Chapters 53 - 58

Chapter 53

Junior's POV

That morning I woke up with her warm body in my arms. The alarm had sounded. I thought Chandler would wake to the loud thudding of the CD I had in but she just snuggled deeper and went right back to her own little dreamland. I looked down at our intertwined bodies her laying in a pair of my pajama pants and my now favorite dress shirt. The covers are wrapped around her body, now I know why I thought I was sleeping in the deep arctic frozen tundra. I gently detached my self from her beautiful sleeping form. I watched her for a second as she adjusted back into a snuggle with my pillow. I lay a soft kiss on her forehead and can still smell her shampoo and her now curly mess on her head. I look one last time as I head to the bathroom. I need a serious wake up call after everything that happened yesterday. As the hot water starts to hit my back there is a light stinging feeling. I know she must have marked me during all of or activities yesterday. I have to smile it has been awhile I have loved someone so much that I let her mark me up normal I am the one who wants to claim the property. The shower is doing little to no good in clearing my head before I go out there and practice with 43 other guys on a road course. At that I can't seem to get focused or get the angel in my bed right now off my mind. So many things are running through my mind. When I finally get out I walk slowly through the bedroom to the closet glancing at the bed where my baby is still curled up sleeping, but now she is making a soft snoring noise. I know she has worn herself out cause she wore me out in the process. I look down into my hand which is now holding a box and box that holds our future.

Chandler : "Bug Baby"

I jump back and toss the box back into the closet as I hear her sleepy voice coming from the bed. My eyes shot over to her where she just rolls over and smiles. She is having a dream. I quickly find the box again. My mind is screaming for me to get focused. I slide on some jeans and an old hat that had my Busch number on there silently hoping it would bring back some good memories of me and Daddy. Right now I could really use his guidance. With the box in my hand I head out to see the sun start to rise out the coach window. I step out in the already warming up August New York day. I dial the one person who could always solve my problems as a kid. After a couple rings someone picks up

Kelley : "This better be good Dale, Jr. it is 7 in the morning why are you up everything okay?"

Junior : "No, yes, and I need you help."

Kelley : "SO it is good you know it is early and you are confused so I guess it is Dr. Kelley time?"

Junior : "Yeah smartass"

Kelley :"Shoot it to me little bro."

Junior : "God Kel Chandler I mean I love her so much it is scary like. I know I can't live without her in my life now. It has gotten so bad I saw a little kid yesterday and was like I wonder what me and Chandler's kids would look like"

Kelley : "That is love sweetie that is you loving her with all your heart. It is normal you just have finally found someone that you want for the rest of your life. The thing is you have to know do something about it." I tumble the box back and forth in-between my fingers as the sun starts to rise.

Kelley : "Come on Dale I know there is something else on your mind cause you are up this early thinking about it."

Junior : "You know we are waiting."

Kelley : "Waiting for what?"

Junior : "You know"

Kelley : "No I don't"

Junior : "Yeah you do"

Kelley : "Junior tell me"

Junior : "We have never had you know"

Kelley : "Junior"

Junior : "Kelley"

Kelley : "Say it"

Junior : "SEX"

Kelley : "Wait you have been bumbling around for the past 3 minutes about you and Chandler waiting to have sex."

Junior : "Yeah"

Kelley : "Awww JuneBug you are so cute"

Junior : "Huh?"

Kelley : "You are waiting do you know how much that means to her."

Junior : "That is the thing. Last night we were almost there and I was the one to be like backing out. Because Kel, now it means a lot to me too. I would have never thought I would want to wait to have sex with a girl, but she is different like her dreams are my dreams now and her goals are my goals. I want it to be so special." I gently open the box I have been twirling in my hand and look at the purchase I had made the day before.

Kelley : "Why are you confused to me it sounds like you already know the answers to your thoughts by your heart. You know what you want and that is her. You waiting for her lets me know you are going to wait forever. Are you wanting this to be forever."

Junior : "Hell Yeah"

Kelley : "Then you know what ya got to do"

Junior : "It is already in the process of forever I just got some more things to think about but they are nothing to stressful"

Kelley : "I am so proud of you and you know daddy is to he is watching you Dale and I know he is smiling he would have loved Chandler."

Junior : "Thanks Kel"

Kelley : "No problem tell Chandler I said hey."

Junior : "I will." After we exchanged our I love you's I head into to see my baby girl. She was still sound asleep curled up. I slide my jeans off and climbed back into bed with her she quickly snuggled back into my warmth not missing a bit of her sleep as I drift back off this time with a clear head to practice with and one to make me and Chandler forever.

Chandler's POV

My body aches and my back is a tad be sore as I stretch out my arms not even trying to open my eyes yet. I roll over to snuggle back in to Bug but he is not there I slowly open my eyes and find a note on his pillow.

Morning Baby Girl I am at practice will be all day I have stopped by twice and you were still sleeping. Remember tonight's cook out. I can wait to have you back in my arms.

Love you


I feel my smile come across my face as I glance over at the clock 2 PM. I have slept away through morning practice and now the being of afternoon practice. I could still sleep some more. I stumble out of the bed to find laying there chewing on a pair of Junior's shoes. But right now my mind is racing about the man I love out there. Things almost went to far last night. In my heart I want him right now I can't wait until we make love to each other what if we never get married and I never get to have that experience with him? He is the only one I want to ever have in my life I want him to the be the first one and definitely the only. My mind is so jumbled up in thoughts when I Delana starts to knock on the door. She just bounces in with her little pr get up on.

Delana : “Looks like the dead has awoken” Chandler : “Shut up.” I junk a pillow at her as she goes and get in the fridge.

Delana : “You know you and Junior always have the stocked fridge. Kevin gets stuff out of here all the time and comes back and whines I never buy it for him.”

Chandler :“Kevin whines all the time”

Delana : “Yeah that is what makes him so cute”

Chandler : “Ut oh someone is in a happy mood today what happy do last night”

Delana : "What didn't he do." De had become like my best friend she was my Kelley as Junior would tell me all the time I could tell her everything and she would give me the sister perspective but in a friends words.

Chandler : "Okay to much info."

Delana : "Well I know you and Mr. Earnhardt had to do something cause he has a smile on his face a mile wide and you have some marks right there" she points to the side of my neck and down the front of my neck towards my collar bone. All I can do is smile as the thoughts of the night came back especially on the plane.

Delana : "Look at you are smiling you nasty minded you are thinking of it to."

Chandler : "Am not"

Delana : "Yeah you"

Chandler : "Yeah I am"

Delana : "Fill me in girl you can't leave me hanging you and Junior are like my soap opera for the week.:"

Chandler : "Thanks De that makes me feel really good"

Delana : "You know I say it in love no shut up and tell me." She grabbed the gummy worms Junior had off the coffee table. I just crack up thinking of Junior trying to eat those and keep a straight face as I proceed to tell him what I want to do with those and him. I lay back against the coach and close my eyes I can see Junior's blue ones burring into me with that look he gets when he is turn on and has the same passion running though him as me.

Chandler : "On the plane we did something things then we were going to do more but he backed out. I thought you know the plane that is why he backed out so when we got back here I was all trying for some more and we were close again and he backed out again."

Delana : "He is the one backing out."

Chandler : "Yeah he was just like I know you want it to be special and don;t get me wrong I want you and blah blah"

Delana : "Are you pissed"

Chandler : "I just want him so bad right now I don't know if it is because we have been away from each other for along time or what but it takes all the strength I have and I know him not to jump each other. On the plane we were like to little animals."

Delana : "That is what love does to you girl. You can think of nothing else then being with him around him or in your case on him."

Chandler : "I just don't think I can wait anymore I want that next step."

Delana : "Chandler can I ask you something."

Chandler : "No".... I crack a smile and she just throws a gummy worm at me.

Delana : "You think having sex with him is going to keep him with you forever and there is no doubt he would leave. Cause in your heart that is the top thing anyone could share with someone and you know that if you share that to you it is forever." As what she says filters in to my brain I know that is what my heart was feeling she tapped right into my emotions.

Chandler : "De you are right."

Delana : "I am good"

We both end up laughing and giggling I kick her out OnTime to get ready for the cookout that night. After a long shower and my head feeling clear it just took some to set me straight I was dressed and ready to go. I had got some black Capri and a baby blue tank top when were shopping yesterday. Since it was so burning up hot I slide those n and threw my hair up into a ponytail. When I walked out the bedroom Junior was home again. Sitting there playing with bud and red.

