Chapters 29 - 34

Chapter 29

On the flight to Dega, Junior was twirling the ring he had given me around my finger. That morning he decided that I need to wear it on my left hand instead of my right. I felt safe again knowing August couldn't get to me down here. Junior would be surrounded by people and security nonstop. I would be by his side to keep my eyes on him. He was going to race Busch and Cup this weekend. I had no worry for him I knew he was the best at this place and he could get out of any situation on the track. I glance over at him, he has a little smirk on his face as Jeff Clark is whispering something in his ear.

Junior : "Baby do you have any fingernail polish with you?"

Chandler : "Yeah bug why? What are you about to do?"

Junior : "Nothing can you get it for me?".... His grin widens

Chandler : "Yeah"..... as I am getting my carrying case from up above. The small plane decides to take a little dip I fall right into Junior's lap my hands landing right in his crotch.

Junior : "Baby if you want me that bad then lets go to the back of the plane".... he kisses the side on my neck and wraps his arms around me. As I looking through my carry-on for the polish he lets his finger tips drag down my arms.

Junior : "Baby that hot pink right there I want that one"...

Chandler : "Honey that won't go with your complexion"..

Junior :"Smartass".... he deeps me back and starts to tickle me until I let out a loud laugh. Junior lays his finger over my lips.

Junior : "Shhh don't wake sleeping ugly or the plan will fall through." He points over to Tony,Jr. who is laid out in the seat over from us with his short legs hanging off the end of the seats.

Jeff Clark: "I need you to help Chandler this is the plan..." Before I know what I am doing I am gingerly standing over Tony Jr., painting his nails fluorescent pink. Junior and Jeff had tied his shoe strings together and some of the other crew members were making post its and sticking them on his hat with little sayings. Pops was awakened by the whispery and laughs as we finished up. He just shook his head before asking for us to take a picture of his son. I got one of all the crew leaning around a still sleeping Tony Jr. We all waited until we landed Pops had agreed to play along.

Pops : "Tony Junior" ... he yelled.

Tony Junior shot up without hesitation he went to get up and fell right back down. Everyone erupted in laughter. Junior had tears in his eyes for laughing so hard. What was even funnier is he hadn't released the post its or the finger nail polish? We were all heading to the vans that were going to take us over to the track when he finally noticed. He promised that none of us were going to get away with anything and to be on the look out. Junior promised to protect me. Little did he know it had a stronger meaning than the pay back joke. My Mom was going to attend the race plus my Uncle who I adore dearly with his family. I never had to ask Junior if we could go see my Mom and grandmother. We were on the road as soon as we got to the Tahoe that was always carried with the motor coach. He was excited to see them as was I. When we walked into the restaurant back home. We soon embraced by hugs from my Mom, grandmother plus other set of people Junior had never met before.

Junior: "Baby how many more family members are there left for you?" He whisper as he laid his hand on the small of my back as we walked to the table.. I had to laugh

Chandler: "Bug these people are from my dad's side. You have met my mom's side"

Junior : "Great".... He drops a quick kiss on my cheek

Uncle : "Watch it boy that is my niece you are kissing there".. Junior gets the scared shitless look on his face.

Chandler : "Junior I would like you to meet my favorite uncle in the world this is my uncle Jeff he has been there through thick and thin with me and has taken me in as his daughter. He is my daddy." Bug still looks petrified

Junior : "It is nice to meet you sir" that shake hands and kinda glance each other over.

Chandler : "Bug this is his wife my aunt Judy there are my cousins Justin and Josh. My other uncle is missing he lives in West Palm. He has 3 children himself. You know the rest of the family over there,"

That night was perfect. He blended so well with the family. He found his way back to my Mom. Soon his arm was draped around her in every picture. He told me she remind him of his own mother. My grandmother had him already calling her "Nanny" which only her grandkids are allowed to do. She was the only one from my mom's family that he had met. She was impressed that he had shaved and start a goatee plus losing his hat so his hair that was getting longer showed the curl in it. The Earnhardt charm had work on her big time. The family had noticed the ring on my left hand and Junior's championship one also. Everyone wanted to know what the future was going be.

Junior :"I love Chandler and I want her with me for a very long time if not forever." He pulls me close to him in to his arms as we prop up in the booth.

Chandler : "We are going to not rush into anything we have only been together for 4 months. But I love him more than I have loved anybody."

We got some tears from the family but my Uncle and my mom's boyfriend just eyed Junior. They both seemed to like him but they had that look. When they found out about what August had done they were ready to go kill him. Junior was the only man they had seen me with. When we decided to go back to my house before heading back to the track my uncle and Junior ended up riding back by themselves. It is only a 15 minute trip and they have be gone for about 2 hours now and both there cell phones are turned off. When the door swings up the sight is much like an old picture I saw of Junior and his dad. My uncle in his 6'5 frame had his arm draped around Junior's neck talking down to him Junior was listening feverishly to what he was saying. We soon said our good-byes. Junior got more hugs and kisses for the females in our family then he has ever. They were coming to the motorcoach Sunday morning in style all of them were going to carried in all with Jade's and Junior's doing. Little did I know August was going to find me.

Chapter 30

Saturday morning rolled around and something was in the air. I couldn't keep my hands or kisses off of Junior. He was the same way. For an hour this morning we stayed in bed making out like teenagers. When we pulled apart he headed to the shower. Muttering he needed a cold one. I couldn't resist kissing across his back when he walked back in the bedroom with his towel around his waist. His back still had some water droplets that were not dried.

Junior : "Down Baby Down. Close your eyes"... I leaned back on the bed with my eyes closed as he drops the towel.

Chandler : "No bug that is later".... I see his eyebrows shoot up as he slides on his jeans. Chandler : "Hmmm you have been very good. You win the race you get your reward"....

