Chapter 59 - 64

Chapter 59

Friday Morning --- Chandler's POV

Junior : "Chandler honey you okay?" I hear a sleepy Junior ask from the bed, as he rolled over. It was not even 3 am yet.

Chandler : "Jun baby I don't feel good" I say as I climb into the bed pulling the covers up. I was freezing for it to be the beginning of September.

Junior : "What hurts baby?" He said brushing my hair out of my face laying his hand on my forehead. Before I can answer he is on his way walking into the bathroom.

Chandler : "My stomach"

Junior : "You eat something bad last night, when we went out with De and Kev?" He asked from the bathroom.

Chandler : "I don't know it just hurts bad." I roll into a fetal position as another stomach cramp happens again. He comes out with a thermometer in his hand

Junior : "Aww baby lean up so I can take your temperature." I look up at his boxer clad form. His red hair that he has left sticking up and the mark on his arm from where he was sleeping on it. I slide up a little when he sits down beside me rubbing my leg. I cover my eyes from the bedside lamp the light makes me hurt worse.

Junior : "You throwing up any?" I just shake my head no. He looks at me and a small smile comes to his face.

Junior ; "Is it coming out the other way?" I nod my head.

Junior : "Glad I got that new bottle of Lysol" just then my thermometer beeps he takes it out

Chandler ; "You better be glad I don't feel good cause I am going to get your butt back for that comment Junior"

Junior : "Babe you got a 100 fever" He says standing and stretching heading back to the bathroom. My stomach growls and I have to go now. I jump out of bed making myself feel worse and slide in front of Junior closing the door in his face. I can hear him laugh. When the toilet flushes again I can hear him yell.

Junior : "Lysol is under the sink I don't want the paint peeled off the wall remember I have to go in there too" I open the door and glare at him

Chandler : "Glad you think this is funny" he is all just smiles

Junior : "Babe it is normal I get them, so does the president. It is just, you are my woman. I have never had a woman with the goes before in my presence. This is a memorable experience. Especially for Shane when he cleans the bus tank." I just stare at him and he wraps his arms around me in the hallway.

Junior : "Man Chan I told you about the Lysol I can smell it out here."

Chandler ; "God Dale" I yank back and head to the bed flicking him off on the way. I can here him just start to laugh. I crawl back in bed and turn the light off. Junior flicks it back on

Chandler ; "Light Off" I growl from the bed

Junior : "Sorry Fang I have to have it on to see my pretty Chan." he says as he covers me up with another cover.

Junior : "There now you are warmer. I am going to get you something form the bathroom if I can survive the smell. " I am about ready to kill him

Chandler : "If you make one more comment about me having diarrhea I swear to God Ralph Dale Earnhardt Junior you will pay and I mean you will so pay."

Junior :"Okay Okay I will stop. I am just picking." He said raising his hands up in the air.

Junior : "I love you even though you are mean when you are sick." He kissed my forehead and leaned and reach for the medicine on the night stand. I took the Tylenol and Imodium AD.

Chandler : "Love you, I don't know why though" I say as he flips the light off and walks to his side of the bed and slides back in. He wraps his arms around me and gently started to rub my stomach.

Junior : "Be careful Chan and warn me before you blow me out of the bed." Before I can respond I am back up heading to the bathroom

Junior : "My little dominator" he says as I walk back out looking paler than before.

Junior : "Woo baby I am sorry" he quickly apologizes and comes to my side as I hold on to the side of the door.

Chandler : "Junior I really don't feel good"

Junior : "Okay come on lay back down. I will take care of you." I lay down again and the chills get worse. My body starts to tremble. I wrap myself deep into Junior's arms trying to get warm.

Chandler : "So cold." he gets more blankets and wraps me up in them and then takes me back in his arms. I couldn't sleep I felt like warmed over dog poo on someone's shoe.

Junior : "Getting Sleepy?"

Chandler : "No I can't sleep. I want to but I just can't"

Junior :"Don't worry about I will stay up with you" I could hear the sleepiness in his voice even in the dark his eyes were heavy.

Chandler: "Baby, you have to practice and qualify today in what 6 hours? You need your sleep"

Junior : "I will be fine I am not that tired anyway." He was trying to say this without yawning.

Chandler : "Liar"

Junior : "So?" he flipped on the TV and crawled out from under all the covers he was almost covered in sweat from being under there with me.

Junior : "I am hungry Chan can I eat in front of you?"

Chandler : "Yeah babe" I started to snuggle deeper into the covers getting colder with him out of the bed. He came back with a bag of pork rings and a sun drop in his hands.

Junior : "There is nothing good on TV at 3am. " he muttered as he turned the TV and flipped it off.

Junior : "I got an idea. You bring your book with you?"

Chandler : "Yeah I haven't started it yet Why you going to read it?"

Junior : "Yeah to you. It might make you sleepy" he said rummaging through my bag to find it. He plopped back down on the bed and I snuggled on to him as he laid over the covers. As he began to read I could here his deep voice through his chest.

Excerpt from One Tough Cowboy By Sara Orwig "Back to bed before I collapse," he said picking her up again and carrying her to bed, to pull her close in his arms. To her joy, they made love all through the night, and the sky was growing light when he finally fell asleep in her arms. Laurie marveled at his stamina and energy."

Junior : "Yeah I'll show her stamina and energy the women always think cowboys are just the best lovers psshh" I had to laugh

Chandler ; "Junior shut up and keep reading."

Junior : "Chan they are talking about having sex. You perv, now I know why you like these books."

Chandler : "Junnn please"

Junior : "All right just because I love you" he began to read again.

"She didn't want to sleep at all. Excitement and joy bubbled in her. She wanted to look at Josh and touch him. She would never get enough of either one. He was a marvel to her, incredibly sexy."