Chandler : "Hey baby" I lean down and kiss his cheek on my way of to the couch to pain my toenails.

Junior : "you smell good me like" he says as he gets up and head back to change out of his fire suit and take a shower. When the water starts up again the words that Delana said came back in to my head. I was waiting for my toes to dry when he came back out smelling all clean and damn him if he didn't have is Drakker on. He plopped down beside me on the couch and wrapped his arm around me I just laid my head on his shoulder.

Chandler :"Bug"

Junior : "Yeah"

Chandler : "Thank you"

Junior : "For what"

Chandler : "Loving me and putting up with me when I want to rape you so bad sometimes and not letting me do it cause you know how much it means to me." Without a word he wrapped his arms around me as we stood and gently kissed my lips as his hands went down to my lower back.

Junior : "Anytime"

The cook out was at a state park around the track on a secluded section of a lake. When we pulled up with the Harvicks and the Waltrips our hands quickly intertwined as we walked up. The sun was setting gently over the calm lake waters as we walked to the grass area and sat down together. Junior pulled me between his legs as we sat down as the sun set I lean deeper into his chest his arms were over mine and or hands were still intertwined together. As the sun set farther and farther behind the horizon I feel farther in farther in love with this man. One constant was still there when would be shattered again.

Chapter 54

Chandler's POV

The never ending world of NASCAR travel I think is finally getting to me. I can't seem to keep my eyes open as I read the new article about Junior and his crazy schedule. Him being the eye of the storm as they have labeled him. I glance over at him sound asleep stretched out beside me with his hand on my thigh and hat covering his face, a soft snore can be heard coming from him. I finish the article and lay my head back closing my eyes trying to get some shut eye myself. It had been crazy since his third place finish at the Glen. Everyone was finally seeing he was wanting the championship as bad as anyone and he does have true ability. As soon as my eyes closed the pilot came over the intercom and said we would finally be landing shortly in Michigan beside the track.

Chandler : "Jun Babe wake up we are about to land"

Junior : "5 more minutes"

Chandler : "Come on sweetie you can go right back to sleep when we get there." He just mumbled some more as he raised up and stretch. His little mischief side never stayed hid to long as he kick the leg of Hank and made him jerk up taking Wendy with him. Soon the camera crew that was following us was back on top of tracking Juniors every move and breath. Tonight we would get a break and actually have time to ourselves without the camera in his face or surrounded with people. I had fallen in love with the times that it was just me and him if he was watching TV or him playing a video game it was or alone time. The camera shot a little more footage after we landed as we loaded up in the Suburban heading to the track. Jade was filling us all in on all the activities when me and Bug both fell asleep on each other in the back-seat. Jade decided that he wanted to play race car drive and slam on the brakes throwing me and Junior awake and almost into the front of the Suburban. We were so tired it didn't even matter we both just cracked up laughing. Junior did his classic lines of cuss words as he settled back into the seat this time buckling up. We finally got to the coach and snuggled deep into the bed for the rest of the night as we laid in each others arms Junior started going through the things he had to do tomorrow. He had vaguely told me about his ex girlfriend Leeann Tweeden and their relationship. I felt some jealous rise as he told me the small amount of details he was willing to give me. It made me wonder why he was bringing it up. I trust him I just didn't trust her.

The next morning rolled by and me and Delana were sitting in the coach in our pajamas eating some cereal and joking around I still had a weird feeling about Leeann. Her being here this weekend, something unsettled me about it. Maybe it was because she had been with all of Junior she was willing to give him everything and she was very pretty.

Junior: Baby an you come back here a minute?"

Delana : "Go your man needs you. Just remember I am up here and can hear things." She said with a laugh as I got up off the coach and headed back to see my bug

Chandler : "Yeah sweetie?" His back was to me and he was fiddling with something in his hands.

Junior : "I can't get this clasp to open." I walked over to him and he had a diamond bracelet in his hand with an all diamond charm that had a "C" hanging from it was just like the necklace Delana had gotten the day before.

Chandler : "Oh Bug it is so pretty. You really didn't need to do this."

Junior : "Hell I love you and I am rich so I can. Now kiss me so I can go." I slung my arms around his neck and kissed him powerfully he just smiled when we separated.

Junior : "You know I love you and only you no one is going to change my mind." He laid his forehead on to mine as the radio kept playing. I looked into his baby blues and I knew he loved me and meant it.

Chandler : "Go practice good for me baby so I can have you back early tonight in my arms." He just laughed as I slapped him on the butt on his way down the hallway. I got one more kiss on his way out. Me and Delana were soon caught back into the conversation from earlier about Leeann when there was a knock on the coach door. As I opened it my jealous temper came to a head and heard Delana behind me standup.

Leeann : "I was looking for Dale um where is he?" She had a little smile come across her face

Chandler : "Not here" I just stand there staring her down glancing at what she is wearing. I can here Delana start to laugh in the back ground as we just have a standoff of stares

Leeann : "Well can you tell him that Leeann came by to give him his wake up call and that I will come by later."

Chandler : "I hate to tell you this but he is quite all right without you coming by again. I am sure you will see him during the day and tomorrow for the show." My tone is enough to crack me up as I try to keep a straight face.

Leeann : "I don't think he would like it much for you to talk to his friends like this."

Chandler : "Well, I don't see any of his friends around. Do you Delana?"

Delana : "Nope can't say I do."

Leeann : "Cause I am a special friend I give him what you, I mean others can't give him and he enjoys it so I will be back by." My inherited redheaded temper was almost gone but with that comment it has shot up. I glance back and Delana and see her with the same pissed look.

Chandler : "Excuse me I don't know who the hell you think you are talking too, but I am his girlfriend and I assure you that you are not coming back by here to please my man. Cause he is pleased enough and if I see you anywhere near him touching him or even breathing in his direction it will be your last thought cause I will be on you faster than white on rice. Any questions?" Before she can answer I slam the door in her face the sound vibrates off the walls of the coach. I look back and Delana is just standing there shaking her head.

Chandler : "What the hell was that De? He is having his ex whores come over to spend the morning with him? What happened when I was gone? I mean damn." As the day grew on so did my temper. I was at a boiling point by the time Junior strolled in around 6pm. I was standing there waiting on him when he strolled in and that is exactly what he did, he strolled without a care in the world. Before he could open his mouth I was already about to dig into him.

Chandler: "We need to talk one of your hump buddies came by this morning looking for you."

Junior: "My what?"

Chandler : "One of your whores that you have come by for morning wake up calls"

Junior : "What are talking about?"

Chandler : "What Junior are there that many you can't place the name of at least one of them? Leeann she came by looking for you because you need a wake up call and she is the only one that can please you . Because you are her little hump toy always up for a good ride."

Junior : "There is nothing going on I told you that last night I love you and only you."

Chandler : "Why was she coming by this morning then?"

Junior : "I don't know"

Chandler : "That is your answer ? You don't know?"

Junior : "Damn it what do you want for me? I have been faithful to you the whole time we have been together. Hell I ain't the one that left"

Chandler : "I left to save your ass"

Junior : "You wouldn't have had to save my ass if you would have told me in the beginning."

Chandler : "Why are you throwing that in my face?"

Junior : "Why in the hell are you throwing up her in my face? I didn't tell her to come by. She did that on her on. I haven't even talked to her. You know that I have been with you

Junior: "She was just sex all she was sex and it was weird sex so it doesn't even count."

Chandler : "God that is all you think about sex! You think with your dick all time. Grow up Junior."

Junior : "Me grow up? Your the one sitting here bitching at me about something I can't control. You want me to be able to control everything. God Chandler, I am not superman I can't make your damn life perfect."

I just stand back and look at him. He never yells at me, but he said that with such force and venom. I have never made him this mad before. He just slams his fist down on the counter and heads out the door. I hear the Tahoe fire up and him tear out of the lot. Chandler : "I don't need you to make my life perfect. It is that way with you in it." I whispered to the now empty motor coach. All I want to do is crawl in a hole and cry. Make the bad dream of the fight go away. Rain starts beating down on the motor coach much like it is from my eyes when I see lights reflect off the window. I jump up and swing the door hoping it is Junior. It is! He is coming back. I am soon into a free fall down in to his arms.

