Chapters 35 - 40

Chapter 35

It seems I have just closed my eyes when I hear the alarm clock go off.

Junior : "It is 7:17 am on April 17. 24 years ago my baby girl was born. Happy Birthday Baby"

Chandler : "Awww Bug." I slide up against the head board with the comforter going with me. He gently raises up beside me. I get a gentle kiss on the lips

Junior : "Happy birthday baby girl"

Junior : "Stay here I will come wake you up in a minute."

Chandler : "Okay"

Junior : "Bud watch her make sure she doesn't move." He points to Bud who happens to be asleep in a chair besides me. Junior comes and wakes me up again at 8. He gave me a piggy back ride into the kitchen where he had breakfast all made out for us.

Chandler : "Bug baby this is so pretty."

Junior : "Yea, it actually tastes good. I let Red have some and look he is still alive." Red is just laying in the middle of the kitchen floor eating a piece of bacon. Junior had made pancakes eggs and bacon. After I stuffed myself with breakfast we headed into the living room. The whole family piled on the couch. I was laying back in Junior's arms. Red had his head in Junior's lap and Bud was in my lap. It looked like a Christmas card maybe one day it would be our Christmas card. When the VCR came on so did the tears.

Junior : "Happy Birthday.. I wanted to wait till tonight but I couldn't"

My Girl by the Temptations filled the air as baby picture after baby pictured popped up on the screen there was a picture from every age up until college. Soon the song changed to God must have spent a little more time on you to that song was pictures of me and my friends. Delana and all the Cup girls were on there. Me and Karysn. The pictures of Hannah with me and Junior were on there. I glance back up into his baby blues. My attention was brought back to video when I'll Be by Edwin McCain started. This song was to the pictures of me and Junior. As it start the first picture was of the first night we meet at the Budweiser Banquet. It ended with us in victory lane at Talladega in an in-depth kiss.

Chandler : "I love it that is the best birthday present every"

Chandler : "I love you so much Junior"

Junior : "I love you more." He kisses my tears that are falling form my eyes. This time they are happy tears. Tears of Love. We stay in each others arms. Kissing and holding each other. Delana closed the office today so that Her,Buffy and Krissy could take me out for a girls day at the spa. That was there gift to me from them. As I was getting ready in the bathroom. Junior walked in and slide up on the counter and just watched me brush my hair and my teeth.

Junior : "You know that you are 4 years younger than I am."

Chandler : "Yeah you are getting old bug"

Junior : "I know. But I want to grow old with you."

Chandler :"I want to get old with you too."

A couple hours later I was laying in a mud bath with Delana and the cup girls. We were having in depth girl talk about our guys. We got massages and pedicures. It felt so good to relax again. It has now been 4 days and no word from August. No flowers or anything just peace. Buffy was telling us about being married for years and Delana was the newly wed me and Krissy were just the girlfriends. I filled in the girls and Delana again about the sex talk we got back in Dega.

Krissy: "That is nothing. Ryan and I were getting in on pretty good when his dad walked in the coach and saw us. I still can't look at him the same way."

Delana :"I can top that Girl. Kevin and me were on the couch and Richard Childress saw us. He ragged Kevin for weeks."

Buffy : "Well Junior's daddy caught me and Mikey one day." I near choke on my Margarita

Delana : "Buffy damn girl that tops me I think. The intimidator walking in on you. What he say?"

Buffy : "Well that was the time that I got pregnant with Macy so he was like I am the reason you did." We all start to crack up at Buffy's face as she tells us the whole story.

Krissy : "So Chandler is Junior um... like everyone says he is?"

Chandler : "What do they say".... I here Delana crack up. I shot her a glare that I learned from Junior.

Buffy : "Damn Chandler ya got that Earnhardt glare now."

Delana : "She wondering if he is packing and if he knows how to work".... Delana sticks out her tongue and wiggles it.

Chandler : "You have had way to much to drink. I will tell you one thing we have not had sex. But that is all the info you get from me"

Krissy : "Awww Chandler come on?"

Chandler : "Um he has gotten more than I have. Just put it that way" They all just smile Buffy changes the subject to the new shoe store she found in Concord that we will all have to go to. By the time we leave the spa it around 7. When we get back to the house. It is 8:15 when I open the door Junior is standing there waiting on me.

Chandler : "Hey baby... Watch ya?" ... before I can finish he has me in his arms carrying me back to the bedroom. With his lips locked on mine.

Chandler : "Woooo Cowboy... I missed you to." He slaps the door shut with his foot as he throws me to the center of the bed.

Junior : "Come're".... he slides his T-shirt off and lays down on top of me.

Junior : "You smell so good." he trials his tongue down my neck kisses down my stomach and raise my T-shirt up and swirls his tongue around my belly button playing with my belly button ring in his Mouth.

Junior : "You taste good too." I feel his smooth lips and skin on his face against my now steamy skin. He lets his hand trail up and takes my shirt off. He hands mingle up in to my bra and pull it down then he slides and UN hooks it throwing off the bed.

Chandler : "Bug baby that feels"....... his lips crash down on me and I drag my nails up his back. I feel his hand trail back up my boy. He slides his body down mine straddling me at my waist. He sits up and looks into my eyes.

Junior : "You are so beautiful I am going to love every part of you tonight" with that he slides off my body leaving me there whimpering for his touch.

Chandler : "Bug come back"...he turns around and leans down over my face and slides his tongue in my mouth and forcefully kisses me. My hands wrap around his neck trying to pull him closer.

Junior : "Baby get dressed I got a surprise for you"... I slide out of the bed topless. Junior eyes just burn into me as he lays back on the bed to watch me.

Chandler : "You going to watch me get dressed."

Junior : "Damn straight."

Chandler : "So what does my bug want me to wear."

Junior : "Nothing"

Chandler : "Try again"

Junior : "That short ass skirt I bought you with the rips in the front. Oh yeah and that tight white tank top you have that shows off you stomach." I turn into the closet and get the outfit on when I turn back around Bug is standing at the door.

Junior : "Damn you look good." He walks up behind me and raises the skirt up.

