Chapters 5 - 10

Chapter 5

'Okay girl, pull your heart back in your chest. He is looking oh so fine and didn't even object to you going over there and kissing him. Oh, he is getting close to me. Does my breath smell okay? His lips are moving closer 5,4,3,2,1. I feel his soft lips on my cheek then a whisper in my ear

Junior : "Did August ever tell you how sexy you are when you get mad" Holy SHIT he just said that to me. I feel him kiss my neck and bring me into his arms.

Chandler : "I could get use to this," I whisper in his ear.

Chandler : "Junior we can't do this, I say, two wrongs don't make a right" He pulls me back and looks directly into my eyes

Junior : "Well, to me, it is more like 2 rights and one wrong. We are the 2 rights." He leans in to me and gently kisses me on the lips I can feel is hands on the small of my back. I wrap my arms around his neck and touch his hair that is going everywhere from his sleep. I can feel him slowly opening his mouth on mine. After 30 minutes we are on the couch making out like a couple of teenagers who parents left them the house. He was the perfect gentleman wasn't trying to go beyond what I wanted him to. We are broken apart by his cell phone ringing. "Shit," he groans.

Jr. : "Yeah What?"

Jade: "Where the hell are you? You never came back from the banquet?? Ya better have not done anything stupid!"

Jr. : "I am at a friends. I will be there soon." As soon as he says that I feel him kiss the top of my head.

Jade : "Did you just kiss somebody? "Wait before you answer it!" I don't want to know. Get over here we have to fly to Daytona and test"

Jr. : "Okay Jade, I said I will be there soon"

I hear him close his cell phone. I don't want him to leave. For the first time I have felt something for someone. What the hell am I thinking? I have known him all of 24hrs, but it seems like I have known him for forever. I snuggle up close to him I feel his hug and the still present scent of Drakkar. We both didn't move until 10 minutes later.

Junior : "I gotta really go. Jade is going to give birth to something if I don't"

Chandler : "I know ya do." I say.

He brushes a piece of hair away from my face, this brings a smile to my face

Junior begins to speak up. "What is that grin for? Ya happy I am leaving?"

Chandler : "No, I am just thinking about this morning. Wait Junior., you say you had fallen for me too?"I don't get an answer instead I get a deep passionate kiss.

Junior :"I think so"..... He finishes putting on his shoes and his dress shirt. I walk him to the door. He pulls me close.

Junior : " I am going to call you. I promise every night I will show you what it is like to be treated like a woman should be"He walks out the door. I hope he sticks to his promise. I know what my talk will be with August when he comes back. I know the answers to all the questions I have been wondering.

It has been a 2 weeks since I last saw Junior. He has held his promise. Every night I been getting a call and every night they have stretched longer and longer. I got a package in the mail 3 days after he left. It was a picture of him and his friends all standing together smiling and Junior was holding up a sign that said "Get Low." Last night he said I was going to be getting a surprise soon. I can only imagine what that could be from him 'my bug.' My bug, I love the sound of that the first night he was gone I remember how he got that name from me


Jr: "I miss ya already! Ya know you are my baby girl now, don't you?"

Chandler: "So I have made it to the stance of getting a nickname from you?"

Jr.: "Yeah, you should feel honored."

Chandler: "I do! Now all I have to do is think of one for you."

Jr.: "Well God knows everyone knows all my nicknames just don't call me Ralphie.

Chandler : "I won't. I got it"

Jr. : "What?"

Chandler: "Bug"

Jr: "Bug..." I can hear the hesitation in his voice

Chandler :"Yeah bug as in junebug, but I know that has some special meaning to it so ya get to be bug as in roach bug"

Jr: "Thank you Miss. Smartass. Long as I'm your bug then I will accept it."I get distracted by my cell ringing. I look at the caller id "MY BUG"

Chandler : "Hello?"

Jr: "Hey baby"

Chandler: "Where are ya at? Crap, hold on, someone is at the door...(I walk to the door). So where are ya at again?"I open the door and there is my bug standing at the door with a dozen peach roses.

Chandler : "OMG what are ya doing here? Come here don't answer that."I grab him and kiss him. I can tell he is caught off guard.

