Chapter 23 - 28

Chapter 23

Soon Junior was focused with his baby blues locked on the bumper in front of him. It was going to be a long race because of the engine change, he is starting back in provisional land. Soon the pre race activities start. Junior sticks his hand out of the space left from the window net being up and reaches for my hand. He runs his gloved thumb over my hand. We give each other one last squeeze when they get the call to start the engines. On my way back to the pit box. I see my stepbrother and his family minus my dad and step-mother having a great time. Before I get to them I see my year and half old niece come running up to me with her curls bouncing.

Hannah : "Aunt Chan Aunt Chan"

Chandler : "Hey cutie"....she flies into my arms

Christina : "Chandler you look so pretty".... my step brothers wife says

Chandler : "Aww Christina so do you. Where is my brother at?"

John : "Right here."

Chandler : "Aww John-boy I missed you so much."

John : "I heard about this morning my Mom told me about you and your dad."

Chandler : "Yeah I lost it on him but he needed to hear it. Where did they go anyway?"

John : "They are in the stands watching the race. You Know I am your stepbrother but I support you fully."

Chandler : "I know".... We are still in our hug when his cell phone goes off. Something had happen at work and him and Christina had to leave right then to head out to California

John : "Chandler I know this is last minute but can you take Hannah for the week? We have to leave now."

Chandler : "Yeah I would love to have Smooch with me for a week. Plus we will be at Darlington next week."

Christina : "What about Junior?"

Chandler : "He will deal." After Christina gives me the whole mother speech and the schedule for Hannah and all the other stuff I need to know. She was worried since they were leaving so fast that Hannah didn't have anything. I swore it was no problem. That means me and Delana can go shopping for little girl clothes soon as we get back. Before they left Buffy and Delana had come over and met everyone plus I scouted them out to help get the car seat and play pen from the car. By the time everyone had settled back down and I was back out on pit road with Hannah grease down with sunscreen one of Macy's hats and some earplugs the first 50 laps had been completed. Junior was tearing the field up. He took the lead right when I sat down beside Pops. Pops didn't realize Hannah was in my lap until about lap 250 when she got sleepy and laid her head on his shoulder.

Tony Sr : "Chandler how long has she been in your lap?"

Chandler : "about 200 laps"....

Tony Sr: : "Damn I didn't even notice."

Chandler : "Yeah if it was snake it would have bit you"

Tony, Sr.: "That is what Junior's daddy always said ... he would have liked ya" With about 25 laps to go Hannah and me were standing on the box cheering Junior on hoping he would get to the lead he was right on the bumper of Gordo. Hannah couldn't get out Junior so she was yelling "GO JUNO." The crew started to crack up and yell with her. When the checkered finally fell Junior came home 3rd which was great cause that bumped him up into the top 10. When he got back to the hauler I had everything packed with Hannah in my arms watching the local news she was out like a light in my arms. When Junior Walked in he was surprised to say the least.

Junior : "Baby whose kid is that?"... he leans down a lays a soft kiss on my lips as he waiting for the answer.

Chandler : "This is my niece. My step brother got an emergency call to work so we kind of have her for a week"

Junior : "Yeah?"..... He snuggles up beside me and lays his head on my shoulder.

Chandler : "You aren't mad at me are you?"

Junior : "Nah I am kind of looking forward to it. Lets me be a daddy for a week."

Chandler : "Aww sweetie" On the plane heading back to NC. Hannah had already had Bug wrapped around her little finger. They had already started to play together. He was teaching her race car numbers. She had fallen asleep in his lap when we landed. I saw how kind and sweet he was with her. He gently gathered her up in his arms. Her little arms wrapped around his neck and snuggled up to him. We got all loaded up in the truck headed home when Hannah woke up again and started getting cranky. Junior turned on the stereo all of sudden Sponge Bob Square Pants started coming from the speakers before I knew what was going on Junior and Hannah were singing as loud as they could to the theme song. When we got to the stop light we had the windows down jamming out. You could hear Junior and Hannah's giggles down the street. All of soon we hear Van Halen blasting from the car over. Junior turns around to find Tony Stewart laughing.

Tony : "Hey Junior can I get a copy of your jams over there? I would like to thump out to it."

Junior : "Dude you say anything about this you die!"

Tony : "I am taking my chances when I tell people the bud stud was jamming out to some sponge bob," When we finally get home. Dale, Jr and I are walking zombies. Hannah is ready for bed to. I go off to give her bath while Bug practices his skills at assembling a play pen in the guest room. When the bath was over Hannah bolted out naked as a jay bird. Junior caught her up in his arms as she rounded the bed. We changed her while I went to get into the shower. When I walked out I heard Junior talking to her as he rocked her in his recliner she was all cuddled in his arms with her ducky. I listened in to what he was saying.