Chandler : "You like"

Junior: "Oh yeah especially this".. He gently slaps the my bare bottom.

Chandler : "hmmm you better get dressed I don't think you want to be wearing your greasy jeans." Junior steps out into the bedroom were I am laying on my stomach watching TV. He is in a pair of dirty looking baggy jeans he got from American Eagle. A shirt that has a 10 on the back and under the number the words animal from Abercrombie. He tops it all off with his flashback Atlanta braves hat.

Junior :"Come on" he tickles my sides and jerks me up into his arms.

Chandler : "Where are we going?"

Junior : "Somewhere" He grabs my hand as he mumbles about getting something from the basement with our hands intertwine we head down the stairs together. He stops right before we open the door.

Junior: "I love you Happy Birthday." When he opens the door the music blasts. I see all the faces of my friends. My girls from GA are there Buffy, Delana, and Krissy are all there. The DMP are there some of the brew crew and Kevin Michael and Ryan are with there woman. The pool table is moved and Junior has it back looking like Club E.

All : "Surprise"

Before I register everything. All my girls have me out on the floor. We are getting real dirty with our dance moves. I feel Junior come up behind me. The DMP comes up plus Ryan, Kevin, and Michael all get behind all the girls. I can feel Junior grinding up against my back side. I grind back soon we are rubbing up against each other to the beat of "Get Low." I lean back against him grind hard back against him. I feel his boys start to wake up from there sleep. His hands are on my hips controlling my movements. We are lost in our on little world forgetting we are surround by a crowded dance floor of or friends. I feel Junior growl against my neck. The part of the song that all my friends and I perfected the last visits comes on. The DMP and Junior are about to get a show they want forget. I slide around and face him I grab his hat and put it on my head side ways. I shoot my girls a look

Now back, back, back it up (Ahhh!)

a back,(Ahhh!) back, back it up (Ahhh!)

a back,(Ahhh!) back, back it up (Ahhh!)

a back,(Ahhh!) back, back it up (Ahhh!)

I slide my body all the way down his then back up in one grind. I flip around and grind backside up against he now bulging crotch. I feel him buck against me as I grind back on to him. I slide my skirt up so that my bare bottom against his jeans. No one can see that my skirt is up but Junior knows. I don't know if it the drinks or how Junior is making me feel right now. That is making me lose all my sense

Now stop ( O) then wiggle wit, yeaaaa

Now stop ( O) then wiggle wit, yeaaaa

Now stop ( O) then wiggle wit, yeaaaa

Now stop ( O) then wiggle wit, wiggle wit it

I jerk around and wrap my arms around his neck. I grind slow down his body when it gets to stop O I slam against his hips. I only have to do it once before Junior picks up and starts to grind back on me. I feel his hands resting on my bottom as we slam against each other. I look over to my left and see the DMP picked it up fast like Junior and were connecting with my girls. After the song ended I need a drink I slide a kiss down Junior's neck and head to the bar. I see Junior sitting on the couch talking to some guys with a beer in his hand. He pulls me down on his lap. I know now why Junior wanted this short skirt. I am sitting bare bottom on his lap with only a piece of string Victoria Secret calls underwear.

I look around the basement and see my girls from Georgia dancing in the arms of the DMP. Delana and Kevin out on the dance floor. Kevin is trying to bust some moves he is already plastered and screaming out. Delana is just laughing. Buffy and Mikey are over sitting talking intensely with some of the elders in the room. Soon me and Junior are back on the dance floor just living it up with each other and all of our friends. Around 2 the party starts to die down. I have my arms wrapped around Junior's waist as he is talking to Shane about something my chin is resting on his shoulder.

Ladies and Gentleman we are going to slow it down a bit. This for the birthday girl from her man.

Junior : "Baby I want you to be my sweet lady for the rest of my life." he pulls me into his arms as the song fills the air.

Oh give it

Be my sweet lady [Sweet lady]

Oh, I want you to be my lady, lady

Oh, babe

Sweet lady , would you be my

Sweet love for a lifetime

Ill be there when you need me

Just call and receive me

Da, da, da, da

My sweet lady


La, la, la, la

Now any other day I would play it cool

But I cant now cause I want you

See Im hooked on how you flex your style

And I wanna talk for a little while

I never really seen your type

But I must admit that I kinda like

So maybe if you have the time

We can talk about you being my

Sweet lady (Would you be my)

Would you be my (Sweet love for)

Sweet love for a lifetime (A lifetime)

Ill be there (Ill be there) when you need me

Just call and receive me

Sweet lady (Would you be my)

Would you be my

Sweet love for a lifetime

Ill be there when you need me

Just call and (Call me, baby) receive me

Now on the regular I would waste time

But I dont want to cause youre so damn fine

And I heard that you were taken

That dont have to stop you from makin

Late night phone calls on the telephone

About your fantasies and how to get it on

When you need me I will be there for you

My sweet lady

Sweet lady (Would you be my)

Would you be my (Sweet love for)

Sweet love for a lifetime (A lifetime)

(Ill be there) Ill be there (When you need me) when

you need me

(Just call and) Just call and (Receive me) receive me

(My sweet lady) Sweet lady (Would you be my)

Would you be my

Sweet love for a lifetime

Ill be there (Ill be there, babe) when you need me

(Just call me)

Just call and receive me (My sweet lady)

Say you will be my baby (Say you will be my lady)

Say you will be my lady

Ive got to have all your love

So I wont even front (I wont front, no)

Just say youll give it to me (Say youll give it to me)

I dont wanna hear the maybes (No, no, no, no, no)

And I will give you all my heart (All my heart)

If you say youll be my sweet lady (Oh oh)

Sweet lady (My baby)

Would you be my

Sweet love for (Whoa) a lifetime

Ill be there when you need me

Just call and receive me

Sweet lady

Would you be my

Sweet love for a lifetime (Ill be there)

Ill be there (When you need me) when you need me

Just call and receive me (Whoaoh)

Sweet lady

Would you be my

Sweet love for a lifetime

Ill be there when you need me (Ill be there)

Just call and (Call me, baby) receive me (Receive me, baby)

Would you be my

Be my sweet love

Lover for a lifetime

Ill be there when you need me (Ill be there)

Just call and (Ohn whoa) receive me (Oh oh oh)

Sweet lady (Would you be my, oh oh)

Sweet lady (Be my, be my, come on over, will you be mine)

Sweet lady (Sweet lady)

He is holding me so close when our blues eyes meet.I could jump him right then.Hes holds my hand in his under my chin gently rubbing his thumb on the soft skin under my chin. We are so close I can here his heartbeat against mine.

