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HEY!!! Here it is February of 2001, and I have been receiving multiple e-mails from people inquiring about Summer Jam 2001. I want to let you all know that the concert WILL take place, the only issues are the usual license, funding, and other such difficulties, and the name of the show might change also. Who knows?! Thanks for the e-mails everybody! Keep checking in to this site occasionally for news about this summer's show, and e-mail me with any questions you may have and to inquire about a band playing at the show. I'd love to get bands from all over the U.S. and Canada (or any other country, for that matter!!!) to play! Write me an e-mail and I'll send you my address so you can send me a demo pack. Thanks again everybody!!! Keep RAWKIN' and support your local bands!!!

Some Great Shots I took at the Ames, Iowa show on 9-19-00 CLICK HERE TO SEE

Hey! I Got MORE of the pics up-- CLICK HERE!!!!

Thanks, everybody! We collected 763 pounds of food for SEMCAC. Surpassed our goal by 263 pounds! They really appreciate it.

Well, it's the day after the Summer Jam, and as far as I could tell, everybody had a great time at the show! I definately did! Thanks to all the bands, and Jordan and Jason, the sound guys, for all their hard work! Thanks to my friends and family that helped me while SJ2K was in the making, and during the show guys are great! I will have an update soon with pictures from the show(which I have already gotten back! Thank God for one-hour photo developers). And the winner of the 4 hours of free studio time is......CESTO! I'll see YOU in the studio! Thanks again, everybody! Especially to all those that came out to see the bands play and support SEMCAC and local music, you rock!!!

The day after tomorrow is the Summer Jam! I hope you are all ready to feel the room rockin', 'cause it will be a ROCK show to remember! Be there, and please don't forget to bring your cans of food! (Even if you already bought a ticket) It do believe we are going to reach our goal of 500 pounds of food for the area SEMCAC. We are getting so close! I hope everyone read the River Valley Reader this week, catch the article about Summer Jam on page 5. Also, i caught news that the drummer from K & P has suffered some injuries and is in the hospital. Let's all wish him good luck and hope he gets well soon. Also, the band Red Menace from Anoka will not be attending the show, but the band The Redmen on tour with The Facet will be taking their place.