Chapter 1 - 4

Maybe it was the way that he was never home and I was left in this huge mansion with nothing to and only the servants to hang out with how did I get to this point of unhappiness I always swore to my self that I would always be little Miss Independent. I wouldn't be letting some man run me or toy with my emotions. But I let him. He was what I always wanted not growing up with a father he was older he knew life I didn't have to make the decisions he ran his families company one of the biggest brewery's in the world. But that fact was that he was never home always away with some other girl that was older and more experienced.

Why did I let him hold me on the leash like he did I was his trophy yeah that is it I was the trophy the girl that was just there for looks he never acknowledge my achievement I mean here I am 21 years old a graduate of a top university in the southeast with a degree in public relations and pre law. But August never acknowledge that I was still just a intern that was also the boss's girl that is right not girlfriend girl. Many thought I was his whore the girl that slept her way to the top. After awhile the comments stop stinging and I got use to them. Maybe soon I will become the whore everyone talked about but as of now me and August never slept in the same room never even made it past the making out stage he never wanted more I wasn't willing yet to give him more I still had those ideal dreams of waiting till marriage so I could say my cheesy spill that me and the friends that I use to have made up "You are my first my last and my only." August will never hear. I was never good enough for him. August said he cared but when you care you are there I am not justifying my actions I was always against cheating but you could consider that I was driven to another man by him . August drove me into the arms of a man that drive 200mph every Sunday for the company a man that remembered my birthday my favorite songs and new the little things that August never attempted. August drove me into the arms of Budweiser media darling he drove me into the arms of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Chapter 1

6 Months Earlier

I was sitting in the office at the house or the mansion more or less trying to pay attention to what August is saying over the phone he is probably talking to another girl. I have been suspecting this for awhile but his short answers and nervous habit of rolling his neck I can tell it is someone that he doesn't want me to hear there conversation. When the call ends he stares at me for a moment and beings his spill I know he is leaving again. Just not sure how long it will be this it me

“Chandler I have to leave for a month to go to Europe and see how the expansion plants are working out over there.”

“Can't I go with you????”

“No you need to stay here there a lot of functions that the company is having and you need to show your face there and this time act like you are happy to be there.”

“I would be happy if you were there with me instead of me having to sit with the rejects out of the country club. August you know that is not me. I get tried of having to smile and act like I am enjoying this. I am not dating you anymore I am dating the company.”

With that comment he walks out. Which is a talent he has mastered already. Walking out is what I should be doing.

“Miss Chandler what is that look for Mr. Busch leaving again???” Bonnie asks. Bonnie has become more and more like a mother to me. She is the maid, cook anything you need done Bonnie can do it she reminds me of the maid off "Gone with the Wind".

“Yes ma'mn he is leaving for a month this time. Going to Europe so he says to see the plants over there and how they are doing. I better get up there to him and help him pack maybe he will at least acknowledge me.” I head up in to the bedroom that August stays in he is already packed

“How did you get done so quick?”

“I packed last night” he says as he puts on his jacket and starts out the door I get a cold kiss on the cheek and a not much warmer hug as he goes down the steps he looks back to me and says I will call you when I can. Which means I'll call you when I remember which will be once over the whole trip. When he walks out the door I make the decision that this is the last month I will take this and when he comes back we are going to have a talk and either work us out or there will be no us I am going to get my life back. Once the limo is pulled away I close the door and call all the servants in the foyer.

"Ya'll have the next month off with pay until Mr. Busch comes back. They all leave and this house is finally quiet. I stand in foyer a minute and think to myself August hates when I act country and god I can't wait to get in a pair of jeans and a T-Shirt and get this house jamming. I mental slap myself Note to self : Must concentrate on getting my life back.

Chapter 2 and 3

The next morning I hear the phone ringing waking me up from my sleep


Jade : “Is the Chandler”

Chandler : ‘Yes”

Jade: “This is Jade Gruss as you know tonight is the winter banquet for Budweiser”

Chandler : “Well no sir I didn't know it was tonight August I mean Mr. Busch mentioned it yesterday but never gave me a day”

Jade : “Well it is tonight and Mr. Busch wants you in attendance”

Chandler : “Yes I know”

Jade : “He also want you to attend with my client Dale Earnhardt Jr since you both seem to not enjoy these functions.”

As I hear the name Dale Earnhardt Jr my mind automatically flashback to freshman year in high school when me, Jamie, Megan and Dana skipped school to go see Jr at a autograph session in the next town over.

Jade : “Anyone there”

Chandler : “Yes Mr. Gruss I am hear”

Jade : “Jr will be by at 8 to pick you up for the banquet also Mr. Busch said that it is a formal occasion and for you to dress nice and act like you are civilized.”