Junior : "Tomorrow I am going to take you to the shop and show you were I work today was just a little hint. I get to practice being a Daddy with you for this week. Someday I want to be your Uncle. I love your Aunt a lot she makes me happier than I have been in along time. You will get to meet Karsyn tomorrow. She is my niece. I love her like she is my own. Get your rest little one you are going to be taken over by the Earnhardts tomorrow." When he stood to put her to bed he saw me standing in the doorway. He looked so content with her in his arms. His face just lights up when there are little kids around him. I am falling more and more in love with him as the days pass. Someday I hope those are our kids. When he came back from putting her down he wrapped his arms around me. We stood in each others arms for awhile.

Chandler: "You are going to make a great daddy"

Junior : "You think?"

Chandler :"No I know you are."

Chapter 24

It was 3 am when I rolled over to see an empty side of the bed. I see the lights in living room from under the door. I see Dale Jr sitting in his boxers eating a bowl of cereal and Hannah leaning against him on the couch eating some dry Cheerios. I finally notice what is playing on the TV. It is an old race from the early 80s that Dale Jr's daddy was in. Bug and Hannah are so content into the race they don't hear me walk up.

Chandler : "Bug sweetie is 3am why are you up and this one not in bed?" Junior jumps and nearly chokes on his cereal when I lay my hand on his shoulder.

Hannah : "Chan no sleepy"... Hannah says looking up at me with her brown eyes.

Junior : She woke up about 2 and was calling out on the monitor. I couldn't sleep either so we decided to watch a race.

Chandler : "Oh really?"..... I slide in next to Junior on the couch Hannah crawls across his lap and gets in to mine.

Chandler : "What is going on sweetie?".... I run my hand threw his hair trying to read his emotions through his eyes.

Junior : "Nothing I just couldn't sleep . I didn't want to wake you with the light on in the bedroom so I came out here and then Hannah wanted to be up too."... He runs his hand in her curls as he gets up to go into the kitchen.

Hannah : "Aunt Chan can Juno be my Uncle?"

Chandler : "I don't know. Why don't you ask him when he comes back?"..... When Junior sits back down on the couch she reaches out to him. When Junior pulls her into his arms she giggles at him and pulls on his goatee a little.

Hannah :"Juno?"

Junior : "Yeah baby doll?"

Hannah : "Can you be my uncle?"...

Junior : "I can be anything you want me to be sweetie"..... he leans her down and gives her a kiss on the forehead his goatee tickles her face. As they are giggle at each other Dale Sr., fills the air. There is an interview with him on the video they were watching. He is in Victory Lane with the whole family.

Hannah : "Juno your daddy"

Junior : "Yeah that is my daddy"

Hannah : "Juno's daddy where?"

Junior : "He is an angel now."

Hannah : "Oh"

Hannah : "He your angel?"

Junior : "Yeah baby doll he is my angel. He sent your Aunt Chan in my life."... our eyes meet and he mouths 'I love you'. I headed back to bed wanting him more than ever. I hope I am asleep before he gets in the bed. Junior followed shortly when he slides in beside me. I feel his hand go under my shirt and rest on my stomach like he normally does. I want him so bad after seeing him with Hannah today and tonight. I am ready for that next step.

Chandler : "Junior?"

Junior : "Yeah?"

Chandler : "You sleepy?"

Junior :"Nah why?"...... I didn't answer him I slide my leg over him as I turned into him. I feel his hand slide around to my back.

Junior : "Baby what are?".....

Chandler : "Shhh let me love you"......

I roll over so I am straddling his waist. All I can think about is taking us to the next step and loving more of him. Our lips find each others, I slide my hands down his chest to where I am straddling him and then back up. I take him by surprise when I slip my tongue in his mouth. I feel him respond when he slides his hands to my hips. "Got to get this shirt off" I mumble in to his neck as I trail my tongue down behind his ear and to his neck working on perfecting the hickey from last week. I hear him moan out as I nip at the soft skin again. His hands start to trail up and down my back. I break apart from his neck and lips long enough to slide his shirt off and chuck it across the room. I want him to see the lust and love in my eyes. I slide down his body and I kiss a trail from his neck to his chest. I slide my tongue across his collarbone and down to his belly button. His grip on my shirt tightens. I butterfly kiss around his belly button and around the waistline of his boxers. My nails drag down his chest lightly going over his nipples. He takes in a deep breath when I draw lazy circles around his belly button with my tongue. I can feel him getting harder against my leg. I kiss my way back up his body this time drawing more lazy circles around his nipples. He growls out in pleasure. Our lips connect again. Junior is kissing more forceful I know he is trying hard not to take control. My hand skims down his body, sliding down to his boxers then to the now bulge that is showing. I gently rub his growing bulge I hear him moan out again.

Junior: "You sure?"

Chandler : "Shh what did I tell you? I make the rules".....