Junior : "Oh baby I will win"

I was finally able to get my hormones turned down when Bug left for the some hospitality meeting and the drivers meeting. I turned the Van Halen up and got my shower. It was a cloudy and humid. A typical day at Dega. I think maybe the humidity, plus Junior was getting to much for me. I caught back up with him at the hauler. Bono and the guys were already on pit road. I walked in and saw him in his all white fire suit. His head was laying against the wall behind his chair his eyes were closed I could tell he was getting his focus on, but right then all I wanted to do was go sit on his lap and start up our make out session again. Damn it there go those hormones again. When he opens his eyes I am leaning against the cabinet lost in thought about how much I love this man.

Chandler : "I like that suit baby."

Junior : "Yeah it does make me look hot".... he says as he slides his hat on.

Chandler : "The lizards are going to molesting you today".... the space between us sound closes as we lean up to each other and share a sweet kiss.

We get the call to head out to the car. Our hands intertwine together. Junior slides one of his hats on my head. Saying it looked like rain. He still took care of me and remembered me when he was so focused. I was happy and knew Junior was safe at Dega and in my hometown back in Georgia. I helped him slide on his Hutchinson device. Bono came up and Junior and him got into a discussion about the car. I slide out of the way holding on to Junior's hat leaning against the car. My cell started to ring.

Chandler: "Hello?"

August : "Chandler baby you don't need to wear that shirt"

Chandler : "Damn it haven't you got the message yet leave me alone? I love Junior and we are going to be together. I swear to GOD August you hurt him I will kill you." I slam my phone shut as Bono motions me back to Junior's window. I quickly harness my emotions back and lean in to see my blue eyed angel. As he was putting in his ear plugs I lean forward and captured his lips he was shocked needless to say but he quickly recovered when I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. Bono taps on the car after a couple minutes breaking us apart.

Chandler : "I love you. Be safe"

Junior : "Love you too... One More kiss?"... I don't answer I just lean back closer to him and we hit our lip lock on more time. I let my hand slide down to where his 5 point harness meets. I stroke him real quick over his fire suit. We pull apart and my hand is till in his lap. He meets my eyes and smirks.

Junior : "See you in Victory Lane Baby. So I can collect my reward."

Chandler : "Win it"... my hand stays in his until I can't hold on to him anymore. I go get hooked all up on the pit box.

The race was going on without a hitch Junior was cracking me and the crew up with comments. He was so laid back with not a care in the world. The scorer for the Chance 2 teams was teaching me how to score a little when I looked up to see the huge wreck happening in front of me. I knew Junior was safe but I still want to see my Bug drive back around in front of me. They red flagged the race. Junior came on and was just hanging out talking about anything and everything. When the green flew again there were no more cautions the care free attitude soon went away when we all realized the fuel situation was not going to be pretty. As the laps went down the more Junior keyed the radio wanting assurance he would make it. Luck would have Ashton Lewis Junior ran out of gas and the race was going to end under caution. Those last 2 laps were horrible. We lost fuel pressure in the last turn on the last lap. Junior coasted that bad boy in. When he crossed the finish line he had just enough to get past pit road a run out after he passed a the entrances. The site you say next just had to make you laugh after a nice ride being pushed by a wrecker Junior was on his window sill like a beauty queen. The activities in Victory Lane were wilder than Daytona. The Aaron's girls were there. One of their hands kept grassing across Junior backside. Every time the girls arm would slide Junior would jump then he would look at me as if apologizing. I had to smile. I was talking to Bono when I felt someone start to pour Gatorade on us both. I turn around and Junior is about to dump the cooler on both of us. I grab at him just to have Bono get the cooler and dump it all over me and Junior. Junior pulls me into his arms and drops a passionate kiss on my lips.

Junior : "Reward time." He runs his hands down my back and back up I am dripping pretty good so is he. There is no time to go change. We have a quick golf-cart ride to the media center for more interviews. Before we get there I let my hand snake from his grasp and drag my nails up and down his thigh. I can't tease him anymore cause he grabs my hand and shoots me a glare.

By the time we get back to the coach I want to be in his arms so bad I could scream. He walks in behind me as he is closing the door I slam him against it my lips seeking his. He hands quickly grab me and pull me hard against him his hand stays and my lower back as the other one in running threw my sticky hair. I take his lower lip and gently tug on it as my hands are running through his hair mimicking what his are doing in mine. Our tongues dance together at a feverish pace. He grabs me up we start to hit to the bedroom. I wiggle my way back down from his arms so I can push him against the fridge. His eyes are heavy with anticipation of what is next. I pull from the kiss and slide my lips down his chin to his neck. I feel him move to get his shoes off without breaking our closeness. I bring my kissed to the top of the fire suit and take the zipper in my mouth and pull it down his body. My nails run up his white T-shirt as I travel back up his body. He turns us around and slams me against the fridge. My hands go and start to bring his suit down when it clears his shoulders. He buries his face in my neck. A moan escapes from his nibs and swirls he is doing on my neck. Before he knows I am pulling him back to the bed taking his white T-shirt off as we go. We kick the bedroom door shut. I drop kisses down his body as I drop to my knees. I play with my tongue around his belly- button.

Junior : "Damnit Chandler, Shit Baby".... I jerk the rest of the suit down. His boxers follow as they hit the ground. I look up and his eyes are closed. I kiss my way down his hips to his thighs to the underside of his shaft. He starts to moan louder and louder as he gets harder and harder. My kiss move to his head and back down his shaft. When I snake my tongue out around him. I feel his grip jerk in my hair and he slams his shoulders against the door.

Junior : "Oh Shit" when he bucks up I take him all the way in. Where my mouth can't reach my hand is there. With the other one running up his hard chest. I start to get turned on hearing him being vocal. His moans are like growls. I look up to his closed eyes as he continues to move in my mouth. I pull back and let my hand slide up and down him as I rub his lower back. When I take him back in my mouth it is not long until I hear his labored breathing I can feel him tighten up.

