time passers relieve the burden of your workday, so your productivity will increase. It makes sense. The clown will advance this.

Finally you can use the clown at the end of a line for a twirling icon. I saw they used to have these for special DOS programs and it will benefit Linux to bring this back. It adds a nice touch.

This will be a new day in Linux Desktop history. Perhaps it will be the step that GNU needs to overcome Microsoft; we shall see.