Chandler : "I am sorry god I love you so much I don't know what I was thinking. I don't want to lose you. I already did before. I am just so tired and worn out and when she was here saying all those things I thought you would see her and come back to me and be like "sorry". I just don't want to lose you. You make my life perfect and you are superman." I finally take a breath through my tears and look into his eyes.

Junior : "I couldn't walk out on you. I got 2 miles down the road and I had to come back. I never wanted to be the one that would always walk out and never fix anything. I love you Chandler I will never love anyone after loving you. You are my future the one I want. No one else, no matter what they say I am with you" He looks back into my eyes and gently rubs his hands down my arms. My anger is still boiling.

Chandler : "I believe you Jun, it is just I don't know." I have to turn and walk away from him towards the couch and sit down he just stands and walks and gets him a beer.

Junior : "What Chan why are you still pissed?" I can tell he is getting fired up again that Earnhardt temper is about to get nasty

Chandler : "I don't won't to lose you"

Junior : " Get it through your head your not! And they say I am the hardheaded one" He says with some smartness in his voice

Chandler : "Then I want Leeann to know that it is me and you and that she needs to stay away from you. I am not mad at you BUG I am mad that she thinks we have nothing. I mean look at her then look at me I am just normal she is like all enhanced."

Junior : "Enhanced." he said with a hint of laughter in his voice

Chandler : "You know"

Junior : "I know baby you ever wonder why I love you? Because you are normal and you are just stable or I thought you were stable." He gives me that smile as he tosses he beer bottle in the garbage can

Chandler : "You still love me even if I am unstable and on PMS?"

Junior: Well I love you when you are unstable but the PMS is pushing it. Just don't make me go buy pads at the gas station or anything."

Chandler : "I love you cracka"

Junior : "I love you dip wad" He gently gathered me up into a hug and the anger in both of us went away just by touching and feeling each others heart beat. I jumped on his back on the way to the bedroom laughed as I tickled back behind his ears and through his hat and it landed on Reds head. I felt a shift and him tossing me on the bed and falling down on top of me raining kisses down. That night I snuggled deep into his chest listening to his heart beat as he laid back and watched Sports Center. I could already feel tomorrow was going to be war with me and Ms. Tweeden.

Chapter 55

Chandler's POV

Junior : "Chan come on you look fine. We need to get out before the Busch Race is over. I hear him yell down the hallway. I could tell he was getting agitated. On any normal Busch race day, I could careless what I had on or what my hair looked like but this time was different. I was going to look nice for Junior just to make sure I could be even with Leeann. I looked in the mirror one last time behind the door as I walked out. I had just bought some new black Capri's and a halter top red tank top that fit snug but not to the point of being trashy. I yanked my hair up in a ponytail which was Bug's favorite.

Junior : "Chan you aren't trying to go pick up anybody are ya?"

Chandler : "Yeah I think he is driving the number 8 car today his name is Stewart. He is really sexy and fills out that fire suit good."

Junior : "So my baby has a thing for Tony?" He slides his hands to my elbows and pulled me closer to him.

Junior : "And I thought I was the one that filled out my fire suit the best." With that he lips are quickly on mine and he hands are trailing up my back to the exposed skin of the top. He pulls back and has his little smirk on that face.

Chandler : "Wow I think I am ready now." I can't help but smile as we head out feeling his hand on my lower back leading me down the steps then him nearly jerking me to his side and holding me possessively as we walk toward pit road. I quickly see the crowd around the Chance 2 car. I didn't realize all the commotion was for Kevin, Delana, Mikey and Buffy all in a conversation with 3 Doors Down as they waited on the man that had me in his arms.

Kevin : "About time the two love birds got here." I shoot the look over at him that I have learned from being around the Earnhardt's

Tony : "Chandler you look nice today"

Chandler : "Aww thanks Tony" I can't help but blush as Bug batted his eyelashes and the mischievous grin came back. I knew he was up to something when he pulled me in front of him and laid his chin on my shoulder mimicking the other couples around us.

Junior : "Hey Tony, Chandler has the ho...." I jab him in the stomach playfully I hear him start to laugh then fall silent

Leeann: "Hey sweet pea I missed you did you miss me? I went to come see you this morning baby and you weren't there. I was going to give you a nice little wake up call" She licks her lips and her hand drops down his back. I can feel him tense and his hand tighten up on my arm.

Junior : "Um that was my girlfriend" He says in an almost weak voice. I slide out of his arms and turn around so I can face her.

Leeann : "Oh sorry I didn't see you there. You know how Dale is I thought you were a different girl from this morning."

Chandler : "Yeah I do know how he is." My temper is starting to flare back up I know this about to be a standoff.

Leeann : "Well anyway Babe you ready for today? I promise, um I forgot your name, that I will bring him back if he is a good little boy. I mean big boy."

Junior : "I... I... Chandler is going with me"

Leeann : "No sweetie it just me and you. Remember what is was like just me and you?" As she starts to get closer to him I see her reach out for him. I quickly step up and he jerks his arms around me.

Junior : "No Chandler no "

Leeann : "Baby come on. You use to be fun and not so serious." I can see Junior just roll his eyes and then quickly turn and bring me up into his arms. Without a hesitation he lays me back in his arms and his tongue slides deep into my mouth. My body responses by wrapping my hands around his neck deepening the kiss and mostly holding me on for dear life. When I am losing air we finally break apart. My mind is spinning and soon Junior has me turned around with his hand on my butt.

Junior : "Like I said Leeann it is me and Chandler or nothing." Without a word she just turned and huffed off.

Tony : "Hey Leeann they are testing for STDs in the infield care center for free." With that everyone starts to crack up Leeann just turns and flips Tony off

Tony : "Nah Leeann I like disease free chicks. Hey Chan what is the number to your friend Jamie?" She just huffed off even more until she saw poor innocent Jimmie without his girlfriend by his side and start to sink her fangs into.

Kevin : "Poor Jimmie he is in for a ride."

Tony: "Chandler I was not kidding. "What is the number to your friend Jamie?" I couldn't help but smile. I knew Jamie thought Tony was just a misunderstood cuddly teddy bear.

Chandler: "I'll talk to her and get back to her."

Tony : "You better, oh yeah and Elliot was talking about hooking up with your friend Kristi."

Chandler : "Dang when did you all see my friends?"

Junior : "Um when I found you again. The second best moment of my life baby" he gently nuzzled my nose

Kevin : "Okay kids get a room and lets go. I am going to kick Mikey's and Tony's ass today right my woman?" he glanced over a Delana

After wishing Tony luck me and Junior climbed up on top of the pit box settling in next to Bono. Junior slid his arm around my shoulders as I snuggled deep into him I laid my head on his shoulder as he talked to Tony mostly joking. My eyes started to get heavy. I slid my sunglasses down and got comfortable. Soon I was off in a dreamland dreaming of the future of the man that I was so deeply involve with. I was startled awake by rain drops falling on my now cold skin that wasn't wrapped up in Juniors arms. I looked up through my sunglasses just in time to see the bottom fall out and Junior smile.

Chandler : "We are getting wet" I said between a laugh as the rain drops hit my sunglasses.

Junior : "Yeah I think you need to Look at your hand" I look down and my hand is directly laying on his crotch I yank it back real fast and immediately start to blush.

Junior : "You were having a pretty hot dream from the way you were groping me, but hey baby I don't care." He gently kissed my forehead.

Chandler : "We win?"

Junior : "Nah we had to pit but Tony is 13th if the race gets restarted we can win"

Chandler : "Bug I am getting soaked"

Junior : "Yeah me to, but you are so cute when you wake up from sleeping in my arms." I shifted my legs from off him and stretch out as the rain started to come down harder.

Junior : "Come on" I followed Bug down the ladder.

Junior : "Get On"

Chandler ; "What?"

Junior : "Get On"

Chandler : "You can't carry me"

Junior : "Yeah I can shut up. Come On" He bent down and I gently hopped on his back laying my head against his shoulder as he made it through the maze of mud puddles back to the coach. Once we get in we are both soaked down to the bone. I just give him a glance and take off to the back of the coach. He is right behind me and tackles me back against the bed landing on top of me with a shift we are both on the floor in a heap or laughter filling the air.

Junior : "Chandler I love you and no one can change that you understand me? Leeann was what I wanted at a time but you are what I need."

Chandler : "You are what I want too."

Junior : "Yeah sweet cheeks." With that he laid a soft kiss on my cheek and helped me up. We shared one more kiss before I headed to get ready. Right before I stepped in the shower I heard the door creak.

