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Ground level

You elect the government so quickly, now you criticize them 
You don't have a reason for the fact, that you are bleeding 
Independent state of mind is driving you way out of line 
Could it be your problems, should they always have to end this way? 

I've got my two feet on the ground 
My face is up and lookin' down 
You can't decide on what to do 
Just tell me what is wrong and what is true 

Think about it now, the situation isn't out of hand 
Reelected assholes keep on drinking on your blood 
Keep it up your hang time is in dept towards the social cause 
Talk it out, your point of view might see it's way to them 


Surf bridge 

Chorus(2 last line first, 2 first, last)

Discographie Subb zAccueil