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Me + Rachel Bilson = orgasm
So, this is it by! My new website.. I put system of a down up there first, but I thought, Rachel Bilson is sexy, so she's goin on it! Nothing updated yet, but when it is, i'll put it hurr..

Jan 28, 2006,
Ya, its like 2:28 in the god damn morning and im still up.. i definatly should be in bed, considering i gotta work @ 8:00 AM, but i dont give a fuck.. it's just as if i was goin to school or somethin.. but I got the bio page of me updated, the pics page started with SOME pictures, um, the blog page, i didnt really update that shit yet, i made a guestbook.. and the rest of it aint done yet... but im gettin there.. :gone to bed:, C0DY