Junior : "Hot Damn Naked Woman"

Chandler : "Dale, Jr." I stepped quickly into the shower hiding from his eyes burring down my body.

Junior : "Sorry um the race was called. I am going to be getting ready in here too" He just smiled and shook his head as he left the door open. I heard him in the bathroom knocking around as I washing my hair.

Junior : "Chan where is my razor? I had it laying on the counter this morning."

Chandler : "Right Here" I stuck my hand out of the curtain. I heard Junior tsk as he grabbed it from my hand mumbling something about the blade better not be dull. I was about to step out of the shower when I heard him yell out.

Junior :"Shit"

Chandler : "What?" I said as I wrapped the towel around my body

Junior : "I cut myself with my DULL razor" he said giving my an Earnhardt glare.

Chandler: "I will make it all better come're." I wrapped my arms around his neck and gently kissed the little cut on the side of his face. I smile spread across his face..

Junior : "You save some hot water?"

Chandler :"Maybe" I hear him moan out as the water hits his back

Junior : "That feels so good Baby when we get home can you rub my back."

Chandler : "Yeah" I say in a mumble as I brush my teeth.

Junior : "You know I might need to take a dump. I think I am going to have explosive diarrhea." I busted out laughing sending toothpaste flying all over the sink and the mirror

Chandler : "Bug are you serious?"

Junior : "Nah I was just going to see what you would say. I am glad you find explosive diarrhea funny" He said in a serious tone then all of sudden I heard him just bust out laughing.

Junior : "Hey Baby stand right there and you can see one hell of a sexy man coming out behind the shower curtain"

Chandler : "You mean Tony is in there with you?" I quickly head to the bedroom to get dressed before he answered me. I felt his breath on my neck as I was zipping up my jeans.

Junior : "Let me help you" his hands covered mine and finished zipping the jeans up he lips brushed against my neck. I could smell his freshly shampooed hair.

Chandler : "Mhhmmm Stop you know what that does."

Junior : "Yea I do. I have to pay you back for the Tony comment" I glanced back at him as he headed toward the closet getting what he was going to wear. I was feeding Red when I felt him wrap his self back around me

Junior : "I love you cracka"

Chandler : "I love you too" I turned and looked at how cute he looked for tonight in his new pair of jeans that made him look really really nice ("") and a shirt he had bought in New York along with the outfit he bought for that I had to wear tonight cause I knew how much it drove him crazy

Junior : "You hair is curly and down."

Chandler : "Mmmm" there was nothing that compared being held in his arms when he smelled of Drakker

Junior : "You are wearing my outfit"( "") ("") I just nodded as his lips meet mine for what was a kiss that made time stand still.

We decided to drive over to Jackson to eat dinner without having to risk being interrupted. Junior loved his fans, so did I, but tonight was just our night me and him. It had been so long since we had gone out together. It was what I need. On the way into the restaurant his hand found the small of my back as we were led to our booth. I was his. He always held me close as if to protect me from the world. I loved the possessive feeling that he showed at times. Sometimes it was better than him saying I love you. During dinner our hands rarely separated from each others as we enjoyed each other. Looking into his eyes I could always see our future tonight it is love reflecting back. On the way out a fan realized who he was and started to ask for an autograph until Junior pulled me close to his body and draped his arm around my shoulders the fan just smiled and backed away as Junior mouthed "Thank You." We decided to head over and catch a movie before heading back to the track. Bug's never ending pit he called a stomach was calling he said for some candy. We slipped in late to the theater as the previews were about to finish. Junior was struggling with a bag of Sour Patch babies the wrapper and him were so loud that people began to turn around and stare at him. He just politely waved and continued his fight

Chandler : "Bug Baby"

Junior : "Mmm" he said as he was totally concentrated on the wrapper.

Chandler : "Let me try" he hand the package to me and slide back down into his chair and watch me with a little smirk as the bag popped open.

Junior : "I loosened it up" he whisper in my ear as the goose bumps rose on my skin from the sexiness in his voice. He pulled me closer to him and draped his arm around me holding me tight as we got ready for the movie to begin. I slid my arms around his waist and laid my head on his shoulder.

By the time the movie end our sides hurt from laughing so much. As the credits rolled I glanced up at the man that had held me in his arms the whole time.

Junior : "Baby"

Chandler : "Yeah"

Junior : "My leg is asleep."

Chandler : "My arm has been numb since the beginning of the movie I just didn't want to move out your arms." With both just smile and kisses each other quickly before the lights come back one. As the house lights got brighter we separated or more or less detached from each other. On our way out we saw a quick photo booth. We both look and hop in Junior pulled me on to his lap as the pictures began

Photo 1 : I wrapped my arms around his neck as we both smiled

Photo 2 : He pulled my head down and slammed his tongue in my mouth as the next picture clicked.

Photo 3: It was time for the Earnhardt glare and my imitation of one.

Photo 4: We trade spots and he was sitting on my lap

Photo 5 : We let our tongues touch and Juniors hand mysterously land on my boob and mine was in his hair.

Photo 6: We made the ugliest faces we could muster.

When we stumbled out of the photo booth we were both in laughs. As the pictures developed out we stood wrapped in each others arms. We quickly got the pictures and headed back to the track. Junior slid the pictures into his wallet. Soon his hand found mine and we were off.

Chapter 56

The race was horrible it just added to the extra drama we had this weekend with Leeann. When we got to the car this morning, she was leaning against it in a barely there lace shirt with an eight on it. Junior just looked at me then her and continued his regular routine of getting ready leaving me and Leeann in a stare off. When she saw Jimmie come walking down the pit road she ran off quickly. I guess it was a jealous ploy to get Junior back. It failed miserably as Chandra quickly fell in toe beside her man smiling over at me. The race started and the car was a bear. Junior fell back all the way to 40th until the first pit stop which gave put him up in the top ten until him and Rusty tangled on pit road right in front of us. I had to take my earphones off cause his rant was so bad. I just sat there watching him making laps and getting lapped cause of all the blown tires from the damage. I was frustrated as much as the crew was but I had never seen Junior in the mood he was in before. This was the first race he had really shown his inherited Earnhardt temper and emotion. I am laying down on the couch in the hauler trying to get my headache to go away when my cell rings without even looking I just pick it up.


Jamie : "Chan what is up my girl? I saw you today on TV"

Chandler : "Jamie girl I have been meaning to call you what are ya doing this Thursday?"

Jamie : "Nothing I am on break from school."

Chandler :"Then you are coming up to the Dirty MO Wednesday and then coming to Bristol with me. Someone wants me to introduce them to you."

Jamie : "Who?"

Chandler : "Well he is a racer"

Jamie : "OMG please tell me it is who I think it is?"

Chandler :"Yeah"

Jamie : "You mean Jeff Gordon?"

Chandler : "No, Jamie, No"

Chandler : "Tony"

Jamie : "Stewart?"

Chandler : "No Eury. Yes Stewart"

Jamie : "Oh"

Chandler : "Oh Jamie what the heck? You so said he was cute"

Jamie : "He is, but he is a player"

Chandler : "Well Gordo is a cheater"

Jamie : "True"

Chandler : "Please?"

Jamie : "Okay"

Chandler : "That is my girl. Hey I have to go, Junior I think is coming in now I will call you back"

Jamie : "All right"

Jamie :"Love ya girl"

Chandler : "Love ya too"

I heard Junior come stomping up the hall to the lounge I sat up from the sofa I was stretched out on. He was just brewing with anger. Some of the crew had filtered in and sat down beside me as I stretched my legs out in front of me. Junior just stood there it was like a count down until his top blew with in seconds we all were in it for a ride

Junior : "How hard is it to ask for car that I can drive? I can't win this championship with a car that ain't even going to turn when I have the steering wheel all the way over. Then on damn pit road can one of you dumbnuts tell me where the hell I am supposed to be and who the hell is beside me so I can actually get a decent pit stop is that to hard?" All the guys just start to argue back. All of a sudden the water bottle I never noticed in Junior's hand slammed against the wall behind one of the tire changers head.

Junior : "Chandler we are leaving now lets go." he just demand me to leave with him the flashbacks of Augusts anger towards me came back by the way Junior was acting and showing his anger. I had never seen him this bad before. It never crossed my mind to argue from him I just stood to leave. I felt Pops hand touch my arm as I followed Junior out he mouthed to me "it is okay".

