Anti-Disney Coalition

Anti-Disney Coalition (ADC)

Why Disney, you ask? Here's why...

I live in West Virginia, surrounded by welfare moms who trade in food stamps to buy Disney toys at ridiculous prices for their underfed children, to feed them with inaccurate history, racist themes, and sexual content, all of which are prevalent in every single *recent* Disney movie.

I used to be a fan. I own the Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Fantasia, and Robin Hood. However, my whole childhood, I had fears about my mother dying. Why? Bambi (although it was one of the better Disney flicks--partly because it's old), Lion King, The Fox and the Hound, The Jungle Book, Snow White, Cinderella (both reasons why I was also very wary of my stepmother when my dad remarried--I was surprised to learn that stepmothers can be very nice)...and others. However, I still like Alice in Wonderland, the older films--they were good then. The company was fresh then. Okay, they weren't original, but I can forgive them that.


Mulan could NEVER have saved China--she wouldn't have even been able to walk without a cane. Why? For centuries in China, small feet were considered beautiful. When a girl was about 5, mothers would take their feet, soak them in hot water, and massage the toes under the foot, until the foot was about half its size. Then the feet would be bound in satin. Toes would fall off, and if the satin ribbons were ever taken off, the circulation in the foot would have caused extreme pain. So women couldn't run, dance, walk a lot, or walk at all without a cane. And Mulan being a princess or whatever she was (I didn't see the movie) would definitely have had this done to be married off.

The Little Mermaid
The little bitch died. She turned into sea foam. It hurt her to walk. Another thing, if Eric had found Ariel, he (in real life, being a prince) would have cast her away. She was a scruffmuffin. ANOTHER thing, it took place in the Caspian Sea, which is in Russia. What kind of names are Eric and Ariel? Also, I went to see that movie when I was eight with my parents. Do you know how awkward it is to sit through a cartoon in a movie theatre at age 8 with your parents when you're staring at breasts bigger than your head?

Beauty and the Beast
Beast isn't supposed to turn into a handsome prince. The point is that looks are only skin deep, not, "Under the ugly skin there might be a hadsome prince who was made ugly by a witch for some sin he comitted." In the fairy tale, Beauty had to live with this beast because her father had snuck into the Beast's garden to pick a rose. The Beast was mad. The Beast wanted the man's most beautiful daughter. That's how the story goes...

Jasmine shows an awful lot of skin. Wouldn't she be considered a whore and undesireable?

Have any of you ever heard that song by Jill Sobule that goes, "Margaret, back in junior high...Margaret developed first..."? Pocahontas was 12. Ever notice how when she dives from that huge waterfall, she doesn't kill herself, and her breasts don't fall out? How could she run like that without a sports bra anyway? John Smith kissing her? How indecent! John would be, like, 40, she was 12. Pocahontas didn't love Smith. Courtesy my history book: "[Smith] had been kidnapped in December 1607 and subjected to a mock execution by the Indian chieftain Powhatan, whose daughter Pocahontas had 'saved' Smith by dramatically interposing her head between his and the war clubs of his captors. The symbolism of this ritual was apparently intended to impress Smith with Powhatan's power and with the Indians' desire for peaceful relations with the Virginians."* In addition: I live in 1998 in a very modern community, in a modern society. How come her legs are smoother than mine?

He killed his family in an insane rage. He wasn't a good guy. The only way he could get off scot-free were by doing some favors. I didn't see the movie so I can't talk about what else was incorrect, but I know they're there.

Why do all the ethnic characters look like me?
Why do all the chicks look like sluts? Is this the example we want to be setting for all the little girls in the world? "Look like a whore and Prince Charming will love you!"
When I was growing up, watching Disney films, i always felt bad about myself until I realized i was normal. When I was thirteen, I would look at a 17-yr-old Ariel and feel bad about myself because I knew my breasts would never grow that much in four years. Well, I am almost 17, and Ariel makes me look like I'm 12. And I don't have a 5 inch waist. Oh, imperfect me.

I could go on and on about how we're being force-fed Disney, and we're going to accept it, the sheep we are, we're going to let them come into our homes, infiltrate our brains with their sick messages, take our money, while we sit there, glassy-eyed, drooling, with apple sauce drippng from our lips. I easgerly await the day with Disney and Microsoft go head-to-head. Haha, won't that be the day, when the two dictators clash in power, only to see the destruction of their own evil empires? Disney not only controls our media, distorts our news, owns our lives, but it also takes away our democratic rights. What use are our votes, our petty cares, when our lobbyists can't possibly go up against Disney's? Usually, I am a moderate in consumer issues, but this time I have to side with Ralph Nader. This issue doesn't just concern Disney. It concerns every huge corporation who feed upon our apathy and insecurity for self-promotion.

For more information (and better reasons to hate Disney), check out S.O.D.H. . It's a really good anti-Disney site.
You can support this cause by not supporting Amtrak, Infoseek, and ABC. All of them are supported by Disney.
If you want to become a member of ADC, e-mail me at psychonymph@ho, and provide a good reason.
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