Jr: "Damn ya miss me as much as I missed you ?"

Chandler : "Yes!!" I still have my death grip on him. He looks so cute in his American Eagle hooded sweatshirt, baggy jeans and toboggan on.

Jr: "Get your stuff packed we are going on a trip."

Chandler: "I can't I have to stay here. What if August calls and I am not here?"

Jr: "Will you just get your stuff packed? The plane is waiting to take us back home. Home"

Chandler: "Home?"

Jr: "Yeah to Mooresville. Me and You have some place to go tonight."I don't even look at what I am putting in my bag. I pack everything on the bathroom counter into a bag and I am out the door with the man I think I am falling in love with. I finally start to breathe again and settle my emotions down when we are in the air. I am looking out the window when I feel Jr. reaching for my hand I snuggle up to him and fall asleep on his shoulder. I wake up to kisses on the top of my head. When we walk off the plane I see a group of guys standing there talking about something. They all look up "JUNNNNNNNNYAAAA", they all say in unison I look over at him.

Chandler : "This must be your posse"

Junior: "Yeah" he beams like a proud father. Everyone this is Chandler. She is my friend, as of right now, but soon she better be more."I can feel him shoot me a look.

Jr: "Chandler this is: Shane, Josh, Martin, T.J, Dave.

Chandler : "Hey"

Friends: "Junior you tell her yet what we are doing?"

Jr.: "Nope"

Chandler: "Tell me what"

Jr: "Well I know you like Blake Shelton and Montgomery Gentry. So I got all of us tickets to there show which is ironically playing right after the PBR event in town."

Chandler : "You little ass. How did ya know I liked the bullriding?"

Jr.: "A little bird named Bonnie told me"

Chandler: "Tell me to thank her after I thank you."I give him and quick kiss on the cheek.

He whispers to me "I hope I get more than that little kiss tonight." I feel him lick the side of my ear. I know we are going to be ending up making out somewhere and who knows what else.

Chapter 7

I feel him grab my hand as we walk out of the PBR event heading to the concert area. I look over at him and he looks so cute. No one recognized him tonight. He was all decked out in a black cowboy ha, black sweater and some very nice fitting jeans. What some fans would kill for the pictures that we took tonight together. It was like a photo shoot with him tonight. All night he would say,

" Baby lets get a picture together here and there and with this bull rider and this bull rider."

I got to meet my favorite riders Justin McBride and Ross Coleman. They were awesome. Bug said I would have another surprise tomorrow. I donít know what could top this so far maybe the concert that we are walking to. My thoughts were interrupted,

Junior : "Baby what are thinking so hard about?" he asked.

Chandler : "Just how much fun I am having with you and your cute little ass in that hat." I feel him stop and take me behind a column in the foyer of the stadium.

Junior : "Did I tell you how cute you looked today?"Before I could answer his lips were on mine and I could feel his hands on butt he slipped his tongue in my mouth. I can hear people walking past us laughing and making comments. It seems to turn him on more.

Chandler : "Slow Down Cowboy" I slide my hands up and down his back so much for him slowing

Junior : "Hmmm" Is all I get then he finally breaks away after five more minutes.

Chandler : "What is that little smirk for?"

Junior : "Nothing."

With that he pulls his arm around my shoulders and we walk into the concert and find our seats which are in the front row. The DMP are already there and they see Jr and bust out laughing with the sight of him in the cowboy hat. He flicks them off and kisses me on the cheek. They all make kissing noises this time I flick them off and get a cheer.

Josh : "Jr she is going to fit right in with us." All of the sudden the intro to "My Town" begins. All the guys shoot glances at each other and all begin to sing

Na, na, na, na, na.)

Yeah, this is my town.

(Na, na, na, na, na.)


Where I was born, where I was raised.

Where I keep all my yesterdays.

Where I ran off 'cos I got mad,

An' it came to blows with my old man.

Where I came back to settle down,

It's where they'll put me in the ground:

This is my town.

(Na, na, na, na, na.)

Yeah, this is my town.

(Na, na, na, na, na.)

My town.