My hand slides in his boxers taking him fully in my hand he tenses up and slams his tongue into my mouth. I gently start to stroke him up and down. His hands are running threw my hair and down my back feverishly as his tongue is working over time in my mouth. I pull back to starting kissing down his chest again, nipping on my way down to the top of his boxers. Gently I start to pull them down over his hips. As I pull them down I lay kisses over his hips then the top of his thighs until they are all the way down. He bucks up into my kisses. My kisses start coming closer and closer to what he wants in my mouth. As I slide my hand down his shaft laying kisses behind where I have touched him. I lean down to capture him in my lips I feel his hand in my hair and another one gripped on my shoulder his blue eyes are smoldering with passion. Right when I capture his head in my lips he groans out

Junior: "OHHHHH BABY" Before I can go any further I hear the door come open and Junior trying to catch his breath to speak


Junior :"Be right there baby" Shit... I fumble under the sheet to help get his boxers back up around his waist.

Hannah : "Aunt Chan Aunt Chan?"

Chandler : "Look Baby here is the remote for the TV it was at the bottom of the bed".... Junior tries to shift in the bed to get his self adjust back so Hannah doesn't ask any questions.

Hannah : "Aunt Chan there is a monster" As Junior climbs out taking the comforter with him he mumbles in my ear

Junior : "Yeah there is a monster in my pants"

Chapter 25

Morning came to early. It was about 4:30 am before we both fell asleep and lets just say after Hannah and the monster the mood was killed. Today was going to be crazy for both of us. Junior was taking Hannah to DEI to meet everyone and to show her the cars. I had an early meeting with some sponsors for Kevin so Delana and I had to be at the office at 7:30 am instead of 9 am our normal time. I glance over at Junior one last time before I slide out to get ready for the day. That little booger is sound asleep with a smirk on his face. It was definitely going to have to be a cold shower this morning. By the time I had gotten dressed and showered I was already behind schedule. While I was brushing my teeth I feel Junior come up behind me when he leans into me I can feel him against my back side. He gently kisses my neck then heads to the shower without saying a word. I soon have Hannah up and we are in the kitchen eating our breakfast when she chunks a grape at the door towards Junior.

Junior : "Hey punk"

Hannah : "Juno"..... She giggles as he leans down and kisses her on the cheek

Chandler : "Your going to have her all-day. You know the schedule for naps and when she is supposed to get fed right?"

Junior : "Yeah Chan go to work before you are late and De gets mad." He kisses me on my way out of the door. I turn back to see Hannah already taking his hat off his head as they wave.

The meeting seemed to drag on and on. By 10:30 me and De both were about to sleep listening to the expectations of the sponsors and blah blah blah. By the time they left we were ready to pull our hair out. Something about sitting in a meeting with balding men who are looking at you with dreamy eyes while you are in a pants suit from hell. Delana was cracking up on the way to lunch talking about the eyes one of the guys were making at her. When we pulled up to the restaurant she notices my rings for the first time.

Delana : "When did you get that championship ring?"

Chandler : "De man that has been like a month ago"

Delana: "Oh must have forgot. So why are you so walking on sunshine today"

Chandler : "I am just glad to be out of that meeting"

Delana : "Meeting my butt... You and Junior?".... she raises her eyebrows

Chandler : "Nah I well.... was"...

Delana : "Yeah?"

Chandler : "We got interrupt last night taking it to another level. Hannah opened the door when I was about to"....

Delana : "Okay that is enough I get the picture".... She begins to crack up

Chandler :"Dude it is not funny.....Every time we try to go a little farther we get stopped."... Our laughter is interrupted when my cell goes off. I see it is Junior

Delana :"Aww your bug is calling"..... I flick her off as I answer

Junior :"Hey sweetie"

Chandler :"Hey"

Junior :"Your meeting over?"

Chandler :"Yeah what about you?"

Junior : "Well lets see Hannah decided to tell everyone that you were about to give me some love'n last night"

Chandler : "She what?!?!"

Junior :"Yeah she said so in not so many words"

Chandler : "Bug??"

Junior : "It is not to bad"

Chandler : "What did she say??"

Junior : "Teresa asked her how was her first night in North Carolina was like and she proceeded to say that there was a monster and when she came to find us to kill him I had a funny look on my face and you were under the sheet looking for the remote"

Chandler : "Oh shit"

Junior :"It was pretty funny. Mikey and Steve cracked up so did Ty."

Chandler : "Damn"

Junior : "What time are ya coming home baby I miss u pookie"

Chandler : "I miss you too. We got set back cause of the meeting so probably around 6:30 or 7"

Junior : "Okay"

Junior : "Love you"

Chandler : "Love you too."

