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So anyone coming back to this page (not like anyone comes here at all) would be surprised to see I've grown up. I visited my page the other day, dismayed to find that it was still the work of a 16-year-old who uses big words. Well, now I'm 20, and I've forgotten all those big words, and I've decided that I'm going to devote most of this page to something serious. Well, nothing that serious. Something I feel passionately about: my compulsive list making. This will be my literary site. My list-making site. My progress report site. I'm revamping it all, putting in new furniture and taking out the beads and shag carpeting. And maybe people will actually visit. If anyone's actually reading this, congratulations for making it this far: you haven't died of boredom yet. So, as you'll notice, like every other site on the internet, this one is under construction. There are missing links, things that shouldn't be here, and it looks really ugly. Bear with me. One day this website will help me conquer the world! Bwah, haha, haha! Oh, you're still reading? I didn't really mean that...

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Lonely? Depressed? What the hell am I supposed to do about it? The Pessimistic Sage

Well, it's not really a disclaimer, just a lame stab at one.

It's 5:00. Do you know where Jeff is?

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The Origin of the Bodily Fluid

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