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Wednesday, 12th June 2002

*hangs her head in shame* I am so sorry for not updated the site before now...will you forgive me?
I have much to add to it too!!
The wonderful Philip Quast has been in the RSC production of 'The Secret Garden' as well as the NT production of 'South Pacific' (for which he won a well deserved Olivier Award! Sound clips coming from both over the summer...fingers crossed...! Philip will also be appearing at the Donmar Warehouse in London this August in their 'Divas at the Donmar' season - tickets available soon from their website for this astounding one man show!!
Michael Ball has been wowing audiences in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" as Caratacus Potts the creator of the 'fantasmagorical' flying machine! The soundtrack is to be released later this year...! Michael also starred last summer at the Donmar in their 'Divas at the Donmar' season - a video of his show "Alone Together:Live at the Donmar" is available from selected sites!
Jerome Pradon, the subject of my other website "I will make you proud!" is to take over the role of Javert at the Palace Theatre, London in June until Michael McCarthy returns from a stint abroad!
"Students in Les Miserables Land" is now in it's fifth, yes fifth, volume...never fear...I will add volumes three, four and five to this site ASAP! But for now...here is a link to my other site where all the parts are currently up! "SILML"
Anyway...be prepared for new updates over the next few weeks...!!

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! ! ! !
Saturday 29th December, 2001

Hope you've all had a fab Christmas and that Father Christmas brought you all that you wanted!
Have just added the rest of 'Students In Les Mis Land - Volume Two' to the FAN FICTION page so hope you like it! Have already begun work on Volume Three and will keep you posted!!
Hope you all have a great New Year and that next year will have none of the tragedies we've faced in this last year! Take care and, hopefully, see you in the New Year!!

Tuesday, 4th December 2001

Today I've added the eagerly awaited sequel to "Students in Les Mis Land" - well...the first two installments of it anyway!!!

Friday, 30th November 2001

I know I know...It's been ages since you saw any changes here at "Les Miserables and other things..." but in my defence I have been very busy!
My first year at Uni was hard work and now I'm in the second year things the work load is even worse!! PLUS I have been spending nearly all of my website building time to work on "I Will Make You Proud!" my Jerome Pradon shrine which I must admit down look pretty darn good!! Loads of funky fan fiction there so do go and check it out!!
Today I have added a piece of fan fiction written by yours truly that I started writing when I was about 16/17 and now, at the ripe old age of 20!, I've finished it. Check out the fan fiction to read "Students in Les Miserables Land" - a twist on the 'Alice in Wonderland Idea', look out for the non-'les mis' cameos!!!!
Will hopefully get some more work done on here over the Christmas break, will try and fix all the broken lnks and retrieve all the sound clips that seem to have vanished from my once very shiny Les Mis site!!
Remember to keep sending me your thoughts and ideas and do keep visiting...new things in the pipeline....
If I don't get to add to this site before Christmas...TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Monday 9th April, 2001

Phew!! Doesn't time fly! Already a new year and time to work on the site me thinks. On a short holiday from Uni so thought I'd take the time to work and add to the site. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks you should see some sound clips and info on the two french recordings (the concept album and the 1991 cast) and I'll also be working on the new, and soon to be improved, Jerome Pradon site with clips from Les Mis, Martin Guerre and Jesus Christ Superstar.

I'm also looking for Les Mis related fan fiction for this site, and some for Jerome too!! Any Martin Guerre stories floating around out there...?? Anyhow, email them to me and I'll see what I can do!!

Also looking for fellow site creators to help me increase traffic to our sites! Simply email me with your URL and a short paragraph telling us what's on your site, be it Les Mis or musicals or anything you think visitors to my site might like and I'll list it on my links page!!

Have added a biography and pictures of one of my favourite actors MATT RAWLE to the casts page so do check it out, sound clips of the delightful Mr. Rawle to follow shortly!!

Have also added a shed load of Martin Guerre, Jesus Christ Superstar and Whistle Down the Wind pics to my JEROME PRADON site so check it out too!!

Thanks for visiting, the counter looks really healthy at 6700 at the last count and remember to keep signing the guestbook too!!!

Wednesday 25th October, 2000

Back again!! Just to let you know that my Jerome Pradon site has just joined the wonderful world of the web and is open for visitors!! YEY!! Not masses there yet but give me time...eventually - I will make you proud!!! Oh and keep your ears open for the new clips, I'll try to get them on line as soon as possible!!!

Monday 23rd October, 2000

WOW! Is that long since I typed anything here! I'm soooooooo sorry! But I have been really really busy - honest! I've just finished my first month at University and so have been quite pre-occupied!! For those who've been asking "Yes I'm enjoying my course!!" and "Yes I love Manchester!!!"

Anyway, on to the relevant issues...I've just added two new recordings to the those listed following a summer of trying to locate them!!!! You will find info and shortly clips on both the Original French Concept Album and 1991 Paris Revival Cast recordings on the CAST INFO page!!! There is also a page devoted to the current London cast, which I was lucky enough to see this summer - featuring pictures and review of the London 2000 cast I saw!! Also there are a few new clips and pictures added all over the shop so spot them if you can! Thanks again for all your emails - I love getting them so keep sending them! The counter looks quite healthy if I say so myself and it's nice to see more and more are daring to sign the guestbook - go on sign it! You know you want to! It's painless - honest!!!

Well, back to work but soon you should find clips of the two french recordings!!! Ooooooh and there will also be a small shrine developing to that glorious of French actors/singers - JEROME PRADON! Star of the Paris recording and the very recently released JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR video!!!