The pace he was walking back to coach was almost a run. He was well in front of me when I stepped off the hauler. I jogged to catch up with him. I was about to say something when he looked over at me with his jaw clenched. I just kept my mouth shut as we got to the coach. Soon we were both packed up and headed to the helicopter that we were riding back to the airport. The whole ride there was silence Junior was just sitting there still brewing. When we start to board the plane he took my hand in his still not saying a word. I knew that he had to deal with it inside and if he wanted to talk he would. I am not sure if I knew anything to say to him. He slide down in his seat pulling his cap low over his eyes still holding my hand. No words were spoken until we got home. I was in the laundry room starting a load of wash when he came in with a Bud in his arms and Red following him.

Junior : "I am going to get a shower"

Chandler : "Okay" I wrapped my arms around him squishing Bud enough so that he jumped down.

Chandler : "You still rock my world Earnhardt you just had a rough weekend I am here for you if you need me"

Junior : "I know" with that he leaned in and kissed my on the nose as he went to take his shower with his little animals following behind him. Every time he walked around the house he had a trail of animals behind him. I heard the shower turn on when I plopped down in the recliner turning on the TV. Soon there was heavy rock music blasting from the bathroom. I knew he was just letting all his stress out. Red was in my lap when Junior came out of the bedroom in some basketball shorts and a T-shirt. His hair was still wet going everywhere. I moved over and sat on the end of the couch as he went to get him a beer from the fridge. When he came back in he laid down putting his head in my lap and tossing the magazine I was reading on the floor.

Junior : "Thank you for letting me chill out" he said as I laced my fingers through his hair scratching his head.

Chandler : "I know how it is when you just want to be alone and deal" There had been so many long days the past weeks when he was at the shop that I just wanted to scream cause of the pressure of something with us not being normal and the return of August.

Junior :"Everyone always wants me to talk about what I am feeling. I want to be like if I wanted to tell you I would" he said with a yawn as he moved to get comfortable.

Chandler : "You tired?" I was feeling the drama and the constant travel catching up with me.

Junior : "Yeah but I got some thinking to do before I go to bed yet. I know you need to go to sleep though cause you have to work tomorrow."

Chandler : "Yeah I am glad to go back and get something's back to normal I love being with you and here but I miss getting something productive done other than painting my toenails and watching Jenny Jones" He leaned up and gave me as kiss.

Junior : "You want me to tuck you in." he smiled for the first time since the beginning of the race. Without an answer he had me up in his arms in a hug. He tucked me in and gave me a kiss on the forehead before his headed back into the living room closing the door behind him. I snuggled deep into his pillow as I ended up quickly dreaming of being in his arms.

------------------------------------------Wednesday Night-----------------------------------

I had worked all week and it felt great to be back with Delana. My office was exactly the same way it had been when I left. Junior had flowers delivered that were waiting on my desk. I had finally caught up on the my work Wednesday night. Junior had already left Tuesday for appearances and a special press conference about the Richmond Rock'n'Roll race. I was on my way to the airport I had just got on the I-77 when my cell rang. I look at the caller id and it said "your sex machine" I had to chuckle when I saw how Junior put in his cell number.

Chandler : "Hello?" I was still trying to contain my laughter

Junior : "Hey Baby" I could hear some commotion going on behind him

Chandler : "Bug I can barely hear you where are you?" before he answered me it sounded like he walked out the door and it got silent.

Junior : "Better?"

Chandler : "Yeah"

Chandler : "Where are you?"

Junior : "At the press conference. Baby, Delana is flying with you up here right?"

Chandler : "Yeah I am on my way to pick up Jamie now. She is staying the night at the house remember then we all are heading up?"

Junior : "Yeah I just wanted to make sure you had someone with you." I could hear something different in his voice.

Chandler : "Bug what is going you are scaring me?"

Junior : "Nothing baby I am just ready for you to be up here with me so I can be with you." I can tell he had just taken a puff of his cigarette. He only smoked out where his fans were when he was worried or extremely stressed.

Chandler : "Dale tell me what is going on."

Junior : "Nothing I told you already nothing is going on. I am just stressed out for this week I have the press conference then autographs for Budweiser. Daddy gets honored this weekend so the whole family is coming up including my mom. Then you aren't here with me." I could hear him starting to irritated at me not taking his answer.

Chandler : "Okay Baby I will be in Thursday morning around 10am."

Junior : "I got to go. I love you call me when you get on the plane tomorrow morning"

Chandler : "I will, love you too."

I was pulling in the airport parking lot when our conversation ended. Something was up with him and he wouldn't tell me. I had a strange uneasy feeling about it. Junior was always the one that would never really worry he lift that up to me. I remembered what he said one night as I walked through the doors heading to the terminal to get Jamie. "I had worried all my life about what people think about me and it nearly drove me insane. Now I have you I don't care, Cause I have you in my arms and that is all that matters." He voice echoed in my brain as I heard the announcement of her flight landing. When I saw Jamie step of the plane she was talking on her cell phone we exchanged a quick hug when she got off her phone grinning from ear to ear.

Chandler: "So Jam who was that?"

Jamie: "Tony' she said with her eyes lighting up"

Chandler: ""Aww girl what I tell you."

Jamie : "Yeah yeah, He is with Junior they are having a guys night out with Kevin."

Chandler : "Well then girl you know what we are going to do tonight?"

Together : "Girls Night."

The next morning came to soon. What happened last night is mostly a blur after De came over and we all broke into the bar down in the basement. I felt a weight on my arm. Jamie was all cuddled up on my arm.

"Jamie god get off me" Jamie just rolls off me and cuddles back up on Junior's pillow. I guess she was imagining we were all Tony. I glanced over to the clock and saw the time 11am.

Chandler : "Jamie GET UP" I yell at her as my feet land on the floor.

Jamie : "WHAT?!?"

Chandler :"Get up we are late where is my cell phone?" my brain is going 90 miles a minute not only had we missed the flight we had missed it by 2 hours. I walk out of the room to get Delana up and going. There is a heavy snore coming from her. We don't have time for nice little wake up honeys we have to ride. I jerk her leg and she slides nearly off the bed,

Chandler : "De get up we missed the flight" I finally looked down at what I am wearing it is the same thing I had on last night. I don't even bother to change I just grab a toothbrush noticing after it is in my mouth that it is Junior's. Jamie stumbles in the bathroom with her hair everywhere having the same clothing problem as me. When I grab my bags heading to the Tahoe. Delana has already pulled her self together but she is nursing a pair of sunglasses already. I am in desperate search of my cell phone when I notice it plugged up in the car as everyone is loading up. My voicemail is blinking with 5 missed calls all of which are from Junior. As we pull out headed to the airport we are all on our phones. I start to check the messages the first 2 are nice but by the third one I can tell he is losing his patience and getting pissed off. By the last one he is in a full fledge buttcrack mood.

"Chandler when you find the time to answer you phone call me back I have to go practice my car" with no "I love you" just a hang up. I know I have to call him back but I really am not looking forward to it. As the phone rang I heard some noise then a really pissed of Dale, Jr.

Junior : "Where the hell are you Chandler? Did you forget how to dial a damn phone and call your boyfriend to tell him that you are still alive and not laying in some ditch somewhere?"

Chandler : "Junior I don't want to get into right now okay we all over slept that is why we are late." His mood is not helping the screaming little man in my head jumping on my brain. I look back to see De laid out on the back-seat and Jamie in the passenger seat staring out the windshield like a deer in headlights.

Junior : "Chandler you are 2 hours late what the fu....." I pull the phone back from my ear as he goes into a tantrum. Right now I am to out of it to answer him or listen. Jamie and Delana but move up and listen to him on the cell phone just going off saying every word in the book.

Chandler : "You done?" I say when I hear him start to slow down

Junior : "Yeah you just had me worried baby you know I don't like leaving you there by yourself."

Chandler : "Baby I am really sorry I left my cell phone in the Tahoe so I didn't hear it going off and the alarm clock wasn't set. I missed you if that helps me out any."

Junior : 'I missed you to. Call me when you are about land so I can get you."

Chandler : "Okay we are at the airport now. Love you Bug"

Junior : "Love you too, but you are still on my bad side" we hang up with each other as we are boarding the jet.

