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another dead band from a shit scene

my band is dead... what am I to do? punk is dead, pop punk makes me want to vomit... what can I do?

originally I was in a metal band with punk elements, based in Oldham called The Tortured, after a few years performing with friends things changed. A change in line-up spelt the end for the band as I knew it. Two new guitarists and the band split and I had nothing to do again.

punk nowadays is shite... blink and their ilk destroyed my faith in a great scene. The late 70's and early 80's were punks high times... the misfits, black flag, minor threat... good music. 

I picked up a guitar and wrote some new songs, figured out some covers, hardcore punk and beers (inspirational). This answers the 2 questions posed at the beginning of this thing... not so much a biography but me questioning my current situation. I have no band... so I'm writing music and getting one underway... punk nowadays is shit, so I'm writing punk songs that at the very least are closer to the hardcore punk bands of the 80s than the pop punk pishers of the present.

formed under one ideal - free booze is good booze... failing that we'd like to break even. Withnail is a hardcore punk band... no not hardcore... hardcore punk... that's right, hardcore punk, you think you can get to grips with that idea??? if not, I don give a fuck.


Gareth Taylor: Vocals/Guitar

David Buchan: Drums

Derek Carley: Bass

all former members of the Tortured... Dave and Derek are also part of the death metal band born from the Tortured.

from a metal band with a punk element, to a punk band with metal elements ...things are good, I'm happier now

Gareth Taylor


real biography if people bother to read this far

in the beginning there was the word... fast track past genesis and the religious perception of the world to now... a world where faith is pointless and the majority of people when pushed will write Jedi on the census... people don't converse any more, they talk at one another... ridiculing others is a valid hobby... murder... punk has become a form of popular music, the world is a scary place...

Withnail play hard punk with a metallic edge, an attempt to recapture the ethos of hardcore punk. After performing for 2 years in a metal band called The Tortured the band split forming a death metal band (Nocturnal Death). The Tortured split around front man Gareth Taylor and reformed as a death metal band. Abandoned by band mates Taylor picked up the guitar and began playing, writing and started drinking again. Influenced by The Stooges, Black Flag, The Misfits, Minor Threat and Amen the only way to go was hardcore punk. 

Spending time alone does strange things to a person, hitting university was weird for Taylor, then losing his band made things more difficult. Unable to sleep the guitar became a constant source of entertainment. With 12 songs Taylor started talking to David (drummer from Nocturnal Death) who volunteered for a move into a punk sphere. The foundations were laid down for the band, the band was finally complete when Derek (vocals/bass Nocturnal Death) joined to play bass.