By the end of the song they were screaming DMP. The rest of the set was great The DMP, Bug and I all sang every one of the songs. I have never laughed that hard since I had been with Jr. I only wished I had my girls back that I lost when I lost who I was. I can see how Jr lights up when he is around his friends and the smile he gets. I know he loves them as if they're his brothers; they are great guys.

Dave : "Chandler, ya better start getting used to us, we are now yours forever to take care of. "

Chandler : "I will be glad to guys, just don't make me do ya laundry." They all laugh and leave to get some beers. Jr looks over at me while Blake's band is warming up.

Junior : "Having fun?" He asks.

Chandler : "A blast you are too sweet to be doing this for me,"

Junior: "Hey you are my baby girl. I told you I was going to treat you the way you should be." He leans over and pulls me on to his lap and kisses me again.I can feel his heated kiss all the way down to my toes. When we pull apart I lay my head against his shoulder. Blake's band finishes warming up and Blake comes on to the stage. I am screaming and cheering for him like a bad scene from a NSYNC music video. Jr is just standing beside me laughing. After a couple of songs Blake sits on the stool and begins the intro of a slow song

Blake : "This is to 2 very special people out in the audience. Baby girl this is from your Bug."I feel Jrs arms go around me and kiss me on the cheek. When Blake starts to sing so does Jr in my ear.

Funny Thing about dreamers

When the dream is in their sights

Just to get where they're goin

They leave alot of good things behind

Guess you could call me a dreamer

And I've seen it all come true

So I smile when I need to look happy

And I do all the things they tell me to

Yeah I'm a big self-made man

And a fool that can't understand

I thought I needed fortune

I thought I needed fame

But all I need is to hear you

Whisper my name

I could only make the future

An extension of my past

I'd take this broken memories

And make those moments last

Now that my ship has come

I wonder what I have done

I thought I needed fortune

I thought I needed fame

But all I need is to hear you

Whisper my name

I thought I needed fortune

I thought I needed fame

But all I need is to hear you

Whisper my name

Oh yeah

Whisper Baby

The tears are falling down my cheeks by the end of the song. I turn in to Jr's arms and he butterfly kiss my tears away. I hear Jr whisper something into my hair. Then he pulls me back and looks me in the eyes,

Junior : "Baby I........"

Chapter 8

Jr.: "Baby I..... I...."

DMP: "Hey Jr., check this out"

I get a deep kiss and then he pulls me over to him and the boys. The rest of the concert was great. We got to meet Eddie and Troy plus Blake. Those guys were great we got pictures with them it was so cool to see Bug impressed by celbs. We were like kids in a candy store. We say good-bye to the DMP. I get a group hug from them all they all steal my email address from Bug and promise to pester me with every chance they get. Chandler : "Dang Bug it is freezing out here."

Jr.: "Yeah it looks like a nice little storm is moving in. I bet I can warm ya up,"There is his smile again that makes me melt.

Chandler : "What I tell you earlier cowboy?"

Jr.: "I know I know. Come on lets get home before we freeze to death. We get to his house and it is so him."

Chandler : "I am so tired Bug, You wore me out today"

Jr.: "I like to wear you out in my bed. he mumbles"

Chandler : "What was that mumble boy?"

Junior: "Nothing Baby Nothing. He grabs me and hugs me. God I missed you in my arms baby girl."

Chandler: "I know I missed you to."He smells so good I can't help but want to be in his arms all the time. I pull his face towards mine.

Chandler : "I missed ya Bug." I give him and sweet and innocent kiss on his lips I fill myself being lift in to the air. I knock his cowboy hat in the process we end up on the couch tickling each other and laughing. We lock eyes

Jr.: "Chandler I want to tell you what I was supposed to in the concert but I couldn't...... I am falling in love with you."'Did he just say what my heart has been saying since I have met him? I guess it wasn't gas at all that night we met, it was love.'

Jr.: "Baby?"

Chandler : "Yeah... I am just....just....."

Jr.: "Yeah?"

Chandler : "I......feel the same way too. My head is saying no, but my heart is saying yes."Oh my there is his smile again. These are the things that make me fall in love with him after 2 weeks.

Chandler : "Bug we only have known each other 2 weeks. Are we crazy?"

Jr.: "The only thing I am crazy about is you."