As soon as the plane was in the air all three of us were out sleeping. I knew Junior was going to have to fun with us all getting plastered and sleeping through the alarm and the phone calls from our men. 45 minutes later which seemed like 3 we were landing in Bristol. I felt worse then I did before we took off. I was fighting a Tylenol bottle as I was walking off. I stop enough to slide a pair of Junior's sunglasses up more on my face. I dropped the bottle in my purse when I say my bug waiting on me.

Junior : "I miss you baby come're" he had never looked cuter with his goatee and scruffiness. His hair was longer and the curls were coming out from under his hat. His arms wrapped around me. I snuggled into his touch I hadn't had the arms in a couple of days. No one could compare to being in Bug's arms. He smelled of race track and Drakker.

Junior : "I might smell bad I didn't shower just threw on some clothes and came to get my baby." He pulled me back and looked at me through his sun glasses.

Junior :"Chan babe take of you sunglasses." I just shake my head as he reaches up and pulls them off a smile comes across his face.

Junior: "Did you and the girls drink last night."

Chandler : "Umm.." the sun is so bad I grab the glasses back and put them back on sending Bug into a laughing fit.

Junior : "All 3 of you are so hung over." all I can do is shake me head as he pulls me closer.

Junior : "Don't worry baby I will take care of you. What all did you all drink?"

Chandler : "That box you had in the basement of whiskey and some other stuff"

Junior : "Oh Chan dang you handled all that?" before I could answer Kevin and Tony walked over with Jamie and De snuggled in Kevin's side.

Kevin :"So Junior man you hear that our girls had a little drinking party last night?"

Tony : "From what I hear they killed some whiskey." We all moan as the reminders were becoming in reality and the stomachs started to churn.

Kevin: "We better head back to the track before Helton has a cow in the garage." Junior pulled me close as we walked to the golf cart. I finally got a soft kiss on my lips his whiskers tickling my face.

Junior : "Lets get you back in the coach and in the bed to sleep this off and get you some meds."

Chandler :"I am never drinking your drinks again."

Junior : "Yeah right Chan."

Chandler : "Bug don't tell Kelley or them this weekend about last night I don't want them to think..."

Junior : "Shhh baby they won't think nothing of it but I want. You feel okay to sit up on the pit box with me to watch Martin." We pull up to the coach.

Chandler : "Hmmm...just need some sleep." I head straight back to the bedroom grabbing some of bugs boxers out of his bag

Chandler :"This better be clean" I say as I slide them up and grab one of his shirts that smell like being in his arms. I crawled in bed when he came in with the Tylenol bottle I was fighting with early and some water.

Junior : "here honey take these." I swallow the pills as he changes down to his boxers and lays down beside me.

Chandler : "When do you have to go back out there" I say with a yawn as I turn over.

Junior : "2 hours. But I want you in my arms for a while have to make up for the days without you" he spoons up behind me as I fall fast asleep.

Chapter 57

Junior's POV

Chandler is fast asleep on my chest as soon as she laid down she was out like a light. I can't seem to stop my minding from running. Ever since Tuesday night I have been on an edge especially with her pulling in late this afternoon only made the edge sharper. I look down at the sleeping beauty in my arms. She had finally started to relax again wanting to do things by herself, going to work again, staying back at the house during my appearances, her confidence was back. She felt safe again. Safe with me. Now I am worried if I will be able to protect her. I can't lay here anymore. I am going to drive myself crazy even before the race tonight for Martin and the race tomorrow night. I never heard Chan get up until I felt her kiss me on the cheek. As I tried to keep my car on the video game I was playing on track. She crawled on the couch behind me.

Chandler: "Bug baby we are going to have to get you a hair cut. Your curls are coming out." I feel her finger tips play with the hair on the back of my head. Messing with her favorite spot.

Junior :"My curls are sexy"

Chandler : "Psshh" I hear from behind me

Junior : "What was that young lady? Are you saying my curls are not sexy?" I say as the video game is long forgot as a playful smile forms on her pretty face. I lean down and she wraps her arms around my neck pulling me down on the couch beside her.

Chandler : "My bug is sexy all over."

Junior : "Yeah I am" I feel her hit my chest. I can help but kiss the top of her head as I hold her in my arms.

Chandler : "When do we have to be out on the pit box to watch Martin?"

Junior : "In like an hour, but right now I like where we are."

Chandler : "MMMM me too. I missed this" A couple of minutes past of just listening to each other breathe. Cherishing the quiet moments together before tonight and the drama that being a team owner comes.

Chandler : "Bug?"

Junior : "Yeah baby?"

Chandler : "I have been thinking"

Junior : "That is never good"

Chandler : "Hey Now" she says as she leans up towering over me her brown hair falling out from her ponytail. I gently brush it away.

Junior : "What have you been thinking about baby?"

Chandler : "I want to start law school and I can take night classes and still work for De and be with you on the weekends." She says in all one breath.

Junior : "Law School?"

Chandler : "Yeah baby I have always wanted my law degree. I mean I could be a corporate lawyer. That could come in handy in the NASCAR world.

Junior : "You really want to get back in school?" She sits up beside me. I can see the spark and excitement in her eye talking about becoming a lawyer.

Chandler : "Yeah Bug I really do. It is part of my dream and being with you it seems like I can actually make it happen."

Junior : "Well...."

Chandler : "Bug what are you thinking?"

Junior : "I am thinking that is going to be damn lucky to have a hot shot lawyer for a girlfriend."

Chandler : "Awww Bug you think I can do it?"

Junior : "I know you can"

Chandler : "That means I won't have a lot of time during the week then on race weekend I will be doing homework and stuff."

Junior : "Long as you wear some cute glasses and cuddle with me when you do it I can make it."

Chandler : "Aww I love you baby"

Junior : "Love you" She cuddles back down in my arms laying her head on my stomach. I look down at our sock feet intertwined together. I want Chan to be happy and if that means losing her to law school it is better than losing her and never having her to hold.

---------------------------------Saturday Night---------------------------------------

Chandler had never looked so pretty as she did tonight. They were honoring Daddy by giving him a grandstand. Teresa, Taylor, Kelley, and Mom and my Step-Dad were all here. Chandler hadn't been nervous until she heard Kelley say it was going to be the first time that she had met my mom. Mom was here to watch Karsyn since she was going to be singing the national anthem.

Junior : "Chan baby calm down you look beautiful and my mom is going to love you" I say as I wrap my arms around her waist as she tries a new hair style for the 5th time.

Chandler : "My hair won't do a thing it looks horrible" I cover my hands with hers and turn her to me.

Junior : "Chan you look fine baby. She is going to love you cause I do." I can see the tears brim her eyes.

Junior : "What is wrong?"

Chandler : "June nothing I just love you."

Junior : "Aww come're I love you too." When we finally stepped off the coach Chan had finally decided on my favorite outfit from her latest shopping spree with the girls Buffy and De. I was going to have to get a bigger coach for all the clothes they would bring home. Chan was in a pair of tight but respectable black pants that showed off her long legs and hips. With a pretty blue shirt she left unbutton enough to show off a little skin but enough to make you want more. She was very businesslike looking and it was damn sexy.

"CHANNNNDLLLERRR" I see Karsyn coming running up totally ignoring me going straight to my baby with her curls flying behind her.

Chandler : "Hey cutie" Karsyn springs into her arms hugging her tightly

Karsyn :"Chan I miss you"

Chandler : "I missed you to you going to say hey to Uncle Junior"

Karsyn: "Nah I see him all the time" she said with her little Earnhardt grin.

Junior : "Hey Punk, where is your mama?"

Karsyn :"With Dad in Asey's Hauler."

Junior : "Asey?"

Chandler : "Casey Mears.. bug" she said giving me her best duh look it only made me want her more.

Karsyn and Chandler : "Duh"

Junior : "My bad" I have to kiss Chandler when I lean over and gently kiss her on the cheek I her someone behind me making kissing noises.

Delana :"Kevin grow up they are cute."

Karsyn :"Hey Ms. De"

Delana : "Aren't you just the cutest thing?"

Karsyn : "Yes Ma'am"

The four of us headed towards the drivers meeting, Karsyn still in Chandler's arms. She looked so good holding her. My mind wondered to what she would look like holding our child hopefully a little boy. Karsyn had laid her head down on Chan's shoulder as we walked into the meeting by the end of the meeting Karsyn was sound asleep. Soon Jimmy came and detached her from Chandler. Which Karsyn put up a fight and Jimmy just left her in Chandler's arms. I wrapped my arm around her waist as we headed to the hauler to get ready for the race. She was going to be with Kelley and Teresa during pre race to see Karsyn sing the national anthem. I was zipping up my fire suit when I heard a little knock on the door and a small voice outside.