I close my eyes as he drops his hands to my waist pulling me close to him resting his hands on the small of my back. I can smell Drakker mixed with fabric softer and hint of the cigar he had earlier. When our eyes meet again he gentle takes me into a sweet forceful passionate kiss. Without separating our lips he takes his hat off of my head and throws it back on his.

Junior : "Chandler be my sweet lady. I want you for a life time." His southern drawl is a cool comparison to Tyrese's soothing sound. The way I answer him is pulling him back into he kiss and swiping the gum I made him chew earlier after his cigar. He begins to whisper in my ear.

Junior : "I am going to make you feel tonight like you have never in your life."

Junior : "I am going to make love to you with my mouth tonight baby" I just look in to his eyes as he talks. I can't find my voice. His words are silencing me.

Junior : "I promise I won't cross the line but I want to give you what you have been giving me. Is that okay?" He pulls me back from him and looks again into my eyes. I finally find my voice.

Chandler : "Yes"

Chapter 36

We slipped out of the basement unnoticed. When we get to the top the stairs Junior picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist and drop kisses on his face. When we get to the bedroom he backs me up against the door still holding me and locking it.

Junior: "No interruptions"

He walks us back to the bed. He lets me drop to the bed and stand between my legs. I feel his lips back on mine. His tongue is tracing the outline of my bottom lip then plunges deep into my mouth. I grab his neck to pull him closer. His hands are on the sides of my head. I reach down for the bottom of his shirt.

Junior : "No... Tonight is all you" my hands are soon above my head as he leans down kissing me feverishly. I feel his free hand skim up my exposed thigh and up to my stomach tracing the out line of my breast under the tight tank top I have on.

Chandler : "Mmmmm"... I moan out as he rubs his thumb over my now harden nipple under the shirt.

Junior : "You want this off?" All I do is nod my head. He lets go of my hands and then goes directly by my side as he lifts up the shirt and quickly pulls it over my head. His tongue trails down from my lips through the valley of my cleavage and down to the top of my skirt. I feel soft blows of air around my belly button as he kisses around the lace parts of my bra.

Chandler : "Ohhhhhhh"

Junior : "You like that?"

Chandler : "mhmmmmm"..... He nips at the lace of my bra and gently slides the straps of my shoulder. Laying kisses down the paths of which they fall. He takes my now exposed breast in one hand as the other one quickly unsnaps the restraining bra. As he slides his kisses down taking each nibble into his mouth gently grazing his teeth over them.

Chandler : "Oh damn Junior".....

He glances up and licks his lips as he goes back to working over my nipples making them harder then they were. I can't help but wiggle under his electric touch. He moves down and gently dips his tongue in and out of my belly button making me wiggle more under the touch of his mouth and the way his fingers are working on my chest. Caressing and pulling. My hands shoot to his shoulder griping the shirt he has on. His hands leave my chest I raise up losing his touch he gently lays me back down as his mouth finds mine. I feel his hands sliding down my skirt as he traces my ear with his tongue.

Junior : "So beautiful" he glances over my exposed body of me just laying in my very exposing underwear.

Chandler : "Touch Me" my body is on fire I need his touch.

Junior : "Your wish is my command."

The barrier between Junior and my mouth is soon gone. He kisses my thighs and all around where I want him to kiss. I have never felt like this is my life. Have this feeling of need and want that only Junior can satisfy. He moves back up my body when his kisses don't going where I want them to. His hand is laying on my thigh. I move under his touch trying to get him to satisfy the burning need in between my legs. When his tongue shoots into my mouth I feel his long finger slide into my wetness

Chandler : "OH MY GOD JUNIOR" His mouth covered mine again as he started to move his finger in and out. I moan again into his mouth, I shift trying to get use to the feeling of something there.

Junior : "Damn Chandler you are so tight." He pulls his finger out and sticks it in his mouth then slides it back in. He bends his finger and moves it back and forth real fast inside of me.

Chandler : "HOLY SHIT... OH MY GOD JUNIOR " back arches off the bed as the sensation runs through my body. I feel him stretch his finger back out. I start to slide up and down on his finger trying to get as close to him as I can. His mouth is covering my nipple swirling his tongue and nibbing at the sensitive. I feel my body start to tense from the feeling that are shooting from my center.

Chandler : "BABY I AM GOING TO.... OH... RIGHT THERE... OH"

Junior : "Do it baby"..... His slides his finger in harder this time and I feel a strong climax wash over me.. When I come back down form my cloud. He pulls his finger out my hips follow after him.

Junior: "Hmmm you felt good I want more. You want more baby?"

Chandler: "More." Is all I get out as he drops down on his knees and slides me to the edge of bed. His head slides between my legs as he hands move up and down my stomach. I feel his tongue gentle slide down my center. He lays feathered kisses down my center then takes my clit into his mouth

Chandler :"HOLY FUCK" the feeling he's giving me is to much to handle. My hips shove up in to his face he press my hips down as he swirls his tongue gently sticking it in and out much like his finger did earlier. I see his baby blues look up as he twirls his tongue around my now very sensitive clit. My next orgasm is building faster and faster as his tongue darts around my center and his finger rubs around my nub. He moans in my center nearly sending me over the edge. He licks up me like he would on an ice cream cone and lets his tongue graze across my nub. I can't hold my second orgasm anymore. I let my release happen again. I am gripping the sheets. As I release Junior licks me clean. He slides back up my body taking my nipples back in his mouth. I am still on my high when he kisses me nice and slow on the lips. When I open my eyes and my breath clams down. He kisses me again and pulls me into his arms.

Junior : 'I love you baby girl."