When we got back from lunch we were swamped with changing everything around for the sponsors and starting new marketing plans. I didn't see the bottom of my desk until 7 when De and me finally called it quits and headed home to our men. I wanted to be in Junior's arms so bad. The whole way home I listened to the CD he had made us for or 1 month anniversary. I was lucky to have him to love me. Red was at the door when I got home. "Where's Daddy?" I checked the mail that Junior had on the coffee table and notice the note saying he was in the shop working. Within a couple yards of the shop you could hear the stereo blasting some 50 Cent. I saw 2 legs sticking out of the front of the late model. I lean down and gently pull on his jeans to get his attention when he rolls out he is elbow deep in grease.

Junior : "Hey"

Chandler : "Hey where is Hannah?"

Junior :"Kelley wanted her for the night so she and Karsyn could play"...

Chandler : "Oh okay"... Red runs and jumps on his lap

Chandler : "Looks like someone else missed you to"

Junior :"Not as much as I missed you"...

Chandler: "Well aren't you just sweet?"

Junior: "I can't help it, I'm a stud."

Chandler: "Funny........have you had any dinner yet?"

Junior.: "Nah, I'm not hungry"

Chandler: "Me either, I'm just going to go take a nice long hot shower"

Junior.: "Well let me get in there first, I think I need it a bit more" I'm standing in front of the sink brushing my teeth again in my bathrobe and I feel Junior lean against me and kiss my neck again repeating what he did this morning. I feel his bulge against my back side. He just smiles and gets into the shower. I hear the shower start and Junior let out a loud moan as the hot water hits him. I need to go finish what I started last night with him before it kills us both

Junior: "Chandler, what the hell?" Junior is startled to find me behind him in the shower.

Chandler: "Shh, I never got to finish what I started."

Junior: "Are you sure? I mean......"

Chandler: "Shhh"

I wrap my hands around Junior's waist turning him towards me. I slowly run my tongue across his lips. He takes me into a deep kiss as I massage his back with my hands. I then pull away from his lips and begin to kiss down his chest, sucking on his nipples, running my tongue around his belly button. The way he likes it. I kiss my way down to his hip bone. I feel Junior tighten up...I then start to kiss his right thigh then I move a little bit to the left.


Chandler: "mmm" I slide him in to my mouth, He slowly rubs my wet hair while he lets out little moans. I move up and down on his man hood at a slow then quick pace. I pull back and let my hands slide up and down for awhile. He bucks into my hand and brings my head back to him.

Junior: "Oh God baby, Chandler, you make me feel so good. I Love you"

Chandler: "Mmm, I love you too baby" I take all of his man back into my mouth deeper and slower than before. Slowly he starts to buck into my mouth, I take him in and out, I let my hands go to were my mouth was un able to reach. Jr lets out a low moan that is almost a growl. I start to feel Junior get harder and harder in my mouth his moans become louder to.

"Baby I am going".... he tries to pull me back. I keep on sucking soon I feel his release Junior lets out a moan of pleasure, and just leans against the shower wall. I kiss my way back up his body until I am standing again.

Junior: "You are so wonderful, no one's ever made me feel like that, I Love you Chandler"

Chandler: "I'm glad I could make you feel good, I was worried I wouldn't be good enough for you."

Junior: "Oh baby, no one can even compare to you....

Chapter 26

With chills both running down our body from the intimacy plus the cold water we decide to finally leave each other arms. I suddenly get embarrassed when I start to dry off in front of him. His stare is intense.

Chandler :"What?"... I ask unsure of my self

Junior : "You are so beautiful I can't wait to make love to you. But I will"....... he wraps his towel around his waist and gently rubs his fingertips across my shoulder.

Junior : "So beautiful".....he glance down at my towel covered body and gentle kisses my forehead

Chandler : "I am cold".... I pat him on the back on my way towards his closet. I am trying to pick out a shirt when he steps in behind me and lays kisses on my neck.

Chandler : "Looks like someone wants me like I wanted them"

Junior : "I want you more than you know".... I feel him start up again against my back.

Chandler : "Does that thing ever rest?"

Junior : "Not when you are near." Later on that night we are on the patio looking at the stars in each others arms. Talking about the future. He laces his fingers within mine and brought our hands up so the ring he bought me is showing.

Junior : "Forever"..... he nuzzles me and pulls me as close as I can get without sitting on top of him. That night we laid in each others arms. Both wondering what our future was going to hold. I can't imagine not waking up without him in my arms. The playboy image everyone sees is not the man he really is. He is innocent, shy, introspective and willing to wait until I am ready. I know this is the man who will take my possession

Later on that week.....

