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25th May 2005 - 03:43

its been a while... things with Withnail not going smoothly... but who cares... this is what it is all about the beginning, not the middle or the end but the start... nocturnal death are now Burial (I said it was a working title). They're a black metal band and best of luck to them, metal is stagnant, there are too many metal bands in Manchester but no where near enough decent punk bands which is hopefully why Withnail will kick arse. Hopefully they'll set themselves apart have some true quality to them... if not I'm coming up right behind them with some fucking attitude and riotous behavior set to blow them away... I know they are my best mates, but what does it matter in the long run? Its music, it is all feeling and while I think they are good musically it doesn't appeal to me. 

Fuck metal its another dead scene

3rd April 2005 - 23:16   

first practice with the band... I nabbed an hour and a half at the beginning of the Nocturnal Death practice, Nocturnal Death being the working title for the Death metal project born from The Tortured (I say working title because I don't know if they'll change the name). My voice is screwed from shouting like a mad man... I'll be aiming to get some more practices done, and hopefully be able to gig in a month... in the mean time I'm working on getting organized for some recording, self-produce the "Accomplice to Failure Ep" (yes its got a name and I haven't started it, but I like the title and have to write it down so I don't forget) laying down guitar and vocals... possibly bass and leaving drums to Dave, it may help get the band up and running faster if I get something to show how the band sounds in my head... 

Accomplice to failure

destined to fail 

31st March 2005 - 23:47   

check this out, me and the bassist as younger idiots


I found this the other night... there have been lots of changes... I got rid of the long hair, I have a devil lock and its black, Derek has long black hair and a beard... more pictures of Withnail in their youth as I find them

Derek and Dave are now on the band page... I found some pictures and wrote about my friends/band mates from my point of view.

youth is inexperience

30th March 2005 - 23:15

ok this sight cannot be viewed properly without a certain font called 1942 report... it can be downloaded, I stole it from the net

free beers and violence

30th March 2005 - 2:12

I should be sleeping... but no, I can't so I'm fucking about with a site for a band that haven even practiced yet... not that it matters I have the songs wrote and the covers figured out so if it doesn't turn-out the way I'd like I'll just try again. Band page added to... just me so far. Pictures put up of the old Tortured line-up. Links added, and contact is me at my e-mail address... so no funny shit.

another special moment brought to you by insomnia...

hardcore punk and beers

28th March 2005 - 22:37

band bio added. Gigs section added to... but there are no gigs due to the fact there has been no band practice... I have however put up what will be the band's set list... 10 songs that will hopefully fill half an hour... maybe more... we'll play until we're kicked off... so if I write more we could be really annoying (on another note I figured out the other night whilst inebriated that I had 12 songs but I think I forgot 4 of them... so I wrote 2 more and I'm praying that I remember the other 4)

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

27th March 2005 - 18:08

...The Tortured is dead, long live Withnail...

Afternoon all, new band new website... though basically the same as the other in that its black on a white back ground it is new... it'll have to do... I'm a politics student what do I know about web site design?