Junior : "Baby I am about to"... I gently moan on him and that is all it took. When I feel his release I take him all in. When he finishes I pull back he yanks me up into his arms holds me for dear life.

Junior : "God Chandler I love you so much."

Chapter 31

5 am I feel a hand slide up my body under the tank top I was wearing and I start to feel two of the softest lips pressed against my collarbone. Then I feel them start to kiss up to mouth and finally connecting. My eyes slowly open to see those baby blues of my bug burring a hole in me. Soon he is caressing my chest with his hands, lips, and tongue. The sensation he was giving me was like nothing I had ever had before. My hands were repeating what there were doing earlier in the front of his boxers.

Junior : "Baby"..... He manages out breathlessly

Chandler : "Hmmm"

Junior : "I can't stop he if we keep going"... he plants another kiss on me as I lean into his touch.

At that moment my morals are gone to the wind I just want to make love to this man. My heart and soul is saying yes. My mind is saying not yet. He slides down beside me and kisses my shoulders and across my back until he pulls me up against him.

Junior : "One day I am going to be the man that makes love to you"

Chandler : "I want you to be that man. Damn how I want you to be that man"... I lean to reach for the shirt that had magically left my body and was laying on the floor beside the bed.

Junior : "No Baby I want to sleep with you in my arms skin to skin." ... his voice still dripping with lust. My answer is to turn over and let him snuggle into my back his hand gently traveling up my body and laying in the valley between my breasts. As we both began to fall back asleep as our bodies cooled down we changed the alarm clock to 9 instead of 8:30. Totally forgetting my family would be meeting us that morning. All we want was to stay in each others arm as long as we could before the race.

When the sun broke the next morning, I woke up Junior by kissing his closed eyes, cheeks and the point of his nose. His pretty blues fluttered open. I tickle his tummy with my finger tips. Shivers pop up on his body. I know he is going to give me payback. Junior tumbles over so I am laying flat on my back topless with him holding my arms down with one hand his other hand running across my stomach propped up between my open legs. It looks we are in a very compromising position from a viewer. Bug leans down to capture my lips letting his hand trail up to mine when the door swings open.

"Come on Kids time to get up.....OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Junior shoots up taking the sheet with him leaving me laying topless in the bed scrambling to cover myself he raised up so fast he hits his head on the shelf.

Junior : "Oww Shit"... I grab at the bottom of the sheet trying to cover up. Junior is jerking back from me and I yank up a pillow real quick to look up and see my grandmother standing there.

Nanny: "Dale sweetie come sit on the bed with Chandler I think we need to have a discussion" Junior hesitates but soon come to sit down where my grandmother is sitting there patting the bed. When he sits next to me I yank the sheet so I can cover myself. He still hesitates

Junior : "Baby I have morning wood stop".... He whispers in my ear

Chandler : "I am freaking topless Junior".... My tone is a little loud cause my grandmother's eye brows raise not hearing what Junior had said before. We are both the color of the bud red car. I want to crawl under the motor coach my grandmother just walked in thinking me and Junior were about to have sex. Can this be any weirder and now she wants to have a discussion.

Nanny: "Kids its natural thing for a man and woman to be sexually attracted to each other, everyone goes through it, well except for popes and nuns but that's different..... But sex is a very sensitive thing and it should only be shared between 2 people who are truly in love with each other because that's the most special thing to do is make love to someone you're deeply in love with" My grandmother is talking to us dead seriously it is taken all my self control not to laugh as she takes Junior and my hands into hers. Junior cuts his eyes at me and smiles. Delana and the girls are going to be rolling after I tell them this.

Grandmother: "Like Chandler you think your Mom was conceived through immaculate conception? Please girlfriend, your grandfather was quite the rambunctious devil in bed"

Chandler : "Nanny please I didn't need to know that." Junior is starting to crack up

Nanny : "You kids have to make sure to put a raincoat on the little guy every time you do it. Before you do it you must go through it? Junior I know that my little Chandler is a godly gorgeous woman that men just can't keep their hands off of, but I guarantee if you wait patiently for her then you will be in for the best experience of your life. We Blake women are fierce women especially in bed I'll have you know." Junior looks blood red and I just start to bust out laughing his whole upper body is red.

Nanny :"See Ya'll in a bit." The rest of the morning up until the race my grandmother was giving me and Junior the eye and wiggle her eyebrows. I was helping Junior strap in his car getting ready for the Aaron's 499.

Junior : "Chandler I love you".... he says cracking up as my grandmother is talking to Jeff Gordon animated about something.

Chandler : 'I love you too."

Junior : "When I win I want your whole family in Victory Lane with my guys and you."

Chandler : "Well when you win I will be the girl pushing Shannon outta the way to give you a victory kiss."

Junior : "No reward this time?".... He ask as he slides on his gloves.

Chandler : "After this morning you have been a bad little boy". .... I lay one last kiss on him as he slides on the helmet and sticks his hand out after the window net is up so we can do our custom send of 3 hand squeeze for I love you.

The TV camera is showing our exchange. On my way back to the pit box I noticed Kevin had the stall next to us and Mikey was on the other side. It was going to be a fun race with Buffy and Delana that close. I told Delana I need to fill her in Tuesday about what happened this morning. She just scoffed. We had a rule if our man won Sunday we didn't have to come in on Monday. She proceed to say Tuesday when she came back after Kevin winning I could tell her.