Chandler : "Junior where are you we have to get to the airport?"... I am yelling threw this house looking for him and Hannah. I see that they are all packed and everything by the front door. Where are they? Bud and Red are missing too. On my way out to the garage I grab the camera to see if Junior had finished the rolls. The DMP's cars are all lined up behind the garage.. That boy can't be alone for anything. I can hear voices. I make out Hannah's but the others are muffled. When I open the door I bust out in laughing and hope there is some filmed left praying that there is some film left so I can get a picture of this site. Shane, Brain, and Terrill are all on the floor with little tea cups in there hand. While Junior and TJ are leaning against the late model with there pinkie in the air as they hold there tea cups. I quickly get some pictures until the flash catches them all off guard. When they turn around I see that they have been attack by Hannah with the make up kit she had got from Kelley. Junior was the only one without any on his face. The site of these hard partiers with eye shadow on and rose cheeks is still to much. Soon everyone is in laughter.

Chandler : "Junior you ready?"... I chock out in between fits of laughter

Junior : "Yeah...Hannah say bye to the DMP"... he says as he lifts her little hand to wave

Hannah : "Bye DMP"

They gave her all kisses and hugs. All of them had gone in and got her a bib that said 'DMP Sugar Mama." On the flight I cuddled into Junior as he held Hannah asleep in his arms. I kiss his soft lips. I could kiss him all day and run my head through his soft hair. We all are asleep soon in each other arms. Junior wakes me up by running his hand across my cheek. When I open my eyes my earphones are still on playing "Open Arms" the song seems perfect as I look up into the eyes of a man that came to me with open arms. Hannah and Junior's good-bye was heart wrenching when my step-Mom came to pick her up. She cried and called out to him as they walked to the car. Junior griped my hand so tight he was trying to hold back his sensitive side as the Brew Crew milled around behind us.

The weekend became busy fast I was barely able to see Delana much less catch up with her about everything going on. Monday at work was going to be hellish. Kevin had made some comments about his teammates and since he wonderful wife gave me the job of working his PR along with the RCR pr people we were already starting damage control. The race was very interesting to say the least Craven and Busch had a great finish and Junior brought home a top 10. The week passed and we were at another track. Bristol was never to kind to Junior he was battling a cold too. When I walked in the motor coach from a press conference with Kevin and Delana after the win he got. I could here him coughing in the back.

Chandler : "Bug sweets you okay?"

Junior : "I feel like shit"... he sounds terribly stuffy and is very white compared to his standards.

Chandler : "Aww baby you eat anything today?"... he just shakes his head. His eyes are droopy, just happy hour had worn him out. Before he could respond he was in a rush to the bathroom. I could hear him throwing up whatever he had before I asked that question. When he came back out he looked even worse.

Chandler : "Come on lets get you out of these clothes and in the bed".... He smirks a little

Chandler : "Your sick and you still think of being a perv".... I shake my head as I tuck him in the bed lay a quick kiss on his forehead.

Chandler : "I'll be back. I am going to find something for you take since the bathroom is bare. My cell is on if you need me. Love You." He just mumbles and curls up in the covers.

On my way to the store I call my Mom to see what I need to get to make him better she just laughs and tells me ginger ale and some chicken broth for his stomach. I load up on sinus medicine plus some pepto. When I get back I can tell he is finally asleep. Even sick he looks hot with his hair everywhere and him all curled up trying to get warm. I put another cover on the bed kiss him gently on his head and head back to the kitchen and heated up some chicken broth. A couple hours later I hear him start coughing again. He is laying in the bed with Kleenex scattered around him. When I bring the soup in and sit it down on the bedside table.

Chandler : "You think you can stomach anything right now"....when I sit down on the bed he rolls over and lays his head in my lap. I gently run my hand through his wild hair.

Junior : "Hmmm.... I don't want to race tomorrow I feel like shit still"....

Chandler : "I know but we have to get something in you. Or I will have to call Jade and let him get the doctor tonight".... he shoots he droopy baby blues up at me

Chandler: "That glare doesn't work on me. Now come on be a good little boy and eat some soup."

He slid up against the headboard and by the time he is finished he had 3 bowls of soup and was working on eating some crackers. His color was returning but the nasty cough was still there. About 8 he called it a night and slept until 10:30 that morning. He crawled out of bed just in time to make it to the drivers meeting at 11. The doctors gave him 2 IV bags of fluid for the race and we had Hank Parker Junior standing by. The race was horrible for the brew crew. We ran out of gas and got 3 laps down Junior was sick and pissed. By the time we were on the flight back home it was complete silence. The crew was pissed at each for another melt down. Junior had taken 4 sinus tablets and was out cold against my shoulder snoring cause he was choked up. Soon heads start turn back and look at us cause of the noise Junior is making. Everyone kind of looks at each other then cracks up. Junior doesn't wake up when we land. I nearly have to shake him to death to get him to stir up again he is only a wake until he slides in to the truck and give me the keys.