Chandler : "I love you more."

Junior : 'Happy birthday'

Chandler : "Thank you"

Junior : "For what? I just was loving my sweet lady"

Chandler : "Um your "sweet lady?"

Junior : "Yeah baby you are my sweet lady." I snuggle into his arms after getting a shirt of the floor to sleep in. We are leaving for Georgia tomorrow to spend Easter with my family. Before my tired body goes to sleep my bug whispers something in to my ear

Junior : "I love it when you scream out my name like that. You are going be screaming it a lot more"

Chapter 37

Early Easter Sunday morning at Chandler's Mom's in Georgia

I feel the bed shift. I reach out for Bug with my eyes still closed.

Chandler : "Where are you going?" I catch his arm and pull him back into bed beside me.

Junior : "Back to the den" he brings me back to his arms.

Chandler : "What time is it?"

Junior : "4"

Chandler : "Can't you sleep with me a little longer, please?"

Junior : "I will see you in 5 hours. If I don't go now I won't leave." He slides out of the bed for a second time.

Chandler : "You are going to church with us tomorrow?"

Junior : "I can't, it is against my religion." he kisses my forward and covers me up on his way out of my bedroom. At 9 the alarm goes off. I just lay in bed cuddled up to the empty side of the bed. Junior's scent is still on the pillow. He had snuck in both nights since we got here. As a family rule if you are not engaged or married you can't sleep in the same room together. So Junior was sleeping in the den or otherwise known as the game room or racing room with all my collectibles so he could have a TV to watch at night. Friday night neither of us could sleep.


Junior : "Chan baby you awake?"

Chandler : "Yeah"

Junior : "Can I come in?"

Chandler : "Hmmm.

Junior : "I can't sleep without you in my arms knowing you are just down the hallway."

Chandler : "I know I was about to come see if you were awake and crawl in the bed with you." I gently kiss his cheek.

Junior : "I love you Chandler"

Chandler : "I love you too Dale"

**************************End of Flashback**********************

I crawl out of bed to get Bug up so he could go to church with us. It was a family tradition all of us would go to church then over to my mom's brothers house for Easter. This would be the first time Junior met my mom's family. My grandmother and mother are already in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I can hear and smell them as I am going down the hall to the den. I crack the open door and see Bug all sprawled out on his stomach with the covers kicked off the bed. My evil side comes out seeing him laying there. I slide on the bed straddling his backside. I drop soft kisses on his now healed back. I kiss from the waist of his boxers up his spine to the base of his neck. I feel chill bumps pop up on his back. I feel a quick jerk and Junior has me on my back raining kisses down on my face. We both wrestle around laying kisses on each other.

Junior : "Is that breakfast I smell?"

Chandler : "Yep... You hungry?"

Junior : "Yeah but for your restaurant" he sticks he tongue out and wiggles it

Chandler : "Ralph Dale Earnhardt Junior. You are about to get ready to go to church and you are thinking like that." I say in a stern but playfully voice.

Junior : "Oh Ms. Purity your the one that made my boys wake up by your wake up call."

Chandler : "What can I say you just look so cute when you are sleeping."

Junior : "Yeah I do don't I?"...... I chunk the pillow behind me at him.

Junior : "Hey don't make me come after you".... he says as he slides on a pair of jeans that were on the floor and a undershirt

Chandler : "You got to catch me first." I jump out of the bed a run toward the kitchen. When I get into the living room I feel Junior jerk me back into his arms.

Junior : "Got you".... He yells triumphantly.

Chandler : "Let me go" as he raises my feet off the ground

Junior : "Nah".... he starts to tickle me to the ground and I laughing so hard tears are coming down my cheeks. We both look up from our wrestling match on the floor at the flash from the camera. We look to the kitchen and see my Mom taking pictures of us.

Ms. Blake : "You kids are so cute. Now come on and get some breakfast before church." We roll of each other and head to the kitchen as I reach for a piece of bacon. I feel a tug on my ponytail and Bug pull me back.

Chandler : "Hey"... that was my bacon

Junior : "All is fair in love and war." there are laughs from the family at our exchange.

After breakfast and getting ready for church we are finally there. I feel Junior's arm wrap around my shoulders and pull me into his side as the preacher begins his sermon. I look to see Junior listening intensely to what he is saying. His eyes are fixate and I can tell he is soaking up every word. I look at him and begin making a memory of him sitting there in a church, in his white dress shirt, which is tucked in a pair of my favorite khakis he wore the night at the lake and his curly locks brushed in a way trying to tame and a bible laying across both of our legs. He looks very innocent and angelic. He truly is becoming my angel. When the sermon ends there a prayer. I feel our little signal 3 hands squeeze for "I Love You." On the way out of the church Junior looks back at the church doors.

Junior : "Baby I really do love you."

Chandler : "I love you sweetie... Hey what is on your mind?"

Junior : "You are the first person I ever went to church for"

Chandler : "See you made it out alive without getting struck by lightening."

Junior : "I am serious baby girl thank you for making me go back." We head to the car and my curiosity starts to get the best of me as we drive back to change and the head to my uncles in Alabama.

Chandler: "Bug can I ask you something?"

Junior: "Anything"

Chandler: "Did you grow up going to church?"

Junior: "Yeah, but Chan, going and listening are to different things."

Chandler: "True."

Junior : "Everyone knows that I started going to MRO right after daddy.... I did for a while then I got mad at God for taking him and didn't want to be there I didn't want to listen to people praising him when he took my daddy." We had pulled off the side of the road in an old parking lot. I can see the brim of tears he was trying to hold back. I unbuckle and slide up the console and put my hand on his leg.

Junior: "He took my daddy. Daddy is an angel, but I want him here with me not in heaven. I want him to see you and know how much I love you. I want to hear him tell me he is proud of me again. When he was alive. We always..". I see the tear start to fall. "We always were with Michael and Buffy and we would go to church together. I would only go one Sunday a year and that was Easter."