The race was about to start. It was really cloudy looking like the bottom would fall out anytime soon. My family was so into it we had them all with scanners I was on top of the box while they had chairs in the back of the pit with security around them. On lap 5 I saw the horror on Krissy's face when Ryan went into the air and tumble threw the track I soon was distracted when Pops called out to Junior asking if the car was okay. He was pissed that we now had a big hole in the front end. He came in digested and slammed the car on pit road during a long caution he came back in and out. After someone had cut a tire he came in again but this time he had no drafting partners to help. He was nearly a lap down with the caution flew for another tire being cut. He soon was slicing and dicing his way back through the field on lap 177 Mikey fell out the race with a part falling off causing a debris caution. Delana had moved over to the pit box with me and watched our guys go at each other. My family was cheering from the pits, so was I. Delana was yelling for Kevin. I was praying for Junior. The sweetest site was when the Bud Car crossed the finish line. I turned and yelled to Delana

Chandler : "Delana he won Delana he won"... I grabbed her arms as I jumped up and down

Delana : "Yeah Chandler go get to Victory Lane and get your man"... she pulled me into a hug and helped me down the pit box I was running down pit road as my family was already on there way with Jade. Kim Burton ran and caught up with me she told me to enjoy my first Winston Cup win. I looked at her weird then she told me something that melted my heart.

Kim : "Chandler the way Junior looks at you everyone knows you two are meant to be. All of us around here know, by the way he looks at you, he's in love with you." Junior was pulling into Victory Lane. Jade couldn't hold me back anymore. Miss Winston was in my way. I quickly pulled her back and stuck my head into the car

Chandler : "I love you Bug".... he grabs my head and slams his lips against his,

Junior : "I love you too Baby."

Chandler : "Come get out and celebrate".... I fell back into the crowd as Junior did the Gatorade bath and beer bathes. By the time we got set up for pictures I looked like a drowned rat. Pops got me a Winston hat. Cause he knew I wanted to look purty as he says. Junior was in a depth interview when I felt some lift me up. It was Kevin

Kevin : "Damn Chandler that damn boy of yours." He drop me back down

Chandler : "Yeah ain't he cute?"

Kevin : "Cute my ass"... I hear Delana voice

Delana : "Kev your ass is cute" We all bust out laughing as Kevin pours ice cold water down Junior's back. Delana arranges it with the photographer so that we can get some copies of Junior's face and Kevin's. It was going to be the new center piece in the office. We start the family PICS after the interview Junior got one of him and my mother. Then him with every other family member. My favorite one was of me and my family with his family members on the crew and the ones that traveled

Something was off why hadn't August caused me pain today?

Chapter 32

We said good-bye to my family. We were heading back to my home town for Easter then I would be in North Carolina until Christmas. I was excited about Junior spending Easter with my family. This was going to be the first holiday we spent with each other than Valentines. The crew was so excited about the win and after all of the winners obligations we were heading back home. It was home with me and Junior. Now as he holds me close with his hand resting absent minded on my thigh I can tell he is thinking about something too.

Junior : "What you thinking about pretty girl?" he ask in his sexy southern drawl. My own southern drawl has gotten worse being around him.

Chandler : "You"

Junior : "It better be good".... he gently runs his hand up and down my thigh now.

Chandler : "It is I am thinking about how much I love you and need you"

Junior : "I love you more pookie"... he says in his teasing voice as he drops a kiss on my temple.

When we arrive in the "Dirty Mo" we are all back energized. Some of the crew members that are single with no obligations and the DMP all meet up with us at the Waffle House. We stay there to 2 am joking around and playing the old tunes off the juke box. I see the light in DMP boys eyes perk up when they find a song. Real Good Man by Tim McGraw comes thumping threw the speakers of the Waffle House. Junior starts to cuts his eyes at me as his favorite part comes on. Bug is not to much into country but he had this song on repeat the whole time in Dega.

I might have a reckless streak

At least a country-mile wild

If you're gonna run with me

It's gonna be a wild ride

When it comes to loving you

I've got velvet hands

I'll show you how a real bad boy

Can be a real good man

Junior : "That is right baby I am a real good man" he gently kisses my ear sending shivers down my arms. On the way home I was yawning terribly it had been a long day. I unbuckled my seat belt knowing I was safe with Junior driving. I snuggle my head into his leg as we drove home. I didn't wake up again until I felt the softness of Junior hands unbuttoning my shirt. My gaze connects with his.

Junior : "You've been asleep since we got home about 2 hours ago".... he finishes unbuttoning my shirt and slides one of his T-shirts over my head as I help pull it down.

Chandler : "What time is it?"..... he slides my jeans down and slides up a pair of his basketball shorts that are bright yellow.

"4am... You more comfortable?" I just nod and yawn my eyes getting heavy again. He gentle lays a kiss on my for head. As he gazes into my eyes. Soon he pulls up the covers and tucks me in. My eyes follow him as he takes off his shirt and jeans then heads to the bathroom. I can hear him start to brush his teeth. I am asleep when he crawls into bed again. I stir just enough to get pulled in his arms and here him whisper his heart out to me thinking I am asleep.

Junior: "I love you Chandler so much. Daddy brought you in my life. I don't know what is bothering you. I hope you know I am here for you. You are my baby I want you for the rest of my life. I hear him yawn then whisper I love you."

The next day was spent hanging around the house. I was working on a scrapbook of all the pictures me and Bug had taken together. The memories were so beautiful and to have them captured was even better. He had laid on the couch all day with Red on his stomach playing video games. We snuggled cherishing the time with each other. Tuesday morning came around and I started to let my guard without having another phone call from August.

It is around lunch time when I go to see Delana about some contracts. The phone was ringing on my way to her office. I hear her hang up

Chandler : "Delana do you have those contracts read through yet?"..... as I walk in the door I see the look on Delana's face.

Chandler : "Delana what is wrong?"...

Delana :"It is Junior"

Chandler : "What?!?!?!"..... my heart is racing

Delana : "That was the hospital, he is there."

Before she can finish I am peeling out of the drive heading to the hospital. Damn any cop that tries to stop me. If August had hurt him in anyway I will kill that bastard. He is the only one that would want to hurt Junior. When I get to the Medical center I can see the truck in the parking lot with the side mirror broke off. There were key marks all down the side and the back taillights were missing. When I got out of the Tahoe Junior let me use since I came to live with him. I notice that the headlights are all busted out and the windshield has a huge whole from a brick. I am sprinting into the ER. When I get there I see Shane waiting on me.