Delana and I were overload for another Monday since the win for Kevin. Junior was till at home sick with a cold but he was gradually getting better. He also started to read the box to the sinus medicine after he was a walking zombie Sunday night. He had to leave for Texas tomorrow. Tonight we decide to rent a movie and spend the night in each others arms. As I watch him pack I new this was going to be harder than when he went to Vegas we had become so much closer on a different level. The hardest thing was watching Bug get on that airplane. I didn't know that soon our fairy tale would be tested.

Chapter 27

I was laying in the bed all cuddled up in one Junior's shirts and a pair of his boxers watching him race at Texas on FOX. Red was curled up next to me chewing on some toy Junior had got him. Bud was curled up asleep in front of the closet. Junior was doing so good. There were 10 laps left. He was in a thick battle with Gordon for 2nd. I was lost in the race when my cell phone rang. I didn't hesitate to pick it up or check the caller thinking it was Kelley or Delana.

Chandler : "Hello?"

August : "Hey beautiful".... I can't answer back I know this voice

August : "What you aren't going to talk back to me? I really didn't mean to hurt you"

Chandler : "Why are you calling me?"

August : "I missed your pretty face around the house."

Chandler : "Why you beat the hell out of me?".... why am I talking to him I need to hang up

August : "Well... Anyway you need to come back to me you know he doesn't love you. You are just what you are for him as you were with me. Come on baby think of what I can give you and what he can't"

Chandler : "Yeah right you feed me bull shit everyday and screwed God know how many people behind my back. Dale fucking loves me with all his heart and treats like I am worth something. "

August : "You think he loves you"...

Chandler : "I know he loves me more than I can ever say to you"

August : "Chandler this is not over between you and me I will have you back. You better watch after that little boyfriend of yours something might happen to him."

Chandler : "Fuck You".... I slam the phone down. What did he mean by something might happen to Junior. I can live without Junior now he is my strength, he is my world. He is the man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with, But I know the power August has especially with Junior he holds his future in his hands. I need him right now to tell me he loves me and protect me from my fears.

There is a little sprinkle falling as I am waiting for the plane to unload. The rest of the night since the call I have been on edge I just want to get Junior back in my arms and hold him. I am not going to tell him about the call. There is no use in getting Junior heated about something that probably won't happen again or I hope won't happen again. Junior tops the steps of the airplane he looks so good in his white T-shirt some baggy jeans and his Adidas. By the time he gets near the bottom step I am running to him as fast as my legs can go. I need him. He drops his bag as he meets me half way I jump in his arms. He lifts me up a little in the hug so my feet are not touching down I just gaze in his eyes. My hands slide down his face so I can bring his face up to kiss him. When he sets me back down and we break from our kiss my arms are still tightly around him.

Chandler : "I missed you so much... I never want to lose you Dale never."... I grab on him tighter as tears start to come.

Junior : "I missed you to sweetie.... Are you crying? Wait.. what is wrong?"

Chandler : "Nothing I'm just glad you are back. I don't want to let you go....I love you with all my heart and I need you"

Junior : "I love you too baby".... He leans in for another kiss. The rain starts to pick up. We just stand in each others arms kissing and holding each other in the middle of the parking lot.

Junior : "Lets go home baby so I can hold you more." I finally let him go but not for long when we get in the truck. I slide up the arm rest console and snuggle into his side. He is the only one in my life that made me feel protected. I know he is not understanding why I need him so bad tonight. He just kisses my head and drives us home. Soon he is the shower and I staring out the window trying to figure the whole August calling thing out. I have a horrible feeling about the whole thing. I am startled from my thought when Junior arms wrap around me to pull me against him he smells so nice. I lean make and just take the scent of him in.

Junior: "Watch you looking at out there?" I turn so I am facing him.

Chandler: "Nothing..... I love you"

Junior: "That is good I love you too. You sure there is nothing going on?"

Chandler: "Yea just missed my bug." ... that night I kept a death grip on him the whole night. Every move he made I would wake up and make sure he was still there. During the night he had gotten up to go the bathroom. I was dreaming that I couldn't find him and when I did he was covered in blood. When I shot up from my nightmare and he wasn't there. I started to yell for him. He came out of the bathroom in a bolt.

Junior :"What is wrong.... Shhh I am here Chandler.... Baby what is wrong?" he brings me into his arms

Chandler : "I had a nightmare".... I turn my face into his chest

Junior : "About what".... he gently starts stroke my hair.. I feel him lift my chin so I am looking in to his eyes.

Chandler : "You were gone and someone was trying to take you from me and hurt you." I started to cry again.

Junior : "Shhh I am not going anywhere no one is going to hurt me. Lay back down I am here for you."

The next morning I wake up to him watching Spiderman eating a pop tart all sprawled out in the chair beside the bed.

Chandler : "What you watching Bug?"

Junior : Spiderman. He finishes his pop tart and slides in bed beside me.