Chandler : “Okay thank you”

As I hang up, my mind is racing and my emotions are haywire. I am raging mad at August act civilized what does he think I am a heathen . But then I am going with Jr the most wanted man in NASCAR and my favorite driver. I call the first person I can think of for help.


Chandler : “Bonnie”

Bonnie : “Miss Chandler”

Chandler : “Yes Ma'mn I need your help. August has me going to a winter banquet tonight and I need someone to help can you come over.”

Bonnie : “Yes Ma'mn I sure can.”

“Thank You Bonnie”

I fall back to asleep again and it is 2 pm before I hear some noise downstairs I get out of bed ironically wrapped in my Dale Jr throw when I top the stairs I see all the servants. I see Bonnie bossing around some of the servants she is a killer in action . She sees me

Bonnie : "Miss Chandler about time ya came and joined us"

I just smile and head down the stairs you know what screw August I climb on the rail like a little kid and ride it down only be caught at the end by Eugene

Eugenie : "Now Miss Chandler what am I going to do with you"

Chandler : “Not sure Eugenie”

He just laughs and smiles "You looked like batman sliding down that rail with your blanket around your neck" I give him a hug and head to the kitchen . I see my favorite waffles with peanut butter I knew Bonnie was behind it. I eat and joke and play around them unitl I have to get ready for the evening . I get my dress which is of course Bud Red and wear my shoulder length hair in curls on the top of my head I look in the mirror on my way out. Damn I look like I am going to a bad prom a couple years late. As I head down to the stairs I hear Eugene yell to me

"Young lady don't even think about coming down those stairs riding on that rail." As I get to the top of the stairs I see a young man dressed in a black suit with silver tie kinda like what Regis use to wear on who wants be a millionaire. When he turns around I am taken back. His red hair and ice blue eyes seem to standing out he walks to the end of the stair case. In my head I am chanting don't look like and ass don't ruin this . August will kill me if I screw this up. When I get to him he introduces himself

Jr : “I am Dale Earnhardt Jr”

Chandler : “Hi I am Chandler”

Can I sound anymore stupid Hi am chandler I have no brain and I appear to be stupid. There is a break in my thought when I hear a voice I recognize from the phone

Jade ; “Okay Jr you and Chandler need to leave now to make it to the banquet you are sitting with some people from the country club”

We both groan I turn and look at him he looks back at me and smiles damn that boy should never be able to smile. Must concentrate.

Jade : “Oh yeah and one more thing you to can' leave early and you must at like you care to be there Jr I mean it this time no going to the bathroom and never coming back.”

Damn there is that damn smile again.

I feel a hand on my shoulder that is leading me out of the door when we get to the limo the driver opens the door we slide in there is complete silence all the way to the banquet when we pull up I hear him say "Welcome to hell please leave your name at the door we will get back to you ." I crack up and start to laugh I haven' smiled in such a long time it feels good to do it again. He notices me laughing and it catches on to him we calmed down when walk in. Once again I feel his hand but it is one the bare small of my back. It is soft but force full leading me in. We find our seats at the table as soon as we sit down people begin coming over to talk to Jr he handles it with ease and answers many questions. During the 15th presentation I feel his breath on my neck and then hear him say lets blow this joint. I laugh and look at him and he holds out his hand and I put mine in his electricity erupts. We head back out to the limo something posses me and I look at him a notice our hands are still in each others

Chandler : “Why don't ya come back to the house and hang out for awhile. So I can beat you on Nascar Thunder 2003.” With that his face lights up

Junior : "You can't handle me little girl"

Chandler : "I think I can you will be going down bud boy"

We walk into the house and I see to heads pop around the corner Bonnie and Eugene are still there I know they are waiting to hear about the night . Just as Bonnie begins to move Jr walks in behind me Eugene's eyes get big and Bonnie's mouth drops to the floor.

Chandler : “Jr this is Bonnie and Eugene they are the coolest people in the house.”

They both greet each other and Bonnie and Eugene get out of the house like a bat out of hell

I show Jr the den and he automatically hits my cd collection .

Chandler : “Jr I'll be right back I have to get out of this dress.” I hear him mumble something to the effect you need any help

I come back down stairs in my old navy pj pants and a auburn hooded sweatshirt. I see he has already gotten out of his jacket and shoes and now is wearing a white undershirt messing with the sound system

Chandler : “Yo Sherlock Holm when ya mash the on button things turn on.”

He turns around and flicks me off.

Chandler : “You need help?”

Jr : “Nope”

All of a sudden Linkin Park's Somewhere I belong blasts threw the speaker he turns around and yells



He knocks the volume down a little and comes next to me.

