Chapter 17 - 22

Chapter 17

I feel so unsafe and apart of me is missing. I roll over to the open side of the bed and breathe in the scent of him. Every time I close my eyes I see August and the anger in his eyes. The dreams come back now that Bug is not here with me. When I finally fall asleep it feels only like a few minutes before the cell phone is ringing. I move to get it and a sharp pain runs threw my side where I unsettled my ribs again. I yell out in pain. Soon the door flies open and Kelley is there. She must have came in when I finally got to sleep. She goes and gets the phone while I try to get my self back.

Kelley : "It is my baby Brother"

"Thanks"..... I grab the phone and slide up on my good side.

Jr. :"Hey Baby"

Chandler : "I miss you".... Is all I can say before the tears come I finally let out everything that I was holding in. All my emotional pain that I had kept in side and with Bug gone I had to deal with it

Jr. : "Baby don't cry.... What is wrong?"

Chandler : "Nothing I just want you here to make me forget everything and take my pain away."

Jr. : "Awww sweetie I want to be there so bad with you right now. You know I love you "

Chandler : "I love you too"

Jr. : "Sweetie look over to your side of the Bed. I finally glance over and see 30 peach roses.

Chandler : "They are gorgeous"

Jr. : "They better be... God Chandler I wish you were with me right now. You are going to watch the race aren't you?"

Chandler : "Yes of course, when is it on?"

Jr. : "Um sweetie turn on the TV." I can hear the laughter behind him and in his voice. I turn the TV on and see him sitting in his Busch car on the cell phone

Chandler : "You little punk"

Jr. : "Do I look cute?"

Chandler : "Yea you look sexy as hell"

Jr. : "Not as sexy as you do.... What are you wearing?"....

Chandler : "JUNIOR! You are such a pervert.... What do you think I have on?"

Jr. :"Oh Miss. Purity... Is that a bad thought in your pretty little mind?"..

Chandler : "Maybe"

Jr. : "Baby I need to win this thing I will call you again from victory lane... I know you look sexy in my gown and my diamonds. Put my championship ring on"

Chandler : "Yes Sir"

Jr. : "Chandler, I love you"

Chandler : "I love you to Junior" We hang up and Kelley walks in

Kelley: "You finally up?"

Chandler : "Yeah I am. I have to watch the race"

Kelley : "Hahaha yeah he called me earlier asking me to come over and baby-sit you."

Chandler : "Awww Kelley that is sweet of you"

Kelley : "You have been around him to long now you got his smartassness."

Karsyn : "Mama you said ass that is a bad word.".. I hear Karysn say as she runs up behind Kelley and heads to the bed after me

Chandler : "Hey Cutie pie"

Karsyn : "Hey Chan-Chan.".. that brings a smile to my face. She climbs up into the bed.

Karsyn : "Chan Chan you have a oowwweee"

Chandler : "Yes babe I got one"

Karsyn : "You hurt anymore?"

Chandler : "Nah sweetheart I am getting better." I glance at Kelley and she is laughing.

Kelley : "Come on Kar lets go so Chandler can get dressed and watch the race with us." I hear the door close and notice that the race is about to get the green flag. I can hear all the hype that is going around bug as the pace laps were winding down. After fighting with a pair of Bugs wind pants I finally get a coat hanger and get them pulled up. I can't get a shirt over my head or one buttoned. I have to call Kelley to help me get one of Bugs white dress shirts button. She notices the huge rock hanging from my neck.

Kelley : "You like the necklace Dale gave you?"

Chandler : "Oh yeah"

Kelley : "He was worried you wouldn't. I told him you would love it any girl would" When she finished I pulled her into a hug

Chandler : "Thanks Kelley for taken care of everything with me and being there for Jr. when he needs you and You helping me with my clothes"

Kelley : "No problem..." Me, Karsyn and Kelley all piled on the couch downstairs in what is now Pub E. On the big coaches watching the race with 10 to go Jr. looked poised to win the race. Me and Kelley got to know each other on a different level. She wasn't the over protective sister with me she was my friend. We were all cheering for him on the last lap when he came across the line to take the checkered. He did his normal victory spin in the grass. I glanced down at the beautiful ring that I had to put on my left ring finger cause my right hand had swollen cause of the cast and the championship one on my index finger.

Dick : "We are now in Victory Lane with today's winner Dale Earnhardt, Jr."

Dick : "Jr. man that was awesome"

Jr. : "Yeah Dick I couldn't have done it without my boys and the guys back at the shop they gave me awesome car today and kicked ass on pit road"

Dick : "How does it feel to be a team owner and a winner"

Jr : "Great... I am glad to bring it home to Teresa"

Dick : "Thanks Jr. is one happy camper back to you Mi...."

Jr. : "Wait Dick I missed something.. I wanna say I love you to my 4 girls at home watching the race. Mom, Kel, Kar and Chan, Love ya'll" I glance over at Kelley and smile. "He loves me Kel." Before she could answer my cell was ringing, I saw it was Junior.

Chandler : "Bug you won I love you so much"

Jr. : "Baby I told you I would call you in Victory Lane so I did. I got PICS and the boys and me are going to party a little tonight"

Chandler : "Okay sweetie call me tomorrow"

Jr. : "Okay Chan I love you"

Chandler : "Love you to my buggy" As soon as I hung up my phone started to ring again. It was Delana this time. During the conversation Kelley left. I filled Delana in on everything. She was a tad bit pissed that I didn't have the hospital call her also. It was about 9 when I finally got off the phone from long conversations with Buffy, Delana, and Krissy, I was starving. I walked into the kitchen and open the fridge to see a note on a bowl.

"Baby here is some chicken salad Mama made. We were supposed to have it last night but the Mac and cheese screamed for us to have it. Try to manage not to get it on my couch "

Love you,


After struggling with dinner I finally made it back to bed. I didn't even try to get undressed I just slept in what I had on. The next morning I woke up to Karsyn playing with my hair. I knew Kelley was there to baby-sit me again. We once again loaded up on the couches to watch the race. Bug had once again called me from his car. He was so excited he was barely held down by gravity. We told each other that we loved one another. When the green flag dropped, Junior was on his mission. The race was held up by the rain and the faulty equipment. When the race ended Kelley left and told me if I need her to call her. Junior called me from the plane. He was so frustrated and ticked off that he was about to blow up. I just listen as he went on and on. All I could do was tell him that I loved him and that I can't wait to see him. I fell asleep waiting on him downstairs. I feel the softest lips on my mine.

