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Since the beginning of the 80's, The England is disturbed by an "alien cat". Not because it camed out of an UFO, only because of it's big sized eyes. It caused the death of hundreds sheep in the rolling kills of Exmoor. It have a long tail and stand low to the ground. The way that the animal attacks sheep distinguish it from other kind of predators; it attack at the neck, as a cat. Dogs attacks from all angles and foxes are too small to attack sheep, so this is a confirmation.

The prime way of thinking about this creature is that it's an exemple of micro-evolution. An escaped black puma is said to have mated with a leopard, creating a new specie of cat. The black color remained, and became caracteristic to the Exmoor Cat. Puma's adaptability was used by the Exmoor cat to survive to it's new environnement. The killing beasts (because there are more than one) will be there again for long...


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