Chandler : "I didn't know. I wouldn't have made you come"

Junior : "I wanted to come. I want to start traditions with you. I needed to come. I mean Chandler look at me. I am 28 years old and still can't settle down and be happy. I have to be what ever one wants me to be and smile for the cameras be the partier. I want to settle down have kids. When you came in my life I was like God and Daddy are on my side again. They sent you to me. What if I lose you?"

Junior: "I want forever"

Chandler : "Forever" When we get back to the house I go back to change. Juniors words still echoing in my mind. Forever. I know we can be forever. If he asked I would marry him right then and now. But August. I know he is up to something he has been quiet for to long now. A week with him means something is up. Last time Junior got hurt. What if he hurts him again. I slide on my T-shirt as I hear a knock on the door then Junior opening it.

Junior : "You ready?"

Chandler : "Yeah Let me pull back my hair." he's sitting on the side of the bed wearing a T-shirt from Abercrombie and a pair of jeans with his Adidas on. As I am pulling my hair up he steps behind me and kisses my newly exposed neck.

Junior : "Your Mom has already left it is just us"

Chandler : "Why do I feel like we are teenagers sneaking around behind or parents back just to make out."

Junior : "I don't know but making out does sound nice." I got pulled around to meet his eyes with mind. So our lips are on one another. The kiss is gentle but loving. I can smell his drakker from this morning.

Chandler : "I am so glad they are your sponsor."

Junior : "who?"

Chandler : "Drakker I love that smell it gets my engine going"

Junior: I like the way it smells on you after we hold each other"

Chandler : "I do too" We get on the road soon heading to Alabama for Easter. On the way there. We just hold each other hands and laugh as we butcher some songs on the radio. Junior tries to sing me the Kenny Chesney song "She's Got It All" it was so bad but cute at the same time. His little country accent comes out. He also decides that he wants to crack Alabama jokes. When we pull up and sees my family already grilling and sitting at the tables under the big pecan trees. He also notices all the 4-wheelers parked off by the cars.

Junior : "Chan there is more than one family member here"

Chandler : "Yeah little smartass all your Alabama jokes about only meeting one member of my family. You better be careful too. They are all country and love racing. Remember you are Dale Junior. They might all be Gordon fans and hate you."

Junior : "Never, everyone loves me. Cause look Chan I am hot" he puffs out his chest as we walk the short distance. It cracks me up. When Junior walks up beside me my mom's whole family stops. They all just look at Junior with there mouths open.

Nanny : "Junior honey come sit over here by me. Look at you all clean shaved." Junior nearly sprints over to sit next to Nanny and my mother. They share a long hug. Everyone else's mouths are still hanging open staring at Junior. My uncle George breaks the silence.

Uncle George :"Hey I am that youngin's Uncle over yonder." as he points over in my direction as I take a seat next to my cousin Jeremy and his girlfriend Ashley.

Junior :"It is nice to meet you sir" that Earnhardt charm starts to shine through

Uncle George : "Nah son it is an honor to meet you. You kicked ass at Dega. We are going in September to see you win 5 in a row."

Aunt Donna : "George" my aunt scolds him for his language. "Hey I am Chandlers Aunt Donna. Over there beside Chandler is my son Jeremy and his girlfriend Ashley next to Ashley is my daughter Tracey and her husband William. William is a Gordon fan so you will have to excuse that. Next to them is my other daughter Melody and her husband Chris and there children are over there" she points over to the group of boys swinging in the tire swing.

Junior : "It is nice to meet you all." Junior gets a little more comfortable as lunch is served. After a couple of hours he and Jeremy are over at Juniors truck talking about the stereo system and the engine. My cousin Tracey who was known in the family as the Junior fan is drooling all over herself cause he is actually at her family get together. She did the ultimate lizard like fan thing and took the fork he ate off of. I just shook my head and laughed. Since Junior was the new guy he was automatically voted to hide the Easter eggs. We were out in the orchard hiding the eggs when he took my hand into his.

Junior : "I like your mom's family they are like my mom's family."

Chandler: "Really?"

Junior : "Yeah they are funny and real laid-back and country. I think your cousin Tracey took my fork. I set it down and couldn't find it when I came back from the cooler. Her husband is looking at me funny too. He is nice and all but that Gordon fan in him is scarring me"

Chandler : "She did. It had your spit on it you know that is a fans dream. We should start selling like stuff on E-Bay we could kill some profit. I can see it now 'Get your Dale Junior forks with his spit on them.' You are getting scared of a Gordon fan? Aww honey I will protect you."

Junior : "You amaze me Chandler. I love you." I pull him behind the big Pecan tree and lay a long kiss on his lips. He leans me against the tree and we deepen the kiss. He tongue traces my mouth asking for permission to enter it. The egg I had in my hand hit the ground. As pull him closer a finding my favorite curl.

Junior : "I haven't given you a hickey in a while. Must make one." He starts to nibble my neck, It sends shivers down my spine.

When he pulls back to my lips I feel him grin. We finally separate after another good 5 minutes of making out. I touch the place his nibble I know he has marked me. I hope it stays red for a while. So know one questions it. We head back up with empty Easter baskets hand in hand with our laughter feeling the air. How could August want to ruin this for me? The little kids of the family are out hunting eggs when Junior comes back with the video camera. I didn't know he bought it. He gets me and the family together then my uncle gets it and gets video of me and Junior cracking eggs on each others head. Junior's eyes lit up when the talk of the annual Easter 4 wheeler race around the orchard came up. He looked to me for permission then grabbed me to ride on the 4-wheeler with him as he raced. The video was still rolling as Junior turned his hat backwards and launch the 4-wheeler at full speed with me holding on to him for dear life. When he came around leading the last lap of the race it was like he was coming back to a NASCAR victory lane all the family was up cheering. I on the other hand was looking for payback.

Chandler : "Hey Big shot get ready to get your butt kicked by the raining champion."

Junior : "Do what little girl?"

Chandler :"You heard me"

Chandler : "You are going down Earnhardt."

Junior : "Baby Girl don't make me have to beat you and embarrass you in front of the family."

Chandler : "Haha you are the one that will be embarrassed" I lay a quick kiss on his lips and steal his hat and slide it on my head backwards.

