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Terry Comper is the society's publications officer, responsible for the printing and posting of the Society's catalogues.

All enquiries and payments should be directed to Steve Steere, the Secretary.
Email to: perfin dot society at virginmedia dot com (with the appropriate symbols for at and dot inserted)

The society publishes many different books on various aspects of perfins, mostly those of Great Britain. These books are the result of various researches undertaken over, in most cases, many years.

Roy Gault is the Society's Catalogue Editor, responsible for editing the "New Illustrated" catalogue, the standard reference for GB perfin collectors, and many of our other printed catalogues.

New Illustrated Catalogue (print)

Edited by Roy Gault

The New Illustrated Catalogue is the essential reference for collectors of GB perfins. It illustrates all known GB perfin dies and allocates each one a unique catalogue number.

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Other printed catalogues

Many other smaller publications are undertaken by various members within the society. Some cover specific themes such as perfins used by railways, hospitals or official government departments.

Further publications cover perfins found on particular stamp issues.

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In addition to our printed catalogues, we now have some catalogues available online from the links below.

Perforated Postal Stationery catalogue (online)

Edited by Rosemary Smith
and Maurice Harp

Eight chapters covering perfins on all types of GB postal stationery.

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Revenue and Telegraph Catalogues (online)

Edited by Jeff Turnbull

Foreign Bill stamps
Contract Note stamps
Inland Revenue stamps
Telegraph Stamps
G.B. & Ireland Official & Crown Circle Perfin Cancels

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Indian Perfins catalogues (online)

Edited by Jeff Turnbull

Building on the work of the late Magnus Werner, covering all perfins on Indian postage and revenue stamps and postal stationery, including Indian States, Pakistan and Burma.

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Malayan Perfins catalogue (online)

Edited by Jeff Turnbull

Building on the work of the Peter Giffen in the 1980s, covering all perfins on stamps of Malaya.

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The perfin stamps of Ceylon and Sri Lanka catalogue (online)

Edited by Jeff Turnbull

Building on the work of Mr. Albert G P Ellis, covering all perfins on stamps of Ceylon and Sri Lanka

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