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Welcome to Aquarium-Fish: The Aquarium Rescource! Feel free to click around! Founded: Jan 2001.

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Welcome to Aquarium-Fish, also known as Raptor's Fish Den. The purpose of this site is to help you with any question about aquarium fish you may have. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. That's right, e-mail me. I will give you a PERSONAL response to even the toughtest questions by searching the net, putting your question on message boards, posting your messages at Yahoo! clubs etc., and will try to provide you with pictures or files related to your question. Submit a question by useing the form below or just clicking the mailbox. E-Mail me! If some of the pictures do not load, its not you or I's fault. If you want to see a picture that doesn't show, or shows as the angelfire logo, just click refresh. However, some other pictures might not show up, or you may have to come back later to see all the pictures. Finally, click the advertisements at the bottom of the page if you are bored, or choose the links section. Happy Fishkeeping!!

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Click Here For All Your Aquarium Needs!

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