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The following perfin exhibits are reproduced here by kind permission of their respective owners.
They can be viewed as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files by clicking on the exhibit titles.

Andy Donaldson
Exhibit G.B. Underprints

An 11 page exhibit, shown at the 2018 Perfin Society AGM in London.
Includes a newly discovered pair of the perfin proofs with SC perfin and Copestake underprint as sent to the Postmaster General in early 1868 seeking approval for the use of perfins.
A unique 1/- stamp with inverted Copestake underprint and C/box/HC perfin is also shown, plus many examples of Everett and Wattses underprints.

Roy Gault
Roy's Finnish Perfins exhibit, shown at the 2017 AGM, has now been expanded into a larger study, which can be found on the surveys page.
Stock Exchange ForgeryTelegraphs

A 5 page display, shown at the 2017 AGM.

An example of the forgery of a 1/- stamp used at the Stock Exchange telegraph office is shown, along with perfins on the genuine stamp. The background to the use of the forgeries and the Post Office Telegraphs service in general is also given, and many example of perfinned Telegraph stamps are included.

Trade MarksTrade Marks

A 19 page display, showing perfins that are representations of the user's trade mark.

Shown at the 2016 Perfin Society AGM.

BrahamBraham 'proofs' - the 'Acle' Hoard

A 5 page display, showing ten out of 119 proofs that re-surfaced in one of Horners stamp & postcard auctions held in Acle in July 2014.
These proofs were produced by Frank Braham, a perforating press maker and postmaster in London from the 1880s onwards. The display includes lots of background on Braham and on the ten dies shown.

Shown at the Spring 2016 Perfin Society meeting.

HUTHIn the Beginning!

A six page display concerning the introduction of perfins.
The display includes a new discovery; a perfin cover sent by Joseph Sloper to the Great Western Railway and postmarked 28 February 1868, before the Post Office gave permission for the use of perfins. The 1d stamp is perfinned JS.

HUTHFrederick Huth & Co.

A 10 page display of the full name HUTH perfins used by merchants and bankers Frederick Huth & Co. between 1869 and 1936. Includes a history of the firm and over 150 examples of their perfins on postage and Foreign Bill stamps.

Displayed at the Perfin Society's 2015 AGM.

Liverpool diesA Possible Liverpool Perforating Machine Maker

A 7 page display of perfins which are noticeably large in comparison to the more common Sloper 4-pin high alphabet. They are mostly known used in and around Liverpool, hinting at a Liverpool based die maker, or a Liverpool stationer supplying perforating machines made by a local engineering firm.

If you can add any information to this exhibit, please email perfinsoc at gmail dot com

Displayed at the Perfin Society's Spring 2015 meeting.

Australian OfficialsA Collection of Australian "Official" Perfins

24 pages of various perfins on Australian stamps used by official bodies including state governments and local councils, plus perfins on GB stamps used by Australian Government representatives in Great Britain.
Converted from a Power Point presentation.

Six ExhibitsSix Exhibits

A combined pdf file of six different exhibits, all related to GB perfins:
London Streets and ‘Street Furniture’ (May 2003)
Three Manchester based companies (Nov 2003)
Gas and Diesel Engine Makers (Nov 2003)
Hull Shipping and Shipbuilding (May 2004)
Peerage, Gentry and Perfins (May 2004)
Telegraphic Perfins - ‘What hath God wrought’? (October 2004)

CPRGreat British Perfins of The Canadian Pacific Railway and its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom

A short history of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the perfins used in the UK by the railway and its offshoots, including Dominion Express Co. of Canada, Canadian Pacific Express, Canadian Pacific Ocean Services and Canadian Pacific Steamships. (November 2002)

Melvyn Green
Biscuit Manufacturers Exhibit Biscuit Manufacturers

13 sheets of GB perfins used by biscuit manufacturers.
Shown at the 2019 Spring Meeting in London.

Edward VIII Exhibit Edward VIII perfins

A 12 page exhibit of perfins on the Edward VIII issue of Great Britain.

Dept. Stores Exhibit Department Store Perfins

Six pages of GB perfins used by department stores.
Shown at the Spring Meeting 2018

Newspapers Exhibit Newspaper Perfins

Fifteen sheets of GB perfins used by newspaper and magazine publishers.
Shown at the 2018 AGM.

Maurice Harp
Full House ExhibitFull House

72 page display of GB perfins on a "full house" of all four values of the Queen Victoria line engraved issue. Also includes covers, commercial overprints or other related items for many of the perfins.
Displayed at the Perfin Society AGM 2014.
Expanded and revised version added October 2017.

Line Engraved Railway Perfins ExhibitLine Engraved Railway Perfins

25 page display of GB perfins on the Queen Victoria line engraved issue that were used by railway companies or rolling stock manufacturers. Includes maps, posters and other details of the companies.

Welsh Perfins ExhibitWelsh Perfins 1868-1880

A 32 page display of Welsh perfins from the line engraved period.
Shown (in part) at the 2018 AGM.

Richard Husband
George V Exhibit Great Britain - King George V perfins

16 pages of GB George V covers, with some background information on each of the perfin users.
Displayed at the Perfin Society AGM 2014.

Postal Stationery ExhibitPerfinned Postal Stationery

13 pages of perfinned postal stationery cards, wrappers and envelopes from the Queen Victoria to George V period. Includes some examples uprated with stamps perfinned with a different die from that used to perforate the stationery.

Also one page illustrating a preserved perforating machine used to produce perfins between 1912 and 1940.
Displayed at the Perfin Society AGM 2014.

John Marriner
Perforated Insignia Exhibit Great Britain - QV Perforated Insignia

A 12 page exhibit of Queen Victoria perfin covers, mostly line engraved stamps.

Postcard Cancellations Exhibit Great Britain - Postcard Cancellations

An extensive 34 page exhibit of the various clips, punches and perforated cancellations used on Queen Victoria postal stationery cards, including examples of the Sloper arrow-shaped and orb-shaped cancellations.

Perforated Insignia Exhibit Great Britain - Perforated Insignia

A 40 page exhibit of various aspect of Queen Victoria - George VI perfins, including perforated postal stationery and early airmail covers with perfins.

Michael Millar
Postcard Cancellations Exhibit The Perfins of H.M. Stationery Office

A 78 page exhibit of the S (crown) O and HM/SO perfins used on GB stamps by Her Majesty's Stationery Office.
Winner of Silver medals at the Orapex 2014 and Royal 2014 exhibitions in Canada.
Michael sadly died later in 2014, but his family have kindly agreed to share his exhibit.

Alastair Walter
Postcard Cancellations Exhibit Early Commercial Overprints 1863-1881

A 12 page exhibit of early GB commercial overprints used on documents.
Shown at the Spring 2017 Perfin Society meeting in London.