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Average guy

I've got nothing to prove, and i've got nothing to hide 
Just a kid with some problems, and i try to keep in mind 
That people can't bring me down, they can't push me around 
I'm just an average guy who wants to make it right 
Don't wanna live being a stupid nobody 
I just want a job to live on my own 
But i don't want to pick up the usual beat 
So i've got to make it on my own, alone 

I don't wanna be a suit and tie guy 
And be a part of the daily grind thing 
I just wanna travel riding coast to coast 
Touring, traveling, everything and nothing 

I wanna make a move, doing something that's useful 
Wanna clean my mind from all the useless things i've did 
And all these years , i've been wondering why???? 
It was a waste of time and now it's time to go 


I must find a way , living with the two sides of me 
I'm a perfectionist but a lazy one 
The only thing i see i the band and me 
But we've got to work hard if we want to make it happen 

Chorus x2

Discographie Subb zAccueil