Junior :"Oh god this is like a porn. I am not reading to you about them having sex, you are to young." Junior kept reading to me until the end of the book. I never heard it though I was sound asleep on his chest. Probably snoring. I never felt him move to get up and get a shower and head to practice. I felt a small kiss on my forehead then I was right back asleep. I didn't wake up again until I started kicking the covers off me. By then Junior was back in the bed taking a nap oblivious to the world. I felt a lot better just weak. I went and grabbed a sprite and my political science book to get a jump start on class for Monday. Junior was snoring and talking in his sleep, he only did that when he was extremely tried. I was working on reading Chapter 3 when I felt an arm land around my waist and one sleepy Bug laying his head on my stomach.

Junior : "What you reading another porn?" He said with his eyes still closed and in-between yawns

Chandler : "No Sherlock a political science book"

Junior : "Aww I was going to read you that but the words were big, so I was like not going to show you my intelligence just yet."

Chandler : "What time you going to be in tonight?"

Junior : "Around 6 cause the Busch race is at 7"

Chandler : "Good I want to make you dinner tonight"

Junior : "You wanting to cook?"

Chandler : "Shut up"

Junior : "You sure you feel good enough to it?"

Chandler : "Yeah I am probably going to sleep some more then get up cook and get a shower then you will be home." I said as he got out of bed and pulled on his fire suit again.

Chandler : "Be safe"

Junior :"I always am"

Chandler : "Love you"

Junior: "Love you too" he started to walk out of the bedroom

Chandler : "Hey"

Junior : "Yeah?"

Chandler : "I get no kiss this time"

Junior : "Oh yeah baby didn't know you were up for this cowboy" he said as he walked over.

Chandler : "Come're" I pulled him down to me. When we finally broke apart we both had stars in our eyes.

Junior : "Bye Baby"

I had fallen back asleep to wake up again at 5 and started dinner. Delana had came over and was helping cook. We had a bonding experience as she said. She also cursed Junior about 15 time as she battered the chicken. Saying the boy eats more fried chicken then anyone and never gains a pound. As dinner was getting ready we just talked about our schedule for Monday and starting school she left around 6:30 so me and my boy could spend time together. I had turned on my favorite CD Junior had made me as I got things ready. Then headed to the shower turning the music up louder so I could hear it over the water. I just brought one of Junior's dress shirts in the bathroom with me as I step in and let the warm water wash over my body. I never heard the door open or the shower curtain pulled back as I washed the sickness off my body along with the shampoo off my hair. One thing I did notice was the arms that just wrapped around my body were not Junior's.

Chapter 60

Chandler's POV

I jerk out of the arms that have just encircled my body knowing they are not Junior's. I swig around in the shower and come face to face with the last person I wanted to ever see. I can't scream or speak I just stand there in fear.

Man: "Well...Well ... about time I finally see you without those clothes on" He says as he gets closer to me. I try to step back but, I run into the shower wall getting cornered. He raises his hand to touch my face, all I can do is beg for him not to hurt me, but my voice won't come out. I just stand there frozen in my spot the water no longer hitting me, but cascading down his back. I try to cover my body from his prying eyes. All I can think of is please God send Junior back for some reason.

Man: "Hmmm honey, you smell good." I can feel his hand touch my body. My sense finally start to come back but his weight is bearing down on me pushing me deeper into the wall it seems harder and harder for me to squirm.

Chandler : "STOP PLEASE STOP" I say finally when my voice can come out. I am yelling hoping for a miracle to happen and someone to hear me, but the chances of a person outside the coach can hear me over the music and the water. Not to mention my yells are only whimpers. I struggle to move getting out of the corner of the shower. I go to grab for the curtain in one quick motion I am yanked back against his body then back against the wall.

Man: "No, I like it when it gets rough." He says I start turning my head away from his kisses which bring the anger up through him like someone switching the light switch on and off. He grabs my arms and slam them over my head leaving me more vulnerable than ever. His legs are pressed against mine and I can feel him against me. This can't be happening to me I have saved myself for so long just for Junior only him know some other person has his hands all over me trying to go places only Junior has been.

I struggle and get my arm free I close my eyes hoping it will stop but it doesn't. I move myself enough to get my body away from his enough to get my leg up enough knee him directly in the crotch. My body is free from his touch enough for me to get out of the shower and grab the shirt on the counter and run to the bedroom. I slam the door and locked. I run over to the bed and grab my phone off the table. I dial Junior's cell number only to hear his phone ringing across the room on the dresser.

Chandler: "Damn It" I yell out. I can hear the banging on the bedroom door get louder and louder. I dial Junior's beeper praying not to hear it go off in the bedroom. I press 911,911,911 it was our message of an emergency and to come NOW. I am about to dial again when the door bust open and I feel a swift hit in the face and the shirt being ripped open the next thing I know I am on my back unable to get away.

Junior's POV

Hoover : "Junebug you coming out to eat with us." A crew member yells at me from outside the bathroom door.

Junior : 'Nah Chan is making me dinner tonight so I am hanging with my ole'' ball and chain plus Pops is coming over too." I say as I change back into my jeans. I walk back out to grab a drink before me and Uncle Tony head back to the coach to talk about some setups over dinner. I hear my beeper start go off and vibrate across the table.

Uncle Tony : "So Junebug what is Chan cooking us tonight? I hope she is making that hot chicken salad" before I answer him I see Chan's number come up with 911 beside it

Junior : "Pops something is up we got to get back to the coach now." I say half way out the door something in the pit of my stomach is saying that something is really bad going on. I start to sprint back to the coach lot leaving Pops short legs trying to keep up with me. I get to the coach and the lock is broken off the door. I can hear the water of the shower still running and the Eagles playing really loud. I walk in the coach and dinner is still on the stove and the salad is all made. I hear Pops walk in behind me.

