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Real Audio/Video Links News Chat Forum Lyrics Discography Mp3 Transcript of 5/26 chat at artistdirect.com with LBDAS 5/31/00:News Update: Just here to remind you that the LBDAS chat at synge.com is tonight at 7 P.M. Pacific, 10 P.M. Eastern so check out that site for the chat. Sublime and LBDAS got mentioned this weekend in an MTV countdown called TRL Superstars and what was said about them was that many great bands come from So Cal which is where MTV is gonna be this summer. They mentioned Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Blink 182, No Doubt, and others and they mentioned Sublime and Long Beach Dub Allstars. The reairing of the MTV Loveline with Bud and Ras-1 of LBDAS was last night. I taped in and I will tell you everything that happened in the show when I can. I have to apologize to the webmaster of http://www.angelfire.com/band/lbdas/ cause he did ask for permission in an email. Go to his site its key and I'm sorry dude. Peace... 5/30/00 2nd update:Added "Promised Land Dub (Live)" to the mp3 section. Peace... 5/30/00:I haven't been able to rework the site because I haven't had time. But I'll try to add more stuff soon and rework it. News update for today: -LBDAS' official site www.longbeachduballstars.net has been redesign and it looks awesome. You have to check it out. The only thing that sucks about it is the message board. -The Loveline episode with LBDAS airs tonight on MTV late night. I'm surely gonna tape it and try to type a transcript of it and put it up on this site soon. *From very reliable sources it is been said that to expect LBDAS to play a 45 minute set at The Vans Warped Tour. Though no word on if any guest Dub Star will be along on tour. *Eric Wilson, bass player of LBDAS, broke his wrist. There is no information how this occured. Replacement for tour is in the works. This is a rumor. Information with a "*" I got from http://www.angelfire.com/band/lbdas/ so do check that site out, its relatively new and looks key. The only thing I am mad about that site is that he got the LBDAS lyrics from me and did not mention it but ohh well he'll maybe mention it soon enough. 5/27/00 2nd update:Added a bunch of stuff to the real audio/video section that you have to check out. Added a bunch of LBDAS real video stuff that I found at rollingstone.com. Peace... 5/27/00:Here's my news update for today: -Yesterday was the LBDAS chat at artistdirect.com. If you want to see the transcript click here. -Sublime did not make it to the May 25th TRL. F*ck TRL it's probably fixed. Sublime should've made it to TRL. And that day there was no mentioning of Sublime or anything so f*ck MTV. 5/25/00:Added two shows to the real audio/video, House of Blues '98 and '99. Here my news update for today: -Today is the 4th anniversary of the death of a great man, a legend. I just want to salute Bradley Nowell and send my blessings to the family. -Reminder...Tomorrow is the LBDAS chat at artistdirect.com. Go to the banner on the main page for more information. -The official LBDAS site www.longbeachduballstars.net is going to be redesigned soon so expect it to have a new look soon. -A new Sublime bootleg was released, The Black Album 2. Here's the track list with info on the tracks: 1. Greatest Hits - Don't Push - Garden Grove - Right Back - New Thrash [The Good Always Die Young - The Huntridge - Las Vegas, NV 10-19-95] 2. Extra Take - Same In The End (Studio - Austin, TX) [Most likely from Demos and Outtakes Tape from Self- Titled recording session.] 3. Eileen(Freestyle) (Studio - Austion, TX) [Most likely from Demos and Outtakes Tape from Self- Titled recording session.] 4. Badfish - Scarlet Begonias - 40oz. To Freedom - Saw Red (with Gwen) [The Good Always Die Young - The Huntridge - Las Vegas, NV 10-19-95] 5. The Dance Can't Go On (without the DJ) - Youth Are Getting Restless [A Day In The Sun - Club Zoo & Groove Tub - Indialantic, FL 03-(24-25)-95] (Dub Medley - Track 2) 6. All You Need - Babylon Stone - Ebin - Hope [The Good Always Die Young - The Huntridge - Las Vegas, NV 10-19-95] -Someone on the LBDAS chat called Eric Wright wrote this phat poem of Bradley Nowell, check it out: 4 Years Late Although I never met you, or saw you from afar; you were my inspiration and you gave me my guitar. And if it wasn't for you, I'd be driving in my car; no care of where I'd be going or who the hell I'd be, and listening to some shit like they play on MTV Then years ago I heard it, oh what could it be? They called the band Subime my friend, 40 oz.'s set me free. And even as I sit here, the words still ring true to me, "You're