Tuesday 13th June, 2000

Just so you know, I haven't abondoned this site! I've been busy answering all your emails and questions therein posed - which I've enjoyed reading and look forward to getting more from you all! I've also been scouring the net for new Fan Fiction talent and I admit working on my other MUSICAL site and my brand spanking new DISNEY site! Please stop by, do the polls, sign the guestbooks and enjoy yourselves!

The counter looks nice and healthy, I bet we reach 1000 before too long! However, the guestbook is still low...!?!

Well until next time, ADIOS!

Thursday 1st June, 2000

Well, I've just added a FABULOUS piece of Fan Fiction all about...well, you'll just have to read it to find ot won't you!!

WOW! Over 500 visitors since last time, pretty impressive huh? And yet there are only 26 entries in the guestbook....something's not right here?!? PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK, I'd like to know who you all are!

Oh and remember to sign the guestbook on my other site too - what do you mean you've not been there yet....?!

Friday 28th April, 2000

Phew have I been busy...

I have just added a LINK to my brand new site dedicated to all the other great musicals that are out there, POTO, MS and CATS to name but a few...where you will eventually find clips, photos and such information as will make your head spin!!! Not much there right now but give me some time!!!!!

Do not fear, I shall not neglect this site, which the more observant among yu will have noticed has changed it name! I felt it was a more apt as to be honest my Philip Quast section was looking a little pathetic when compared to others...say, the Michael Ball section for example! I still love Philip but I thought the change of name was needed!!

Time to restart the counter too so to date I have had more than 500 visitors...what I want to know is, why aren't you all signing the guestbook!!! I'd love to hear from you all!! Anyway, until next time my ickle internet buddies!!! Au revoir!!!

Monday 24th April, 2000


I just added some brand spanking new FAN FICTION and there is also another addition to the BITS page coming soon!

Tuesday 4th April, 2000

Just added a VERY BAD photo of me to my AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL PAGE. I'll try find a better one as soon as possible!!! Until then it'll just have to do, at least it's a start!

Oh and keep your eyes on the title of the page...it may be changing very soon!!

Monday 27th March, 2000

Oh well, I haven't managed all the clips I wanted this last week BUT there is a new addition to the BITS page following your suggestions!

And some sound clips have been added to the OLC page!


Tuesday 21st March, 2000

I just added a little clip to my AUTOBIOGRAPHY PAGE.

And by the end of the week there should be lots of new sound clips featuring Colm Wilkinson (The one and only Valjean!!), Ruthie Henshall (The best Fantine ever to walk the boards), Frances Ruffelle (The original and wonderful Eponine) and everyone's favourite Marius...Michael Ball!! So as they say...watch this space!!

Thursday 16th March, 2000

I added another Michael Ball sound clip and there are more on the way!! They should be up and running by the weekend!!

My autobiography page will also be updated shortly with a photo of moi and a short sound clip too!!

If I don't get online tomorrow...


Monday 13th March, 2000

Well, I'm back off my holidays and so I've got back to work on the site. I've added an AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL PAGE for all those of you who've been asking me for one!!

I'll be adding more music clips soon and updating the Biographies too!

Sunday 13th February, 2000

I know I've been away for a little while but I needed a break!! Anyway, I'm currently in South Africa trying desperately to relex - I'm sure you can imagine how tough that is!!!

Oh well, I will be updating the Biographies soon and hopefully the galleries will also make their return soon!

Remember to send me your suggestions for the bits page too!!!

Tuesday 11th January, 2000

Well, I've updated the CHARACTER PAGES with some more sound clips!

I've created the BITS page - a page for all your bests and worsts, loves and hates about Les Mis. There are only a few to begin with but email me your suggestions!!!

Also the Music Gallery is up and running.

PHEW! Now I'm going for a well earned rest!!!

Thusday 6th January, 2000

I've just added CHARACTER PAGES. All of them!! Phew have I been busy! Anyway, the music gallery is almost finished too!!

Tuesday 4th January, 2000

I've updated the Michael Ball information page with more info, pictures and sound clips!

I've also updated the links page.

I've started work on character pages, these should be up and running by the end of the week, as should a music gallery listing all the music (MIDI files and WAV files) I've used on my pages.

Monday 3rd January, 2000

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all enjoyed youselves and managed to escape the evil clutches of the millenium bug!! I've just added a page that will interest all you wanna be Misfits - have you ever wanted to be involved in Les Mis? (Daft question I know but bear with me...) Well here's your chance!! I've also added a little Philip Quast Christmas Pressie for you all!! Remember to send me your suggestions for best and worst performer and get writing that Fan Fiction!!! Bye for now!

Sunday 26th December, 1999

Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody!!! This is the last time I will change this page before the end of the century so I thought I'd move with the times and add a 'latest' page. This will show how this site has progrssed and it will allow yuo to find out quickly what I've changed!!! Well, today I added some more biographies - still more to come though!! The new bios also include more music and some more pictures!!!! Just so you know, I have had to change my home page so the counter will have reset itself (I hate it when it does that!), so the number of visitors I've had to date are 247!! Anyway, the counter will start afresh so what does it matter anyway?

In the New Year I plan to add a page for your best and worst Les Mis performers so get emailing me your suggestions. I'm also working on adding lots more pictures and loads more music clips from the CSR, TAC, OLC and Hey Mr. Producer! so as they say...watch this space!

Anyway, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year - don't party too hard!! And I'll see you all in the next Millenium!!