Junior : "I called Delana, you don't have to go in today. You are sick. If she asks you got my cold." I cuddle back into his arms and lay on his chest

Chandler : "I love you."

Junior : "I love you too. I am off today too. I called Kelley to tell her I need to stay home with you. She is faxing something's over for me to sign. So it is me and you baby" The rest of the day we spent in bed watching cartoons and old movies. There was every bag of junk food possible on the bed and some crumbs from Junior and his cookies that he had been latched on to. Lunch consisted of Doritos and little Debbie cakes. We looked like two bums. We hooked up a cooler next to the bed so we didn't have to get up and go get something to drink. After we had a long serious discussion about who was cooler superman or Spiderman.

Chandler : "Well you are my superman".... I lean against the head board

Junior : "Why is that?"... he lays his head in my lap

Chandler : "Cause you came in a swooped me up from a bad situation saved my life and love me unconditionally not to mention you ain't scared of anything." I lean down to kiss him he pulls me down to him and turns so he is on top of me. I stare in to his baby blues.

Chandler : "I love you and I need you in my life more than you know"

Junior :"I love you more"

Chandler : "I love you more and more"... Soon we are rolling around on the bed laughing and tickling each other. We keep giggling our way off the bed and in to the kitchen still tickling each other. Junior grabs him some more chips and I hit up the ice cream. We turn on the stereo when we got back into the bedroom and just laid there and talk about going to Dega, his fears he hides from everyone, our families, plus anything and everything. But the August call. About 3 am we ended up asleep in each others arms. I hear my cell phone ringing again the next morning I am praying it is a dream but it is not.

Chandler: "Hello?"

August : "Good morning Chandler"

Chapter 28

He called again what is he doing calling again? He made that threat again about Junior needing to be careful and then hung up. I need to tell Junior to be careful but I know he will explode if he knows that August is calling me again.

Junior : "Baby who was that? "

Chandler : "Wrong Number "

Junior : "Okay"... he pulls me closer and laces our fingers together. I don't want to leave his arms I know August cant hurt us both if we are together safe with each other. He hugs me tight before he gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom to get a shower. While he is in there I catch myself looking out the window I am not sure what I am looking for. I need that safe feeling again. When Junior is done we switch out and I head into the shower. I need to feel his arms around me again. As if Junior knows what I am thinking he wraps his arms around me.

Chandler : "I love you." I look into his bright baby blue eyes that are so clear and loving I can see right to his soul.

Junior : "I love you too." I just stare at him for a moment and let my heart talk through my eyes to him. I feel a bond between us that scares me causes if he left me I would fall apart. I need him and I want him to know I need him.

Chandler : "I need to get a shower but I don't want to leave your arms."

Junior : "I don't want you too either." When we finally pull apart I head to the shower. When I get out I hear him singing to Kenny Chesney's "She thinks my tractors sexy." He had changed the words to she thinks my bud car is sexy. He is working on the same piece of writing he was since February. All he would tell me was it was something special for me and I would get to read it when it was finish. When I kissed him good-bye and we headed separate ways I said a silent pray for God to protect my bug out there from harm and danger. When I got to work it became easier we were so busy that I had little time to concentrate on August calling this morning until I got a package. It was from August. There was a picture of me and Bug from victory lane the night before August decide to show me how much he loved me by tearing me down emotional and with his fits the next night. The note attached brought tears to my eyes.

Chandler you think you love him and he loves you. I will do anything to get you back and I mean anything. The woman I am with now are just pawns. I need you and you know you are nothing without me. You talk to Junior lately?

All my love


I dialed the phone to JUNIOR Motor sports.

"JUNIOR Motorsports... this is Monica how can I help you?"

Chandler : "Hey Monica this is Chandler Blake is Junior there?"

Monica: "Yes Ms. Blake he is"

Chandler : "Can you let me talk to him?"

Monica : "Yes Ma'mn".... Sound I hear her buzz Kelley's office and I can hear her telling Junior I need to speak to him.

Junior : "Hey Sweetie?"

Chandler : "Hey Baby I am sorry I just need to hear you voice this afternoon."

Junior : `Everything okay?"

Chandler : "Yeah .... I just need to hear you it has been a long day."

Junior : "That rough?"

Chandler : "Yeah.. I am ready to be back in your arms."

Junior : "You only have 1 hour till you can come home and I am yours for the rest of the night."

Chandler : "I love you I will let you get back to what you were doing"

Junior : "I love you too." I got home before Junior did. I wait by the door in the kitchen waiting on him when I heard his truck pull in the garage. I went out to meet him as soon as he closed the door to the truck I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He was once back in my arms safe again.

Junior : "I like that welcome home"... he grabs my hand as we walked into the house as soon as he sits down. I am in his lap with my arms around him.

Chandler : "I was worried"..... he trails his hands up my back.

