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Brain Drain: A Standpoint

By: Fatima Azahra, D. (2ème Bac Arts) 2014 / 2015

          Brain Drain can be described as the emigration of talented, skilful and genius workers to more developed countries with a view of the evolving countries where they donít feel like belonging to. Of course there are serious reasons for leaving oneís home country, but there are solutions as well to put an end to this phenomenon.

          On the one hand, the majority of such emigrants blame the government for neglecting their needs as qualified people and for not caring about providing them with appropriate decent jobs, notwithstanding the fact that they are far better than others who are mostly without qualifications.

         On the other hand, there are others who prefer to emigrate because they are not well-paid. Their salaries never comply with their urgent needs. Consequently, they decide to emigrate to look for better life conditions for themselves and for their children.

          Taking these two causes into consideration, converting brain drain into brain gain becomes a priority, and the issue is simple. There is one possible solution, and it is that the government should give its human capital the prestige and esteem it deserves by employing them and improving their work conditions so that the country can profit from their huge capacities for the progress and prosperity of the nation.

          On the whole, we must sensitize everyone about the hazardous phenomenon of Brain Drain. When the talented and genius people feel obliged to quit their homeland for something their country of origin could provide them, it is nonsense.

Reviewed by M. Abdessalami


Understanding Brain Drain