Chandler : "Aww sweetie that was so cheesy it was cute."I get hit with a pillow Oh bud boy it is on. We tickle and pillow fight with each other for well into the morning about 3am I can't take it anymore I am falling asleep on the floor waiting for my turn in CandyLand that we began to play when Bug got pissed cause he kept losing in Hangman.

Chandler : "Babe I got to get some sleep."

Jr.: "Okay. You are in my room and I know Miss Purity I promise to be a good little heathen."

Chandler : "You be good, haha, that will be the day hell freezes over."

Jr.: "Come on baby now you know why it is so cold outside. You need me to tuck you in sweetie."

Chandler: "Cute little smartass cute. I can handle that on my own."

Jr.: "Okay baby I will be there in a minute.

As soon as my head hits the pillow I am out I get stirred at little when I feel two bare arms wrap around me and a pair of ice cold bare feet. I know my bug is in the bed. I wake up the next morning, oh wait the next afternoon, to my cute sleeping bug beside me curled up with the covers over his head. Little booger has all the covers it is freezing in this house. I snatch the covers back over to my side he follows with the covers rolling over and taking me back into his arms in his restless sleep. I could stay like this forever. I fall back asleep in his safe and now loving arms. There is a loud boom that makes us both jump from our sleep.

Jr.: "What the...... I hear Jr. mumble as he jumps out of the bed. I see he is in boxers he takes the covers with him."

Chandler: "Hey..."I crawl out of bed trying to get to him to get his warmth and the covers warmth back.

Chandler .: "BUG LOOK SNOW!!!!"

Jr.: "Baby you don't have to yell"

I feel him wrap the covers around us both as we look out of the bedroom window looking for the noise that woke us up.

Jr.: "I am going to go look out the back door."

Chandler: "I am coming too."

We both are laughing so hard as we make it to the door we had hit every wall or door frame with us walking sharing the blanket. We see that a tree limb had fallen on the fence around the pool.

Chandler: "Baby can we go play in it?"

Jr.: "Yeah get dressed."

Chandler: "I don't have any clothes to wear."

We finally get out in the snow. I am decked out in 2 pairs of wind pants of Jr.'s and long-sleeved bud shirt with a bud hooded sweatshirt over it with a DEI jacket and a bud toboggan on and some random boots that bug had in the closet. My Bug is in wind pants, an Adidas Hooded sweatshirt and a Bud Toboggan. We ended wrestling in the snow oblivious to someone standing there watching us until we hear a little voice running up behind us.... The person watching us.............


Chapter 9



Kelley : "Hey little Bro."

Jr. : "Kel...... What are you doing here?"

He finally rolls off of me and gets up to hug his sister. They look so much a like in the face. Karsyn is attached to her uncle already in his arms pulling his toboggan off showing his unbrushed hair.

Kelley : "Karsyn wanted to see her Uncle. You run from the hair brush this morning? I didn't know you were going to be wrestling in the snow," I feel like crawling in a hole somewhere. Jr. is already running after Karsyn who has got her Uncle wrapped around her little finger.

Kelley : "Since Dale has no manners. Hey I am Kelley that ones mama and that ones sister as she points over to Bug and Karsyn." Bug has her in the air like superman she has her little arms out and is laughing at the top of her lungs

Kelley :"Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. don't you put my child in the air that high."

Karsyn and Jr. : They both look at her giggle "Come on Mama"

Kelley : "So you must be the Chandler I have heard about for the past 2 weeks. It nice to finally get to meet you."

Chandler : "You too. Jr. has told me so much about you"

Kelley : "It better be good coming out that ones mouth about me."

Chandler : "It was." Jr. is going to hear it for bailing on me and leaving me with his sister by myself.

Kelley: "Why don't we head in we can talk in the living room and let those kids play. I am about froze" Jr. looks up as me and Kelley walk in I see the little wink he shoots me as Karsyn and him start making a snow man.

Kelley : "So Chandler what is the story on you? If you don't mind me asking. I have to see if you pass my test to get my brother so messed up over ya."

Chandler : "Well, I am from a small town in Georgia. Graduate of Auburn University with a bachelors in Public Relations and Pre - Law. I got an internship with Budweiser my senior in college and have been there for the last year. I really want to do PR for a race team or driver. Then when I am ready for a family go back and get my law degree. That pretty much sums it up about me."

