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Cryptozoologix is actually a cryptozoologic website dedied to the memory of BERNARD HEUVELMANS, the Father Of Cryptozoology, who passed recently. Rest In Peace, Mr. Heuvelmans, we'll miss you. We won't forget what you did for cryptozoology.

Hey! You like to write? That's good. You know alot about Nessie, Sucuriji Grande, Drop Bear, Thylacine or Bessie? That's good. You would like to write something about one of the cryptids listed below? That's better! If you're interested in putting your contribution to this site and to get credits, don't hesitate! Write your text (no limits) and mail it here. The submissions must be verified before to be put on the site, and may be refused if containing insane things, etc. Any offers are welcome however. Good writing!

I am extanding this site to the Cryptophytology, the science of the out of place and strange plants. This science isn't an official one, and I think that I am the only one to attach some interest into what may be the study of the weird plants (But Bernard Heuvelmans already talked about it a little). And I count on YOU. (I pointed my finger in the camera like Uncle Sam). if you know anything about carnivorous trees or even the bulb found in an Austrian meteor, or any weird plant, let me know what you know, I wanna know too. You can get credits. Thanks. You can see what I actually have here.

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