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Main Weapons

Bazooka - The Bazooka is the primary weapon and the default-starting weapon. The Bazooka is affected by wind and fires in an arc, depending on the power it's fired at.

Homing Missile - The Homing Missile is almost exactly the same as the Bazooka, except before you fire it you must select a target with the mouse. After firing, the Missile will spin for a bit, until the homing signal turns on and will then fly straight for the target.

Mortar - Fires like one of those Mortar Shell launchers you see in those Vietnam War movies. This always fires at full strength, so be careful the breeze doesn't take it away. When it hits the ground it explodes into smaller clusters.

Homing Pigeon - The Homing Pigeon is very similar to the Homing Missile, however it has slightly better intelligence to get it to where its target is. Still not totally reliable.

Grenade - Grenades are what they sound to be. You hurl them with a fuse time and they bounce until their fuse goes off. You can set the fuse with the numerical keys 1-5 on the keyboard and can adjust its bounciness by + or - on the keyboard.

Cluster Bomb - This fires similar to a grenade, however when it explodes it shoots out several smaller bombs, which each explode on impact. This can be very powerful if used effectively.

Banana Bomb - This is similar and better than the Cluster Bomb. After exploding, instead of firing out clusters, an array of Bananas fly out. This is a very powerful weapon indeed.

Homing Cluster - This is a mix between the Cluster Bomb and the Homing Missile. After the bomb explodes, the clusters turn in the direction of the target and usually hit it. A nice weapon all round.

Shotgun - The Shotgun can be used as a type of Sniper Rifle, however it can also be useful for knocking Worms off of ledges. The Shotgun has two barrels so you get two shots with it, miss the first time and correct it the second.

Handgun - Fires a succession of three quick shots. Not very powerful, however this can be used for knocking enemy Worms off of cliffs and for digging delicate holes through things

Uzi - This is a handy weapon for pummeling enemy Worms. If used properly, it can take quite a lot of health off of the opponent's Worms. A simple tap is required to fire, providing you aim it first.

Mini-Gun - Exactly like the uzi, only bigger and more powerful. This thing is very useful for cutting through landscape and enemy Worms. It is a little difficult to hit the Worm with every single bullet.

Fire Punch - The Fire Punch is designed to knock enemies standing close or above you a fair distance away from you. It cuts through land in an upward direction, in a line similar to that of the Drill.

Dragon Ball - The Dragon Ball when fired propels a Street-Fighter-2-like fireball in the aimed direction and when it hits another Worms will propel it forward. Useful for moving people large distances.

Kamikaze - This should only be used in extreme cases. The Kamikaze will infect madness into a Worm and cause him to take his life. By firing in one of eight directions, the Worm will soar through the air until impact. It'll kill the worm that does it.

Prod - The Prod is a weapon that can severely annoy your opponent. It is most fun to use it at the end of a round when there is only one enemy Worm left. You stand next to the Worm and push space, the Worm using it will then give the other Worm a big push and knock him head over heels.

Dynamite - The Dynamite is a very powerful tool indeed. Drop it near a Worm and run, this will blow up with a powerful shockwave and can take a lot of health off of a Worm.

Land-Mine - The Land-Mine acts the same as the Dynamite, except a Worm has to be near it for it to go off. These is also a few of these lying around the landscape by default, so watch out

Sheep - A big, fluffy, white, mobile explosive. Release this Sheep and will run along the ground jumping over objects, use the space bar to detonate it.

Super Sheep - Like the Sheep, only more powerful and once activated, the Super Sheep will begin flying. Direct this mammal towards your target as if it were Superman itself.

Air-Strike - The Air-Strike is a classic weapon from the original Worms and is still very powerful. Using the mouse, select a target and a succession of bombs will hurtle from the sky down towards it. This weapon is very useful indeed for first time Wormers.

Homing Air-Strike - Like the Air-Strike, however the bombs that are dropped will home-in onto their target, to make an even bigger pink puddle.

Napalm Strike - The Napalm Strike is a very useful weapon indeed. When fired, missiles will come from the sky and then explode in the air, falling from those missiles is the same substance as that in the Petrol Bomb, acid and lots of it.

Blow Torch - The Blow Torch is one of the un-offensive weapons in Worms, however it can be used in attack. The Torch's main use is to burrow into landscape in one of three directions, across, diagnally-up and diagnally-down.

Pneumatic Drill - The Pneumatic Drill is similar to the blowtorch, except the only direction you can cut throught the ground in, is straight down.