Uncle Tony : "June what is going on?" he asks then I hear it Chandler screaming



Chandler's POV

Chandler: "NO NO STOP" I finally am screaming my head off as he tries to enter me with his fingers again. I slam my legs shut holding them tightly closed reaching slapping scratching anything to hurt him to get him off me. I feel his fist connect with my jaw and I let all my muscles relax and his hand dip down again. I hear the unfastening of his belt and the wet jeans leg against mine. I am crying uncontrollable I know what he wants and what he wants is all he gets.

Junior : "WHAT THE FUCK!!!! GET THE HELL OFF HER NOW!!!." I hear the voice of an angel, it seems, like yelling at the man on top of me. Then it happens I see the blue eyes of Junior that are now iced over into pure rage. I feel the body get yanked off me enough for me to slide out and run. I grip the shirt closed and fall into the arms of Mikey. I had no idea how he got in the coach but he was there. I was soon shuffled over to Delana. When I heard the commotion from the back still going on.

Junior : "YOU BASTARD FROM HELL NEVER PUT YOUR DAMN HANDS ON MY WOMAN AGAIN OR I WILL KILL YOU IF I DON'T NOW" Junior comes back out of the bedroom with Mikey and Kevin trying their damnedest to hold him back. Before they can get him all the way out of the hallway he broke free from them again. I can hear more yelling over my sobs and things breaking then a yell of fear.

Mikey and Kevin : "JUNIOR GET DOWN" there is one single gun shot then silence.

Chandler : "NOOOO JUNNNIIOOOOOORRR" I scream breaking out of Delana's arm. I have to see him I need to see Junior madder than a hornet. I try to get through the door but Mikey grabbed me up

Chandler : "LET ME GO LET ME GO" I struggle to get out of his grasp. He turned my back to the opening of the bedroom door just in time for me to see the police come in along with Mike Helton and Ty Norris. Pops is standing behind them talking to one of the cops.

Chandler : "MIKEY LET ME GO DAMN IT, UNCLE TONY MAKE HIM LET ME GO" I call out to him as a little girl would wishing to go get some candy. Then I hear that voice again

Junior : "DAMN YOU STUPID FUCK TRYING TO KILL ME" Mikey drops me nearly as he goes and tries to grab Junior back as he lands fists flying again. I feel Pops take me back to the front of the coach where there is a detective waiting on me. I walk past him and straight back to Delana as she wraps me back in a blanket and gently rubs my arm as she tells me everything is going to be all right. I watch as the police pile up in the coach one taking Mikey the other Kevin then Pops. Soon everyone is getting escort out for questioning except the man I want the most and the man I want to burn in hell. Then he appears with blood coming out of the cuts on his face claw marks all over his face. I had to smile on the inside looking at all the damage Junior had done to the man's face and arms. Soon his eyes met with mine and a smile spread across his face as they walk him out and into a car I hear the door slam on the cruiser.

Detective : "Ma'am can you tell me what happened?"

Chandler : "I want to see my boyfriend"

Detective: "Ma'am?"

Chandler : "I said I want to see my boyfriend."

Chandler : "Damn it listen to me I am not answering any of your questions until you let me see my boyfriend."

Detective : "Ma'am get up you have to go to the hospital and get check out"

Chandler : "Where is Junior? God listen to me I am not going"

Junior : "I am right here baby girl" I turn around quickly and fall into his arms. His kisses raining down on my head. I feel his heart beating hard through his chest as he holds me tight against his body.

Chandler : "You are okay right?"

Junior : "Hell I am fine. You okay?"

Detective : "She needs to go to the hospital and get checked out" I bury my head deeper into Junior loving him holding me tight against him.

Chandler : "I am not going without you"

Cop: "Sir you might want to go too you might have some cuts we are unaware of."

Junior : "Shh baby girl you are never going to be without me"

Chapter 61


I was lying on a hospital bed watching Junior just stare off into space. I know his mind was like mine, trying to comprehend everything that was going on. His jaw was clenched but he still held my hand in his. We had been this way since we got in the ambulance that brought us over here. The torn shirt I was wearing had been taken away from me upon walking in the ER. I was now in a freezing cold hospital gown. I couldn't get warm. Maybe it was because of all the thoughts and knowing that soon the whole racing community and every sports fan would know what had happen. The curtain to our area was pulled open bringing me and Junior back from our thoughts.

Dr. Miller : "Chandler I am Dr. Miller I will be doing the exam."

Chandler : "What exam?"

Dr. Miller : "Mr. Earnhardt can you excuse us? I'd rather discuss this in private with

Dr.Miller : I wouldn't mind you staying but the policy about family only, I have to do this."

Junior : "I understand I will be outside." he kisses me on the forehead and heads out. I can hear him ask a nurse about a snack machine before he gets out of ear shot.

Dr. Miller : "Chandler I am going to have to do a rape kit on you, but first I have to ask you some questions so that we can know exactly what we are looking for and end up with."

Chandler : "Okay" I say wishing Junior was still holding my hand. After several personal questions and never feeling more exposed in my life the doctor was done. I could see Junior pacing out in front of the curtain or at least his feet. Finally the doctor let him back in. He had a Coke and bag of Doritos in his hand for me.

Junior : "So what the doctor do?" he said opening up my bag of chips and handing me one.

Chandler : "She had to a rape kit" I say as I pop a chip in my mouth trying my best to sound nonchalantly. I look over at him and see him trying to process it all once again he is the first to break the silence.

Junior : "He didn't did he?" he asked with pleading eyes

Chandler : "Not all the way, not what you think."

Junior : "How far Chandler?"

Chandler : "What me and you do together"

Junior : "Chan baby... damn I am sorry he did that to you. I should have been there to protect you from him"

Chandler : "You didn't know Junior. it's not like you knew he was going to show up."

Junior : "Yeah I did"

Junior : "He has been calling me since the Monday before Bristol. It was just threats of "you need to leave Chandler" or things like, he would do something that made me want to leave you."