Jr. : " I missed you"

Chandler : "I missed you to I am glad you are home"

Jr. : "You..... God Chandler I thought we had that damn race and the stupid ass part has to fail."

Chandler : "I know you wanted it bad".. he sits now beside me and I finally get to snuggle back into his arms.

Jr. : "I really missed you in my arms"

Chandler : "I missed being here." He leans now and we begin to kiss I let him explore my mouth with his. We are broken apart by a loud clap of thunder and Bud running and jumping between us.

Jr. : "Hey Buddy... you miss Daddy?"

Chandler : "When he answers you tell me"

Jr. : "For being such a hot girl you have a little smartmouth on you.. That is what happens when you around Kelley to long" he says with a laugh

Chandler : "Funny bug she said that about you".. Soon I feel his lips back on mine we continue to kiss until we hear another clap of thunder.

Jr. : "That storm is getting close"

Chandler : "Bug wear are you going?"

Jr. : "To see the storm".. he turns around and grins like a little kid with his toy.

Chandler : "When you get blown away I am going to laugh"

Jr. : "You won't miss me"

Chandler : "Nope"... I hear him walk into the kitchen. There is a crash and I hear Jr. bitching the way back into the living room.

Jr. : "My fucking pool umbrella just violated the window" he says as we settle back in to each other arms on the couch.

Chandler : "That is what you get Inspector Gadget for opening the door and watching the storm."

Jr. : "You and Kelley can't be around each other anymore you picked up her mouth."

Chandler : "Yeah and you are a perv so what"

Jr. : "You love me though"... as soon as he said that the lights flickered and went out.

Jr. :"Shit.... be right back".. I hear him run into about everything on his way to the kitchen for a flashlight.

Chandler : "You find it yet??"

Jr. : "Yeah" he says as he flashes it in my eyes.

Chandler : "Damn bug I am already crippled don't blind me to"

Jr. : "Cute smartass cute.. I am going to get some wood on the patio"

Chandler : "Baby the storm is to bad.. Be careful"

Jr. : "I drive 200 mph every Sunday I ain't afraid of shit." He hurries out and gets the wood when he comes back he is soaked to the bone and wind blown he finally gets the fire started and goes to change. He comes back in just his boxers. With the comforter in his hand and some pillows. He makes a makeshift bed in front of the fire place.

Chandler : "Nice work"

Jr. : "Yeah now get down here with me". I slide down to the couch and barely get over to him. He pulls me down into his arms and gently starts to kisses me again.

Chandler : "I love you"

Jr. : "I love you to. Baby you and those wind pants have to go cause they are driving me crazy"

Chandler : "Mr. Earnhardt can you contain yourself if they come off?"

Jr. : "The question is can you contain yourself?"

Chapter 18

I can feel Bugs hand on my thigh and his breath on my neck soon I feel him move my hair and lay soft kisses on my neck.

Chandler : "mmmm..... morning"

Jr. : "Mornin"... I roll over or try to at least and lay my head on his chest and run my fingers threw his cute little chest hair.

Jr. : "God Baby.... I missed waking up with you in my arms." He lays a kiss on the top of my head. Then leans up against the couch taking some of the covers with him.

Chandler : "Bug it is cold come back here. You always like taking the covers in the morning."

Jr. : "Cause that makes me have to warm you back up." he says as he gently helps me get leaned up next to him. Soon the power kicks back on and the heat.

Chandler : "I love this Bug waking up with you and being here with you."

Jr. : "Chandler have you Signed your lease yet?"

Chandler : "Only temporarily why"

Jr. : "Move in here with me please...... You can keep the lake apartment but just live here with me and let us make it a home."

Chandler : "Bug we will kill each other after the newness of us wears off. We won't ever have space. "

Jr. : "That is why we can have the lake apartment so if we need a break one of us can go... Please Baby girl Please"...... he pouts out his lips and gives me those puppy dog eyes

Chandler : "You know I can't say no to those eyes."

Jr. : "You staying?"....

Chandler : "Yeah"

Jr. : "Woohooo"... he gets up and does a little victory dance and helps me up with him. He takes me into his arms

Jr. : "I am glad to have you here baby and your stuff is getting delivered today too"

Chandler : "You little booger"

Jr. : "I love you".... he says on his way to the kitchen to feed Bud who slept with us last night in front of the fire place.

Chandler : "Baby I need to get a shower".. I yell into the kitchen I see him appear with a bag of Friskies

Jr. : "Aww Bug you making me breakfast?"... he flips me off and lays the bag down. Heads toward me

Jr. : "You want me to help you?".... he says looking all innocent

Chandler : "Babe I think I need to do it myself.... But I need help with covering my cast so it doesn't get wet."

Jr. : "That I can do"... he leads me into the kitchen and gets a plastic zip-lock bag, duct tape, and a couple of rubber bands.

Jr. :"Com'ere" he says as he sits down in a chair next to the table and pulls me down on his lap.

Jr. : "Watch the master work"... he says as he begins to rig my cast up he is concentrating hard on his work in front of him. I can't help but giggle at the in-depth look that he has.

Chandler : "So concentrated".. I say as I run my free hand to my favorite spot on his neck and play with his hair.

Jr. : "All done"... he looks so proud admiring his work my cast and arm on the other hand is different I have duct tape at both ends of the bag the rubbers are on there to and then more duct tape

Chandler : "Bug how in the hell am I going to get this off after the tape gets wet?"

Jr. : "I dunno". he says as a stand up he slaps my butt as I head off to the shower. Call me if you need me he yells as I walk into the bedroom. After nearly 30 minutes I make it out of the shower. I am able to get some what dressed I am able to get my panties and jeans on but the top is just to hard with one side able to work I yell for bug and he comes flying in the bedroom

Jr. :"You okay baby"... he finally looks up to see me standing there with the towel around my top half

Chandler : "I need you to dress me"

Jr. :"Okay" he says and smiles as he walks over

Jr. : "What you need help with?"

Chandler : "Um my bra"

Jr. : "Your what?"... he says as he begins to blush

Chandler : "My bra bug I need help putting it on I haven't worn one in almost 2 weeks and I am tired of hanging free. With that he is laughing."

Jr. : "Hanging free that is away to put it... Um what do I do?"

Chandler : "Okay sweetie I am going to give it to you step by step... Get behind me and when I hand you the ends you snap it and then I can get it from there I think. Can you handle that?"

