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Discover Me

This site is about me.  Who am i.  Well you'll find out in the pages inside.  Enter my world...learn about me...know how I feel.  You'll find it all here.


Rant of the Day

What kinds of music do I listen to, all kinds actually. In here you will find news and information on any new tracks which I hear and like/dislike.  Also this is the place to check out if u want to know what parties I'm going to be at in coming weeks.

This is a good place to get to know me, and what happened in my life today...I'm going to try and update this every single day  unless i have a boring, uneventful day and nothing goes right.


Pure Randomness

My Pictures go, friends, parties, art...anything that is a goes here.  Here u will find poems i like, experiences i go through.  Almost sort of  a journal.  This also serves as an archive for my journal

This site is the sole property and creation of Samad Shirazie.  Take whatever you want but please give credit where it is due.Home | About Me | Rant Of the Day | Check this out | Pictures | Music

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