Karsyn :"Uncle Junior?"

Junior : "Yeah babydoll?"

Karsyn :"Can I ask you something?" She said looking up to me with her big brown eyes.

Junior : "Yeah come on and sit in my lap. You can ask me anything" She crawled up in my lap and propped her little body against my arm.

Karsyn :"You love Mommy right?"

Junior : "I sure do love your mommy she is awesome lady"

Karsyn :"You love Mimi?"

Junior : "Yeah I love her to cause she is my mommy" a serious look came over her face.

Karsyn :"You love Miss Chandler?"

Junior : "With all my heart" I say brushing a curl out of her face.

Junior : "That all babydoll?"

Karsyn :"Not yet Uncle Junior"

Junior : "Okay" I can't help but laugh at how smart she was when she would get irritated at one us for asking her a question.

Karsyn : "Can Chandler be my aunt? Please Uncle Junior? She is really pretty and smells good plus she can color good."

Junior : "Really?"

Karsyn :"Yeah silly. Mommy says you are in love. Cause you get a silly look on your face when you talk about her. So can she be my aunt."

Junior : "Babydoll".....

Kelley :"Dale Karsyn where are you two?" Mommy..." Kelley opens the door and the conversation is long forgot as she goes to her arms. I see Chandler walk up behind them and smile and play with Karsyn.

Kelley :"You ready for tonight Dale, Jr?"

Junior : "Yeah you ready for tonight old woman?"

Kelley : "Hahah cute.... Teresa is doing the most of it so I will just stand and be pretty with Chandler."

Chandler : "What?"

Kelley:"You are going to be standing up there with us. It is going to be me, you, and Teresa"

Chandler : "Wait I am not apart of the family I was just going to stand with the reporters and watch."

Kelley :"Nonsense Teresa wants you up there with us and so do I. Right Junior?"

Junior : "Yeah baby you better listen to her."

Chandler : "Are you sure what about Kerry's wife she is...."

Kelley :"You are going now don't make me use my Earnhardt temper."

Karsyn :"You don't want her to do that." Karsyn says smiling

Kelley :"We have to go in a bout 3 minutes so me and the kid will wait outside so you can tell your man bye and we don't get grossed out." We both laugh as they walked out.

Junior :"Come're"

Junior : "I missed you today it has been so busy I haven't had you to love on" She walks into my arms and lays her head down on my shoulder. The smell of her shampoo filling my sense and the electricity that is still there in our touch.

Chandler : "Junior are you sure about me standing up there with your family?" She says as she turns and her breath is on my neck.

Junior : "Yeah they want you up there so do I." She just nods as I take her chin in my hand and we share a deep passionate kiss her hands going into my hair and mine in hers when we only break apart due to lack of oxygen and Kelley calling.

Chandler : "I love you and will see you before the command" she starts to walk away when I pull her back into my arms locking our lips again.

Junior : "Love you too."

I kept my eye on Chandler during the dedication she stood proudly beside Kelley off to the side. The camera's were clicking away at the new member standing up there. She blended in so well with the women. I loved her hair, it was about as long as Teresa's from the back they look like carbon copies almost. She looked over her shoulder as a wind blew by blowing her hair beside her. She was looking for me but never saw me. When the ceremony was over she walked with Kelley to the parent area to watch Karsyn sing I couldn't miss this or her much longer.

Junior : "Jade I am going to watch Karsyn." Before he could answer I was walking with he other drivers to go watch the children sing. Chandler had no idea I was behind her when I wrapped her my arms around her as the children began to sing.

Junior : "Hey baby girl you looked so pretty up there I want to make sure everyone knew that you were mine."

Chandler : "I like being yours." her hands covered mine as we stood there watching my little baby doll sing her heart out with Macy. Buffy snapped a picture of me and Chandler in each others arms. When the children finished there anthem her blue eyes gazed up at me.

Junior: "You ready to meet my mom?"

Chandler: "Yeah" she said with a worried look

Junior: "She is going to love you."

We headed down pit road, hand and hand our fingers laced together. I felt like I could conquer the world with her beside me. But right now the phone calls and messages I had been getting were still plastered in my mind. I couldn't lose her not again to him. I noticed my mom and step-dad standing with the crew as we got closer Chandler's grip got tighter on my hand. I looked over at her and she gave me a weak smile. I gently kiss her hand as we got closer.

Brenda: June come're and give your mama a hug. I have missed you."

Junior: "Missed you too mom. Mom this is my girlfriend Chandler Blake. Chan baby this is my mom.

Chandler: "Very nice to meet you Ms. Jackson." She extended her hand only to be brought into a hug it must be a thing between red headed mom's cause I remember Chandler's mom doing the same thing to me.

Brenda: "I am glad I am finally able to meet the woman that has my little boy so in love. Dale has talked non stop about you since he met you." I can feel my face turn red. Chandler looks over at me and starts to laugh.

Chandler: "Long as it is good that is all that matters"

Photographer: "Junior sorry to interrupt, but do you want a picture of all the family?"

Junior: "Yeah man that would be awesome" Chandler snuggles close to my side as I wrap my arms around my mom and her. Kelley was on the other side of my mom and Karsyn was standing in front of all of us.

Junior: "I want a copy of that"

Photographer: "No problem"

Brenda: "Now Chandler you can just come and sit beside me on the pit box we have 500 laps to get to know each other but I first I think you...."

Pops : "Need to put the boy in the car."

Chandler : "Pops my homie"

Pops : "Chandler my g-dog"

Junior : "Pops did you just say G-dog?"

Pops : "Yeah my brother." I just had to laugh Chandler had been trying to catch Pops up with cultural terms and music now I think it is backfiring on all of us. She was helping me with my safety device as we snuck a kiss before I slide my helmet all the way on.

Chandler: "I love you bug and be safe" she said as she kissed my nose and let the crew put the window net up. I snaked my hand out the and held hers with 3 quick hand squeeze she was off and climbing up the pit box beside my mom.

During the race I would get updates during the caution flags about how Mom and Chandler were getting along. Tony, Jr., telling me they were 2 peas in a pod laughing and joking. By then end of the race I was tired and ready to go home and spend some time with my baby alone in her arms hopefully get her to rub my back. When I slide out of the car she was waiting on me with a smile. It made finishing the same place I started a whole lot easier. She always made life easier.

Chandler : "You did the best you could baby at the end. I know you wanted to win bad"

Junior : "I know , I think you need to take care of me since I am so sore and tired" I say trying to give her my best puppy dog look

Chandler ; "Really?" she says as she steps into my arms and the crew makes kissing noise behind me.

Junior : "Yeah like one of those nice back rubs you give me" I nuzzle her neck. My hand rubbing her back.

Chandler : "Hmmm I'll think about it. I have to keep my bug in shape and health." She said in a whispery voice.

Junior : "Yep." before we break apart I steal a kiss. We were walking back from the hauler when my mom came by to tell us she was leaving.

Brenda : "Chandler now you better call me for our lunch date when you have time."

Chandler : "Yes ma'am I will it was nice getting to know you."

Brenda : "You to sweetheart keep my little boy over there in shape" they shared a close hug

Chandler : "I will try"

Junior : "Hey now. Bye Mom"

Brenda : "Dale be good for this one okay I like her and I want you to keep her she is a real nice girl" she whispered in my ear as we hugged good-bye. We watched them walk away and then head back to the coach for a quick shower and to change before we flew home. When I got out the shower Chandler was deep in thought looking at something on her lap top.

Junior: "What are you doing?"

Chandler: "Signing up for my LSATS and getting admissions information from the college."

Junior: "Oh"

Chandler: "You sure you are okay with this?"

Junior: "Yeah baby. I want to see you happy" she closes her lap top and lets her fingers dance down my bare back

Chandler : "You smell good baby" we start to kiss but this time we fall back against he couch

Junior : "You taste good"

Chandler : "You feel good" she says as her hands drift places.

Junior : "I want to feel you"

Jade : "JUNIOR CHANDLER LETS GO." we hear being yelled outside of the couch

Chandler : "Bug I think that means you need to go get you a shirt unless..." I silence her with a kiss as we untangle our bodies.