Junior : "Be sure this is on video." at the signal we are going around the orchard right on each other Junior slides out in front of me and kicks mud up on to me. I pull and slide move on him that he has done so many times on the race track splashing mud back up on him, He lays back I know he is trying to set me up. On the last lap he speeds up beside me and the mud is flying between both 4-wheeler machines. We cross the imaginary finish line we are both even. Aunt : "It is a tie"

Junior and I both climb off our 4-wheelers. My uncle comes up with the video camera and acts like a reporter

Uncle George : "So Junior and Chandler that was a great race and great finish. What do ya'll have to say" in his best Dick Bergen voice

Junior : "All I have to say is I love this woman beside me with all my heart."

Chandler : "I love you too." Forgetting the family standing there we both kiss each other with our muddy faces. The awes can be heard. After a while we say our good-byes. Junior gives some autographs and we head home for a quick shower and then back to North Carolina. We are on the road back to NC around 9 and don't pull until 3 am we both fall in the bed together in each others arms. Little did we know within the next 2 weeks the fairy tale would end.

Chapter 38

Junior was heading to California late this afternoon for appearances and the Jimmy Kimmel show. He begged me to come with him since he was having to leave on a Tuesday and I wouldn't see him again until early morning Monday. I am staying back because Delana and Kevin are already there and there was a lot of extra work that had to be finished and couldn't be left. Junior is still bitchin to me about not going on the way to the airport.

Junior : "Chan baby why?"

Chandler : "I told you Junior I have to stay back. There is just a lot of extra work right now. I can't just leave it.

Junior : "Yes you can"

Chandler : "No I can't"

Junior : "Yes you can"

Chandler : 'Bug I am not going to argue with you on this"

Junior : "You are so hot when you are arguing." He strokes my hand with his thumb as we pull into a parking spot at the airport. We head towards the hanger where all the teams planes are at. Mikey and Buffy, Steve and Jessica are all there. Junior just shoots me his glare with his eyes still pleading that I was going. When they get the call to head towards the plane we start our goodbyes.

Junior : "I am going to miss you baby girl."

Chandler : "I am going to miss you too."

Junior : "I love you. I am going to call you whenever I miss you"

Chandler : "I will too. Don't go running off with one of those Dahm's I heard about them and you during the playboy shoot. I know they are coming Sunday"

Junior : "No one would make me want to leave you."

Co Pilot: "Last boarding call for DEI"

Chandler : "I love you Junior"

Junior : "I love you too, see you Sunday night." he starts to walk away I grab his hand back.

Chandler : "Hey?"

Junior : "Oh yeah"... he takes me into his arms letting his bag hit the ground. His lips are on mine and his tongue is asking for permission. Soon we are enveloped in each others arms savoring our kiss so it would last us until Sunday night. Only if I had known it would have been our last kiss. When we break our blue eyes met each other.

Junior : "I love you"

Chandler : "I love you too." I send him off with a swift little slap on his butt. He turns around and flashes me that wink that all his female fans adore.

It was now early Sunday morning. I can't sleep I just have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I look over at the clock 3am. That means it is 12 in Cali maybe Junior is still up. I grab the phone and dial his number. After 2 rings I hear the other end pick up

Junior : "Hey baby why are you up so late?"

Chandler : "Hey bug"... I smile forms across my lips just hearing his voice.

Chandler : "Whatcha up to?"

Junior : "The guys are over and we are playing some video games."

Chandler : "Really?"

Junior : "Yeah their women let them off there leashes to come over and play with me. Cause I am lonely."

Chandler : "Cute, I miss you"

Junior : "Miss you to hold on someone wants to say something to you"

Delana : "Girl what is up?"

Chandler : "Hey De"

Delana : "You owe me"

Chandler : "Why... I am the one who worked all week?"

Delana : "You left me to spend time with all this weirdoes at the track and to top that all Junior does is talk about Chandler this and Chandler that."

Chandler : "Aww really"

Delana : "Yeah it is sick.. hold on someone.."

Kevin : "Chandler you punkass what is up?" he says with laughter in his voice

Chandler : "Kevin you suck" I start to laugh at our exchange

Kevin : "Dude watch it I am your boss"

Chandler : "I am so scared Junior will beat you up if you mess with me"

Kevin : "Oh yeah I am so scared of him and his scrawny ass"

Chandler: "You better be" By the end of the phone call I had talk to Kevin, De, Krissy, Ryan, and Tony. Even after saying good-bye to Junior. I still had a bad gut feeling about today. I laid in the bed staring at the ceiling until 6. I finally decide sleep was not going to happen. The house was chilly. It didn't feel like the warm loving place it normally does. I grab a blanket and head to the couch. The movies me and Bug had rented were still laying on the coffee table. I slide one of them in on the dvd player. I was in tears at the end of Antwone Fisher when the phone rang startling me.

Junior : "Good morning baby."

Chandler : "Hey"... I am surprised he called this early it was 8 our time and 5 his time

Junior : "You surprised?"

Chandler : "Yeah sweetie it is 5 why are you up?"

Junior : "I couldn't sleep and missed you"

Chandler : "I miss you so much. How many hours until you are home? The house is so lonely. Red is just moping around."

Junior : "I miss you to. I get to see you in 18 hours."

Chandler : "That is to long"

Junior : "I know. Did you get any sleep?"

Chandler : "Nah. I can't sleep without being in your arms and feeling safe"

Junior : "You are always safe with me."

After another hour of talking we finally say our good-byes and made plans to stay in each others arms until we had to separate when he got home. I had awhile to waste before the race came on. I went and took a nice long shower hoping that would make my uneasy feeling go away. It never did I had caught up on the house cleaning and laundry. I was finally sitting down again painting my nails when the doorbell rang. I looked up at the clock it was 12:15. Little did I know my life was changing when I opened the door.

Chandler : "Holy Shit What the hell are you doing here?!?!?!"

August : "Well good afternoon to you too."

Chandler : "Leave!!!"

August : "No sweetheart it is time we talked"

Chandler : "Get out!!!" I yell at him as loud a I could

August : "Chandler Chandler".... I feel his hand connect to my cheek.