Chandler : "He was calling you?"

Junior : "Yeah"

Chandler : "Why didn't you tell me?"

Junior :"Cause I could handle it myself or at least I thought I could. I would have never not told you if I thought he would do this to you. Baby you know I love you. I would never leave you cause of anything he did or said about you. You are my baby girl"

Chandler : "I just want to take a bath and go to sleep wash away tonight and him" Junior crawls up in the bed beside me and I curl up on to him. Smelling the fading Drakker Noir he had on earlier.

Junior : "He won't hurt you anymore I can promise you that" I am almost peaceful resting in Junior's arms as he strokes my hair back and forth. When the detective comes in.

Detective Jones : "Sorry to interrupt, but we need to get the story from you Ms.Blake. By the way I am Detective Jones.

Chandler : "Yes Sir" I say sitting up. Junior slides out of the bed and pulls the chair close and holds my hand tight.

Detective Jones : "What exactly happened tonight?" my grip tightens on Bugs hand as I begin.

Chandler : "I was in the shower when I felt someone's arms around me. I knew they weren't Dale's and when I turned around I saw him. I tried to scream and yell, but I was so shocked I couldn't. I went to back up and I got cornered into the shower wall. He was touching me places that I didn't want him to when I finally got out of the shock I was in I kicked him and he went down long enough for me to get away and run to the bedroom. I locked the door and tried to call Junior, but his cell phone was in the bedroom with me so I beeped him praying he had it on him. Then the door busted open and he was ripping my shirt and was on top of me the next thing I comprehend him doing was trying to get in me and I was fighting him and that is when Junior walked in." I look over at Junior his face is white with an "OH MY GOSH, how could I have let this happen" expression all over his face.

Detective Jones : "Mr. Earnhardt what is your account of this?"

Junior : "Hell, I get Chan's page and I go back to the coach to see what was going on and he is trying to have sex with her with her fighting and screaming. One, you never do that to my girlfriend or any woman when she is fighting back. So I just lost it and then you boys came and we are here."

Detective Jones : "You do know who the man was, right?"

Junior : "August Busch IV" I see Junior tense up as he says his name After telling the police everything from the phone calls to going back with him this summer they finally release me. As Junior is filling out my papers Delana comes rushing in the ER. I can hear her asking for my name then getting pissed and opening up everyone else's curtain.

Delana : "About damn time I find you two. You ready to go?"

Junior : "What?"

Delana : "You two are staying with me and Kev tonight in our coach. Oh yeah Junior did you feed your woman yet? She has to be hungry and Chandler here is some jeans and a shirt." She said in one breath smiling. When she finished me and Junior just sit there watching her.

Delana : "Come on kids lets go. Chandler we have to decide on what to wear tomorrow for the race and Rambo, I mean Junior, you need to be in the bed cause you have to race tomorrow. "

We all loaded up in the Harvick's Yukon as they drove us back to the track. I laid my head down in Junior's lap as him and Kevin talked about the race tomorrow night. Everything in our coach that was of worth to us or clothes video game anything that was ours were in boxes loaded up in the hauler and the coach was already off the lot. Junior and Chandler : "Where is the coach?" Kevin: "Helton sent it to get burned and Teresa has already order Rambo a brand new one without the mirror over the bed and oval bed." That night non of us got sleep. Kevin and Junior were outside talking about what all had happened. I had thanked Kevin for stepping in with Junior to save me practically. Delana tried to keep my mind on happy thoughts and making light of the situation but nothing seem to help. Delana and Kevin both fell asleep when I walked out to talk to Junior on the picnic tables. There was no talking just him holding me in his arms and letting me cry out all my stress and frustration.

The next day I was mostly MIA. I walked Junior to his car and kissed, did or normal good luck exchange and went back to the Harvick's motorcoach. Delana stayed with me along with Teresa and Kelley who had flown up to take care of me and the Junebug. Mike Helton made sure to keep what had happened under wraps at least in the NASCAR world although several people found out. All the comments were supportive. I was just ready to go home and be in Mooresville finally safe at home. When the race ended Junior was frustrated with the finished but gave me that winning smile when he walked in and saw me. On the plane ride home we were wrapped up in each others arms finally sleeping knowing we were safe and no one could tear us apart.

Chapter 62

When we got home I headed straight to the bathroom and sunk down in a bundle of bubbles. I could hear Junior bumbling around in the bedroom as I was on my way to a nice relaxing state. When I got out the bedroom was empty I walked to the door and looked down the hall and saw that the computer room lights were on. Junior need time to himself I guess to cope with what had happened. In my mind I was going to erase it and go on like I was perfectly find and that would make it go away. I slide down in to the bed. I felt Red and Buddy both jump up and curl up at the bottom of the bed. I was sound asleep and never felt Junior come in and bring me into his arms. Until he awoke not to happy early the next morning as the alarm clock radio blasted out a Toby Keith song.

Junior : "Turn it off" he mumbled and turn over with his back to me. I hit the snooze and got up headed to the closet. The sleeping monster spoke again and grab my arm

Junior : "Where are ya going" he said in a sleep mumble not opening his eyes or rolling over.

Chandler : "Work then school." I state matter of factly

Junior : "Why"

Chandler : "Cause I can't miss class and because I want to go to work and get my life back to normal without August holding it in the balance." Chandler : "Yes Dear" in my best June Cleaver voice all I get is the finger and soon snores feeling the air.