Jr. : "Um yeah"... he says as he walks behind me. Jr. : "Yeah".... I can't tell he is blushing even with him behind me, I get the ends back to him for him to snap and he is taking forever

Chandler : "Bug you having problems?"

Jr. : "Yeah this damn thing won't snap... I am better and undoing the snap then snapping it."

Jr. : "Yes"... he yells triumphantly behind me. I am able to maneuver the straps up and get the on my shoulders. when I turn around I see bug looking at the wall with his back to me

Chandler : "See something interesting" I say as I wrap my arm around his waist

Jr. : "You got your thingy up now"

Chandler : "Yeah.... I just need you to get me a shirt to wear"

Jr. : "Okay" he heads straight to the closet without turning around.

Jr. :"Here you go baby"... he hands me a bud T-shirt as he looks down

Chandler : "Um sweetie I need you to put it on for me"...

Jr. :"Okay" he finally looks up and his face is as red as his race car on Sundays. He finally gets me dressed and runs his hand down my almost dry hair

Jr. : "You need me to brush it?"

Chandler : "If you want"

Jr. : "Come here".. I sit on the bed as he gets behind me and starts to brush my shoulder length hair out.

Chandler : "Um that feels good I could get use to you brushing my hair."

Chandler : "Bug you are quiet what are you doing back there"... I could feel him stop brushing.

Jr : "Thinking"

Jr : "All done"... I turn around and catch his arm

Chandler : "Thank You for getting my life back." We are almost in another lip-lock when the doorbell rings. Shit.... bug moans as he goes to get the door

Jr. : "Chandler your little posse of cup wives are here" I hear him yell back to me

Chandler : "Coming." When I round the corner out of the bedroom I see Buffy, Mikey, Kevin, Delana.

Chandler : "Hey"

Delana : "Hey girl... I can give you a hug right?"

Chandler : "Yeah just be careful of the ribs"

Delana : "I am so glad you are okay"

Buffy : "Me too" as I get a hug from her to

Delana : "Krissy couldn't come she had something with Ryan this afternoon"

Mikey : "Yeah it is just us Chevy guys" All the guys to a grunt and a high five

Jr. : "Ya'll come see my cars."

Kevin and Mikey : "Yeah"

Jr. : "Be back in a bit baby"... I get a quick kiss and all the guys head out to the shop

Delana : "So Ms. Blake what are you and Mr. Earnhardt now"

Chandler : "Um I guess we are a couple now he asked me to move in with him and has been so sweet and romantic."

Buffy : "Aww what about the lake apartment?"

Chandler : "I am keeping that for when I hate him I can leave and go there, hehe"

Delana : "I am so glad you are happy"

Chandler :"I am too"

Buffy : "You Hear anymore out of August?"

Chandler : "Nope thank God" Buffy and Delana and there better half's stay well into the night. The guys talked cars and then cooked out in the chilly February weather. We all caught up I got to know Kevin and Mikey. Kevin was glad he liked me so Delana could keep me. Buffy and Delana relationships with there guys was so good I only hope that Junior and I will always be that happy. Through out the night Junior was always touching with his arm around me or his hand on my leg. I felt to so protected and loved. When everyone finally left I was ready for bed my meds had kicked in and I just wanted to lay down with Junior by my side. I was laying across the couch my head in his lap watching ESPN when Junior asked me a question he had asked so many times before but this time I finally believed my answer.

Jr. : "Baby tell me this will be forever"

Chandler : "It will be forever"

Chapter 19

The next morning I woke up to the smells coming from the kitchen and an empty side of the bed. I roll out of the bed and nearly trip over Bud, who was lying on the floor. I make it to the kitchen to see Bug wearing no shirt with his head in the fridge. I walk up behind him and trail my finger down his back. He nearly jumps out of his skin.

Jr. : "Chandler!!!!.".... he yells as he turns and kisses me on the forehead

Jr. : "You scared the hell out of me!!"

Chandler : "I thought you weren't scared of anything cause you drive 200 mph"... I say in a voice sounding like his

Chandler : "What ya making??"

Jr. : "Pop-Tarts"..... he says all proud

Chandler : "Aww baby do you cook anything that takes more than 5 minutes?"

Jr. : "Nope... Well, I can grill and make chicken"..... he says as the pop tart pops out of the toaster.

Jr. : "Want juice?"

Chandler : "Yeah"..... I say as I lead against the counter with my pop-tart in hand. He hands me a cup and then starts to drink out of the juice carton.

Chandler : "You are such a man"

Jr. : "Yeah baby that is right I am all man"... He says as he comes and kisses me

Jr. : "Had some pop-tart on your lip had to get it." he leads back in and runs his hand in to my hair that is going everywhere and kisses me again. He moves to deepen it I pull back

Chandler : "No baby I have morning breath"...

Jr. : "So". He pulls me back and gives me a deep kiss and lets his tongue play with mine.

Chandler : "That is what I call a morning wake up call".... I barely can say when we finally pull apart

Chandler :"What do you have going today?"... as he slides me up on the counter and steps between my legs.

Jr. :"Well I have to go over to the shop for the meeting then to my office to do things for Kelley and then to the speedway for some interviews"..... he says as he leans his forehead against mine.

Jr. :"You?" ... he says as he butterfly kisses my nose

Chandler : "Delana is coming over and we are going to the shop and see my office and all that stuff to get everything set up so I can start."

Jr. : "When are you going to be back home?"

Chandler :"I am not sure, you?"

Jr. : "Same here"

Jr. : "Can I call your cell when I start to miss you?".... as he leans in for another earth shattering kiss.

Chandler : "Promise." Soon Junior leaves to head to the shop and Delana comes. She takes me over to the RCR shop and we meet up with Kevin and Richard Childress. Soon we left and headed to where Delana and I would be working. It was a nice little old house that she had bought near their home. We made plans on what we were going to do to make the place ours and as Delana said a "kick ass office." We already volunteered Kevin and Junior for the next day so we could start working on painting and moving in furniture (Delana thought it'd be more fun for us all to do it then to pay someone). While we were out shopping my cell rang as soon as I pick up I hear my Junior's voice

Jr. : "I miss my baby"

Chandler : "I miss my baby too"

Jr. : "Come save me from hell"

Chandler :"Aww sweetie it is not that bad"

Jr.: "Uhhh"..... he groans in a little boy voice

Jr. : "What ya doing?"

Chandler : "Shopping for the office"

Jr. : "You suck"

Chandler :"Cute.... um sweetie?"