not the only one but you're the best Bradley." '96 was not the end even though you went away. For the music that you left behind, will forever stay. An simply knowing that your message eternally lives on, helps ease the pain and suffering in knowing you're really gone. 5/24/00:Fixed "Like A Dog", "Trailer Ras", "Fugazi", and "Soldiers" and this time I actually did. I had some trouble fixing "Like A Dog" before but its now fixed as well as all the others. Added an mp3 "Work That We Do (Live)". Do check out this LBDAS cover of a great Sublime song. Here's my news update for 5/24/00: There are talks on the internet on putting Sublime's video for "Santeria" on MTV's TRL on May 25th. May 25th was the passing of Bradley Nowell, Sublime's legendary vocalist, guitar player, legend, and so much more that it couldn't fit on this site. Now we should vote for "Santeria" many times and hope it reaches #1. Start voting after today's TRL starts so your votes will count for tommorrow's TRL. Why we are voting for this is to finnaly get some good music on TV, to show that there still is a huge appreciation for Bradley Nowell, and cuz "Santeria" is the shit. So to start voting go to trl.mtv.com. Peace... 5/22/00:Added lyrics for "Trailer Ras", "Soldiers", and "Saw Red". I've been working for days on "Kick Down" but that song is f*cking hard so I won't have it for a while and you can forget about "Sensi" unless someone sends me the lyrics for it. Peace... 5/21/00:Fixed the Like A Dog lyrics, other lyrics coming soon. The part of "masturbution" is "mass confusion". Peace... 5/19/00 4th Update:Just a quick note, the new mp3's I downloaded won't download so easily, the user name and password I put for the new mp3's I put in the mp3 section and I put a star next to the mp3's from the other site. 5/19/00 3rd Update:Seperated the multimedia to two sections, the real audio/video and the mp3. Uploaded 3 mp3's that are on a different site to downloaded put there still downloadable. You can figure it out for yourself. Uploaded "Santeria (Live)", "I Saw Mommy Jockin' Santa Clause", and "Under Mi Sensi" f/Barrington Levy. "Santeria (Live)" is sang by the crowd, "I Saw Mommy Jockin' Santa Clause" is a short and funny song you gotta hear for yourself and "Under Mi Sensi" is a great LBDAS track with Barrington Levy. Ohh and lastly "Have A Little Faith (Live)" was not downloadable before but now it is so check it out. Peace... 5/19/00 2nd Update:Uploaded an mp3 for the multimedia section. It's "My Own Life" but it's the No Punk Version that does not appear on Right Back. Peace... 5/19/00:I put the lyrics up for Like A Dog. Here's the news update for today: The LBDAS chat on synge.com May 20th has changed to May 31st at 7 P.M. Pacific Time, 10 P.M. Eastern Time. For more info click here 5/18/00:Here's the news update for today: The LBDAS chat on May 25th has changed to Friday May 26h at 4:20 P.M. Pacific Time, 7:20 Eastern Time and will be at artistdirect.com. To check the chat out click the banner. 5/18/00:Added Discography on this site. Check it out. Peace... 5/13/00 2nd Update:Added an mp3 to the multimedia section. I added Marshall Loop Dub (Live). Check it out, the song is hot. Peace... 5/13/00:Added some tight news so check it out. Peace... 5/6/00:A tid bit of news in the news section and check out the links I added (I fixed them). I also added the "Enough Already Benefit Show" in Real Audio in the multimedia section. Peace... 5/5/00:Uploaded "Take Warning" and check the news cause I added some news. Peace.... 5/4/00:Uploaded an mp3 that might be on LBDAS' next album. The song is called "Have A Little Faith". The version I have uploaded is a live version. I promised I'd have "Take Warning" on this site and I will ASAP. Peace... 4/29/00 2nd update:Added lyrics now. I got the first 5 tracks off "Right Back". The rest of the lyrics will come soon. Peace... 4/29/00:Check out the news section. It was updated with LBDAS rumors. Peace... 4/28/00 2nd Update:Check out the multimedia section. I uploaded two mp3's, "Computerized Dub (Live)" and "War Down At The Pawn Shop". I also put the X-Rated music video for "Trailer Ras". Peace... 4/28/00:All new chat forum!!!! It's basically the same type of chat that skunk.com chat's use but it's key so post some messages in mine. Peace... 4/24/00:Hey I updated the site today, I got some news in the news part and I had to remove alot of stuff to get more space for LBDAS stuff. Please email at christorres76@hotmail.com for anything you can send me at all to make this site better like news, pics, etc. Send all you can. Peace and love..... email:christorres76@hotmail.com