August : "Never talk to me that way. Get your shit packed. You are leaving with me."

Chandler : "The hell I am!"

August : "What did I just tell you?".... he comes towards me and pins me against the couch

August : "If you don't get your shit packed in two hours next week at Richmond your little boyfriend will be joining his daddy. Cause he won't make to the last lap understand me I am not fucking around."

Chandler : "You wouldn't"

August : "Don't test me Chandler." I see the look in his eyes and I know he is serious. The grip on my wrist is starting to hurt. I can hear Red barking and growl towards August.

Chandler : "Please August Please don't hurt him. I love him please. I will go with you just don't hurt him."

August : "No you love me. I will be back in 2 hours have your shit packed and ready to go." He turns around and motions for 2 huge guys both built up with muscles each weighing around 300 pounds. Red begins to bark even louder

August : "Two hours Chandler say good-bye to this. You are coming back with me. Oh yeah these guys are watching you while I am gone." He turns and heads out of Junior and mine's house. I just stand there stunned for a couple minutes when one of the men interrupt my thoughts.

Big Man: "2 hours Ma'am"

I am walking away from the best life I had ever had. I head to the bedroom. Only last week Junior had given me an experience I would never forget and only wished for more. I stand and glance around the room. His shoes are still laying at the closet door the bed hasn't been made. I slide my arms around his pillow and breath in the scent of him. My tears start to fall. I have to leave my Junior, my superman. I love him so much why am I having to leave? I can't lose him if I stay but I can't live without him. My body goes through the motions of packing. When I get all my suitcases filled. My eyes have no more tears to cry. I look at the picture that Junior had just put on he wall in the living room of me and him with or families in Talladega. God why are you doing this to me? I need him. One of the men take my luggage to the door. I have one hour left. I walk into the office and begin writing my heart out to Junior on a piece of paper. By the end, the paper is tear stained I walk back to the bedroom we had shared for 3 months now. In those 3 months my life had changed. He had saved me now I am saving him. I slide his championship ring off my finger. As I have to walk away from the love of my life. My superman, My angel, My Junior.

Chapter 39


Damn where is Chandler? She has never not come to pick me up from the airport. No one is answering the house phone and her cell is off.

Junior: "Hey DJ can you drop my off at my house?"

Dale Jarrett: "Yeah boy come on..." I am still amazed that I get dropped off at my house now in a helicopter and not a car. Being a NASCAR Superstar has its perks. The house is dark when I walk up to the door and the garage down. My baby girl must be asleep. When I open the door the house is totally black except for the light on in the bedroom. Chandler must have fallen asleep and turned the ringer off so she wouldn't be disturbed. I walk to the kitchen to grab a beer. The mail is laying on the kitchen table. I notice that all the dishes are clean and put away as if no one had been in the kitchen at all. I lay my bag down by the washing machine. When I get to the bedroom Chandler is not there. Red and Bud are laying on our bed. I walk in a Red looks up to me and just whimpers.

Junior: "What is wrong boy where is mama at?" As I pet him I notice a note laying on the center of the bed and my Busch Championship ring. There is also the scrapbook Chan had been working on and some other pictures around it.

What the hell??. I pick up the note and take a swig of beer as I read it outside.

Turn the stereo on as you read this.

She must be up to something surprising me with something. God I love her. I walk over to the stereo and turn it on taking the remote. I fall back on the bed. I hate west coast races. I open the note and mash play. Wait I know this song from somewhere I think I heard it on CMT why is she having my listen to this("") not a day goes by fills the air as I start to read.


Baby I know that if you are listening to the song and reading this you are confused. I have loved you since the first day I met you in January. You are my superman, my angel, my Junior and the love of my life. I will always love you and never will stop. This isn't my choice, but I have to leave you. It is for you own good. Your future was never assured when you are with me. It is safer for you for us to be separated. You have my heart and soul. I will never love another. Forever. I remember the first time I told you I love you, I promise you this is not the last time I will say I love you. I will be with you always. I can't have you live your life without you knowing that I love you, I want you to be the man I marry, the man I make love to, and the father of my children. Junior this is so hard. I promise I am not doing this willingly but it is for you Oh God, I hope one day you will see it. The guilt I feel for you hurting you is horrible, but I know if I don't end it the pain that someone will cause you will be worse. Be strong and this is nothing you have done you have been perfect. I promised you Forever and Forever is what we will have someday I pray. I love you Dale EarnhardtJr., With all my love


Junior : "What the hell?" I jump up and go to the closet. All her clothes are gone. I walk into the bathroom all her things are gone from there too. Her CDs she would never leave her music. Shit they are gone I head back into the bedroom. Maybe I read this wrong.

Junior : "SHIT".... I yell so loud Bud and Red jump up and run out of the room. She left me. My baby left me. The note crumples up in my balled up fist. Why... Why everyone I love leaves me. She left without at fucking good-bye. God I love her. I don't understand. My emotions are unable to controlled anymore. My head drops into my hands. My tear stained face looks up and sees the picture of me and chandler on the wall. The beer bottle in my hand hits the picture with fury shattering it and the picture into pieces. I need another beer. I here the glass of the bottle and the picture crumble more under my foot as I walk to the kitchen. Hell I need more than beer. There is a whole bottle of Jack Daniel's and some Kentucky Whiskey DW had given me. Screw the cups. The Jack Daniel's slides down my raw throat burning as it goes down. Damn were are my cigarettes? Damn why isn't the pain going away? My Chandler is gone. It hurts so bad

Junior : "Daddy... Daddy... I know you are up there. Daddy my Chandler is gone. She is gone"... I bend down and take the shatter picture of us off the floor and sink down the wall.

Junior : "Daddy I need you. I can't handle this. She is gone my life is gone. It hurts so bad. Make the pain go away. I loved her. God why do you take away everyone I love? Am I such a bad person?" My tears won't stop they just keep falling. I notice something on the floor of the closet. It is one of Chandlers T-shirts. I reach for it, her scent is still on it.

