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Remember when?

We had a lotta fun times on the Steamers team. If you were on the team and remember something I haven't put down, e-mail me at and I'll add it! ^^

+ Ashley threw cereal out the hotel paper and said some er.. interesting things to the people below
+ We had a Jen-Lee FanClub
+ We played the guy Steamers, Ann slidetackled Nathan and it ended up he ended up in a really awkward position on her
+ Going crazy in Coach Todd's room with CANDY
+ Prankcalling random room numbers saying we were the International Sushi Incorporation. Your sushi is ready.
+ Eating pizza, bringing the empty box to a random hotel room and knocking on their door. Then running away to hide behind the corner and peek
+ Running through the hallways of hotels playing games like "hide 'n' go seek" until the janitor lady scolded us
+ Taking doughnuts from the free hotel breakfast and running onto the elevator so our coach wouldn't see us eating them
+ Ashley pushed Jordan in the swimming pool unexpectedly (or maybe it was the other way around .. prob not xD)
+ Going to the carnival while at a tournament in Tennessee
+ Karaoke at Lauren W.'s house

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