Kelley : "I like ya already we are going to get along good."

Chandler : "I think so too."

Kelley : "Look at those two out there." I look out the window and see Bug and Karsyn making snow angels together. He is holding her little hand in his. She has his toboggan on her head and it covers her whole face nearly.

Kelley : "Chandler I know he likes you a lot he told me about you and August."

Chandler : "He did????"

Kelley : "On the way home the day he left from meeting you he got on his cell phone and called me and asked me what to do. I told him to follow his heart and that you seemed worth the battle. Now I know I told him right"

Chandler : "I wish I knew what I was going to do myself. Your brother makes me feel so... I donít know just so wanted and that he cares what I think and say he makes me feel smart and that I am worth something in this world. August doesn't know I exist half the time I am just there for looks. I keep falling in his manipulation of everything he knows I thrive off of he knows how to push my buttons. I know all this happiness will leave in 2 weeks when he comes back. I am falling in love with your brother and that scares me only knowing him 2 weeks. Just know watching him with Karsyn I can see our kids together. I mean I get this butterflies every time he walks in the room or touches me on the shoulder. I am not falling in love with him Kelley I am in love with him. But I don't know who I am anymore cause August has taken that all from me. I am afraid to leave him but I want to be with Jr."

Kelley : "Dale cares about you a lot I can see it in his eyes that you are different in his eyes then all the other girls he has been with. If you are thinking being with Jr. everything will be okay. Don't use my brother and his feelings as away to escape August. Remember Dale works for August. I don't want anything to hurt him. He has been hurt enough in these last 2 years. Remember you mess with one Earnhardt you get all of us plus the cousin's."

Chandler : "Kelley I am not worried about hurting Jr. I love him and I would never hurt him. I am worried about being hurt myself or August hurting both of us in more ways than one. Why did I have to fall in love with him? Why does he have to make me get all nervous? Why does he get to hold my heart in his hands and he doesn't even know it.?"

Kelley : "Chandler I promise you Dale is worried about all those things but he won't say it to you. You have to decide if you want to take the risk to be with Dale or not. I know he is always is up to challenges. I like you and I know we are going to become good friends."

Chandler : "Kelley I just don't want Jr. to lose his sponsor and everything you and DEI have worked for with him."

Kelley : "Don't worry about the racing Dale can handle that."

Karsyn: "MAMA come looks and see what Uncle Jr. and me made." Karsyn grabs Kelley and my hand. When we get outside Jr. is stand proudly next to there creation.

Karsyn : "Look Mama we made a SNOWDUDE"

Kelley : "A Snow Dude?"

Karsyn :"Yea Uncle Jr. said snowman was to lameass"

Kelley : "Karsyn Kingslee Earnhardt what did I tell you about using that kind of language." I am cracking up laughing so is Jr.

Kelley : "Dale I am going to get your back for teaching my daughter these words. Yesterday she saw Tony Jr. and called him a dumbass"

Jr. : "I didn't teach her that." he says as he shoots Karsyn a wink

Kelley: "Where did she learn it then?" Kelley smiles. Junior just gives her a shrug, as if he doesn't know.

Kelley : "Let me get the camera so I can get some shots of this". When Kelley walks to the car Karsyn walks over to me

Karsyn: "Miss Chan... dler...."

Chandler: "Yea sweetie?"

Karsyn : "Uncle Jr. wants you..." That makes me smile as she grabs my hand and starts walking me over to Jr. where he is writing in the snow. She grabs his hand to. He wraps his free arm around my waist. I whisper in his ear

Chandler: "Karsyn said you wanted me."

Jr. : "More than you will ever know." he kiss me on the cheek.

Jr. :"Baby read this" he points into the snow "I LOVE YOU" is written Karsyn still has our hands. I take my free hand and touch his cheek

Chandler : "I LOVE YOU TOO"We both lean in and his kisses me the softest kiss I have ever had but it is filled with so much meaning. We break apart to a flash from a camera and Karsyn saying "EWWW." Kelley is smiling behind the camera

Junior: "Hey Kel?"