Jr. : "Yeah?"

Chandler : "Can you help me and Delana tomorrow with the office painting and everything since I only have one hand."

Jr. : "Is Kevin going to do it?'

Chandler "Yeah"

Jr : "Okay no problem. I'm going to be home by 5, you going to be there?"

Chandler : "Yes, I'll see you then."

Jr. : "Love you"

Chandler : "Love you too." By the time Delana and I get out of the office supply stores and home depot we had nearly maxed out RCR's credit card. We agreed to meet at the new office at 8 the next morning with the boys. By the time I got home Junior was already there. I walked in the house looking for him and saw no sign. I looked out the back door and saw the lights on in the shop. When I got out there I heard him blasting the old Alannnah Miles song "Black Velvet" when I cracked the door I saw him and the DMP engrossed in singing every word. Shane was on the couch taking hits off of the cheese whiz can.

Chandler : "You think ya'll were the Backstreet boys out here"

Jr. : "Baby.... Um hey"....he says as he blushes and all the other guys quickly start to work again quiet

Chandler : "Sorry I am late"

Jr : "No prob we are going to working on the late model for TJ's race for a while." he says as he wraps his greasy arm around me

Chandler : "You need any help? I dunno what I am doing but I can do something with the one arm."

Jr. : "Well since Shane is to busy eating his cheese whiz".... Junior chucks a lug nut at him hitting his cheese whiz can.

Jr : "You can clean the bolts off the engine and transmission parts. If you feel up to." By the end of the night we all ended up covered in grease and had sung to every song that had came on the stereo. When we all finally went our separate ways I saw all my things had finally been delivered and were sitting in the living room. Junior and I were both to tired to even worry about it. We both head to the bedroom I was on Bugs back as he was carrying me into the bedroom.

Jr. : "Chandler you stink"

Chandler : "Oh shut up like you smell like daisies there Mr. Grease Monkey"

Jr. : "You need a shower"

Chandler : "So do you"

Jr. : "I am to tired to get one"..... he moans as he sets me down in the bedroom and heads to the bathroom. As soon as he is done I shoot in there for mine I kiss his bare shoulders on the way into the bathroom as he is coming out in a towel wrapped around him. By the time I am out he is already asleep with the covers around his head. When I slide in beside him his legs instantly tangle with mine and I am brought into his arms. We wake up the next morning to the screaming alarm clock. Soon we are heading over to the office to meet Delana and Kevin. Bug has never looked so cute in his life as he does this morning. He has on his do rag a pair of jeans that look like Mikey should be wearing with his white shirt on and a pair of old Adidas. When we get over there Delana and Kevin have breakfast for us. We sit and eat for a while and then head off to start painting. Kevin and Junior decided that they were going to paint Delana's office and Delana and I had the foyer area. Delana and I were just finishing up the foyer when we hear a loud guitar rifts coming from her office. We go to look and find Kevin and Junior playing their paint rollers like air guitars singing the AC/DC classic "Back in Black"

Delana : "Aww Chandler look at the boys"... she says as she goes and wraps her arms around Kevin

Chandler : "Yeah I didn't know Junior had moves like that" ... soon he has he arm hooked around my waist messing with my over all straps. Delana and Kevin headed out for lunch and me and Junior decided to start to work on my office. I beat him to my stereo and turned on the country station. He just rolled his eyes and started to paint the wall. I was startled by him when I felt his lips on my neck and his hands taking my hair down.

Jr. : 'Your ribs feel okay?"... he asked with a new sexiness in his voice I had never heard before

Chandler : "Yeah why?".... I groan as I feel his lips move down to my shoulders as he kissed around my tank top.

Jr. : "Cause I have been wanting to do this since this morning when I saw you in those overalls." He slides me against the wall he just painted. I feel his lips on mine and his tongue dancing in my mouth. Soon I feel my overall straps being unsnapped and them falling down my shoulders. He never breaks the kiss as his lips move down where my chest is exposed through the tank top.

Jr. : "God I love kissing you" All I can do is roll my head back against the wall as I feel his lips on my body. Soon his hand snakes up under my shirt and he and runs his finger down my back as he continues his assault on my neck nibbling. I know I am going to have a huge hickey when this is over. I feel him raise my tank top and starts to kiss his way down my stomach. My hands find there way into his hair it is all moving so fast. He gentle starts to pull my overalls down soon his hand is touching my breasts and caressing them while he is gentle sucking my belly button and tracing it with his tongue. He moves his hand and puts in on my butt as he pulls me closer to his face and start to kiss the top of my thighs.

Chandler : "Junior Baby" ... he doesn't stop he keeps on kissing and touching me I don't wanna him to stop but my head is screaming for him to.

Chandler : "Junior...."

Jr. : "Hmmm',,,, he looks up with love and lust filled eyes

Chandler : "I am not ready"... he backs away from me

Jr. : "Okay".... as I am pulling up my overalls and get my shirt back down he mumbles something about cleaning the brushes and leaves me in the office trying to figure out if I did the right thing. If only he knew how bad I wanted him to continue and him to be the first one to make love to me. Tears start to fall. I hear Delana and Kevin come in soon. Delana comes in and she takes me and lets me cry on her shoulder.

Delana : "Chan what is wrong are you feeling okay?"

Chandler : "Junior is mad at me" ... I sniffle out

Delana : "Why?"

Chandler ; "Cause.... Cause I wouldn't let him"

Delana : "Let him what? You can tell me"

Chandler : "Let him go down on me"

Delana: "Awww Chandler you never have? Have you?"

Chandler : "No".... the tears start to fall harder

Delana : "Shhh Don''t worry about it. When you are ready do it then don't push it and you know if you ever need me I am here. Junior is probably telling Kevin the same thing right now about what he should do."

Chandler : "Thanks for listening."

Delana : "Girl come on you have become one of my best friends that is what I am here for now lets fix the wall." When we get the whole office paint we started hanging something in Delana's office and moving things into it. Junior has been distant the rest of the day he won't even touch me or look at me much less tell me he loves me. He looks so pissed. We get nearly everything done except my office cause the paint was not dry yet. On the way home I reach for Junior's hand in the truck and he shrugs my hand off his.