Chandler : "Where is he?"

Shane : "Chandler?"

Chandler : "Damn Shane were the hell is he? Don't fuck with me".... I push him out of my way to the desk.

Chandler : "Dale Earnhardt Junior, where is he?"

Desk Lady : "Who are you?"

Chandler : "Chandler Blake. I got called at work."

Desk Lady : "I am sorry non family members are not allowed."

Kelley : "She is his fiancee'".... I turn back to see Kelley standing there.

Desk lady : "Okay then he is back there." I leave Kelley standing there. I need to see my bug to see him okay. When I turn I see his room the door is half closed. I yank the door and storm into find him fighting with a hospital gown. Relived to see him but I notice the swelling on his bare back and the bruise coming up and his bare white legs.

Chandler : "Bug Baby"...I wrap my arms around him.

Junior : "Oww Chandler.... To tight".... I pull back as he sets on the side of the bed like a little boy with his toes curled up and legs bruised legs hanging down.

Chandler : "What happen baby?"....I pull my chair up and take his hand in mine

Junior : "Some fuckers were destroying my truck when me and the boys came out of the restaurant, I yelled at them. One of em turn around and kicked the shit out my stomach. The boys got into the next thing I know I am getting kicked in the nuts. It hurt like a bitch then I get hit from behind and wake up here."

Chandler : "Aww baby"...I am finally able to cry. I know August did this I want to tell Junior so bad but I can't. I let him get hurt. I let my baby get hurt. He is my angel my savior and I let him get hurt.

Junior : "Shh don't cry baby you didn't do this. Some dumbass Gordon fan got pissed off at me I guess." He smiles and raises his hand to my hair. The door slide open again and I see the doctor walking in.

Doctor Jones : "Well Mr. Earnhardt last time you were here it was because you had a cut on your forehead from falling by the pool. So tell me what happened now so I am graced with your presence." I crack a little smile as I still hold on to Junior hand. He repeats what he told me to the doctor I can tell by the doc's face that is a little concerned.

Doctor Jones : "I want to run you through some test, a Cat Scan and some X-rays. It seems that your back and legs are pretty tender to the touch."

Junior : "Can I race Sunday?"

Doctor Jones : "We will see what the X-rays and Cat Scan show us."

Junior : "I guess." he lets his grip on my hand tighten up.

Junior : "Chandler I have to race Sunday I can't miss it I will lose a lot to Matt."

Chandler :"Bug sweetie you will race Sunday cause everything is going to be okay."

Junior : "Chandler are you coming up there with me for my test?"

Chandler : "Yeah Baby I will be there with you."

Chandler : "Forever"

Junior : "Forever".... Soon the doctors are back in wheeling him up in a bed. Junior just has this confused look when he gets rolled out. We have to separate at the elevators I wasn't allowed during the cat scan and x-rays. I kiss him softly on the head and squeeze his hand 3 times for our little sign. I went back down to the waiting room and filled in everyone. Teresa and Richard Childress was there plus Delana, Kevin, Buffy and Mikey. Kelley was on the phone with their Mom filling her in. I told them everything and headed back up to wait on Junior to come out of his tests. 2 hours later the doctor walks out.

Doctor Jones : "Ms. Blake?"

Chandler : "Please Call my Chandler"

Doctor Jones : "Chandler, Everything looks fine,"

Chandler :"Thank God. We'll he be able to race?"

Doctor Jones : "Yes I am sending him home with some meds for the soreness but by Sunday he should be almost all better except for the coloring of the bruise they will look bad for a while."

Chandler : "Oh thank you doctor When can he go home?'

Doctor Jones : "Sure. One more thing. He took a nice blow to his lower region and lets just say he is not going to the most rambunctious buck a roo for a while he is in pain from that more than anything. He can home tonight"

Chandler : "Okay where is he?"..... I am jumping to go see him

Doctor Jones : "This way" I see my Bug slouching in his chair tired and worn out

Chandler : "Hey Cutie"

Junior : "Shut up I feel like shit."

Chandler : "Aww... Bug you get to go home sweeite"

Junior : "I do?"... he gets excited like a little boy would over ice cream

Chandler : "Yeah...Baby quiet worrying you can race Sunday" He smiles and we hold hands as we take the elevator back down with the nurse to the room.

Chapter 33

When we got back to the room some nurses had already laid out Bug's clothes across the bed. The doctor had given us a prescription for some pain killers so that he would be able to race and rest comfortably.

Chandler : "Come on baby lets get you dressed"..... just looking at his frame slumped down in the wheelchair dreading even thinking about moving.

Junior : "I feel like I have been hit by a truck"....I gently help him pull up. He jerks away a little from me.

Junior : "I can do it".... I have to laugh seeing him waddle to the bed with his bare behind showing threw the hospital gown. He shoots me a glare as he reaches his clothes and slides down his T-shirt. I notice the holes that were made during the fight.

Chandler : "Okay stubborn".... I sit back on the bed and watch him try to get his boxers and jeans up. After a line of obscenities he has them pulled up. He just looks at the zipper. He yanks it up real quick.


Chandler : "Bug baby are you okay?"

Junior : "My boys".... He waddles to sit down without hurting, as he called his boys, anymore then he already has. He gingerly sat back in the wheel chair. Getting him even persuaded it was protocol to have him rolled out but after the soreness he was happy to not having to walk. I went to the waiting room where everyone was before. I found Kelley and Delana still there. Everyone else had left. Delana was looking at old magazines. Kelley was fidgeting just like her brother does.

Chandler : "He is almost ready to go home"

Kelley : "Aww great... How is he?"

Chandler : "He is really sore but cleared to race Sunday."

Delana : "That is even better."