Kelley: "Yeah?"He looks over at me

Junior:"I LOVE HER"

Chapter 10

Bug and me finally head in after Kelley had taken a whole role of film of us outside. I can't wait to see all the pictures that me and Bug have made together over the past 2 days. Man it has only been 2 days and I feel like I have been here all my life, it feels so right.

Jr. : Chandler.... Come to Daytona with me

Chandler : "Huh?"

Jr. : "Come to Daytona with me this week. I looked at the dates and you can stay with me until Sunday, after the Shootout."

Chandler : "Are you sure you want me at the track with you"

Jr. : "I want you with me all the time." He pulls me close and rests his forehead on mine. "I really do Love You. Tell me you will come with me and be my girl". He kisses me on the nose.

Chandler : "That is funny cause I really do love you too, Junior"

Jr.: "Yeah" he says in this all sexy voice

Chandler: "I want to be your girl." I can barely get it out before. I feel his lips on mine. I can feel him take my toboggan off. He breaks the kiss

Jr. : "You know how beautiful you are to me?" His lips are back on mine again. We stumble back into the kitchen wall not even phasing the kiss. I feel my jacket come off and his hands on my back running up and down then they are in my hair and back down to my waist pulling me closer to him. My hand is in his hair playing with the curl at the nap of his neck. I feel his lips go down to the side of my neck.

Chandler : "I want you so bad to love me" All I hear from him is a moan. He lifts me up and I wrap my arms around his neck. He takes me to his room. I pull him down on the bed.

Jr. : "What are you doing?"

Chandler : "Damnit Bug shut up and keep kissing me" I can feel his hand run up my sweatshirt. I pull back and take it off and both of the long sleeve bud shirts I had on. I pull Bug's off in the process I see his bare chest. Shit he should have worn a T-shirt under that sweatshirt. I feel him crawl on top of me and start kissing the side of my neck again and playing with my ear in his mouth his hands are on the small of my back gentle raising the back of my tank top that is left. I hear a moan escape and it is from me. I have never felt this way before much less started an exchange like this. I can't think straight I am to caught up in the way I feel with him kissing me. I start dragging my nails down his bare back. He moans out. I get a little nibble on my neck and then he pulls away.

Jr. : "We need to stop before I can't"

Chandler : "Hold on is this the Dale Earnhardt Jr. everyone knows and loves is saying we need to stop." He leans and whispers in my ear

Junior : "Welcome to Shortstop baby maybe I will let you hit a home run soon." With that he heads to the bathroom and I can hear the shower start up. I am laying in the middle of the bed in shock. Wait what the..... I get up and look in the mirror that little booger he left a hickey on my neck. I hear the shower turn off and Bug comes out wearing some Teenage Mutate Ninja Turtle pj pants. He still forgot his shirt. Damn that man is going to drive me to my breaking point doing that do me.

Chandler : "Bug Baby put a shirt on"

Jr. : "What you don't like my manly chest"

Chandler : "Nah I am getting blinded by it"

Jr. : "Yeah okay Miss. Purity you were loving it earlier" he wiggles his eyebrow as he finds a shirt to put on

Chandler : "Thank you baby now I won't have to rape you"

Jr. :"Then let me take it off" He plops down on the bed beside me

Chandler : "You smell good. Did you save me any warm water"

Jr. : "Maybe maybe not"

Chandler : "My aren't we playful?"

Jr. : "You do that to me baby"

I give him a kiss on the forehead and head into the bathroom. I crank the stereo and get into a nice hot shower to finally get my emotions and body calm down. When I get out I hear bug in the bedroom flipping the channels. I walk out of the bathroom and he is all laid up in the bed with 2 boxes of pepperoni pizza and some coke. Bud is laying on his lap sound asleep. I crawl in the bed beside him we eat out of the pizza boxes and just cuddle with each other and end up watching a lifetime movie. I hear Bug laughing.

Chandler : "What is so funny?"

Jr. : "Nothing baby just look at us we are in my bed eating pizza with the cat in between us. Me in my ninja turtles and you in your care bears. Plus you have me watching some chick flick that is almost making me cry. Life can't get any better than this."

Chandler : "Bug Tell me it will be like this forever"

Junior: "Baby It will be like this FOREVER!!!!

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