Chandler : "Junior what is your problem?"... I am beyond hurt. Now I am angry at him for acting like this to me

Junior : "My problem? I don't have one I just don't want to do anything that you aren't ready for"... he says with sarcasm dripping from his voice

Chandler : "Junior get the hell off of it already... Even if I told you why you would not get it"

Jr. : "What are you going to tell me that I already don't know Chandler? You obviously don't wanna have sex with me. I mean come on most woman would be dying for me to do what I was doing to you in that office". he said with laughter and sarcasm in his voice

Chandler : "Well Dale that is were I am different. You wanna know why I didn't wanna go any further?"

Jr. : "Hell yes... I wanna know" ... he says as he pulls into the driveway and parks next to the tahoe.

Jr. : "Cause Chandler you had me so hard in there and you never even know it. You make me hard just thinking about you"... he grabs my hand and puts in his crotch.

Chandler : "What the hell..... Have you lost your fucking mind?" I yank my hand back and go to get out the truck.

Jr. : "What.....That not good enough for you either." he says as he yells to me across the truck

Chandler : "You are a fucking idiot you know that? The reason don't wanna have sex. Cause Dale I am a damn virgin I haven't ever been with anyone. I want to wait until I get married. I want to be able to look over at the man I love and tell him he was my first my last and my only. I want you so bad you don't even know!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream at him

Jr. : "What are you saying that you have never?".... he says with a concern sound in his voice almost in a mumble

Chandler : "No I have never when I told you I had never been past 2nd base with August that is as far as I been with anyone." I can help but yell he has gotten in my inherited redheaded temper

Jr.: "Oh".... he says as if some one had just run over his dog

Chandler : "Yeah".....I go to walk into the house he goes to reach for my arm

Chandler : "Don't fucking touch me.... Don't you ever touch me after you pulled that stunt in the truck." I say with acid in my voice. I am so mad that I am about in tears again form anger. I walk in the house and grab the Tahoe keys and head back out. I have to get away right now. I see Junior with his head lying on the hood of the truck in deep thought.

Jr. : "Where are you going?!?!"

Chandler : "Go to hell".... I slide the ring he gave me off my hand and his championship and lay them on the hood of his truck I jump in the Tahoe and head to my lake apartment. I know I have nothing there but what is furnished but I have to go and get myself together before I totally lose it. I stop at a near by store and get a pack of Winston's. Hell I need a smoke. When I finally get to the lake apartment I head out to the deck and start lighting up. All the thoughts run through my head. Junior had just treated me the way August did. He did the same thing August did. That just keeps repeating in my head. When I thought I got my life back and had a man that loved me. A man that loved me for me. Not for the ass he was hoping to get. After a pack of smokes, sitting on the deck and listening to Smile Empty Soul. My head finally clears up and I know that I need to go back and talk to Junior. I leave to go back home. Home..... my home with Junior. When I get there it is about 2 am and the house is dark. I walk in and see the empty 12 pack of bud in the trash. He must have drank the rest. I walk back into the bedroom and see him curled up on my side of the bed with my nightgown he had bought me a week earlier. Bud stirs and comes over for me to pet him. I see Junior stir he doesn't open his eyes

Jr. : "Chandler?"

Chandler : "Yeah"...... I say as I go to get a pair of his pj pants and mange to slide those on. I slide in beside him before I know it I feel his tears on my shoulder and smell the familiar scent of him.

Jr. : "Chandler I am so sorry. I hurt you I know. I just... I just don't want you to leave me everyone I love leaves me. I am so sorry Chandler I am so sorry. I didn't know. Or I didn't listen baby"... I turn to look at him I can actually see that little vulernable boy I saw in the hospital.

Chandler : "Junior you treated me the way I have been treated before but this time I am stronger. You didn't know. I will give you that but if you are going to expect that then I need to pack and leave. Cause I am going to stand by my morals and what I want."

Jr. : "I love you Chandler and I will wait for the rest of my life for you cause I want to be the man you say that he is your first your last and only. Please forgive me"

Jr. : "I love you".... he holds up his hand and my ring is on his pinkie

Jr. : "Will you take it back?"

Chandler : "Yea I love you so much and I want to be able to give you everything you want. I just am not ready." He slides the ring back on my hand and gently kisses my head. 'I promise to be good to you." With that he rolls over to his side and tries to go back to sleep. As I am falling asleep I know I want Junior to have me in his arms. I roll over and lay my hand on his hip. He turns I can see the questions in his eye.

Chandler : "Bug hold me in your arms." Soon I feel him turn into me, take me into his arms and snuggle up to me.

Love you chandler

Chapter 20

It had been two weeks since Dale's and mine major blow out about the whole sex issue. Things between us went from uncomfortable to weird. Bug had been sleeping in the guest room after the night we had the fight. He was uncomfortable around me as if he was always walking on eggshells. The only signs I got of affection was a kiss that was always quick. No passionate kisses I was use to from him. A hug here and there and just maybe I would get to snuggle up to him but that was on rare occasions it seemed like. He got back from Vegas yesterday. It was like normal again. I fell asleep in his arms on the couch. When I woke up this morning I was in the bed without him once again. I headed into the kitchen and he was making his famous breakfast of pop-tarts. He looked so cute in his boxers leaning against the counter reading some magazine about cars. I can't handle it anymore. I walk over to him and wrap my arms over his bare shoulders.

Chandler : "I miss you.... I promise I won't bite"...I feel him finally take me into his arms and run his hands up and down my back.

Jr. : "Chandler I missed you too. I missed being able to kiss you and hold you."

Chandler : "Baby you acted like I had a disease for the last 2 weeks.."

Jr. : "I just... Just don't wanna"... before he can answer I kiss him hard on his lips and show him how much I missed his kisses.

Chandler : "Let me be the one that decides how far is to far. I got to get ready to go to the doctors. You are coming with me right?"

Jr. : "Yeah .... Can I get another kiss?"... he says with a little boy pout.

Chandler : "I'll think about it bud boy"... with that I leave him standing in the kitchen. When we get to the doctors we have to walk through the children's clinic. Junior grips my hand tighter as we walk along. When we get to my Doctor they take us right back to the exam room. As we are waiting, I climb up on the table and prop my feet on Junior's leg as he sits in the chair messing with a rubber glove. He catches me off guard with his next question.

Jr. : "Baby you want kids don't you?"

Chandler : "Yeah sweetie, why?"

Jr. : "How many?"

Chandler : "4"

Chandler : "Why?"

Jr. : "Boys or girls?"

Chandler : "Boys"

Chandler :"Why Bug?"