After I got dressed and everything gathered I led Bud and Red out of the bedroom knowing the way Junior sleeps when he is alone in bed each of them would have been kicked across the room. I was on my way out when I remembered I had to go kiss my baby. I went back to the bedroom and kissed the forehead of my superman still asleep he rolled over and said I love you then he right back into dreamland. The rest of the day I made myself busier than normal. I was going to met Junior for dinner at Pie in Sky on my way back from classes. Just to have a mini-date then it was on to a nice night in bed doing nothing but being in each others arms watching Sports Center with the animals. I was on my way to the Tahoe from a night full of educational value when I noticed a random cop car sitting off in the distance. I didn't think much of it until I start going home and it began to follow me. I called Jr to tell him to let me in the gate. As soon as the gate open I made a turn that was Nascar worthy and high tailed up into the garage. My baby was there waiting on me with his mouthful of pizza.

Chandler : "I thought we were going out"

Junior : "Umm..." he struggled to get out from the wad of food in his mouth

Chandler : "You got hungry" he just shakes his head like a little boy as he swallows the large chunk of pizza

Chandler : "You are to cute sometimes."

Junior : "I know that is why you love me." he says as he wraps his arms around me and picks me up I wrap my legs around his waist as he walks us back into the kitchen and deposits me on the counter. He steps in between my legs as I sit on the counter the heels of my boots are against the back of his thighs.

Junior : "You looked really sexy today in your little business outfit I especially like your new hooker boots" he said brushing the strands of hair that had fallen out of my clip.

Chandler : "Bug are we finally going to be happy again"

Junior : "Hmmm.... It is just you and me babe no one else just you and me." I touch my hand with his and watch us interlace our fingers. We both lean in for a kiss at the same time that sent us laughing. When we finally break away I have lick my lips from the powerful taste of him countered with the pizza. This sends him laughing again.

Junior : "I taste that good"

Chandler ; "Oh yeah" I give and sly look

Junior : "You perv"

Chandler : "Me"

Chandler : "You are the one who is Mr. Gutterhead. Your mind is always in the gutter thinking about nasty things."

Junior : "Once again that is why you love me and how do you know what I was thinking"

Chandler : "I am just good I can read you a book." he lift me off the counter and we just stood smiling at each other in the kitchen until our trance was broken

Junior : "I want to ask you something"

Chandler : "Yeah"

Junior : "You know I have all that land now. I want to build another house and move out there away from all this and it just be us. Without the whole fan stalking thing and bad memories."

Chandler : "Okay why did you want to ask me this"

Junior : "Cause I love you and want you to live there with me to and I want us to have a new beginning a place only me and you have shared"

Chandler : "Baby you are stuck with me now. I think it would great for you to have a new place that is just you and what 130 acres of bliss." His lips come back on mind and we share along kiss.

Chandler : "I am going to change save something for me to eat okay." I slap his butt on the way out as he is leaned over feeding Buddy some of his pizza. I was pulling my hair back in a pony tail. I could hear Junior playing his video games the constant sound of the football player making noise was a comfort. I headed out the bedroom in a pair of his shorts and his shirt. I was about to plop down on his lap when the door bell rang. I got up and headed to the kitchen as he went to answer the door. I was in the kitchen when I heard Junior yell out "What the Hell" I walked to the doorway to see 2 North Carolina State Troopers at our door along with a cop from Richmond and St.Louis.

Chandler : "What is going on." the look on my face was the same as Junior's

NC Trooper : "Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr you are under arrest for the aggravated assault and 1st degree battery against August Busch IV. You have the right to remain silent anything you say will be used against you in the court of law."

Junior : "I didn't do anything" One of the trooper grab him and in a quick motion he was cuffed and being walked out to the car.

Chandler : "Wait what are you doing he didn't do anything. August assaulted me. You can't arrest my boyfriend." They sit Junior in the car the whole time he is just shaking his head saying every cuss word in the book.

Chandler : "Where are you taking him."

NC Trooper : "Iredell County Jail" as the trooper finishes telling me I see the DMP drive up all looking in shock as the walk up and see me standing there arguing with a cop and Jr in the backseat of a car.

Martin : "What is going"

NC Trooper : "Sir you need and your friends need to leave."

Martin : "Why"

NC Trooper : "Because I said you do. Now go we don't need to make this a scene"

Martin : "You just arrested my best friend and his girlfriend is standing out her yelling at you and I am the one making the scene that is BS"

NC Trooper : "Sir..."

Chandler : "Martin ya'll just go inside I don't want you all in jail with him." I step in the door and dialed Kelley as fast as I could. When she answerers I just spew at the mouth.

Chandler : "Kelley they just arrested Junior saying he is being charged with beating up August they are taking him to jail they have in the car now."

Kelley : "Stop playing"

Chandler : "I am dead serious" I say with a nervous laugh I am still in shock.

Kelley : "Okay I am on my way over there I will call DEI and get someone over there to." we just hang up

Chandler : "Ma'mn we are leaving now" and with that they were bats out hell with my Bug arrested in one of the cars.

TJ : "Chandler what the hell is going on"

Chandler : "I don't know I just don't know" I walked out and got into Jrs truck and headed to the police station I called Delana I need her she was meeting me at the station and told Kelley to get everyone meeting us there. I forgot or more or less didn't car what I had on as I walked into the station seeing Junior sitting in a holding cell still handcuffed. He hears me come in and looks up his eyes full of confusion and shock. I don't care for protocol or whatever I walked up to him as he stands.

Junior : "Chan what is going on why am I here"

Chandler : "They won't tell me anything I called Kelley she and the right people from DEI are headed over here."

Mean Cop Lady : "No talking to the prisoners and why are you back here anyway." soon I was escorted out and to another area where I couldn't talk or even see Junior. I was praying that someone would tell me why he was behind bars and not August. With a big bust through the door the Earnhardt clan had arrived along with Delana tailing behind them. If there was every a time I was intimated by the last name Earnhardt it was now

Chapter 63

I just sat and watched Kelley talk to the police from a far. My mouth was hanging wide open watching her take control and strike the fear in some of the workers. Soon they took Junior from the holding cell into a brief room where he was joined by the lawyers for DEI and the troopers that came to pick him up. Delana was beside me the whole time. I had fallen asleep against the coke machine when I felt something hit me in the head I looked up to see Kevin standing there with Junior right beside him.