Chandler : : "Kelley thanks for earlier I might have taken out the nurse."

Kelley : "No problem can. I'm gonna go see Dale, Jr...Which room is it?"

Chandler : "He's in the first exam room."

I sat in the waiting room while Kelley is with Junior. I fill her in on the whole sex talk that Junior and I got Sunday morning. I knew how much our friendship had lasted. She was here still but not for Junior she was here for me. She also told me that Richard and Teresa got it arrange so that no one knows of the fight. Just that Junior is a little sore from a 4-wheeler wreck. I hear someone laughing in the hall. We both go to the door seeing Kelley laughing at Junior as he gets up to sign his forms that are on top of the counter. Junior is moving like a pregnant woman. Kelley hugs and kisses her brother good-bye. Delana hugs me and tells me she will see us tomorrow. When we get loaded up in the Tahoe I noticed that the boys had taken the truck away already. Shane left a voicemail stating that the original detailer of the truck was going to have it all redone by Friday. Junior looked so worn out in the passenger side. By the time we got home he was just bumbling around in the bedroom.

Chandler : "Sweetie get comfy and crawl in the bed"... he just moaned from lying on the bed. He gently lean up and took of his shirt. His back looked worse then it was for right now. He promised me it didn't hurt as bad as it looked. He winced a little when he had to pull up. I walked into the closet looking for something to wear myself when I heard him call out

Junior : "Chandler do I have to wear my boxers tonight it hurts to bad.". There was not playfulness in his voice.

Chandler : "Yeah baby I would love to sleep next to a hot naked man".. I yelled from the closet. When I walked out of the bathroom after getting ready for bed. I saw the pile of his jeans and boxers beside the bed and him already curled up in the bed fast asleep. The meds seemed to finally kick in. I slide in next to his bare body. He is resting peacefully I gently kiss his temple and snuggle lightly against him.

The whole night I stared at Junior just watching him breathe and move around in his sleep. I caught myself reaching out and holding my hand under his nose making sure he was still alive. It finally registers with me that August has hurt my baby. He has hurt my superman. There is no doubt in my mind it was him. He hurt my Bug. My head screams out. If he is willing to go this low what else is he willing to do. About 9 am my baby stirs. Soon his baby blues are locked on mine.

Chandler : "How the boys feel this morning?"

Junior : "They are still there I think. They don't feel like they are going to explode today."

Chandler : "That is good.".... I run my hand through his hair that is getting very long his curls are coming out.

Junior: "Fox changed there mind about the whole interview segment I forgot to tell you yesterday. Ya know the one they were going to do on the woman of the Young Guns?"

Chandler: That is fine with me. I'd rather not be under the radar. Those pit lizards might attack me if they know I am your girlfriend. I gently lay a kiss on his forehead.

Chandler : "Go get ready you are coming to work with me"

Junior : "Why?" .... he whines like a little boy

Chandler : "I have to keep an eye on you".... I wish he knew why more than just I want him to.

Junior : "Chan why don't you stay home?"

Chandler : "Cause I have to go to work. Go get your shower baby so we won't be late".... he whines again but rolls enough to kiss me softly on my lips

Junior : "I like when you are bossy." He starts to get up out of the bed I watch him intensely

Junior : "Don't look at my ass.".... he says as he gathers the sheet around him

Chandler : "Bug go get a shower"...... when he gets in the bathroom I hear a yell. I jump out of bed a head to the bathroom. I yank the door open

Chandler : "Junnn you".......he is standing in front of the mirror totally naked.

Junior : "I have blue balls Chandler they are fucking Ac-Delco blue"... he turns and smiles then slides in the shower as I stand there with my mouth open at the door.

It is not that I have never seen his items before, but this was the first time in the light and us not totally trying to rip each others clothing off. When he comes back out into the bedroom he has his towel around his waist. The waddle has become not so noticeable but there is still a little left. I think Junior found the baggiest pants he owns and a big bud hooded sweatshirt and his blue bud hat. He looks a whole lot better than he did last night. After we finally get to the office, Bug sprawls out on the couch in my office. Soon he is fast asleep. I have a sponsorship meeting this morning. I gently close the door and headed to conference room. The meeting is another one of this marathons of what we have and what we can give to make you better kinds. When we finally get out Delana and I are walking back to my office. We get to the door to hear Junior snoring. The little booger was still sound asleep on the couch. I had a quick turn around until we had another meeting with Richard Childress. He was coming over to meet with us specifically about the Busch deals and taken up Johnny's public relations work also. I kiss Junior on the forehead and slide his hat off his head. His hair was really curly, a sign he didn't brush it after his shower. He just through his hat on. During the meeting there was a delivery. It was a letter that had been over nighted to me. When I opened it during a break I saw the all to familiar handwriting.

My love,

I told you that Earnhardt was no good for you, how could he ever defend you? I am the one you know you want. I can give you everything. I am already in hell without you with me. You looked dead sexy in Victory Lane Sunday with that bastard with his arm around you. The sad thing was he was talking about you when he got his ass kicked. Must have sucked for him. Chandler I love you baby come home. Love, August

I need to get to Junior I need to see him and hold him close. Why cant I be happy? Why can't I tell Junior? As soon as the meeting is over and Richard is on his way back to RCR. I bolt to my office to see Bug in my desk chair making a paper clip chain.

Junior : "Hey"..... he says all bright eyed and rested

Chandler : "You little Booger. Look at you all bright eyed and bushy tailed".... He gently gets up.

Junior : "Bushy tailed baby after you staring at my ass this morning you should know I don't have a bushy tail." He gingerly wraps his arms around me.

Junior: "You can touch my back you won't hurt me." I run my hand around to his back and we begin to lock in a kiss. The envelope that had Augusts letter in it falls to the ground.

Delana : "God you two get a room. This is a work environment not the back row at the movies."

Junior : "Okay Mother I will".... he pulls Delana into hug.

