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Abhibhavak Organizer: As if Guardian in Life (AO)
An Overview

Abhibhavak Organizer: As if Guardian in Life (abbreviated as AO), is a novel-concept personal information manager package (view screenshot) developed by Rituraj Kalita of Guwahati, India during 2001-2005 in several stages (at first for his own use only), finally arriving at its present extremely user-friendly shareware form (AO v3.2.1). Without undergoing an authentication process involving a key floppy diskette (AO-KFD), this v3.2.1 software installed from the internet works as a Free 7-Reminder Variety allowing to have only 7 living reminders (denoted as 7LR in AO) per user (for each of the 20 users), but however without any similar limitations in address-book length or in number of diary-pages written per user. (To authenticate AO v3.x, contact the vendor firm). The name Abhibhavak is of an Indian origin, which means guardian in most Indian languages. In the next few lines, the developer tries to explain in brief why he needed to take up this endeavor, that might seem apparently unnecessary in a first view.

          Most organizers remind only once about an activity (or a current turn of a periodic activity). But, as it may not always be possible to perform that activity (task) immediately, so there lies a need to be reminded about it also on the next few days, if the task is not done till then. This user-password enabled 20-user package, AO, satisfies the need for management of many longer-term task-reminders on such a daily rather than an instaneous basis. Naturally, AO also waits for an answer (Y/N user-response) about whether each activity (or its current turn) has been performed, depending on which response it would behave differently about that particular task-reminder the next day. AO, so, doesn't get auto-opened whenever something is to be reminded, but reminds in one go about all the user's present tasks only when it is opened (either by a user or by, say, Windows Task Sceduler). In addition, it allows writing password-protected daily diary and maintains a shared auto-sorted address-book. For further details, visit help-manual on the web, The Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for the authenticator AO-KFD (that leads to the realization of the full i.e., the registered variety of AO) is Indian Rupees 500 (US $ 14, including postage) at present.

Interested Free-AO users desirous of migrating to the registered-variety (i.e., unlimited-reminders) AO may click at the nearby Buy Now payment button (to pay ESS US $ 14 via PayPal) to have the Authenticator AO-KFD shipped to you!   

          Special Benefits in Brief: AO is extremely easy and intuitive to use, and is very fast to be learnt. One need only a very rudimentary knowledge of computers. Behaves like a human guardian (in most Indian languages, Abhibhavak means guardian). AO not only reminds, but asks whether one actually did the activity or not; if not, the user will be asked that again whenever she meets her software-guardian. Itís ideal for the works that one may not be able to do after a first reminder. A digital diary or organizer software generally serves only one;  but AO may easily serve 20 users (and through a mechanism detailed in its help file, can even serve an unlimited number of users). It is difficult to search for a specific entry (e.g., a word) in a diary written on paper; but the diary written in AO can be instantly searched for any particular entry, and yet remain password-protected. The address book maintained in AO gets alphabetically auto-sorted instantly, even if the users keep tens of thousands of addresses, making it easy to find a particular address.

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