Girder - Girders is another one of the defensive weapons. You can use Girders to block yourself against enemy attacks or to seal in your enemy when they're stuck in a hole. Left mouse to place, arrow keys to rotate it and to change it's length.

Baseball Bat - the baseball bat's really useful for wacking people good. It propels Worms a fair distance and gets the "Best-wacking-weapon Award for Excellence"

Ninja Rope - This is not a weapon, this is the Ninja Rope, capable of getting a Worm across the screen in a single turn and still retaining move time. Take aim, shoot it, then use the left/right keys to swing back and forth, the up/down keys adjust the length of the rope.

Bungee - The Bungee is simple yet effective. Select Bungee and walk off of a cliff, it's THAT easy. Now your Worm will be hanging and you can use the 4 arrow keys to swing and bounce. Much easier to swing with than in the original Worms.

Parachute - Select this and walk off of a cliff or fall from Ninja Rope, then push the space-bar to open the Parachute, space again will close it and a further space will open it again.

Teleport - Teleport is of fairly simple design and use. Select it, then use the mouse to point where you wish to go, using the left mouse button to get you there. This takes up a turn, so be careful when using it.

Super Banana - This is the ultimate Banana Bomb. This fires and acts the same as the normal Banana Bomb with the exception that you can detonate the Super Banana at anytime by pushing space, and then detonate the secondary Bananas by pushing space again.

Holy Hand Grenade - The Holy Hand Grenade has a set 3 second fuse, set low bounce and is very powerful indeed, the most powerful weapon in the game (excluding the Concrete Donkey). Makes a satisfying metallic banging sound when it bounces.

Petrol Bomb - The Petrol Bomb is thrown and when it hits something, fire pours down and spread out along the ground. If your Worm is in the way when this goes off, he bounces around on top of the fire until the fire runs out or he bounces out of range.

Priceless Ming Vase - A super-charged dynamite. Once this explodes, three shards of vase fly into the air and when they hit the ground, they each have the same power as a stick of Dynamite.

Mad Cows - These cows are crazy, feel free to blow them up. You can release them in herds if you have more than one, pushing the 1-5 keys to determine how many are in the herd. They explode when they hit their first obstacle.

Old Woman - Old lady. Somebody, probably a grand-kid, got sick of her mumbling and complaining and decided to stick Dynamite in her purse. Steer clear of her, but she's good for blowing up stuff.

Skip Go - Skip Go, not very useful, but if you have no need to take your turn

Surrender - Dont use it


Special Weapons

Secret Weapons

Salvation Army - A cool little Salvo walking around, banging on his tamborine.. quite funny. Controls, like an old woman, you can detonate him, but when he explodes, five tamborines fly in the air, exploding whatever they hit.

MB-Bomb - Named after Martyn Brown (the producer of Worms), this weapon is used like an Air-Strike and causes a weird, balloon-type caricature to float down onto your enemy, effecting a large explosion on impact. The wind will affect this one, so you have to be careful when using it.

Confused Sheep Strike - Drops a bunch of sheep from sky, they bounce on impact and are affected by each-other's explosions... powerful indeed

Mike's Carpet Bomb - This is just like an Air-Strike, except it drops a bunch of carpets onto your enemy that bounce and explode on each bounce.

Cloned Sheep - Similar to Mad Cows, when used, Cloned Sheep releases a number of sheep, which can be changed by using the number keys, 1-5. Unlike the Mad Cows, the Cloned Sheep will run and jump over the obstacles and basically behave like normal Sheep, you can detonate them all by pushing space.

The Concrete Donkey - When this weapon is found, consider yourself a very lucky Wormer, for this is the Ultimate tool. The Concrete Donkey falls, on it's pedestal, to the ground, where it bounces and blows up the ground until it falls through to the water.

Nuclear Bomb - Andy Davidson is a person who will never miss a chance to give a dig at the french. The Worm using this straps on his protective goggles and when the weapon fires, the French Anthem plays for a few seconds and then the Landscape sinks a couple of pixels. Not very effective if there is no Worms on the bottom of the screen.

Patsy's Magic Bullet - This weapon is so-called due to it's capabilities being similar to the "magic bullet" of the JFK assassination. The Magical Bazooka Missile launched is just like a homing missile, except it actually tries to avoid landscape to get to it's target. But, it can't go through walls, so it has to be possible for the missile to get to it's target before you use it.