All About Me

After many suggestions by email I have finally decided to add an Autobiographical page to this site. In other words, a page about moi, the creator of this wonderous site!! I should warn you now that this isn't exactly thrilling reading and as yet I have not found a suitable photo of myself. (So you'll have to make do with a pretty bad passport photo instead!!) However hopefully I will find a better one soon! Anyway, for those of you who asked (and you know who you are!!) here is a little bit about little old me!!

Well, I was born in London on 16th August 1981 and from a young age I have had an interest in music and, more to the point, musical theatre!! I have appeared in a few things including "Oliver!", "South Pacific" and "Bugsy Malone" and I hope to be in more productions in the the future!!

I first saw "Les Miserables" on the 4th August 1998 at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford and, as you may have guessed, this has had a profound effect on me!! Everything has kind of spiralled out of control since then really!! I dashed out and bought the TAC on video and this began my other interest/obsession. I sat spellbound by Philip Quast's performance. Since then, I've been completely hooked!! He IS Javert as far as I'm concerned and he is one the THE most talented performers I have ever seen!!

Many of you have noticed that the Michael Ball section of this web site had grown somewhat in recent weeks. Some of you have even suggested that I change the name of the site to "Michael and Les Mis!" I must admit that my interest in this particular performer has developed rather drastically over the last few months. (just ask my friends!!) I've always been a fan of Michael's, albeit a closet one, but since hearing him in the OLC, TAC and CSR this, like everything else, has spiralled out of my control!! (I know other MB fans out there know exactly what I'm talking about!!)My Michael Ball collection has grown incredibly and soon I may have to change the name of the site but I'll let you know what happens!! There is no other Marius for me and long may Saint Michael continue to entertain us all!!

Apart from Les Mis and Michael Ball, I also play the Clarinet, collect anything with Sunflowers on it, write short stories, enjoy singing and acting when I get the chance and recently made my stand up comedy debut!

Anyway, that's more than enough madness for now. I hope that will satisfy those of you who felt the need to get to know me a littl better! If not...TOUGH!!!!

Hopefully you'll soon find a better photo of me and maybe even a clip of me in action! (Singing that is!!)

Hope you enjoy the site and if you have any suggestions for the site just email me! I do read them all - honest!!!

I'm Javert!
Though my personal integrity is admirable, I tend to see everything in absolutes, and I don't cope at all well with ambiguities or opposition. I should probably seek therapy for those obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

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