Jr :“Your theme song”

Chandler : “Don't ask long story”

Jr :“I got all night”

Chandler : “You asked for it”

I tell him the whole story of my relationship with August and that song just speaks exactly how I feel as I chock the last words out I feel the tears coming and 2 arms wrap around me and the strong scent of Drakkar fills my scenes. The tears start to come. I feel him pull away and then he is back again holding me closer and letting me cry I can hear a song playing in the back

I always said that be it

That I wouldn't stick around

If it ever came to this

And here I am, so confused

How am I supposed to leave

When I can't even move

In the time it would've took to say

"Honey, I'm home, how was your day."

You dropped a bomb right where we live

And you just expect me to.......

Forgive that is a might big word

For such a small man

And, I'm not sure I can

When we finally pull apart out of the hug he looks at me and says

Jr : “You ready to get your ass beat by me”

He makes me smile once again

Chandler : “Are you ready to get your ass beat by me”

With that I am tackled down to the floor laughing and rolling around. He pins me down on my back I stop laughing a look up in to his eyes it seems like his eyes are asking me permission for what is going to do next but I am so lost in them I never acknowledge the request with one swift motion his lips are on mine. His lips are soft and gentle he is not probing or being rough just light a delicate with we finally break apart he begins

Junior : " I am so sorry you are my bosses girlfriend." I put my finger over his lips.

Chandler : "I wanted it to happen there is nothing to be sorry about I'm not". We finally end up playing the game and we haven't made one lap threw 10 games of wrecking each other out. We end up going to the kitchen and eating whatever we could find you would think this scrawny boy wouldn't eat much you would surprised. I hear Jr in the den messing with something when I walk back with some cokes and some more gummy worms.

When ever you feel bad I want ya to think about me and play this song

Let me see you get low you scared you, scared you

Drop dat ass to the floor you scared you, scared you

Let me see you get low you scared you, scared you

Drop dat ass to the floor you scared you, scared you

Drop dat ass ya shake it fast ya

Pop dat ass to the left and the right ya

Drop dat ass ya shake it fast ya

Pop dat ass to the left and the right ya

Now back,back,back it up

a back,back,back it up

a back,back,back it up

a back,back,back it up

Now stop ( O) then wiggle wit ya

Now stop ( O) then wiggle wit ya

Now stop ( O) then wiggle wit ya

Now stop ( O) then wiggle wit ya

All of a sudden I see Jr stop and then wiggle it I am rolling on the floor laughing so hard. He is dancing and singing along. I can only imagine what him and his friends are like from the stories he had told me earlier in the evening I know now that I will have to meet them.

Jr : What

Chandler : Nothing you just make me laugh

Jr :You should do it more you have a pretty smile and this is our new song.

Oh My God did he just say I had a pretty smile. I lean against the couch and feel him come and sit by me

Jr : Wanna play again

Chandler : Nah I don;t think you can handle be wrecking you out againthere is his damn smile again and those eyes. We end up watching some old Saturday night live shows I can feel my body getting tired I lean back to close my eyes for a minute.

I wake up with two arms wrapped around me and my head is on someone's chest. I feel lips on my forehead

Chapter 4

Jr: Good Morning

Chandler : Mmmmm Good Morning

Jr : Didn't mean to wake you but you were so cute I just had to kiss you.

I am taken back by what he just said. Why am I getting so caught up in this I mean this is Dale Earnhardt Jr the most wanted man in sports nearly and he can have any girl he wants and he is spitting his game at me.

Chandler : "Hahaha I am sure you say that to all the girls." I lean up against the couch. We must have both fallen asleep and ended up in each others arms. I can't lie I felt safe and loved. Loved I can be feeling loved it must be lust or gas from last nights gummy worms. I look at his face my last comment didn't go over well.

Junior : “What do ya think I make it a habit to meet girls and fall for them and ended up sleeping on the floor in there den. Wait no I make it a point for it to be my boss's girlfriend from what I can gather treats her like shit and cheats on her. I know she would be a whole lot happier when she leaves the bastard.” His tone is harsh and got alot of emotion behind it.He just didn't tell me what I am suppose to live my life like.

Chandler : "Who do you think you are telling me how I should live my life I didn't ask to meet you I was fine being a fan of yours and living in my shitty life Just fine." Don't cry don't cry. I tell myself. My tears start to flow but I can't control my mouth especially what is about to flow

Chandler : “What I have known you all of 24 hrs and I have feeling for you. I am with August I can't feel the way I feel the way about you. One more thing you want my take on you. Here it goes. You want attention so go and sleep with everything that walks well your little games aren't going to work with me I live with the master of bullshit I get it feed to me everyday. I am not some whore that everyone thinks I am. Me and August have never even slept in the same bed much less the same room. I am not that kinda girl I have morals good morals Southern Baptist morals.” With that he cracks up

Chandler : "This isn't funny dammit. I can even yell at you with out wanting to kiss you."

Junior : "Well nothing is holding you back"

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