Junior : "Thanks for taking care of my woman over there she is pretty cool ain't she?"

Delana : "Yeah she is.... Chan I am heading out, Kevin has something with the fan club tonight so I am leaving out early."

Chandler : "Okay Delana I'll see you at the track Friday right?"

Delana : "Yeah I might come and see what is going on Thursday so we can catch up on girl talk." We share a quick hug and she heads out. Junior heads out of my office before I know what I am saying I yell out to him

Chandler : "Where are you going?"

Junior : "To pee."

Chandler : "Oh"

Junior : "Chan I love ya girl"... he says with a laugh. I try to finish up some work so I won't be overload next week when we get back from Martinsville. Bug is worse then a little kid when he gets board. He found one of Kevin's dogs play toys and was throwing it against the wall making a thud every 3 seconds then he would ask can we go yet. When we finally get home all he does is goes to his video games. Soon the DMP is over. It was pizza and beer night. All the guys looked about the same as Junior but with some black eyes and cut lips. That night in bed I can't sleep. I haven't been able to really sleep since August had started stalking or bothering me again, whatever way you would rank it. I get out of bed, while Bug is sleeping naked again tonight. I just think he wants to push his luck.

Junior : "Chan baby what are you looking at? It is 3 am in morning come to bed." I back away from the window turn back one last time to make sure it is safe. I can't lose Junior, I can't.

Chapter 34

We have just pulled back into the house from the weekend at Martinsville. Jr was great he finished for the third time in a row in the Top 3. Matt's lead on my baby is shrinking race by race. Delana came by before the race so I decided to sit with her on Kevin's pit box. Us sitting together during the races became a constant(she is still trying to get me in a fire-suit with her). Right now I don't want anymore attention on me than I have to have. August has been calling everyday now sometimes twice. If it isn't calls it is letters or flowers. Jr is starting to get frustrated with me too. I have been hounding him constantly about where he is going, what he is doing, and if I can go. I haven't left him alone except for him using the bathroom even then I am by the door. I don't know what thoughts are running through my head. Maybe if I push him away I won't have to leave him. Why am I even thinking about leaving the man I love the man and want to spend the rest of my life with and have children with. The man that has his arms wrapped around me as I stare out the window.

Junior : "Baby.... "

Chandler : "Yeah Bug?"

Junior : "What is wrong?"

Chandler : "Nothing why?"

Junior : "You have been acting weird the last couple of weeks."

Chandler :"Nothing is wrong I guess I have been just thinking about my birthday and my dad." Good job Chandler keep the lies coming to him. I know it's wrong but it is keeping him safe and I know if I leave he will be a whole lot safer.

Junior : "Mmmm that's right my baby's birthday is 4 days away" he drops his lips down to my shoulders. It is not a far move for him because we are both nearly the same height.

Chandler : "Junior"

Junior : "Yeah baby? ". I turn around so we are eye to eye. I see the love in his. Just by looking into his eyes you can see his soul.

Chandler : "I love you with all my heart and I would do anything to protect you from anything."

Junior : "Baby... Come're". He lays us down on the bed so he is on top of me with my arms pinned.

Junior : "Chandler I love you so much. I thank God everyday for you in my life I can't live without you." The thing is he won't be safe with me in his life.

That night I laid with my head on his chest listening to his heart beating. My mind is running ramped. I can't figure out why August wants me back. Or why he has to make my life unhappy. I don't want to lose my everything, my superman. Jr walked into my life and that was the happiest day. Now I am a paranoid girlfriend. I am not worried about him cheating like most woman I am worried about him coming home to me at night alive. His heartbeat is a soothing sound. Unconsciously I trail my finger tips down his chest. I suppress the bad thoughts and let the good ones of Junior and I flood into my head. The day he said he loved me is the thought that keeps coming back, the way his eyes looked after he told me he loved me it sound so foreign, but I felt it in his voice that he meant it. On top of that he remembered my birthday! August would have not even been at home. My eyes finally get heavy and I snuggle into his chest listening to his heartbeat and gentle breathing coming from my sleeping Bug.

3 days had gone by with no letters no calls or flowers from August. My birthday is tomorrow and Bug had snuck out with out my tracking his every step. He has been gone for about 4 hours now. There was a note on the door when I got home from work.

Baby Girl

It is about 2:15 and I am taking Red with me we are going to buy you a birthday present. When I find it I will be home. My cell phone is on if you need me. I have the beeper to.



Now at 6:30 he is still not home. The cell phone is off and just now as I call the beeper I hear it going off in the bedroom laying on his nightstand next to his watch. I have to laugh knowing he just runs out of the house and grabs something random off the nightstand hoping it is want he wanted. The thought of leaving hadn't crossed my mind since Sunday night. I decide to cook us dinner which is a rare occasion. Normally the bud stud himself is making dinner which is something microwaveable or leftovers from Teresa, Kelley or his mom. Those women keep us fed. I don't think his mom thinks I know how to cook at all so she keeps her little boy fed. I grab a quick shower and slide on a pair of short cloth shorts and one of Jrs old Mooresville Senior High soccer shirts, with my wet hair in a sloppy bun on the top of my head and my glasses on. Bud is curled up on our bed he jumps off and follows me into the kitchen and gets himself up on the table and curls up. Midway through making dinner I hear the doorbell over the radio blaring. It is about 7:45 my heart drops thinking it could be someone telling me Jr is hurt again or something from August. I have relief was over my face when I see Shane standing there.

Chandler : "Shane, Hey!"

Shane : "Hey Chandler"

Chandler : "Come on in"

Shane : "Nah that is okay I was just wondering if Jr is home. I tried his cell and the beeper.""

Chandler : "He went out shopping and left the beeper here."

Shane : "Damn it"

Chandler : "Can I help ya ?"

Shane : "Emily man, I don't know what to do." he ran his hand through his short hair.