Chandler : "Baby" I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him as he held me tight.

Chandler : "What is going on?" I say with my voice raising a couple of octaves.

Junior : "Shh Chan calm down. I will tell you on the way home." He said as he reached in the pocket of the shorts I had on and took the keys out.

Junior : "You drove my truck. Chan my truck?" he said with a crap eating grin on his face.

Chandler : "Junior all I did was grab a set of keys so I could get here and wonder why they are arresting my boyfriend." I say as he wraps his arm around me as we are walking out of the station flank with Delana and Kevin behind us. We exchanged good-byes and headed home. I was glued to Junior's side as he drove home. Nothing was said. I was dying inside for him to tell me what is going on the silent is just to much as we pull in the garage and he shuts off the truck.

Junior : "Come On"

Chandler : "Wait are you going to tell me what is going on?"

Junior : "Baby come on"

Chandler : "Fine" I get out of the truck and without turning on any lights we walk to the bedroom and he leads me to the bathroom. He turns on the water to the shower leaving me standing there watching him move around then he turns and pulls me into his arms and gives me feather like kisses on my face finally landing on my mouth.

Junior : "Take a shower with me?"

Chandler : "June"

Junior : "Baby please I just want to have you in my arms" he gave me his puppy dog eyes that I could never say no to soon I was stepping in the shower under the streaming hot water that was washing us both. While both of us stood under the water together hoping it was washing away all the drama. There were no words spoken the way we spoke was with our eyes words would have just ruined the moment. Forever was in his eyes which were a reflection of mine. We detached from each other as the water turned cold. I walked in to his arms that held a huge towel. As we began to dry of he began to talk about what had all happened that night.

Junior : "They arrested me cause someone at Budweiser went behind Stokes back and filed the charges against me. When Big Daddy August and Stokes found out they took all the charges away. " he told me. That was all I was going to get was half the story.

Chandler : "Junior I know that is not all of it"

Junior : "Well I just upped my contract to race with Budweiser until 2007."

Chandler : "Junior?" I said giving him the look I learned from being around the Earnhardt's. He started to button up and dress shirt that I had slide on before he would look me in the eye and continue.

Junior : "August told... August told..." he wouldn't spit it out instead he got on his boxers and walked to the bed and crawled. I slide in beside him and snuggled in to his chest listening to his heartbeat. He took a deep breath and the words just started to spill out.

Junior : "He said that you called him and told him to come over and when he did all you want was to have sex with him and you always liked it rough so that was what he was doing when I walked in. So to save your ass you told me he was trying to rape you and that you made up all the stuff about him calling you. Also the only reason he was calling me was to tell me you were cheating on me with him."

Chandler : "Baby that is bullshit you know that I love you... You don't believe it do you?"

Junior : "Hell no I know that is not true but the cops in St.Louis was also paid off to place the charges against me. When the DEI lawyer got involved it all came out but everything now is straighten out."

Chandler : "So August is going to be charged with stalking and attempted rape. Right?" Junior was just silent

Chandler : "Right Junior?" He just stroked my hair.

Chandler : "Dale?" I say sitting up

Junior : "Chandler he is off of all charges. The only thing is that is in on probation kinda of and that if he comes anywhere near you, me, my family your family our family. He will be in jail. Budweiser is keeping him out of everything and Big Daddy August is making sure he has nothing do with us. Plus he is now on his way to Paris to live working over there now for the extension company. "

Chandler : "So he can almost rape me and because he is damn Budweiser man he gets away with."

Junior : "Chan baby he is out of our lives though. It just me and you know." He was smiling back to me. I actually felt like finally it was just me and him and we could be us and love each other fully.

That night I feel asleep knowing that everything was hopefully behind us and that now me and junior can concentrate on each other and making a future.

-----------------------------------------Dover Sunday Morning-------------------------------------------------

Chandler : "Be safe out there Bug"

Junior : "I always am. I love you"

Chandler : "I love you too"

Junior : "Promise me if you don't feel any better with your headache you will go back to the coach"

Chandler : "Yes Sir" I give him a quick kiss before he slides on his helmet and starts to strap in. I am turned around playing with a lug nut in my hands when I feel Junior's gloved hand stroke my arm trying to get my attention. I slide my hand into his has the invocation is getting. Something about today wants me to tell him I love him again. As the anthem is being sang I grab a piece of tape and a marker for Jade. I scribble "I love you" really quick and slide my hand to in and slap it down on his steering wheel. He says I love you to through his helmet which it sounded more like a mumble.

I barely noticed the screaming headache I was having since they had a freaking hurricane move through. I had to laugh at me and junior that night even he was a little nervous about staying in the motor coach as the winds whipped up. Delana had just dropped off some meds for my headache as I propped up for the last 70 laps. Bug had just got his last pit stop when the car starting acting weird on him I could hear his little tantrums on the radio as he kept falling back. I was looking down at a lap time sheet Pops had passed me when I heard the silence and noticed a caution was out on the track. The silence is what had gotten my attention. Junior wasn't throwing a tantrum or asking about the wreck it was just silence other than Pops begging not asking for response. I watched the monitor I let out the breath I was holding when I saw the window net come down. Until I saw the in car of him slumped in his seat unconscious. I jerked my radio off and turned to head down the pit box when Pops grabbed me.

Pops : "Chan is okay they just said he is arguing with a safety worker."

Chandler : "Can I talk to him?"