Jr. : "Just wondering is all.." Soon the doc comes in an exams all my bruises and broken bones. My face has healed and there are no more bruises. My body bruises have all healed. The only things left were my arm and ribs. As the doctor exams my ribs I look over at Junior and he has his eyes fixed on him as if he was going to pounce if he did something he didn't like. After a couple tests and my cast getting sawed off we are finally headed home. When we get there Junior pulls me in his arms and we stay cuddled to each other the rest of the night. That night Junior slept back in his bed with me. As instinct our legs tangled and he pulled me close to his chest. I fell asleep peacefully in his arms. The next morning we woke up and watched some TV and laid in each others arms until we both had to get up and go our separate ways. When I got to work Delana saw a major change.

Delana : "Girl did he finally come around?"

Chandler : "Yeah"

Chandler : "Last night he finally came back into the bed"

Delana : "You get some tongue with your kisses?".

Chandler : "De shut up ... Kevin not given you any?"

Delana : "Well...."

Chandler : "Okay never mind don't answer." Soon we both got caught up with work. Our office was awesome. We had it jamming all the time. Kevin and Junior bought us a huge stereo system. A lot of the time Delana and I would be singing at the top of our lungs in the office. I was engrossed in my singing and paper work when Delana came to the door telling me I had a delivery. When I got out of my office there was 30 peach roses and a note that said "I Love You." Soon I was engrossed back in my work when Delana came back in my office with a box.

Delana : "The UPS man said it was for you"

Chandler : "What is it?"

Delana : "I don't know. Open it." When I opened the box I saw a beautiful dress that was strapless made out of white lace a crepe. It a floral print.

Chandler : "Oh my God Delana look at this"

Delana :"Damn girl that is pretty"... as I hold up the dress a note falls down

Meet me at 7:00 at the lake apartment. Wear this.

Love your bug

At 5 I left to come home. I had to go get Dale's surprise that Delana helped me find. Soon I had his surprise and dropped it off at Kelley's. By 6:30 I was in bugs dress that he picked, my hair naturally curl, and a pair of flip flops. I couldn't stray that far from my flip flops. I go to the lake apartment right at 7 to see Junior standing out by his truck with a peach rose. He was wearing my favorite pair of pants. He got an Abercrombie& Fitch dress shirt and some Birkenstocks. He had his hair kind of in a spiky state. He was dripping of sexiness.

Jr. : "Hey beautiful".... I got a soft peck on the cheek.

Chandler : "You look handsome baby."

Jr. : "I clean up good"

Chandler : "That you do"... as I hold him in my arms I smell his Drakker cologne and some fabric softer, that was my favorite smell.

Chandler : "What are you doing?"... as I feel him blind fold me.

Jr. :"Shhh trust me". . he takes my hand I can feel us walking in the yard somewhere then I hear my feet hit the dock in the backyard of the apartment.

Jr. : "You ready?"

Chandler : "Yeah".... As he drops the blindfold I see the most beautiful thing I have ever seen the dock was covered in candles. There was magnolias floating in the lake with candles. A tabled set up with candles and dinner.

Chandler : "Oh bug... Why?"

Jr. : "Cause I love you and wanted to apologize for how I acted."

Chandler : "Awww sweetie."

Jr. : "Come on lets eat." As we sat and ate through dinner, Junior would brush my hand with his thumb or run his finger over the ring he gave me. His touch was so electric. I had missed it so much. But he was willing to give it to me now. There was very little conversation just looking in each others eyes. We didn't have to talk we just let our hearts talk through our eyes.

Jr. : "Can I have this dance?"

Chandler : "There is no music"

Jr. : "Oh but there is." Soon music feels the air and he takes me into his arms.

Jr. :"Baby listen to these lyrics it is going to talk for me cause right now I am screwing up"

No rush though I need your touch

I won't rush your heart

Until you feel on solid ground

Until your strength is found, girl

I'll fill those canyons in your soul

Like a river lead you home

And I'll walk a step behind

In the shadows so you shine

Just ask it will be done

And I will prove my love

Until you're sure that I'm "the one"

Somebody else was here before

He treated you unkind

And broken wings need time to heal

Before a heart can fly, girl

I'll fill those canyons in your soul

Like a river lead you home

And I'll walk a step behind

In the shadows so you shine

Just ask it will be done

And I will prove my love

Until you're sure that I'm "the one"

Trust in me and you'll find a heart so true

All I want to do is give the best of me to you

And stand beside you

Just ask it will be done

And I will prove my love

Until you're sure that I'm "the one"

For the next 30 minutes we stayed in our own little world lost in each others eyes. Swaying to the music in our hearts under the stars. After a while we broke from our trance and headed on home. I stopped by Kelley's and got Junior's surprise. When I got home Junior was in his shop so I could get his surprise in and make sure he didn't see it. I called him out at the shop and told him to come in.

Chandler : "Bug sit down and close your eyes I got a surprise for you"

Jr. :"You what?"

Chandler : "Just sit down and close your eyes"

Jr. : "I don't want to"... he says with a smirk

Chandler : "Come on stubborn"... soon he closed his eyes I took is surprise out of the box

Chandler : "Hold out your hands"

Jr. : "Chan"

Chandler : "Do it Dale"... he moaned and held out his hands

Chandler : "Open"...

Jr. : "Oh Baby you remembered".... I saw his face light up when he saw his brand new puppy in his hands.

Chandler : "You like him?"

Jr. : "Yeah... I can't believe you remembered I told you this the first night we met I wanted an Irish setter pup"

Chandler : "I know. Now you have one I had to get you back"

Jr. : "God I love you".... The rest of the night Bud and Junior played with the new pup you could have swore Junior was about 5 the way he looked with his little puppy. I got out the camera with the roll of film were trying to finish and got some PICS of him on the floor with his animals. Soon he pulled me down with him.

Jr. :"Have I told you that I love you"

Chandler : "Not in a couple weeks"... soon I get lost in his baby blue eyes.

Jr. : "Well I love you"... I feel his soft lips on mine. I feel his hand on my neck deeping our kiss. We make out for what seems forever. When we separate we see Bud and the new pup cuddled asleep together.

Jr. : "Mama you ready to go to bed."... I shot him a look He glances over at the animals curled up on the floor

Chandler : "Oh yeah pops... Lets go" I cuddle up to his bare chest and lay there listening to his heartbeat. I run my hand threw his chest hair. I can feel him start to laugh

Jr. : "You know that tickles lay off I am trying to go to sleep." He says as he laughs some more

Chandler : "I Love You Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr."