Chandler : "Shane come in and talk to me while I finish dinner." After about a 20 minute heart to heart with Shane his woman problem is solved. I slide the chicken and rice in to the oven. That is one of Jrs favorites. Bud follows me down stairs into the pub. Buffy had given me a cd that was one of her and Mikey's favorite artists Steve Wariner. She told me to just get a bud and go onto the patio and play this one song. She said it was perfect for me and Jr. I got a bud and the cd then headed to the patio. I need to think and get my thoughts back together. Soon a song that gave me power came through the stereo system outside that was installed; it fit us to a T.

I know he was cruel to you

He kept you down

He never heard the voice inside you

Never heard the sound

Of angels singing you know they are around

They look just like you their tears fall to the ground

So smile it's behind you now

And in time in time

You won't cry no more

You won't cry no more

Livin' in the shadows baby

Let me in

If you let his memory hold you back

You let him win

Shackles on your soul are rusty waiting for release

All I want to do is love you give you peace

So smile it's behind you now

And in time in time

You won't cry no more

You won't cry no more

All I want to do is love you and give you peace

So smile it's behind you now

And in time in time

You won't cry no more

So smile it's behind you now

And in time in time

You won't cry no more

You won't cry no more

You won't more

The buzzer of the oven goes off breaking my thoughts. I know this is where I belong. Here in with Junior sleeping in our bed in our house. With our animals. Everything was ours now. It wasn't just Junior's. I remembered when he would talk on the way back home about wanting to go to sleep in our bed, not his bed. I turn the stereo on in the kitchen and hear one of Junior's favorites that he sings in the morning. If only the boys knew he jammed out to this song. Stevie Wonder fills the air as I start the salads. I zoned out singing changing the words to fit Jr.

Chandler singing: "Isn't he pretty Truly the angel's best I'm so happy We have been heaven blessed I can't believe what God has done through us he's given life to one But isn't he lovely made from love"

I feel arms wrap around me and two hands that cover mine as I tear the lettuce apart for the salads.

Junior : "You look so cute singing and making dinner for your man which would be me."

Chandler : "I actually like this whole home ec little idea. Making dinner for the man I love after a hard day of work." He pulls me around so we are face to face and lays a hot and very sexual kiss on my lips. His hands grab me up against him resting on my lower back.

Junior : "Mmm I missed my baby girl.. You taste good and smell even better." He reaches for the chicken under the tin foil.

Chandler : "Not yet".... I playfully slap his hand away.

Junior : "Look Red mommy is being mean. Go eat her up." Red doesn't budge he just looks up at Jr with his little puppy eyes.

Junior : "I am going to get a shower."

Chandler :"Okay baby dinner will be ready when you get out." He slaps my butt on the way to the shower.

Dinner is done 30 minutes later I have it sitting on the table actually in the dinning room. We never use the dinning room. Normally we are in front of the TV. I am getting something for us to drink when I hear the pitter patter of Bug's bare feet on the kitchen floor followed by the sound of Red's. I turn around and bust out laughing.

Junior : "What?"

Chandler : "Your Hair" I am laughing so hard tears are coming in my eyes.

Junior : "What about it". I have to set the cokes down on the counter to keep from dropping them.

Chandler : "It.... It..."

Junior : "It is the Allen Bestwick look. See Chan baby it doesn't move".. Jr has his hair part just like Allen's and it was like plastered to his head. He looked like a bad used car salesman.

Chandler : "You look like a bad used cars sales man Bug"

Junior : "Damn it Chandler thanks I was going to wear it likes to tomorrow for your birthday dinner. With my plaid shorts we got at Abercrombie." He has his killer smile going, I know he is joking with me.

Chandler : "Um No sweetie".We pull each other in the other ones arms. I reach up and get his hair going in every directions.

Chandler : "That is better"

Junior : "No this is better".... he lays his lips on mine I feel his tongue ask for permission into my mouth. We stumble back in our kiss against the fridge. The smell of Jr's freshly washed hair is a major turn on. The bud stud got him a bottle of Herbal Essences so he could make the sound effects like the commercials. The scent is filling my senses and it's getting my engine rived up. Red's barking breaks us apart. He is at our feet looking up at us with his little eyes.

Junior : "Someone wants attention like mommy." I just laugh. I feel his hand on the small of my back as we go into the dinning room for dinner.

After a long dinner and a very nice conversation with a lot of laughs we head out on to the patio. For it being the 3rd week in April it was really warm tonight.

Junior : "Chan let's go swimming"

Chandler : "Huh?"

Junior : "Let's go swimming."

Chandler : "Okay." Before I can get up to go in the house for my suit Jr has me in the air about to throw me into the deep end of the pool.


Junior : "you can swim right?"

Chandler : "Yeah"

Junior : "You want down?"

Chandler : "yes!"

Junior : "Your wish is my command." He chucks me into the deep end of the pool when I surface that little scrawny ass is standing there laughing.

Junior :"You told me to put you down so I did like you said."

Chandler : "You little ass."

Junior : "Nah I have a big ass from what my fans say."

Chandler : "I am going to get you"

Junior : "You have to catch me first." He starts back up from the pool when I top the steps coming out of the pool he starts to run. Soon we are chasing each other around the backyard. I finally get close enough to grab on the end of his shorts. We are real close to the edge of the pool when I give them a hard jerk he turns around really fast falling in the pool taking me with him on the way down. We both resurface laughing. Red jumps into the pool with us. Bud is curled up on a lounge chair just watching us. Jr gets out after about an hour and comes back with the camera. He takes some shots of me and Red in the pool. Then of me and him holding the camera getting candid shots of us together. That night in bed I was laying on his chest again listening to his heartbeat.

Junior : "I love you Chan"

Chandler : "I love you too"

Junior : "Can I still wear my plaid shorts tomorrow." Chandler : "Bug go to sleep."

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