Pops : "He doesn't have his radio on. Be ready they said they are loading him up on a stretcher and taking him to the care center. Kiddo the best thing for you to do is be there when they pull him in." without any further advisement I was in a sprint to the care center. Buffy, Delana and Krissy quickly fell in beside me. It was something none of us liked to do but whenever one of the guys were in a wreck that was bad enough we would all go with the other one. I walked in and waited by the bay where they would bring him in. Delana and the girls were all standing watching the races on a small television screen. I saw the ambulance come up and soon Junior was being rolled in cussing up a storm. Not even noticing me standing at the doorway.

Junior : "I told you damn my foot fucking hurts do ya'll ever listen to the damn patient? Owww man stop."

Medic : "Mr. Earnhardt please stay calm we have to check everything."

Junior : "I am fucking calm ya'll are the ones that are wigging out I swear I wasn't knocked out my foot just hurts." I walked to the curtain where they had rolled him and were doing there examination.

Junior : "Hey one of ya'll tell my girlfriend I ain't hurt."

Chandler : "To bad she is already here" I said walking up to him.

Junior : "Hell Chan I would turn my head to look at you but they have me STRAPPED DOWN I can't feel myself move." He said trying to posses of the docs even more.

"Doctor: Mr. Earnhardt we are going to send you to St. Marks for further testing because of being knocked out."

Junior : "What the..."

Chandler : "Thank you doctor." I cut him off. Junior tried to glare at me but I just smiled and kissed him on the forehead when the doctor left he finally let his guard down.

Junior : "Baby I don't think I am okay."

Chandler : "Shhh Jun you are going to be fine the worst thing they can do is tell you that your broke your foot and you know good a well a lot of the guys have drove with broken feet."

Junior : "It is not that"

Chandler : "Your head" I asked as I brushed his hair back with my hand which I think comforted me more than him.

Junior : "Yeah I mean I have a headache so bad you are starting to turn blurry. I know they are sending me to the hospital cause of that."

Chandler : "Baby don't worry I will be right here with you."

Doc : "Everyone ready. Mr. Earnhardt we will be rolling you out your girlfriend can come to because your PR guy is catching another ride." We both nodded as I walked behind them rolling him out. All the girls looked up as I walked by.

Chandler : "They are taking him to the hospital for some test on his head." Some emotion was starting to come out in my voice.

Buffy : "Okay girl you better call all of us and if you need any of us you know where to find us." I got a big group hug and sprinted to the helicopter that was taking us to the hospital. They were helping Junior buckle in him fighting them the whole time. I had to laugh at how hardheaded and stubborn the man was but those qualities where the ones that I loved about him. When I was buckled in I felt my Bugs hand on my leg as he looked out the window. He was the worst a trying not to show emotion when it was so clear on his face. When we landed they put him back on a stretcher the mean side was out again. One of the nurses that rode with us help me get to where I was with him at all times. Around 5 Jade finally arrived at the hospital. He walked into the exam room to find me and Junior playing with the tool they use to looking in your ears we were shooting them at each other cracking up.

Jade : "Please tell me they drugged you both and that you are both not in the right mind" we both looked up at him and flicked him off. Our laughter ended when the doctor came back with the results.

"Good afternoon. I am Dr. Zurwaski. All the test have come back and nothing seems to be extremely wrong with you Mr. Earnhardt. You have a mild concussion which you will be having some pretty extreme headaches but they main thing that concerns me is your foot. You have torn some tendons that are in need of surgery but time will heal them without surgery. You will need to stay off your foot ice it 20 minutes on and 30 off for the next 2 days. As of now you are not going to be able to race unless the foot gets better. I was contacted already that you have appointment with Dr..Petty tomorrow morning if you ice correctly the foot might heal quicker. Here are meds for your foot and head. You will have to be waken up every 2hrs tonight to make sure everything is functioning as normal." Junior paid no attention after the doctor told him racing was not likely for the weekend he just zoned out and started at the wall. Jade went ahead and left us alone as he started the process of checking him out and informing every one of his status.

Chandler ; "Jun..."

Junior : "Chan shut it I don;t want to talk right now just stop" he had his jaw clenched.

Chandler : "I am going to get something to drink." when I got out I heard him throw something that shattered against the wall.

We got loaded up on to the plane Junior complaining the whole time as he hobbled on crutches. Jade and me both decided it was time for his meds because we were going to shove him out of the plane if he didn't shut up. He was the worse person when he was mad and hurt he had to let you know every 5 minutes of his unhappiness. After taking his meds Junior was knocked out sound asleep he ended up sleeping on my shoulder with his foot propped on Jade with some help and Junior half asleep we got him home and in the bed. I realized during the night as I had to take care of him this is what I wanted for the rest of my life.

Chapter 64

Chandler : "Baby stop complaining and put the ice on your foot" I say from the closet as I slide on a pair of black pants and start to zip my boots.

Junior: "Chan it is cold" he whines from the bed as I hear him slosh around the ice cubs in the bag I just made him.

Chandler : "Woo Junior don't bring out your intelligence to much there" He flips me off as I run around the bedroom trying to get ready for work and school.

Chandler : "Okay my cell phone is on if you need me and your medicine is on the bedside table. Remote for the TV, stereo, and dvd are all there too. Keep the ice on your foot and use the crutches. I will be home for lunch so we can go to Dr. Petty together." I say as I finish buttoning up my shirt and clasping my necklace Junior had gave me.

Junior : "Yes Mother" he said as I leaned down to kiss his forehead brushing the curl that had fallen down off his forehead.

Chandler : "Love you bug"

Junior : "Umm Chan love you too" he said as I felt his hand start to go up the back of my leg and slide to my bottom. Chandler : "Bug baby, stop I am not staying home. I will see you in what 6 hours. You will survive."

Junior : "Yes Warden" a little pout was formed on his face then that sly smile that I loved came on.

Junior : "I love you baby" he said in an almost to sweet voice

Chandler : "Love you" I said as I walk out of the bedroom. I looked up at the keys hanging in the kitchen I was so going to drive the truck today as soon as I went to reach for them Bug yelled for the bedroom.