Jr. :"That is good cause I love you too."

Chapter 21

On Thursday we were heading to Hampton (Atlanta) for the race that weekend. This was going to be my second race, but this time I was going as a girlfriend of the top bachelor in NASCAR. Junior named his new pup "Red" so he could have "Bud," "Red." He was so proud that he came up with that all by himself. Junior had planned for us to meet up with my Dad and my stepfamily on Sunday before the race. He couldn't figure out why I never wanted to talk about my father with him it wasn't because I was afraid of the subject cause his Dad was no longer with him. I didn't want to have to think of all the hurt and pain that came back. August and my father were like the same man. Manipulative, controlling, and untrustworthy. I struggle over that battle in my heart nearly everyday. But Junior has eased that pain too. Even without him knowing he always takes my pain away just by his little things he does without even noticing. I can tell he is asleep by his even breathing and his soft grip on my arm as I lay on his shoulder. I am still amazed at the places he can fall asleep.

When we landed in Atlanta. I get an instant comfort about being back home almost knowing I am near my old stomping grounds. Soon we are back traveling to my hometown to go out to dinner with my Mom. Junior hasn't met any of my family yet only talked to my Mom two times telling her about the accident and setting up the meeting with my friends back in February. When we pull to my old house Junior starts to fidget and get nervous.

Chandler : "Baby calm down my Mom is cool she won't bite.... But I will."... I lean over and gentle kiss him.

Junior : "Will they like me?"

Chandler : "Yeah... Now come on," ... we get out of the truck and start to walk to the porch

Junior : "Chan does my ass look fat in these jeans?"

Chandler : "Dale shut up"..... I feel him bring me into his arms

Junior : "You sure they will like me?"

Chandler : "Yes".... As soon as I open the door my Mom is there waiting on us she nearly tackles me with hugs and kisses as I go back so does Junior.

Ms. Blake : "Oh Chandler I missed you so much Honey I was so worried about you... Work won't get me a sub so I could come up there when you were in the hospital." When she finally breathes again and pulls away. I introduce her to Junior.

Chandler : "Mom this is Junior."

Ms. Blake : "I know who he is".... Before Junior can answer she pulls him into a hug

Ms. Blake : "Thank you for protecting my little girl and treating her right"

Junior just stands there stunned with his face as red as his car when he finally comes out of this shock. He reaches and hugs my Mom back. Soon my Junior is sitting in the family room in deep conversation with my Mom about writing. I was so happy he and my Mom hit if off faster than I have ever seen him with a stranger he let his guard totally down and he was the Junior that I see everyday. It didn't take long for my grandmother to get a hold of him. She made him feel like he was apart of the family as soon as he walked in with his hat backwards and the stubble. She already had him eating out of the palm of her hand. For a little old lady she was spunky. Bug was caught off guard by her when she got on to him about not shaving. I gave him a tour of the house while everyone was working on dinner. When we got to my old room I pulled him in and shut the door.

Chandler : "Look behind you baby"... when he turned around to see a 1999 poster of him on the back of the door.

Junior : "Who is that good looking sob?"

Chandler : "Hmmm I don't know I think this totally hot NASCAR driver named Dale Earnhardt Junior. But not sure"

Junior : "Yeah... I think he has this totally hot girlfriend now" ... he says as I wrap my arms around his waist lay my head on his back.

Junior : "Chandler what are ya doing"..

Chandler : "Nothing".... I slide around to face him and pull his face towards mine

Chandler : "I am about to kiss my boyfriend... but if he doesn't".. before I could finish I feel his lips on mine. Soon our tongues are dancing together. I slide his hat off his head and onto the floor as we walk backwards towards the bed.

Junior : "Baby...Are you sure?"

Chandler : "Shut up and keep kissing me. I make the rules"... I feel him lay back on the bed. I ended up straddling him working the sweatshirt off that he had on. When that is off he turns us over. He hates not being the dominate one. I feel him pull back and snake his tongue out and trace my ear. Before I know what is going on my hands are under his white T-shirt going up and down his bareback. He starts to undo the rest of the buttons on my long sleeve shirt he slides that off and leaves me in my black tube top I had on under the shirt. He kisses down my neck across my upper chest. He buries his face and kisses in between my neck and shoulder. I feel him start to nibble and swirl his tongue around. I pull his face back to mine. Our eyes connect for the first time. I see the love in his eyes. He slides beside me and we begin to start kissing hard and passionate. I roll him over and slide back on top of him I have to get to his chest. I slide my hands up and take his t-shirt off. I kiss down from his mouth to his neck and work on his neck nibbling and biting. Until I hear another growl come out of his mouth I slide my kisses down his body on to his chest and down to his stomach I nib at his skin were his treasure trail begins. His hands shot into my hair. I trace his belly button with my tongue and let my hand drift down to his thighs. I feel him jerk me up and put his lips on mine then whispers

Junior : "Oh no baby not yet"....... I feel him snake his tongue out and run it over my lips then sucks on my bottom lip

Junior : "We will get to 3rd in while"... as he moves his hands up my body I can feel him against my leg I know I got him turned on. Soon his lips are on mine again and his hand is running up my stomach tracing the out line of my tube top. He slides down and starts to kiss my chest and take the fabric in his teeth as he brings the fabric down. I slide my hand in his hair.

"Chandler Dale Dinner".....we hear someone yell. Junior jumps about 8 feet in the air. I manage to yell that we are on our way. When I see the side of Bugs neck there is a huge hickey.

Chandler "Baby shit I gave you a hickey."

Junior : "Huh?".... he mumbles as he slides on his T-shirt

Junior : "Damn Chandler it is fuckin huge".... he says with a serious tone then starts to laugh

Chandler : "No shit Sherlock"

Junior : "Hey baby look at your neck"... he says with a smirk

Chandler : "Damnit bug you bit me again."

Chandler : "Maybe your sweatshirt will cover yours so my Mom doesn't know I gave it to you"

Junior : "Maybe what about you? I don't want my baby girl to get grounded since she was trying to molest her innocent boyfriend in to a bad act." I chunk my long sleeve shirt at him.

Chandler : "I am sure something in the closet will cover it"...I am sliding on the sweatshirt when the door opens

Ms .Blake : "Ya'll coming"

"Yeah"... I am so glad Junior was sitting on the side of the bed looking threw an old yearbook with his innocent little boy face plastered on.

Ms. Blake : "Chandler you get cold".... my Mom asks me as we walk out of my bedroom I hear Junior crack up behind me.

