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Foremost Quote currently on my mind In CREATING THIS SITE:

"Ambition has but one reward for all: A little power, a little transient fame; A grave to rest in, and a fading name!"

- William Winter

Sunday, 29th September, 2003

Its been a while since I lat updated but, hey, assignments will do that to ya! Anyhow, changed the comic if you haven't noticed - I can SO relate to it! ;)

Another person for the 'People' section - the ladykiller himself, Moshe Schwartz! Check him out ladies… Also, changed our hot or not candidate for this week to Jason Hii! (I'm sorry I lost your interview!) and added to the Links section (ever wonder where I get all my news sources from?). Next update soon! Enjoy!

Sunday, 14th September, 2003

Another day another update (hmmm… I do it pretty often eh?) . Well added the Hot or Not pic and rating like I said I would! Our applicant this week is none other than Julian Hou! ;) Also, updated the People section with another OSS member - Kelvin Tse - and some new links in the miscellaneous section as well… Did I mention that there's a forum? Go nuts! ;p

I love SinFest! ;)

Friday, 12th September, 2003

Another  update today, more friends for the People section! My OSS comrade-in-arms Julian Hou, and my good old friend - the one and only Bernard Lai Cheong! Also, from a large number of requests (or complaints - go figure) I have set up an online forum for all to use. Family members, you've always been asking for this one so you can use this! You can find the forum by clicking on the navigation bar or by clicking here. Also, miscellaneous section is updated - including the excellent and twisted video 'Rejected' by oscar nominated Don Hertzfeldt! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 10th September, 2003

Quick update today (still can't figure out a way to post my new pics!!!) with my Aunty Peng adding to the People section (come on you other lazy gits!!!). Check it out… Well seems like this update list is getting longer and I'm too lazy to keep archives so I'll just have to slash the first one (memories….) ;p

Arrrgh… assignments, assignments, assignents… :(

Tuesday, 9th September, 2003

Quite a few changes in today's update. Added some new links to the links page including the webcomic sinfest (from now on, each time I update there will be a featured comic of the week depending on the best one at the time), my friend moshe's webpage, and some interesting links to start filling out the Miscellaneous section. Finally, we have our first applicant to the People section - Alexander Borovik! (Yes ladies he's single!). Next update on Friday/Saturday! Oh yeah, please fill out the new guestbook! ;)

Another update for today! Just added another person to the People section - Paul Pincon (yes! My own brother!). Also added a link to my old friend Melven's website…

Wednesday, 3rd September, 2003

Noticed that the counter wasn't working so I've replaced it (if you want to check the stats just click on it). Let's see… added another section of Miscellaneous stuff which I will start filling in the next update, added a link to the photo album of my old webpage, and one new picture in the OSS section of the photo album. Don't forget to check out the blog (actually, don't bother) ;p

Monday, 1st September, 2003

Major update today, added a few more sections which I will be working on soon so just check them out! Also, need people to fill out the People section…

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