Junior : "Don't even think about taking my truck. I know how you drive"

Chandler :"I Ain't" I yell back as I grab the keys to the 67' Camaro and head to the office. I had the music blaring as I pull into the parking lot of the office. When I walk in Delana is trying to hang a new picture up. It was of her and Kevin along with me and Junior in Time Square. Both guys had there arms wrapped around us. Our smiles were all bright.

Chandler : "Morning"

Delana : "Damn Chan you scared the mess out of me"

Chandler ; "Sorry"

Delana : "How is Junior?"

Chandler : "Whining"

Delana : "Still?" she asked as we walked into the small kitchen

Chandler : "Yeah he was not so nice when I had to wake him up every 2 hours last night." I say as I grab a cereal bar out of the basket in our small kitchen and a Sundrop. I had been drinking Sundrop since the first day I had come back to NC with Junior. I never had it until then now I am addicted. We shared a few more minutes of conversation then I headed to my office to get ready with my meeting with Goodwrench about sponsoring a truck team. I had to smile as I sat down looking at the pictures around my desk all of them of me and Junior doing crazy things. I start to go over my notes before the meeting when my phone rang.

Chandler: "Chandler Blake"

"What are you wearing sexy?" I could tell that voice from anywhere.

Chandler : "what are you wearing?"

Junior : "Nothing I am just laying her thinking about how hot my girlfriend is and how bad she needs to come home and take care of her Bug.

Chandler: "Aww"

Junior : "and when I mean take care of him, I am not talking about his hurt foot."

Chandler : "Dale Earnhardt Jr"

Junior : "What?" he said in his all innocent voice

Chandler ; "You are such a perv"

Junior : "Yeah I am anyway I just want to call you and tell you I love you"

Chandler : "I love you too" When we hung up I got all my stuff together and headed into the conference room. When my meeting was over I had just enough time to talk to some associate sponsors before going to go pick up Junior. Delana and me were both working on a PowerPoint for another meeting when I looked up at the clock and realized I was 5 minutes late to go get Junior. I jetted out of the office driving just like my baby even fish tailing in our driveway.

Chandler : "Junior I am so sorry... Come on we are going to be late" I say as I sprint to the bedroom when I get there he is just laying there smiling

Chandler : "Junior get up and get ready we are already late." my tone is sharp as if I am scolding him.

Junior :"Baby come're"

Chandler : "No Junior come on get up" I am leaning over the bed trying to pull him up with one quick motion of him I am tumbling on the bed on to his stomach

Chandler : "We don't have time"

Junior : "Oh yeah we do cause my appointment is not for another 45 minutes and it takes us 10 to get there."

Chandler : "What?" I say as I slap his chest

Junior : "I know how you are when you get into your work so I told you an hour ahead ain't I good now come're and let me kiss you cause you look so cute in your little work clothes" before I could answer his heated lips are on mine.

I was tucking my shirt back in and pulling my hair back in it's clip as Junior fumbled around in the bathroom knocking stuff down. I was going to beat him with his crutches when he came back out for the new red spot he made on my neck right where I couldn't cover it up. I was trying to use some self control but when that man touches you he melts you and I was just a pool in his hands. My thoughts of our previous session of making out and feeling around are interrupted by him hitting the speaker on the floor with his crutch.

Junior : "Damn... " he mumbled

Chandler : "You ready?" I state adjusting my self one last time. I walked behind through the house.

Junior : "What car?"

Chandler : "The Camaro"

Junior : "Chan you drove the camaro?" he said in a tone of "what the hell where you thinking"

Chandler : "Yeah" I answer him as I sit down in the driver seat. He doesn't say a word as he slides he crutches in the back and plops down. I head out of the drive way when it starts

Junior : "Chan baby be kind to her she is old" as he pats the dash

Chandler : "Junior quick question who is driving?"

Junior : "You are"

Chandler : "Okay" I shot him a glare. Half way to the office he starts again

Junior : "Chan there is a car, break"

Chandler : "Junior the car is a mile in front of me I see it shut up"

Junior : "God Chan you are going to fast"

Chandler : "Shut up"


Chandler : "If you shut up I would"

Junior : "Chandler ."

Chandler : "Damn it Junior if you don't shut up your happy ass well be hopping the whole way to the doctors office"

By the time we get there Bug is mumbling about woman drivers and I am about to steal his crutch and shove down his throat. When we walk in the office everyone's head turns. I guess we came in a little to loud. Junior keeps on walking over to the couch as I go and sign him in I come back with a pile of papers. He just looks at me

"Baby you know me enough you can fill them out. You got better writing anyway" I sit down beside him our argument long forgot as he lays his hand on my thigh as I start filling out the papers. After what seems like I have just taken a 300 question test on Junior, I finally turn the papers in. I lay my head on his shoulder as we are waiting to be called back. Our hands in each others. I look over at the magazine he is reading, it's a parent magazine. He looks at me as I have a funny look on my face.

Junior : "What?" he says as he kisses my nose and keeps on reading. We get called back by the nurse. When we get in the DR's office we are once waiting again. Somehow we ended up in the office with all the baby development pictures on the wall.

Junior : "Baby you would be really pretty carrying my baby, I mean a baby" My head shot up. Did he say his baby?

Chandler : "That is one thing I have always wanted was to be a someone's mom but I wanted to get all my dreams and goals done first" I started to prop my feet up on the end of the examination table.

Junior : "How long would you want to wait before you had a baby when you got married?" He asked looking at me dead in the eye.

Chandler : "When god wants us to have a baby then I will have the baby. I am not going to go on birth control or make him use protection." A smile spread across his face.

Junior : "4 boys is what you want right?"

Chandler : "Yeah... " The doctor walked in before I could finish

Junior : "I can deal with that" I heard Junior say under his breath

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