Junior : "Send her back to me please. I need her in my life. Please." After a case of bud half a bottle of Jack Daniel's and some whiskey the pain is still there. I feel my body begin to shut down as I just lay down on the floor clutching the picture of me and chandler and the scent of her shirt.

Junior : "Daddy bring her back"

Chapter 40

Chandler's POV

August : "Home Sweet Home".... I hear him say as we pull up in front of the hell hole that I use to live in. Eugene is at the door with his mouth gaping open. August steps out of the car first and reaches to help me out.

Chandler : "Don't touch me." I slap his hand away. I get my bag out of the car while the driver just stares at me.

August : "She goes and stays with that hick and losses all her class that she had." I turn around and flick him off.

August : "See." Bonnie is standing at the staircase when I walk in. My heart is hurting and the anger that is flowing throughout my body at August. He wormed his way back in to my life. He knew that I would do anything for the man that I love. That man is Junior. If staying with this ass protects him I will do that. I just need to find away to get back to the man I love. Let him know I love him and where I am.

Bonnie : "Miss Chandler?"

Chandler : "What?!?!".. Bonnie steps back from me when she sees the look in my eye that Junior taught me and my tone.

Bonnie : "Why are you... here?"

Chandler : "Ask that bastard at the door." I storm up the stairs and slam the door shut so I know that it echoes through the huge house. My body can't take it anymore. I break down and fall on to the bed. Once my eyes can't cry anymore tears, I get up and throw everything out of my bag looking for the things that I still had to connect me with Junior. Finally I see his shirt that was on the bed I grabbed on the way out. The smell of him brings the tears back.

Chandler : "God I love Junior"

Junior's POV

Junior : "God I love Chandler"... Damn it. The morning sun it streaming through the blinds in the bedroom. I must have fallen asleep down here last night. Shit my head is throbbing. I go to sit up and the whole night rushes back to me. She is gone. I crawl up just enough and slide in the bed. Shit I can smell her so clear here it is like she is right beside me. The man in my head with the hammer is luring me back to sleep. I turn over into Chandlers pillow and fall asleep to her scent. I hear the radio going off around 7pm when I finally wake up again.

Cause I can't make you love me if you don't.

You can't make your heart feel

Something it won't.

Here in the dark,

In these final hours

I will lay down my heart

And I'll feel the power

But you won't,

No you won't.

Cause I can't make you love me

Junior : "Great just what I fucking need to hear right now. I need another drink."

I stumble out of bed wearing what I had on still from the flight from Cali. I get to the kitchen. There is no more beer left up there. After checking the garage and Pub E there is nothing to drink to numb the pain that is from Chandler. I grab a set of keys and head to garage. Just my luck it's for the Tahoe that Chandler was driving. I open the door, the scent of her is here to. I look on the dash next to the gages there is a picture of her and me both in our bud hats smiling. I really need to get to the bar. When I crank up the car. The CD I made her is blasting through the speakers. I definitely need to get to the bar. 15 minutes later I pull the Tahoe into the first spot I find. I see my self in the rearview mirror.

Junior : "Damn Junior you look like shit." The smell of alcohol is in the air as I enter the bar I recognize some of my old girlfriends that are hanging all over their new boyfriends. I grab the stool on the end of the bar and ask for a bucket of beer for myself. I try to drink the pain away. After 2 buckets and some secret shots I got snuck. I am feeling the buzz. I hear a voice behind me.

Veronica : "Hey sweetie you look lonely need some company?"

Junior : "Um yeah I guess" I look at the busty brunette in front of me she has Chandlers hair but is lacking her class.

Veronica : "What is a man like you doing alone tonight, with no girlfriend?

Junior : "She is out of town." in some town I don't know of

Veronica : "Well maybe I can help you out and make you feel better." She moves so that her cleavage is right in front of my face. The liquor begins to take effect as I wrap my arm around her and buy us another bucket of beer. Hours pass and pass. The drinks keep piling up. Soon the busty brunette is not the only one that is getting my attention. My judgment is gone when one of the girls plop down on my lap and drag her hands down my leg. I hear a man yell my name as I turn he is there with a camera taking pictures. I feel the girls hand move up and touch me.

Junior :"What the hell are you doing?" in my drunken slur

Shelly : "Baby I am just making you feel better You want to feel better right?"

Junior : "Yeah" I want anything to take the pain away

Shelly : "Let me make you feel better".. she leans about to kiss me when I feel a swift jerk up of my stool sending the girl back.

Shane : "He has a girlfriend back off"... I turn around and see that Josh and Shane have me by the shoulders and the rest of the DMP is behind them

Junior :"What the hell are ya'll doing I was talking to Shannon. No wait Sharon. Shit Shelly yeah Shelly that is it." I get no answer as I am pulled out of the bar.

Junior : "WOOHOOO DALE JUNIOR IS THE MAN! YOU SEE THOSE GIRLS SHANEY" I yell as I fight to get loose and go back to the girls that were taking my pain away.

Shane : "Yeah Junior shut up and come on" He slings me in the back seat next to the boys.

Shane : "Junior where is Chandler?"

Junior :"Hahaha, she is gone! Left me! I am all alone. Hey don't take my beer." Dave tries to take the beer out of my hand

T.J. : "What? She is gone?"

Junior : "Gone Gone Gone" I laugh as I hear myself echo in the back-seat

Martin : "Junior man take it down an octave"

Junior : "Let me tell you something Mar - Tin ." I sling my arm around him

Martin : "What is that man?"

Junior : "I am Dale fucking Earnhardt Junior. Why should I stick with one pussy when I can be thronged by millions? She didn't give me any anyway."

Shane : "Junior shut the hell up. Why are talking about Chandler like that?"

Junior : "Cause Shane she left me. The pimp of pimps." When we come to a stop I jump out of the car.

Junior : "Gotta Pee." I pee right in the planter by the door.

Dave : "You going to be okay?"

Josh : "I think we need to help him in"

Junior :"Nah I am the man I can do it." I stumble in my door tripping over some papers in the floor on my way to my room. I think I am going to be sick. I hear the guys yell that they are out. When I head to the bathroom stepping again on the broken beer bottle on my floor. The pain of her not being here shoots through me.

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