Junior : "I was just across the street baby nothing to worry about."

Chandler : "I know I just want you home so I could be in your arms."

Junior : "Well I got you now and I am not letting you go for anything.

Chandler : "Anything?"....

Junior : "Well maybe food, bathroom and oh yeah the races but other than that you can stay right her on my lap and in my arms." He gently ran his tongue across my lips before he slips it in for a deep kiss.

Chandler : "Um Mr. Earnhardt you are a very good kisser."

Junior : "Yeah I know I think I need to show you again"... he dips me back on his legs and repeats what he did before.

The phone starts to ring and it is Michael and Buffy. Everyone one was going out to eat that night and they want us to come. We decided to go. It would be good to be out and get my mind off of August and I could also be with Junior. We went to this nice laid back bar and grill in Sherrill Ford. Kevin and Delana, Tony and Mallory, Krissy and Ryan, Jeff and Amanda, Jimmie and Cassandra were all there. I hadn't really hung out a lot with Amanda and Cassandra. Me and Amanda hit it off cause she was originally from Georgia and lived near my hometown. Unconsciously through the night I kept keeping an eye on the door and out the window. I didn't notice it until Junior wrap his arm around me and ask what I was looking for.

Mikey got all of us up dancing in a Congo line. Junior and all the rest of the guys were pretty lit from the bar so there judgment was gone. For once my guard was down. Junior would dance up behind me in the line and then let his hands trail down to my hips and slide a little grind up against me. No one even came up and bothered the guys. They were just normal people for once. Ryan actually came out of his shell a little and with some of Krissy persuasion he was out there too. All of the girls decide to ditch the boys and start to shake our grove things to an old Ricky Martin song. The guys all start hooting and hollering. Junior, Tony and Mikey decide that they wanted to karaoke to the YMCA. It was classic. They had the place rocking. Junior was totally skunked when we got in the car on the way home.

The next morning came to soon. Junior and I both had killer headaches. He had the day off so he was going to hang around the house and work on the late model with the boys. Wednesday was always DMP day. I hadn't got any call from August since yesterday morning. Maybe the picture was the last straw so I hoped. Soon that dream was shattered when Delana buzzed me in the office telling me I had a phone call.

Chandler: "Chandler Blake"

August: "August Busch"

Chandler : "Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to break me again?"

August : "Baby I am looking out for you. Do actually think Junior is going to stay with you when he is not getting any?"

Chandler : "Don't call me again August! I don't want to hear anything from you! Why can't you let me be happy with Junior someone I love and loves me back?!?!"

August : "Love Chandler you don't know what that means I showed you love."

Chandler : "Yeah you sure did when you were trying to kill me"

August :"I must go."

Later that day I called Junior for the 3rd time that day checking up on him the excuses were coming hard and harder to make up why I needed to call him. I felt bad, but that night I asked him if I could go hang with him and the DMP. He said yes but I knew he wanted to be with his boys alone. Tonight I stayed glued to his side focused on the doors and the random people that look weird to me. He lightly left his arm around my shoulders. The guys welcomed me in on there night and treated me like on of the boys. Tomorrow we were going back to my hometown cause Dega was coming up. I knew August couldn't get to me down there he had no way to get to me. I rolled over and looked at Junior sound asleep he looked like an angel. My angel. I turned the radio on low cause I couldn't sleep. The song that was playing made me think about the way my life had become and God sent me angel that was asleep next to me.

It's been five months

Since you went away

You left without a word

Nothing to say

When I was the one

Who gave you my heart and soul

But it wasn't good enough for you


So I ask god

God send me an angel

From the heavens above

Send me an angel to cure my broken heart

For bein' in love

Cause all I do

Is cry

God send me an angel

To wipe the tears from my eyes

And I know it might sound crazy

But after all that I still loved you

You wanna come back in my life

But now there's something' that I have to do

I have to tell the one that I once adored

That they can't have my love no more

My heart can't take no more lies

And my eyes are all out of cries

So god

God send me an angel

From the heavens above

Send me an angel to cure my broken heart

For bein' in love

Cause all I do

Is cry

God send me an angel

To wipe the tears from my eyes

Now you had me on my knees

Beggin God please

To send you back to me

I couldn't eat

I can't sleep

And you made me feel like I could not breath

When I all I wanted to do

Was feel your touch

And to give you all of my love

But you took my love for granted

Want my lovin' now

But you can't have it

Oh god

God send me an angel

From the heavens above

Send me an angel to cure my broken heart

For bein' in love

Cause all I do

Is cry

God send me an angel

To wipe the tears from my eyes

Oh-Ooooh good Send me God send me an angel An aaangel

To wipe the tears from my eyes

Send me an angel from the heavens above

Send me an angel God

send me an angel For bein' in love Send me Oh god Se-e-e-end me-e an a-angel Send me an angel An angel

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