Chandler : "Yeah it was pretty cold in my room"

Jr : "It was hot to me"

Chapter 22

The weekend back home seemed to get better and better. Junior struggled on the track but the team had a break though during happy hour and the Bud rocket ship had come to life. I took Delana, Buffy, and Krissy shopping in my hometown to all the special stores that you can only find down here. I think we maxed out our credit cards. All my friends came up to the ARCA race and got to catch up again. Everyone started to notice me and Junior together. Soon we became the talk of the garage. It was pretty funny to here all what was being said from me having Junior's love child to me being a spy for the IRL and CART guys. Delana had the most fun with it I think she was behind most of the rumors.

Buffy : "Chandler what is on your neck?"

Chandler : "Nothing I burned it with the curling iron"

Krissy : "You don't own a curling iron"

Chandler : "I do too... Like you have room to talk Krissy look at your neck"

Krissy : "So?"

Delana :"Well I saw the one that Junior was sporting in the garage"

Chandler : "Your just jealous"

Delana : "Oh yeah of you and Junior sucking the life out of each other?"

Chandler : "Delana you are too much"

Delana :"Yea I know. Kevin can barely handle me"

Chandler : "I need to go find Junior before I say too much"

Delana : "Call me?"

Chandler : "Okay" When I got back to the coach it was around 10 and I heard the shower going. I went on and got into the bed. When bug walked out I saw something around his belly button

Chandler : "Bug what is wrong with your belly button"

Junior : "Well you see my girlfriend decided to go wild on me Thursday and put a hickey there too."

Chandler : "Oh really? Maybe you drive her wild?"

Junior : "Could be but she does that to me." he slides in and takes me in his arms

Junior : "You ready to see your dad?"

Chandler : "No"

Junior :"Why?"

Chandler : "Bug I don't want to talk about it okay"...

Junior : "Come on Chandler just tell me why you get weird when I bring him up?"

Chandler : "Cause he is an ass"

Junior : "Chandler"... he says with a sternness in his voice

Chandler : "No Junior he is. He didn't want me for 3 years after the divorce then he marries my step-Mom and decided hell I think I am going to be a father now. You can trust a damn word that man says. He is a liar and manipulator. He is just like August but he never beat me. He thinks he is the best thing on earth and nothing he does is wrong. He has your fooled to that he is the best"

Junior : "I didn't know he seemed"

Chandler : "Yeah he seems nice he is the best faker in the world mark my word tomorrow he will 'Oh Chandler I love you' blah blah. Does he mean it? Maybe not who knows."

Junior : "You love him"

Chandler : "I don't know. I mean I guess but he is not a daddy or a dad he is more of my father not my daddy. You get what I am saying? He has hurt me so much when I see him it hurts all over again."

Junior : "I promise I won't let him hurt you ever again. I never want to see you hurt again by anyone."

Chandler : "I love you" The next morning I wake up and already dread meeting my father. Junior is dragging around the motor coach complaining about the sun light and having the races to early in the day. When Junior comes back from the drivers meeting we head out to the hauler where my dad is meeting us. When we walk up Junior whisper how much bigger my dad is then him. That makes me smile before we enter hell. We walk back into the lounge with my dad and step mom to catch up. Junior had it planned so we could run out if we had to.

Mr.. Blake : "Chandler, you look so nice"

Chandler : "Hey"... he grabs me and pulls me into a hug

Chandler : "Dad this is Dale"

Mr. Blake : "What is going on man"... I shot Junior a glance and he gets into his meeting the fans mode.

Junior : "Nothing much just ready to go out and race."

Chandler : "So you enjoy the track so far?" While he is answering I sit down beside Bug his hand finds it way on my leg and lays on top of my knee he massages the side of my knee with his pinkie and thumb. I see my dad shoot a glare over at me. I just smile, what he is about to say I am not ready for

Mr. Blake : "So Chandler honey.. Why aren't you in Missouri?"

Chandler : "I no longer live in Missouri I live with Junior in North Carolina I told you that"

Mr. Blake: "Oh yeah must have forgot in my old age".... I can feel Junior grip my knee he knows my temper is about to flare up

Chandler : "Yeah must have"

Step- Mom : "When did ya'll start dating?" my step-Mom asks trying to ease the tension

Junior : "Well we met in January, but I guess we didn't start really going out until February"

Mr. Blake : "Weren't you with August until February?"

Chandler : "Yeah... Why?"

Mr. Blake : "No reason so you and Junior were going out while you were with August"

Chandler : "Yes... Why does this matter?"

Mr. Blake : "I would have thought you would have done better than......."

Chandler : "Don't you even dare go there dad!"

Mr. . Blake : "Don't you raise your voice at me!"

Chandler : "Don't tell me how to live my life. Or what is right or wrong like you are the greatest role model in the world. You the one that cheated and ruined a family. I didn't cheat father. I found someone that I could trust."

Mr. Blake: "I think Dale should leave"

Chandler : "No he is staying so he is the only man I can trust other than your brother"

Junior : "Chandler baby sit down." I feel Junior start rubbing my leg where I jerked up from our relaxed position

Chandler : "No I am not. I am finally standing up for myself. Dad you have hurt me more than you will ever know. I am strong now and I am not taking your fake shit anymore. I don't have a daddy I have a father which is you the closet thing I have to a daddy is your brother maybe you should look at him."

Mr. Blake : "Young lady don't make me"

Chandler : "What are going to do ground me? Walk out of my life? Oh, wait you have already done that. You are an expert at walking out."

Junior : "Chandler baby calm down"... I can feel bug stand up beside me and put his hand on my shoulder by then some of the crew had stop and walked to the door behind me I felt Uncle Tony's hand on my other shoulder I knew they were supporting me.

Jade: "Junior we need you On pit road."

Mr. Blake : "Hey Dale you need to stay away from my daughter I know your kind"

Junior : "Sir you have already hurt her enough. I only love her and you don't know me"... I am shocked by what he has just said to my dad he just stood up for me and defended me. Before anything else can be said we walk out. We head our way to pit road

Chandler : "Dale, Jr. I am sorry I did that"

Junior : "Shhh he deserved it" I help him with his Hutchinson device and he slides in the car.

Chandler : "Good luck I love you"

Junior : "Love you too"

Jr :"Hey Chan?"

Chandler : "Yeah?"

Jr : "You are so damn sexy when you are mad"

Chandler : "Go win me a race ya perv

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