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Perfin Society President Rosemary Smith

A figurehead for the Society, the President can act as arbiter in any dispute that might arise between members.

Perfin Society Secretary / Treasurer Stephen Steere
Secretary / Treasurer

Responsible for the Society's finances and maintaining membership records, also for providing information to collectors interested in joining the Society and organising Society meetings.
Stephen is also the contact person for enquiries about the Society's publications.

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Email: perfin dot society at virginmedia dot com

Perfin Society Catalogue EditorRoy Gault
Catalogue Editor

Produces and updates the Society's main catalogues and is responsible for the Society's GB perfin numbering system.

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Perfin Society Bulletin Editor Maurice Harp
Bulletin Editor

Edits the Society Bulletin, which is the main means of communication for the Society, including updates to catalogues and ongoing research projects.

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Email: mauriceharp at aol dot com

Perfin Society AuctioneerRon Mills

Responsible for receiving lots of perfins and other security endorsements from members and selling them to other members via postal auctions, also room auctions at some meetings.

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Perfin Society Publications Officer Terry Comper
Publications Officer

Prints and despatches catalogues ordered (through the Secretary) by members and others.

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Perfin Society Webmaster Alastair Walter

Maintains this website. Reports of errors and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

Email: perfinsoc at gmail dot com

Perfin Society LibrarianRon Mills
Librarian (Acting)

Maintains the Society library and library index, provides information on perfins to members, including the loan of books and photocopying of articles.
Ron Mills, our auctioneer, has offered to store the library on a temporary basis pending the recruitment of a permanent custodian. If any member is interested in taking on this job, or would like more information about the role, please contact any of the Society's officers.

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