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Mr. Yuk style electric igniters

These igniters are EXTREMELY dependable, waterproof, very strong, and easy to make.  I never had one fail yet.  Ignition occurs in less than on second and can be set off with 2 AA alkaline batteries (With Nichrome filament).  These igniters can be dipped in blackmatch, glue, rubber, Nitrocellulose, or taped.  I didn't yet check the resistance of the wires.  These igniters can easily be made into squibs.

Note:  When making squibs, 70/30 Flash powder will not ignite when in used in these igniters, it must still have a Black powder or caramel candy core; for it will not light by itself.



-Approx. 20gauge stranded wire (Speaker wire)

-Caramel candy (potassium nitrate/sucrose-60/40)

-Nichrome wire {(single strand of copper wire should work, perhaps a filament) (Nichrome wire is also found in toasters)}

-Nitrocellulose/"Grip Guard" rubber coating/something similar

Strip the ends of your wire.

Cut 1 inch of Nichrome wire

Twist the Nichrome around the two leads, fold them over.

Prepare some 50/50 Caramel candy mix

Using a Popsicle stick, scoop out a nice sized piece of candy.

Let the candy cool until it is safe enough to handle.  Shape it around the end of the wire.  I either shape it into a triangle (easiest), or into a rectangle.  Let it cool and harden.

Dip the igniter into the the liquid rubber, Nitrocellulose, or some other glue or epoxy.  I prefer the "Grip Guard" liquid rubber for coating tools because it is very waterproof and durable.

Let your igniters dry.

Finished!  The igniters are still wet in the picture, thus the drippy appearance.