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The Twisted Mind of Treasure
Well, I am finally back working on Treasure Anime! It has been almost two years. But now I am going to add up more information downloads then ever before! Stick around this time, its going to be a wild ride. ^_____^
Welcome to The Wounderful World of Treasure! The most BEST game companny in the WORLD!Here at Treasure Anime you will find My Favorite Treasure Games listed. We have Roms,Pictures,News, & Where to buy it,all In one link of Treasure game!I am sure if you are a big Treasure fan you have went to, & Dident find what you were looking for....maybe it was, Dident have a lot of pictures? dident suport roms?or maybe didint have enough info aboutr that cerent game. Well you will find all that here! & More!
Hey,Hey,Hey ^_^ Its me Xianiko I am back on this site again! Sorry I was gone for awhile making 2 other sites: I have a new affilite!!! Its from *heh, of course I LOVE that show!I am going to be updating the roms and pages of TA. So stay touched!~.
UPADATES HAVE BEEN ADDED! I recently Added more links to my Treasure Games, & Free Hosting! So you can be hosted by us!For Free!Forever! Say:! Go to it now! More comming soon!
AHH TOO MUCH $$$ I am trying to save up for my new "Motorola Mimi-E-mail" But it cost over $100! Thats whats keeping my away from this site. but dont give up hope sooo fast! I am still working on it. heres a picture of what i am getting: Click Here!

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