Chapter 58

Junior's POV

Martin : "Hey Junior where is Chandler at? Normally she is home by now."

Junior : "Martin you keeping tabs on my woman now?"

Martin : "Nah man... I was... was"

T.J. : "God Martin you have such a way with words"

Martin : "Shut the piehole TJ"

Junior : "Nah Man she was going to go by the UNCC today to talk about classes and stuff all that smart shit I have no idea about."

Shane : "Wait I thought she was going to do law?"

Junior : "She was that is why she has been in a mood. There are no law schools near the Dirty MO so it would be 2 1/2 hour drive everyday, one way, to attend any of them." I said not looking up from the engine of the late model.

Martin, TJ and Shane : "Okay Point Being?"

Junior : "Point Being she didn't want to go that far and be gone that much everyday. She still wanted to have a life and be home. So, she's going to get her masters in Political Science" They all just groan. I bum the music up and we just go back to work but not for long.

Shane : "Someone just pulled up like a bat out of hell Junior in your drive. Wait shit that is Chandler bud what you do she is fuming?" Shane yelled over the music from the opening of the garage. I could hear Chandler's heels hitting the concrete between the house garage and the one we were in. The guys started to go there separate ways but not far enough so they could hear what was about to go down.


Junior : "What are you talking about?" I had no idea what she was talking about. I could tell her temper was already out in full force.

Chandler : "I don't know Dale you tell me! Today I go by the college to pay my tuition, let me emphasis the word MY and the lady goes "miss Mr. Earnhardt has already paid it along with all the things you will need to achieve you masters degree."

Junior : "Baby you are mad about that?" I say as I walk to her touching her arms

Chandler : "Don't baby me Dale. You know I want to do that myself and you have to go over there through money down and don't even think about"

Junior : "I don't see a problem with that"

Chandler ; "God you don't even get it. Do you?" She jerked back out of my touch.

Junior : "Get what?"

Chandler: I DON'T NEED YOU PAYING MY STUFF. I AM NOT SOME HELPLESS LITTLE WOMAN HAVING TO DEPEND ON HER MAN TO SUPPORT HER." she yelled I couldn't help but roll my eyes and turn back to the car. Acting like I was going to start working on it.

Chandler : "Don't you turn your back on me"

Junior : "Why not? So you can yell at me for doing something most people would appreciate?" She had pushed my temper button. No other woman could make me be ready to spite fire but on the other hand want to pull her close and kiss her.

Chandler ; "Screw it Junior I am going back in the house have fun playing with the cars." She turned around to leave.

Chandler : "Oh yeah tell your friends next time they want to watch us argue just stay in the garage instead of leaning against the door listeing." With that she walked to the house slamming the door. Soon Red was running into the garage along with Bud.

Junior : "Boys she kick you out too?" as the Red ran between my legs and jumped up on the couch beside Shane.

Martin : "Damn Junior she is pissed"

Junior : "Yeah she will get over it"

TJ : "Dude I didn't know she had that much fire"

Junior : "Yeah she does" I couldn't help but smile

Shane : "Dude you are smiling"

Junior : "Yeah she loves me"

Martin : "God you are in love man"

I walked in the house about 12 long enough hopefully for Chandler to be cooled down. Red was running right under my feet as I walked in I noticed a letter on the kitchen table.

Junior dinner is in the fridge it is chicken salad for you cause you act like chicken shit.


So much for her being in a better mood. I said to Red as he was lapping up his water. I heard the CD player going in the bedroom. I shed my clothes in the laundry before heading to the bedroom when I go the door I had to laugh she had her Eagles greatest hit's playing the songs chorus seem perfect.

There's gonna be a heartache tonight,

a heartache tonight, I know.

There's gonna be a heartache tonight, I know.

Lord, I know.

I opened the door slowly to make sure she didn't toss anything toward my head. I looked at her she was reading a Dr. Phil book with her glasses on. She looked so peaceful

Junior : "Baby you still mad at me?" I said almost in a little boy voice I had no idea I had

Chandler : "Yes"

Junior : "Oh....How long are you going to be mad at me?"

Chandler : "Not sure"she said not looking up. I walked past the bed and headed to the bathroom. I heard her turn off the music as I was brushing me teeth when I came back she was rolled over on my side of the bed. I slide in beside her she immediately curled up to my side. She was so hard to read at times.

Junior : "You still mad?"

Chandler : "Yep"

Junior : "Oh" wait didn't we already have this conversation already. I held her close a drifted off to sleep.

Around 3am I felt some shaking me I woke to see Chandler with her eyes filled with tears.

Junior : "Baby what is wrong"

Chandler : "I am sorry I have no right to be angry at you, were just being sweet. I love you I am sorry I have be mean I am so stressed out about the whole law school thing and I took it out all on you. "

Junior : "Shh baby it is okay you could have waited to tell me in the morning"

Chandler : "I had to tell you now Bug I just have a bad feeling about this weekend in Richmond. I feel like something is going to happened and I won't have you anymore. Baby I need you. I couldn't sleep cause I had to tell you." She said as she looked into my eyes.

Junior : "I need you to baby everything is going to be okay. I am your superman remember. You also felt bad before Darlington and just had cramps" I feel her hit my arm

Junior : "Oww baby to early in the morning"

Chandler : "I love you Bug."

Junior : "I love you too even when you are hormonal and mean to me."

Junior : "Oww you hit me again."

Chandler ; "Just cause I love you."

Junior : "Yeah yeah go back to sleep Rambo" Sleep was hard to come by. Chandler had about 4 nightmares. When she would wake up she would just hold on tighter to me. Each one she would scream "Please don't hurt me." I planned on telling her about August calling me but it didn't really seem to matter cause the phone calls stopped after a week. There had been done since the appearance at Bristol. We both slept through the morning Wednesday. About 12 she finally stirred.

Junior : "Morning good lookin"

Chandler ; "Mmm Morning bug" we laced our fingers together.

Chandler ; "Babe you need to get your hair cut it is getting really long."

Junior : "I know I was going to do that today and run some errands before we head out tomorrow come with me. I will feed you"

Chandler ; "Waffle House?" she said as she sat up smiling.

Junior : "Yeah Chan I will take you to the Waffle House"

Chandler : "Aww sweetie let me get dressed."

Junior : "You know you are probably the only person I know that could pick any restaurant the wanted to eat at and you chose the Waffle House." I yelled from the bed as she was in the closet she came out taking her shirt off and sliding on one of mine that we had shrunk in the wash.

Chandler : "I love you bug"

Junior : "Yeah yeah I know you do what is there not to love?"

Chandler : "Haha to many things to list."

Junior : "You are going to pay" she giggled as I grabbed her and we toppled back on the bed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later that afternoon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Waitress: "Sugar what can I help you with?" a toothless lady at the Waffle house asked

Junior: "Um she wants the All-star breakfast and I will have the same we both want coke to drink." I handed the lady the menu back and looked over at Chandler lean over the jukebox looking for some music. We had spent the whole day together laughing our butts off. Chandler had cracked up at the Barber Shop when they cut my hair way to short. She promised me it was sexy but I had my doubts then we got kicked out of Walmart for like a month because we decided to race down the aisle of the tricycles that were out on display as we wait for our pictures to developed plus we got caught making out on the stack of soil bags in the lawn and garden center.

Chandler: "Okay I am done" Chandler said plopping down on her side of the booth probing her feet on my side.

Chandler :"Are you still worried about your hair baby it will grow back by the morning you grow hair like a wolf man"

Junior :"Thanks Chan I feel the love"

Chandler ; "Well you got us kicked out of Walmart"

Junior : "Me?"

Chandler : "Yes you, cause you made me race you knowing full well I was going to beat you and I would if it wasn't for that old lady looking at bengay."

Junior : "yeah you keep thinking that"

Waitress : "Your food is here darlings. Now if you need anything else you just call for Connie that is me"

Junior : "Chan you want some waffle with that syrup you got there"

Chandler : "Nah" she said as she looked up at me then flip me off

Junior : "What did I tell you about doing that not in public baby I know you want me but come on. You already got us in trouble in the lawn and garden center."

Chandler : "It is that haircut it does that to me." The rest of the day and night was perfect we spent in each other arms swimming and watching movies. I had looked at the ring for her several times thinking this was the right time to ask her to be with me forever. But I never followed through little did we know that our happiness was going to end as soon as we landed in Richmond. I would have to fight for her love.

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