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Acetone Peroxide and Acetone Peroxide/Aluminum Tests

TP2003XL  Spud/Toilet paper launcher

Equipped with fuel injector for easy filling.  (Located on lower right corner "T")

Remote/Timer signal output device.  5 mile range.  Uses two FRS/GMRS radios. 

PVC Ball mill.  Uses one 12V "Powerwheels" motor.  This type of mill is far more effective than a regular ball mill in my opinion.

Ball Mill.  Shown milling Black Powder.  Milling media:  Lead balls/marbles.

This is my "Hydrogenerator", or Hydrogen generator.

More experiments to come...

This is what I have done of my Gluharref Pressure jet engine.  When It's done I will devote a whole page to it.