<<<   Cody David Hewlett. The One and Only.
Gotta love Mischa
Age; 17
Sex; Male
Location; Corner Brook, NL
Status; Single
Eyes; Blue
Hair; short, brown
height; 5"11
build; 169lbs
piercings; tongue
tattoos; pentagram on my
left shoulder
Car; 93' dodge spirit :o)
Numero; **4-1080, **8-3502
Hey, If your on this site you must know me or know of me so here I am. 17 and licensed, and that's most of what I do,
drive. Either drive people places or drive myself places. Including crazy. And I'f I'm not driving or in school, I'm
working @ Colemans for minimum wage. The Joy. Corner Brook is a shit hole but I find things to do. Drinking(slash)
partying are usually the major two, because Corner Brook doesn't offer a whole lot. I get bored really easily while
I'm at home, thus this webpage. Enjoy it.
P e a c e;